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  1. The best leagues allow for trading of draft picks. Variable keepers notwithstanding, no reason that trading all picks for all of someone else's should be prohibited.
  2. Decent. I'll give it another week and go from there. Because I keep putting off canceling HBO
  3. Because of the bolded, I chose Oklahoma. Football is an added bonus. Food and music not so much but OK wins based on your top priorities.
  4. Love The Godfather (obviously) but had to go 2001. Not surprised Star Wars is winning (and it is a good one) as that theme is ubiquitous while 2001 is from a single movie in the 1960's.
  5. Since it's 2 QB, I go Wentz and Edelman. No significant bang for the buck at non-QB other than Edelman. Wentz in the 5th is great value here.
  6. May be a day to revisit Harley Race vs Haku from the 1989 Royal Rumble. A very rare 1980's WWF heel vs heel match, billed as the Battle for the Corwn with Bobby Heenan in each corner.
  7. This is the one I was going to post. A runner up would be Million Dollar Baby! Excellent and practically committed to memory so much later, but have only seen once and cannot bring myself to revisit.
  8. I like In the Heat of the Night the most but consider Guess Who's Coming to Dinner his signature role.
  9. Agree. I am hedging on Williams so would go Kelce. Would not fault the more optimistic view and taking Williams tho, especially at that price.
  10. I would say Evans and Bell... hesitantly. Mack is the better value but Bell could be truly explosive this year. He also could fizzle but the upside is #1 FFL player. I spend a little more, go with the potential difference maker and play for 1st place.
  11. Thanks, Guys. That is my primary debate - the value of Lindsay vs the risk of the injury. JuJu I like a lot but the value is only a round or so. The other two are outliers. Totally agree with the QB situation. Williams is a bit intriguing only because he is so cheap.
  12. Basics; Non-PPR, draft is 20 rounds. Whomever I keep in 2019 will be a free agent in 2020. Each team can only keep ONE player. The cost of the keeper is one round higher than the round they went for last year (so last year's 1st rounders cannot be kept). Free agents are treated as 10th round picks. My choices; Juju Smith-Schuster 3.06 Phillip Lindsay 9.06 Jameis Winston 14.07 (my co-owner likes this pick; otherwise I would not have included him) Tyrell Williams 19.06 TIA