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  1. I dont see the "yet out" thread so will just post this here. RIP to one of the slickest shortstops to ever play. It was a pleasure watching you tony Fernandez.
  2. Kicking is reckless and incredibly dangerous. Kassian is an idiot. Deserves a suspension. Regarding chara I think hes lucky that Gallagher wasn't hurt. it was pretty dangerous as well and 5k fine is a joke.
  5. Agreed. Wish he could have waited two years to bugger it up again. 😀 That said i think we - habs fans - may be getting far ahead of ourselves with the career ending stuff. Hopefully, anyway.
  6. Montreal has had lots of cap space. They need players. Good ones. They have precious few.
  7. Can't wait for reese McGuire bobble "head" day.
  8. He did say these were not the cheapest tickets. Probably infield boxes or something. Just seemed rather high. We've been hitting some AAA parks within driving distance of our homes the last few summers and paying $15 -$18 for club seats. Not big leaguers, I know but Spring Training - especially early in the season is going to be mostly minor leaguers playing anyway. Regardless, I'm jealous that he'll be there and not me.
  9. Good read. 81 years old, still working. Must really love the job. I had forgotten about the Mcleary incident. At least now they are much smarter when going down to block a shot. That was pretty much textbook how not to do it.
  10. Not related to your question but just a random comment. My friend is going to FLA in a couple weeks and he got tickets for one of the Jays games in Dunedin and told me the tickets were $50 each. He, and I, though that's pretty crazy for a Spring game. Granted it was probably 12 years ago, but I recall going to a Braves game in Orlando and I think maybe Houston? in Kissimmee for about $10-$15. Are the Jays just that much more expensive or have prices gone up significantly? With exchange he's paying about $70 to watch, maybe 3 innings of the starters.
  11. Watched Anna last night. it was a decent spy movie. A few twists and turns. Not too many F-bombs and very little yelling :; The lead was pretty easy on the eyes too which didn't hurt.
  12. Yes it would. I'm trying to think of examples. I didnt love Goodfellas. Never watched scarface. Skipped the godfather. I probably just havent watched all that many.
  13. Neither J.K Simmons nor Miles Teller were likeable in Whiplash but I enjoyed that movie. I guess due to the story and how it was told. It is rare that I will enjoy a movie where the lead(s) have no redeeming qualities. In the case of Uncut Gems I thought the whole story was a mess . If it were in a theater we would have walked out and I've never done that before.
  14. I struggled getting thru s5. It started out fine then I found I had little interest in putting on episodes. I finished it, and will start season 6 when it comes out but it has a short leash.
  15. Was just joking with my son that the #1 and #3 from that draft year - who played together in jr - could be playing together again in the K. I'm actually not sure where Yakupov is playing. Side note.. what a brutal draft that was.
  16. Turned Uncut Gems off after about an hour. Both myself and gf thought wtf is this garbage? 75% of the time someone is yelling. 95% of the time they are dropping F-bombs. No likeable character at all. Sandler does a good job, I suppose, but we didn't give two hoots about anyone or anything. It was just annoying.
  17. What about Elvis? 5 shutouts, .930 SV% has to be in the mix, no? Sort of this year's Binnington.