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  1. I started wearing progressives a couple years ago and really like them.  Takes a bit to get used to not moving your head, just adjust your eye direction but I like them.  I dont pay much attention to my brand, whatever looks OK and not too expensive is my theory. Currently sporting some Costco frames and I don't even know the brand. :)

    I think the size of my gut distracts from my face anyway.


  2. 8 hours ago, TripItUp said:

    Seen them both live.  Know both catalogues pretty well.

    For me it's Bob Seger and not close.    

    I wouldn't take a single Springsteen song over any of Seger's songs below.  The guy is so underrated.

    1.  Shame on the Moon

    2.  You'll Accompany Me

    3.  Fire Lake

    4.  Against the Wind

    5.  Still the Same

    6. Night Moves

    You didnt even mention his best song 

    Turn the Page. :wub:

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  3. 9 minutes ago, Bill Brasky said:

    down goes brown did a worst July 1st signings in the cap era not too long ago:


    Lucic - Gomez - David Clarkson

    Loui Eriksson - Briere - Ladd

    Jason Blake - Drury - Backes

    Beleskey - Bolland - Leino


    Redden - Jovanovski

    Wisniewski - Ehrhoff

    Jeff Finger - Komisarek 




    Go Leafs!


    Not sure why Alzner isn't on that list.

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  4. Quote

    "They were able to pull this car thief out of the vehicle. He fled on foot about a half a block. And the boyfriend caught up to him and there was some sort of physical struggle that ensued," said Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small.

    Hood managed to break free from the father, and continued to flee across 29th Street. That's when, police say, a crowd gathered around Hood and forced him to the ground.

    The crowd allegedly kicked and punched Hood until the arrival of responding police officers.

    Going to be hard to pinpoint this on anyone unless they have CCTV footage like all the Netflix crime shows

  5. 18 hours ago, facook said:

    If Brian Regan is still on there, he'd be my top recommendation.  He's brilliant.


    1 hour ago, Payne said:

    Love him. 


    10 hours ago, northern exposure said:

    Have you seen his appearances on Seinfeld's "Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee"? If so, is that representative of his act? Because I  wasn't impressed with him in Comedians.

    I'm a fan but can see how some wouldn't get his humour. Just like any comedian.  Good clean humour.


    I was disappointed in his appearance on CiCGC. It was pretty flat. He seemed to be following Jerry's lead the entire time. 


  6. I was 7 when Canada played an 8 game series vs the USSR in ice hockey. To say this was a huge deal would be an understatement. I remember watching the games that took place in Russia in the school gymnasium. Canadian team got booed out of the country when they went there for games 5-8. 

    Also fell in love with the instumental version of the their national anthem.