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  1. Not sure one is under more pressure than the other. i think the loser today is in a hole but I believe the Yankees need it more than Houston.  Yanks lose and the best they can hope for is to get to game 6 needing to beat either JV or GC in Houston.  1 of 2 is not usually bad but when it's those 2 I think that's daunting.   A Houston loss today is not the end of the world but if they don't force Boone to use his pen much then that would hurt.  A NY win and a bunch of fresh arms for games 3 and 4 is bad news for Houston.


  2. The clips I saw of the pitch tipping showed pretty clearly what was happening.  None that I saw talked about what he did in the 2nd and 2/3 of the third when he was pretty dominant.  Did he correct it after the first? If so that's pretty impressive that they figured it out in between innings. Or even more impressive that he didn't fix it and they still couldn't touch him.


  3. 4 minutes ago, Northern Voice said:

    You guys are both wrong, Quinton Byfield is going #1 overall this year. Already passing Lafreniere on a couple lists. 

    Byfield is man amongst boys no doubt. For the record I didn't say Stranges would go ahead of him tho - or Lafreniere - was just throwing him out there as he's probably not well known. Also, wanted to post the vid of his 10/2 skating style.


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