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  1. 4 hours ago, Eephus said:

    I remember Bill Madlock taking Fernandez out on the pivot during September 1987.  The injury changed the direction of the AL East pennant race.  The 1990 trade involving Fernandez, Fred McGriff, Joe Carter and Roberto Alomar was one of the biggest I can remember.  It's rare to have multiple star players in their prime traded for one another but a deal with four of them (and no prospects) is almost unheard of.

    Tony's B-R comps list includes three Hall of Famers

    1.     Dick Bartell (917.6)
    2.     Edgar Renteria (901.4)
    3.     Red Schoendienst (893.3) *
    4.     Al Dark (886.1)
    5.     Orlando Cabrera (880.3)
    6.     Dave Concepcion (875.3)
    7.     Billy Herman (874.0) *
    8.     Mark Grudzielanek (872.7)
    9.     Jimmy Dykes (869.9)
    10.     Alan Trammell (865.0) *


    One of my favorite players.  RIP Tony. 

  2. 39 minutes ago, Aaron Rudnicki said:

    right, but in terms of the last few years of his contract when he'll probably become a shell of his former self, it's better to be out injured or retired than hanging on as long as he can.

    Agreed. Wish he could have waited two years to bugger it up again. 😀


    That said i think we - habs fans - may be getting far ahead of ourselves with the career ending stuff. Hopefully, anyway. 



  3. 1 minute ago, JaxBill said:

    @RealKyper: Sources say Shea Weber injury has his season likely over and his future in question. Told injury is related to foot that was surgically repaired in 2018. While waiting for swelling to alleviate and further confirmation, surgery seemed unavoidable going into this week. @nhl #weber


    he only has 6 more years left on his contract.



  4. 26 minutes ago, Capella said:

    Most Jays tickets are 28 each. Phils are 35. Yanks are 50. This is for general seats — sure there are more expensive for each. 

    Yanks prices are way out of control. 

    He did say these were not the cheapest tickets. Probably infield boxes or something. Just seemed rather high. We've been hitting some AAA parks within driving distance of our homes the last few summers and paying $15 -$18 for club seats.  Not big leaguers, I know but Spring Training - especially early in the season is going to be mostly minor leaguers playing anyway. 

    Regardless, I'm jealous that he'll be there and not me.



  5. 44 minutes ago, Northern Voice said:

    I'm going to spring training for the first time this year. So far we have tickets for Yankees/Jays in Tampa (Steinbrenner field) on Saturday the 22nd and we'll go to at least a couple games in Dunedin the week of the 24-28th. 

    With split squad games, does the team's home facility/fans generally get the better lineup?

    Not related to your question but just a random comment.   My friend is going to FLA in a couple weeks and he got tickets for one of the Jays games in Dunedin and told me the tickets were $50 each.  He, and I, though that's pretty crazy for a Spring game.  Granted it was probably 12 years ago, but I recall going to a Braves game in Orlando and I think maybe Houston? in Kissimmee for about $10-$15.  Are the Jays just that much more expensive or have prices gone up significantly?  With exchange he's paying about $70 to watch, maybe 3 innings of the starters.  

  6. 3 hours ago, Mr. Mojo said:

    I haven't seen it and probably won't.

    But I'm with you on this. I like all kinds of films - comedy, drama, western, sci fi, romance, period pieces, horror, historical, etc.

    But the one kind that I don't like are the ones with unlikable, obnoxious and/or depressing characters who I couldn't care less about. 


    Neither J.K Simmons nor Miles Teller were likeable in Whiplash but I enjoyed that movie. I guess due to the story and how it was told. It is rare that I will enjoy a movie where the lead(s) have no redeeming qualities. In the case of Uncut Gems I thought the whole story was a mess . If it were in a theater we would have walked out and I've never done that before.

  7. 12 minutes ago, Ilov80s said:

    You aren’t alone. The Rotten Tomato Audiences really didn’t like it. Tons of reviews saying exactly what you said. The test before seeing it should be “have you ever complained because a movie had too many f bombs, too much yelling or the characters weren’t likable enough?” If you say yes than you are sure to Uncut Gem.

    Ya. I guess I fit that description.  Lol.