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  1. Gerry Dee. if you liked that clip watch Mr.D.
  2. Definitely. I like his game a lot. Hope they can sway him to come over next season. You never know with these Russkies but looks promising.
  3. Can't wait to see McDavid skate circles around {Insert_Name_of_Any_Hab_Defenseman} tonight. Not in person, unfortunately
  4. Good point. His devito accent was terrible. The physical comedy was pretty good I thought but now that you mention the voice I have to agree. I think awkwafina weak as well.
  5. Jumanji - the next level was funnier than the first one. A good sequel. Hart had more of a chance to be Hart. The Rock was solid. πŸ˜‰ A few chase scenes went on for way too long. Gillan in shorts and crop top for 60 minutes can never be a terrible thing.
  6. Pp was excellent. Got a break on the 5th goal after the Czechs made a game of it. Still seem to give up.lots of 5 on 5 chances but on the upswing. Slovacs should be pretty easy but you never know I guess. USA definitely got a tough draw. I haven't watched Finland but heard they were a bit weaker this year. Some day I'm going to go to Europe and watch this thing. Looks like a total blast. Maybe sweden in 2 years. 😁
  7. πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ better show up ready to play today. Lose and they play Sweden next. Win, and it's Slovakia. Not sure what to make of this team. They need to start gelling soon or could be a repeat of last year.
  8. Wide open world junior tourney this year. Good to see. (πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ shellacked by Russia not so much. )
  9. Nice to see the Jays at least trying. Surprised anyone like Ryu would want to pitch in the AL East but glad he's coming north. Maybe the Jays can compete for the playoffs in 2021 before losing Vlad.
  10. He said he was "half" in the bag but that's sounds a little fishy to me.
  11. Classic!
  12. Anthony Gomes tonight at a small club in town. Sample
  13. Still makes me that the Habs missed out on the 2nd lottery pick and got stuck with kotkaniemi and the canes jumped up 1000 spots to get him. That said, bergevin could have take Hughes tkachuk or almost anyone else out of the first 10 picks and it wouldn't have been so bad. So now I feel better knowing we would have probably taken k anyway.
  14. Canadian airline Westjet has been doing something every year for the past 6 or so. Here's a couple of my favorites