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  1. Wonder if the ex asst gm is still f'n glad they have osuna.
  2. If anything the mistake was taking him out at all, imo. Hindsight, I know.
  3. I was mid 60s too. Pretty embarassed to see that R.A. Dickey's knuckleball got up into the 70s and that mofo was just floating.
  4. Much ado about nothing. Personally I think the strike 3 call on Robles was worse. Especially after a similar pitch to the previous batter Zimmerman that was much closer to being a strike was called ball 4. Every sport has these controversies over officiating. Always have, always will. Guess that's partly what makes them interesting.
  5. it's chalked in the field. he was running on the infield side of the base the entire time. Per the rule, he needs to be in the running lane at the point where the lane starts. If there's no throw, or the ball doesn't hit him it doesn't really matter but when it affects the play it's interference. As I said above, I think it was the fact he ran the entire time outside the lane (in the field of play) that influenced the umps decision.
  6. He sure settled down after the first. He was hit very hard in the first inning then almost nothing the rest of the way. Stud. Verlander can't seem to put it together in the WS but at least he's got comfy pillows at home to rest his weary head.
  7. Technically it wasn't the next guy as Eaton was the next batter and he popped out. However, your point is still a good one. That was an awful long time to be on the phone to get confirmation that it was non reviewable due to it being a judgement call. i think numbnuts brought it up to Smoltz asking why it took so long to read the rule in the book and confirm this. I've been on the umps a lot but I think that was a tough call to make. Turner was inside the line the entire time so that's what umpie sees. Yes, even if he ran in foul territory where hes supposed to for the final third of the distance he'd be in almost the same spot at the time he gets to the bag - and is hit with that throw. I think, and I'm probably wrong, that if he had been running in the marked zone then hit as he reached the base that it wouldn't have been called interference. I also think nobody would be complaining if the ball hit him 2 strides sooner, maybe even one. well, the Nats probably would complain but they'd be wrong. Anyway, perhaps the safety bag is a good idea, not only to make this call easier but to save a few ankles. My guy Rendon homered and the Astros had no response anyway so no harm, no foul.
  8. Guess I'm old school but dont like getting Scherzer into this game. He's not needed. Save him for tomorrow on full rest!
  9. Initially I thought he'd score but he hesitated to make sure it got past the infield. Didn't see a replay showing where he was when soto got to the ball but it looked like he knew he wasn't going to be sent. Strasburg made altuve look like a rookie.
  10. Soto carries his bat all the way to the coach a-la Bregman. Awesome.
  11. Bregman hands the bat to first base coach on his way by. Lol
  12. Exactly what I thought except I figured I'd keep it to myself.
  13. Smoltz doing his best Romo impersonation predicting the Springer at bat.
  14. A couple of blonds in row two. Maybe a trend was started on Monday.
  15. All this talk about the bad calls Sunday. Eric Gregg says hi!
  16. Yet, I find football almost unwatchable anymore. I'll watch Curling or Shawshank for the 76th time before a football game.
  17. Thanks for keeping up with the updates.
  18. Thanks. I didn't see him in houston games 1 or 2 either. Of course it's hard to spot him there but I'm pretty sure he wasnt. At least not directly in the main line of sight from the center field cam. Anyway, who cares. We now have yellow shirt chicks.
  19. Dont think I've seen Marlins man at all in the WS. Nobody selling their seat or maybe it's not NY, Boston or LA so he doesn't care?