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  1. How can each team have a holding penalty and they are not offsetting. Kicking team accepts the hold on receiving team?
  2. My first thought was Johnny O (loved that guy) and then Mcgriff . Then I remembered Carlos and had to put him ahead. We could put EE as our DH. of course that leaves off Winfield.
  3. Just to be clear, I'm not on the side of it being OK to use technology to steal signs. If they did, IMO that is a black eye and I believe flat out wrong. My point was who's to say that equipment isn't used to look at video of the current pitcher or guy coming in from the pen? Maybe they watch Bull Durham down there for a laugh or many other possible legitimate reasons. I suspect other teams have tvs/tablets somewhere for reference to videos, etc. No? Doesn't men they are getting live feeds. I must have missed the towel.
  4. I haven't put a ton of research into this but i have Delgado, Alomar, Fernandez, Bautista in the infield, Barfield White and Bell in OF (maybe Donaldson at 3rd and Jose in the field?) Cant think of much behind the plate - Whitt, I guess. Steib, Morris, Cone, Clemens SP (other good ones Im sure I'm missing) Henke and Ward in the pen. Pretty sure I'm missing some but that's my initial names off top of my head.
  5. I thought the last 3 episodes of S2 redeemed it somewhat. Enough that I'll certainly give S3 a shot when it comes out. Plenty of cringe-worthy things happened but was still enjoyable enough for me.
  6. Pictures of a tv screen and or laptop dont prove anything imo. Their presence doesn't mean that there is some live feed happening. Maybe there is/was, maybe ot but I dont think the fact there is a tv sitting there means any cheating was taking place.
  7. I think the Jays would have a pretty nice lineup. ...but I'm too lazy to submit one.
  8. Can't express how much I am enjoying the leafs struggles so far this year. Reading HF is very entertaining. One thing I dont really understand is the hate for nylander. Seems to me he's doing what is expected. The games I've seen he's been good to great. One of their better forwards almost every night. Just a scapegoat? I know he's got flaws but so does Mathews. Their D is atrocious. And I know atrocious, I watch the Habs. 🙂 It's enjoyable regardless. Hoping the circus continues but still feel they get on a roll at some point.
  9. I long for the days where we questioned the runner interference at first .
  10. Loved it when I saw it in theatre. Need to watch it again. Absolutely is one of my top 10 of the decade
  11. So any technology is OK to use? Maybe a microphone in the visitor dugout? One under the pitcher's rubber? Not to mention the fact that if catcher has to throw down 5 signs for every pitch - and maybe even change sequence for every batter - even when nobody is on base games are going to start taking 5 hours and nobody will care who's stealing signs because nobody will be watching.
  12. Mascot - Gritty Championship - Raptors Singer/Songwriter - Ryan Tedder Album- Native TV series - Game of Thrones Movie - True Grit
  13. I feel that even if she knew tip this she would still have done the same thing. I see was already mentioned above.
  14. Guess I should also add that I'm not disappointed that he's gone. It's too bad he goes out like Pete rose. Grapes was a true supporter of minor hockey. Not lip service. When my son was in minor midget and played in a Toronto tournament , Cherry was there. Took photos with the kids too. He also loves this country and you have to admire that. It's sad he goes out like this.
  15. I don't really like Kadri but appreciated his comments about the situation.
  16. Interestingly Grapes had an interview today with CBC (I believe ) and said he wasn't given the option to come on and apologize and if he would have he would say I'm sorry. Seems to me they gave maclean that chance so maybe they got the opportunity they were looking for to relieve him and took it.