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  1. Apparently last Friday was a fluke for the Habs. Philly didn't show up, made Montreal look good.CH are not a good team and now won't draft until late teens.
  2. I've recently watched 3 of the top movies from last year. Parasite, JoJO Rabbit and 1917. I'd rank them 1. Jojo 2. 1917 3. Parasite. Wasnt nearly as impressed with Parasite as most. Didn't grab me, I guess. I watch lots of foreign TV shows with subtitles so don't think that was it. Just didn't like the characters much. JoJo Rabbit was great! Loved this movie. Superb mix of humour and drama. 1917 was very good. Not quite as good as JoJo but thoroughly enjoyable. Roger Deakens cinematography is always top notch.
  3. Wasn't sure there could be a worse pp than the Habs. After tonight I'd say there's at least an equal.
  4. I played hockey with his dad. 🙂 Bo, not Mario.
  5. I think I also recall something about Montreal being the worst playoff team ever.
  6. Apparently the Habs are an afternoon team. Flying.
  7. Playoff hockey at 11am. Whata world we live in.
  8. Makes sense. Their hotel is about 400 yards from the rink.
  9. Just started watching at the start of ot4. Its like tb has been on a pp the entire period . So, pf course Columbus will score on their one chance.
  10. I now have 3 teams I would absolutely HATE to win the lottery - Pitt, EDM and TOR. So there's a 37.5% chance I will be throwing something tonight.
  11. Leafs got them where they want them now.
  12. this is just for number 1 pick. So, Edmonton gets number 1 then the 7 teams that didn't play at all (L.A. is #2)then the other 7 play in losers based off their win pct from regular season in reverse order.
  13. Didn't think this is technically considered the playoffs.
  14. Not a fan of that penalty call. Having said that Columbus #### the bed after going up 3 0
  15. Leafs looked lifeless but that play by Reilly, oof!
  16. 12 seeds run the table. Edmonton will win the lottery guaranteed..... And still not put together a winning team.
  17. Pelphrey wasn't even nominated for an Emmy. Smh.
  18. Kevin bieksa is one of the intermission panelists on sportsnet. Im impressed. Sounds like he's been doing this for years. He's a natural.
  19. Immediate skip for me. I never liked it. Even before it was played to death.