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  1. The rest of the conference is shaking in their boots. Habs now have about 7 5-6 Dmen and 8-9 3rd/4th line forwards. But we have the "best goalie on the planet" ™
  2. 1 by a kilometer. I don't find the other one at all attractive.
  3. Not sure if this would have made news in the US. Genie lost a SB bet and paid up.
  4. Kind of what I thought. Wish they wouldn't wait for someone to lose an eye before they clamp down really hard. No matter what he said about "trying to bring it back so I could cross check him" that was B.S. and pretty obvious IMO that he did what he intended to do - then immediately felt regret. I did read one funny tweet where the guy said "Imagine if he didn't have a visor". Well, dude, pretty much same thing since he didn't hit the visor. Tough timing when you compare 6 for that to the minimum of 10 for a little slash on the linesman's leg a day later.
  5. i read somewhere - thought it was in here, but maybe not - that the Bruins still "owned his rights" so could veto any signing. Seemed off to me that they could fire a guy then still control him but what do I know. Hopefully we have to throw in Desharnais that would kill 2 birds with one stone.
  6. History repeating itself. Fire Therrien, hire Julien. It's deja vu.
  7. When accused of anything, athlete's rule #1: "Deny, deny, deny!"
  8. Habs are a mess. There's a couple decent French speaking options available, maybe Bergevin will pull the trigger. Oh, God, I hope so.
  9. Yep. Happening more and more. Goalie out at top of crease. His d-man gently, or not, shoves the opposition into him. Down goes goalie. Up comes referee arm. Happened last night in Toronto too. I think they need to address this. Maybe make it challengeable. (new word)
  10. Just signed Joe Smith. That changes things dramatically!
  11. Odd. I don't think of her as a super attractive lady - but I think she is gorgeous in this movie. Oh, and I'm with tri-man, LOVE this movie.
  12. Loving Genie's fashion statement this year. Onto the 3rd round = more Genie!
  13. One year with mutual option for 2nd is what was reported today and said to be done deal. Financial terms not disclosed yet. Low risk move for Jays and JB has an opportunity to rebuild his cred. . Probably the best result for both player and team.
  14. That was goalie interference imo. He clearly extended his arms to push grubauer towards the net.
  15. I don't understand how that's not goalie interference. I agreed with the call against shaw that brought back a goal. To me thats interference too. Accidental or not he dragged price about 3 feet.