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  1. Catcher is probably the only position where you can get away with being good defensively, or offensively but you don't have to be both. He is neither! And he had a hissy fit when Zaun called him out for sucking.
  2. I do not understand why they haven't waived/released Bonifacio. He's terrible. They must have an upgrade to him in the minors - or convert Kawasaki to 2B. Not only is Bonifacio hitting terribly but his fielding is atrocious.
  3. Some nice pics here. Paulina Gretzky, too. and Nick Watney sure out-punted his coverage.
  4. She's cute with short hair, but stunning with longer hair My link
  5. Actually a small SUV seems like a perfect vehicle. 4x4, small so you can get through small spots (still crap on the roads here and there), better gas mileage and still enough room to carry a decent amount of suppliers.If you get a big 4x4 and reinforce it, you are getting what 8mpg? Unlimited gas, you are OK for a run, but way too much chance you hit an emergency and you are toast without a car.I could go with a smaller suv, but you'll still need to reinforce it. And make sure it can't get stuck in a little mud. Thankfully Rick had enough bullets to kill the 4 or 5 zombies that surrounded their car. If there were more, Rick, Carl, and Michonne would have met a different fate.Michonne could have, and probably did spear some of them with her Katana. Which brings me back to the fenceline at the prison. Why don't they call over the zombies and kill them like they did when they took over the prison. Might take a few days, but eventually they'd have cleared much of the yard. Anyway, love the Morgan return. He's one of the strongest actors they have, hope that's not the last we see of him.
  6. New showrunner announced My link This guy has written a number of episodes and typically, I have liked them, so this is a positive sign, I think.
  7. I don't think so. The AMC schedule shows Talking dead on at 10 Eastern.
  8. Merle's days are numbered. Whether it be Michonne, Rick, Daryl or the Gov (who won't be too pleased when he finds out Merle lied about Michonne being dead) I don't think Merle makes it past the mid-season break.
  9. pretty sure she is still out there.. be it alive or, ala Sophia, a zombie ... Very why they glossed over her for the entire episode, short of the grave. Very weird episode...on Talking Dead they mentioned that Greg Nicotero directed it and I remember him directing a bad episode from last season. I don't know how much the writing depends on who the director is but the writing was terrible this week. Digging a grave and filling it back up without a body and without a word from anyone onscreen is ridiculous. It bugged me so I looked it was the episode where Carl wandered off to throw rocks at the zombie who later became the Stealth Zombie who killed Dale.Interestingly, these 2 were also written by the same person - Angela Kang - who has written one other episode.
  10. I will be shocked - and actually quite disappointed - if that's the last we ever see of Carol. If that's the case I think they got pretty lazy. A "main" character like her deserves a much more obvious/detailed death. She had way more lines than T-Dogg and he got the heroes departure.
  11. Also on the plus side - Morrow looks like the real deal.
  12. Been to Niagara Falls (Canada) many times. Love the Flying Saucer Restaurant on Lundy's Lane. Nothing fancy but reasonable prices and good breakfast for family. Besides, your kid will love to eat in a FREAKIN FLYING SAUCER!
  13. I'm feeling lucky. I'll take a chance on ? rating the rest, 2,3,1
  14. I have a bad feeling about #4. I'm seeing a bit of gunt there + old-lady dress. 3214
  15. Now we can. Potential has turned into reality