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  1. Odd. I don't think of her as a super attractive lady - but I think she is gorgeous in this movie. Oh, and I'm with tri-man, LOVE this movie.
  2. Loving Genie's fashion statement this year. Onto the 3rd round = more Genie!
  3. One year with mutual option for 2nd is what was reported today and said to be done deal. Financial terms not disclosed yet. Low risk move for Jays and JB has an opportunity to rebuild his cred. . Probably the best result for both player and team.
  4. That was goalie interference imo. He clearly extended his arms to push grubauer towards the net.
  5. I don't understand how that's not goalie interference. I agreed with the call against shaw that brought back a goal. To me thats interference too. Accidental or not he dragged price about 3 feet.
  6. Wow. I recall "McCabe" as one of the first movies I'd seen that showed b00bies. I don't remember a lot from my youth but I remember this movie (and Helen Mirren in Age of Consent ) as two movies that helped make me the man I am today.
  7. I have cravetv on demand eh? I don't know how one gets it in the US.
  8. Watched the first 3 episodes of S1 a few days ago. . Good stuff.
  9. That's awesome. Those smiles are priceless! Welcome to the best sport on earth!
  10. Im pretty sure it lasted longer previous seasons. Was pretty disappointed that it ended so early
  11. I'm sure not the greatest - but i think a very underrated Canadian musician Colin James one of my favs
  12. Except Upton Jr. is starting (at least today) so they have no speed off the bench. i hate this decision (the one to not have Pompey on the roster). How many "mop up" guys do you need? Loup must have compromising pictures of Gibby!
  13. Agreed. I feel like a dummy. Will have to rewatch to get this straight in my feeble brain i did recognize Paint It Black tho
  14. It's the Stroshow. Regardless who they started it will be second guess ad nauseam if they lose. Personally I would prefer Liriano but will be moot if they can't score more than 2 runs (which wouldn't surprise me). Having Liriano in the pen does give them another lefty to face Davis, if needed, so there's that.
  15. Nice little debate on Golf Channel "OK, well, I know you’re never wrong. I understand that" - David Duval
  16. and the Jays fade off quietly in the night (and now day time too)
  17. I watched Bad Moms and Sausage Party on the weekend. I rarely go to movies and but I also rarely have a date so I lived it up Both funny. Bad moms is a bit of a chick flick - probably 80% females in attendance. it doesn't paint men in a good light but if you can't laugh at yourself. A couple LOL scenes and I'm a fan of Kunis so give it a 3.5 out of 5. Sausage fest has to be the most rude movie I've ever seen. it as funny and easy to miss some of the jokes and insults being thrown around so I may need to watch again. A crazy sce