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  1. Initially I thought he'd score but he hesitated to make sure it got past the infield. Didn't see a replay showing where he was when soto got to the ball but it looked like he knew he wasn't going to be sent. Strasburg made altuve look like a rookie.
  2. Soto carries his bat all the way to the coach a-la Bregman. Awesome.
  3. Bregman hands the bat to first base coach on his way by. Lol
  4. Exactly what I thought except I figured I'd keep it to myself.
  5. Smoltz doing his best Romo impersonation predicting the Springer at bat.
  6. A couple of blonds in row two. Maybe a trend was started on Monday.
  7. These umps are the best of the best,huh?
  8. All this talk about the bad calls Sunday. Eric Gregg says hi!
  9. Yet, I find football almost unwatchable anymore. I'll watch Curling or Shawshank for the 76th time before a football game.
  10. Thanks for keeping up with the updates.
  11. Thanks. I didn't see him in houston games 1 or 2 either. Of course it's hard to spot him there but I'm pretty sure he wasnt. At least not directly in the main line of sight from the center field cam. Anyway, who cares. We now have yellow shirt chicks.
  12. Dont think I've seen Marlins man at all in the WS. Nobody selling their seat or maybe it's not NY, Boston or LA so he doesn't care?
  13. The ball 4 call on Zimmerman was closer than the strike 3 on Robles. Hes missed numerous calls both ways tho.
  14. Good God. How did he miss the third strike on Brantley? Luckily he didn't homer after that.
  15. Totally. That's what I was trying to say above.
  16. Thought should have been strike 3 on Correa with that slider outside. That's been a strike all night then a few pitches later hangs one and cc doesn't miss it. Seems to be how things go.
  17. Was going to agree till now but the strike 2 call on Bregman was wide so I'm thinking it's just a big zone. Just hope for consistency for a change
  18. Generous strikezone tonight may keep the game under 4 hours.
  19. It's early bit Cole looks hittable again tonight
  20. Like how the fan in row 1 knocked down that homer.
  21. Hopefully it'll be like the first 15 innings of the series and not the last 3. That's all I hope for. ⚾