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  1. Really? I never heard that before. Unless he touched it, it's never, as far as I know, been considered an error to have a ball drop on you. Besides that, tho, he got an out. Whether he catches it, or not, that's likely all he's going to get, 1 out. Nobody advanced either.
  2. I've completed 3 episodes of Happy Valley. Had not even considered HV until seeing this comment so gave it a shot and am glad I did. Good story line and excellent acting. Solid BBC crime drama. Sad ending to episode 3
  3. Habs have so many picks this year they're just going to set their table up on the stage.
  4. I'll admit I'm a pretty pessimistic person in general and very much so when it comes to this regime but until these upgrades turn into actual nhl players I'll reserve judgement. Picks are meaningless when you draft poorly and this group has drafted exceptionally poorly. A late third has a very remote chance of being an NHL player even with good scouting. For Timmons and bergevin it would be a miracle.
  5. Hes built a powerhouse so far in his tenure.
  6. I enjoyed it and I'm not a car guy. Was entertaining although I had some problems with Bales' accent. Overall I felt it was time well spent unlike the 45 minutes I wasted on Uncut Gems.
  7. Vilardi with a goal on his first shift. Adds an assist later. Cant help but root for the guy.
  8. Just install a speaker in every helmet and have someone upstairs talking in their ear during the game. Can advise when they are about to get hit or when someone is cutting back door for a tap in. Nobody will know. 😉 Could hire the ex Astros to be the eyes in the sky.
  9. To be clear this would likely bother me as well but as I get older I tend to not worry about things as I used to. Now, depending on how many actual dollars you are talking about, maybe I would be more likely to get fired up. Not sure what amount of bonus money you get but my company may give out a $500 to $1000 bonus depending on our individual ratings. 20% less is going to be pretty minimal in the big picture. Therefore I dont sweat it. Also why I dont work that hard because I dont feel it's worth it. I'm better than most but dont want to be the guy that has to resolve things at midnight on a Saturday. Even if it was a standard 5k bonus I'm only losing 1k due to my lower rating. In canada with taxes that's about 500 bucks. Just my 2cents.
  10. I read somewhere "now they just need to make a trade for Grosby"
  11. Bergevin got scandella for a 4th about 6 weeks ago and flipped him for a late second. Pretty nice asset management. Too bad he sucks at drafting. Does pretty well with trades for the most part.
  12. Hi Joe. This is Marc. How's things? Seriously, tho, that sucks for him and the team. Hopefully a quick healer and he will be fresh for the playoffs.
  13. I dont see the "yet out" thread so will just post this here. RIP to one of the slickest shortstops to ever play. It was a pleasure watching you tony Fernandez.
  14. Boudreau out according to friedge More wild news @Bill Brasky
  15. Kicking is reckless and incredibly dangerous. Kassian is an idiot. Deserves a suspension. Regarding chara I think hes lucky that Gallagher wasn't hurt. it was pretty dangerous as well and 5k fine is a joke.