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  1. I snatched him off waivers in my 10 team, keep 4, non-ppr league. Figure he's probably worth a late second round rookie pick. Even if he comes back full strength, Breida has earned a role in SF.
  2. Expectations have been off the charts, as Trubisky was the second overall pick and is in an offense coordinated by Matt Nagy. These expectations have been heightened because of the other QBs, taken later in the draft that have had early success. Trubisky's lack of college experience is manifest during his starts- he seems committed to going through his progressions rather than improvising if the play allows for it, throwing to the open receiver. His trajectory, long term, I think is pretty good. I just think he will take longer than Mahomes and Watson. For NFL purposes, given the talent around him, I think he can lead this team into the playoffs sooner rather than later. For fantasy purposes, I don't see him as a starter in 10 or 12 team leagues, but I think he profiles as an excellent QB 2 in these formats. In a 14 or 16 teamer, I think he is a legitimate starter.
  3. Ack88

    Le'Veon Bell

    Unless Bell can rush the passer or be effective in coverage, his non-participation has nothing to do with the Steelers record. Absolutely nothing.
  4. Ack88

    Sammy Watkins the next Andre Johnson...

    Sammy had a quiet week #1. Hill and Kelce should outpace Watkins for targets but WR3 numbers are not out of the question this week in what should be a shootout. I'm going to roll with him. Think he scores this week.
  5. Ack88

    How Long Will Le'Veon Bell Holdout?

    Bell comes back this week. Starts Week 1. Perhaps loses touches to JC initially. Still, Top 10 RB straight out the gate.
  6. Ack88

    Auction Strategy Preference

    To give those auctioning soon a template of what a stars and scrubs roster might look like, see below. We had to declare our keepers recently. You can keep up to 4 players (18 man rosters). Each year you keep a player, the salary goes up $4. Our cap is $165 for 18 total spots. Start QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1K. My keepers: Zeke $53 L. Bell $38 (He's been on my team for a while, got him after his injury) Julio $43 A. Robinson $6 (caught a break when he was waivered last year due to injury- cheap stash). I have 4 players for $140. I'll need to obtain 14 players at the auction with a grand total of $25 to spend. Chances are I'll have a $3-$4 QB a $3 WR3 and the rest $1 or $2 players.
  7. Ack88

    Get off my F&*%ing playground!

    This looks like a case of early onset CTE. The man is mentally ill. Hopefully, he will get help before someone gets seriously hurt.
  8. Ack88

    Official AJ Green

    That's why this is fun. A great example of what the SP is at its' best.
  9. Ack88

    Official AJ Green

    Green Thomas Evans Allen Adams I am risk aversive in the early stages of building a team. Green is the most reliably productive, although I wouldn’t fight you on Thomas. Even with Dalton Green has been really, really good.
  10. Ack88

    Auction Strategy Preference

    This is always tough to project. I don't know of any reliable way to convert draft histories to AAVs. I would recommend this: Your top level RBs will command about 35%-40% of the overall cap. As an example, I would expect to pay about $70-$80 in a $200 league for Gurley, Bell, Zeke, and DJ. Brown, Julio, Hopkins would likely command $65ish in that same format. Variables that matter would be league size and ppr or no ppr. QBs tend to be devalvued (unless you are talking either 2QB or 6 point TD leagues. As for strategies, get a big 4 RB and fill in from there. Wait a little on WR and buy in bulk. If possible- try and snag 2 elite RBs if the cost is right. Don't be afraid to spend $120 of your $200 cap on a Zeke/Gurley tandem if the opportunity presents itself. Good luck!
  11. Ack88

    Rank the rookie rbs so far

    I play in an auction/keeper league with a salary cap. We can keep 4 players. Since my league is a little different than most my rankings might also look different: Barkley K. Johnson Freeman Penny Michel Chubb Jones Guice (I’m going to try and stash him for a couple of bucks at the end of the auction.)
  12. Ack88

    Official Dez Bryant

    When you are a dominant, or even good player, many teams will put up with accompanying bad behavior and/or chemistry issues. When you are a shell of what you once were physically yet still call out former teammates on social media, only a desperate team will call you.
  13. Ack88

    Fournette vs Hunt vs Cook

    You make some good points. Where I have a difference of opinion is with the importance of a QB change. Smith, for all his limitations, was very well known. The offense in KC was well defined and we knew that the lead back in KC would do well. Ware is a JAG but he preformed well, in part because the other variables, were well defined. The move to Mahomes has the potential to change the entire texture of the offense. It could flourish, it could recede. For that reason, I give Fournette the advantage. The fewest variables in his equation has changed, thus I would take him first.
  14. Ack88

    Auction Strategy Preference

    I try and do something similar, but more short handed. I have the price of what I think the player is worth, and then a 10% and 20% discount price factored in so I have a ready gauge of value inflection points.
  15. Ack88

    Fournette vs Hunt vs Cook

    Fournette is the best talent of this group. All three look to be volume dominant. As I see Fournette carrying the lowest overall risk (not returning from ACL or dealing with a QB change), I’d take him before Cook and Hunt.