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  1. Agree 100%, but his talent, and the middling competition make him an attractive buy. He's of virtually no cost right now but has the ability to be a legit RB2. Again, a big if- but the skill set is there. He's outside many top 30 lists, which makes him a target for me.
  2. Starting to look for buying opportunities as we hit the post-draft lull and training camp (or reasonable facsimile thereof) and I think Guice looks like a buy. Most rankers see him between 25-25 overall. High risk due to injury, but cost is very low. He's not looking at anything other than a collection of replacement level guys (yes, ADP is now a JAG) and Rivera likes to run.
  3. I'd go Dillon. Not an overwhelming talent but the Packers did, despite other glaring needs, spend draft capital on him. Jones is really good but likely has had his apex as a fantasy player. I also think the Packers won't increase his workload, either. Expect a number of Jones's TDs will go to other places next year. Williams is a JAG and I expect Dillon to take his role in the offense fairly quickly. He has legit RB 3 usability.
  4. I have to agree. While he ranks #3 to me in this class, it would not surprise me at all if in 3 years Dobbins is the #1 back in this group. Ravens are totally stacked and Ingram's got some miles on him.
  5. I like Taylor quite a bit. Really nice situation as well- solid, but certainly not exceptional QB, really good line play, and a well run organization. I like CEH better because Mack is a superior RB to Dwill. I just don't see a 75/25 split here, more like 60/40. CEH will be 80%+ with regard to snaps from day #1, I think.
  6. Edwards- Hellaire, KC Taylor, Indianapolis Akers, Rams Swift, Detroit Dobbins, Ravens I'll go CEH, Taylor, then Swift. CEH will be a lead dog from day #1 and has the pass catching chops to be great in both standard and ppr formats. Love the landing spot for Taylor, but Mack will take some touches, which gives CEH the edge. Akers, looks like some kind of timeshare with Henderson Swift looks mired in a timeshare, putting him the clear 4th Dobbins, better dynasty outlook than short term with Ingram in the fold Thoughts?
  7. No first round picks with be a running back. Not the most risky predication but I still see a number of mocks with Swift and or Taylor going at the back end. I don't think it's going to happen. No real special talents in a deep overall player pool.
  8. Zeke and AJB is the better side of that deal.
  9. Which is a critical detail. The more draft capital a team invests in a player, the more likely they will be given an opportunity to play right away and the more likely they are to be allowed some mistakes along the way. Swift has a 3 down skill set. Taylor might, but I believe (and this is 100% opinion) that he'll more likely be drafted after Swift and subbed on 3rd down. Landing spot will matter, but without that knowledge, I'm going Swift. Taylor is more highly valued on FBG and similar places than in the NFL draftnik world.
  10. Based on Fantasy Pros Dynasty Rankings as of 4/5, I'll give this a go: 1. DeAndre Hopkins (#4 overall, #2 WR)- Love the player but I'm simply not taking a WR changing teams in the top 5 overall. Murray improved as the season went on, but Watson he is not. NUK is still a first round pick, but move towards the back end. 2. Chris Godwin (#10 overall, #5 WR)- Brady is new, unknown how the WR pecking order will play out. It seems like Godwin's skill set is a better fir for Brady than Evans. Think the partnership will work out well but lean towards known QB/WR tandems in round #1. A hedge for safety. 3. Amari Cooper (#15 overall, #8 WR)- Gallup grew as the year went on, target share became more even. Cooper is slightly overvalued right now. 4. OBJ (#16 overall, #9 WR)- Jury is out. Chemistry with Mayfield, neither the most durable nor consistent player. Too many question marks to be drafted as a WR #1.
  11. Dak is not close to being what Wilson is.
  12. You mean losing big games, right? The results under Dak in the playoffs are the same as they were under Romo. Sorry bud- you can try and masquerade that Dak is something other than average, but the results in meaningful games tell a different story. While stylistically dissimilar, Dak and Romo are stat compilers who’s big game and playoff results are underwhelming. BTW- if you are referring to my avatar, that is Michael Irvin- a true gamer and warrior, who ACTUALLY WON SOMETHING.
  13. I hate the Eagles but I'd take Wentz over Dak easily.
  14. Dez was good for a few years. He fell off a cliff fast. I see that the Cowboys went 8-8 last year with a high end supporting cast. What is most concerning is the poor play against good teams.
  15. While I think Dak is better than Foles, you are not far off. I laugh at all my fellow Cowboy fans who think he is stellar. He has EVERYTHING set up for him and they went 8-8 last year. He plays decidedly worse against good teams.