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  1. This team, coupled with a very challenging schedule, is winning 8 games- tops. Dak is not the only one to blame here. The o-line has been hurt by injuries and the defense, which has some sparkling individual talent, has been poor. The sky is not falling, the Cowboys won't end the year with 4 wins, but they are nothing more than an average team that will be on the outside looking in come playoff time.
  2. I hope I'm wrong but this Cowboys team is not very good at all. Further, there is an embedded culture of under performance, replete with lacking accountability. There also appears to be so sense of urgency, either.
  3. He'd be an inexpensive bridge option who has a similar skill set to Dak, but would cost half the price. MM is no long term solution but is not much worse than Dak.
  4. Give me Mariota for year and draft one- Fromm, Burrow, or Eason. From a real football (not fantasy lens), MM is only a slight downgrade. If you were to flip the teams that they played on, my opinion is the overall records would be identical.
  5. Make no mistake, the Cowboys will lose this game. I'm a fan and will be for life but this current iteration is a massive, overhyped flop waiting to faceplant.
  6. The whole Giants vibe is different with Jones as QB. They will finish ahead of the Cowboys. After the Giants beat the Cardinals and the Cowboys lose to the Eagles they will be tied.
  7. I disagree. Cowboys should let Dak walk. He's not even close to being worth 30 million a year, not close at all. Dak is fine when everything else is working well. He simply is not good enough to elevate a team when any other component part of the Cowboys is functioning at less than an ideal level. Zeke is elite, Cooper is elite, Dak is a tick above JAG status. Cowboys will finish 3rd in the NFC East this year.
  8. Dak is average, nothing more, nothing less. When every other factor is right: strong o-line, great run game, good to great wr play, and a good defense- he does really well. Take any of those components away- he's just a tick above a JAG. He's a good athlete who can make plays with his legs, but his arm strength and accuracy are mediocre. He's neither particularly instinctive or intuitive. I would take Daniel Jones over him all day long. The whole Carson Wentz faux debate that went on here is absurd. Dak's the third best QB in the division. JJ is going to pay him and I think it is a mistake.
  9. Could somebody make the case for Williams over Parker? I'm going back and forth between which is the better option and am thinking Parker is better, but could be convinced otherwise.
  10. Make no mistake- Mayfield is overrated. But- that does present a buying opportunity. He's worth kicking the tires on. Still see him as a top 14 QB option. The weapons are there and I do think he does have a better future than what he has shown this year. People get overly emotional when players they ranked highly under perform, so if you believe, this is the right time to buy.
  11. As I have Darrell Williams, nothing would make me happier than to be wrong.
  12. I would move for for Gordon in a heartbeat for any league not redraft. DWill has virtually no long term value. (I say this as a DWill owner in my main league.) He's simply not going to get the touches and does not have the talent to be more than a short term JAG. Whether or not he starts upon his return from injury, this backfield is a pure RBBC- decent back end RB2/FLEX plays; the only uncertainty is the permutations of this model. Darwin might eventually carve out a significant share, but my money is on the next lead back for KC coming in the 2020 draft. This group is a compendium of placeholders.