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  1. I think one thing to consider is how we change. From the other threads, it seems like lots of guys on these boards are between 40-50 and been playing FF for being 15-25 years. Our lives are different now than when we began ff. Families, kids, jobs with more responsibility- meaning ff is not the end all, be all it once was. At one point, I was in 5 leagues, each with different scoring systems, seemingly adding a new league with a new format every year. Now- I play in one ten team league with very basic scoring. It's the league I started with 23 years ago. I know I'm a different guy. Don't get be wrong- I still enjoy the hobby and the conversation found here, but my appetite for exotic systems has winnowed over time. If I'm more skeptical, I think the cause of that skepticism is me, not any particular system.
  2. What would be really interesting is if an enterprising researcher could look at a scoring system that comes as close as possible to valuing all position equally. Presumably, this would entail looking at several years of data. For example, one might find that over a 20 year period a reception should be worth .43 points for WRs and .78 for TE in order to have the same value as a RB. TD passes might need to be worth 5.35 points as well. Admittedly, this is equal parts dorky and time consuming, and I'm sure somewhere along the way, a stats geek like myself has undertaken this task. To me, a league like this would be evolutionary because it would diminish the mentality of things like "Only draft a QB after round 10", and zero rb and zero wr strategies. If anyone has access to something like this, I'd love to see it. Thanks.
  3. April 21, 2003. Was an old yeller feller
  4. Great point. The value at the top of the first round is significantly greater over time than the value towards the back end of round #1. Honestly, and this is besides the point, but auctions are the way to go in every league. Just purely a more equitable way to construct a roster.
  5. Great point. Lives change. The one thing that does blow me away, however, is how politically charged this board has become. The venom is tough to take. Not so different than society at large but really puts a damper on things.
  6. Crue as a band is better than G & R overall, but AFD is a top 10 album of all time.
  7. I make no claim to have a comprehensive strategy but would offer these tidbits: 1. Know your scoring system- ppr vs. non-ppr, te premium, start 2 qb, superflex, etc... Format makes a huge difference when it comes to drafting a team. As an example, in a two QB league, QBs will be overdrafted. Know this and be prepared to either follow the herd, or perhaps, deviate a bit and obtain premium talent at other positions. 2. Youth is important, but not pivotal: start ups see talent trump production. Don't be afraid to take the proven 28 year old over the immensely talented but unproven 24 year old based on age alone. My personal inclination is to take proven commodities and win early. From an investment standpoint, many dynos fold and/or bring in new owners yearly- don't be afraid to get a good ROI early in the event the league folds. If the league is successful and your team is not- you can always deal talent for picks. 3. Check ADP at multiple sights and compare your personal views to consensus views- what are the outliers? If you see differences, try and move up and down the draft to get the guys you want at good value.
  8. He remains my #1 overall player, regardless of format. Monster workload, versatile skill set, excellent o-line, and passing game good enough maintain some balance. 2,000 yards rushing is not out of the question.
  9. What would the right price be for Mixon? Do you see him as a redraft second round player (top 20-28)? I'm having a difficult time placing a valuation on him I feel comfortable with. Think he might have the most variance at this point.
  10. Think Hogan is worth a late first. He should be a primary target of Brady this year and has flashed big time. Granted, he's missed time with injuries but he has produced when in the lineup.
  11. Zeke is still my #1 overall dynasty player. I think he comes close to 2K rushing yards this year. The line should be better and the offense IS Zeke. The Cowboys know their path to the playoffs runs through an ability to run the football and will give Zeke a massive workload.
  12. I feel like everything that could go right for the Saints' running game did. Between positive game flow situations and a vastly improved defense, coupled with nearly perfect physical health for both RBs, I see last year as close to the apex for the running game as a whole. A slight decline appears likely to me. Ingram is usually undervalued and believe the same will hold true next year. I think Kamara is going a little to high, but can't really argue given how dynamic he was as a rookie.
  13. I think Chubb will certainly have a role. I have little doubt he ultimately takes the early down work from Hyde, probably by the middle of this year- especially if the Browns are bad (likely). By 2019, I see a timeshare: Chubb gets most of the early down work, cedes 2nd and long and 3rd down to Duke, and perhaps loses a few carriers here and there to Hyde. Chubb looks like a mid tier RB2 to me.
  14. Fair enough. I don't find fault with anyone who would. I just see Barkley as the better bet.