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  1. A Josh Alllen (QB 20) and Brady (QB 21) via fantasy pros rankings are a nice, cheap combination of safety and upside. For a real cheap option- Andy Dalton. Green back, Boyd pretty good, Eifert back for RZ, and Taylor as HC make for an interesting late round dart throw.
  2. Is there anyone who thinks the Chiefs might either jettison and/or suspend Hill, even after the NFL has stated no suspension is coming? Personally, I think this is unlikely but there are others with more information.
  3. This. He's a great high ceiling QB to use as your #2, paring with a more consistent QB, such as Ben/Rivers/Brees.
  4. Rode the Winston/Fitzpatrick train for much of last season for peanuts, with great results. Spend almost zero capital on them. Will do the same this year.
  5. He's gotten every endorsement possible and the Chiefs lack of high draft capital/FA investment portend RB1 potential. It ultimately comes down to risk profile acceptance/aversion. He looks like a guy going on about the round 2/3 turn. If I have to plant my flag on DWill, I'll take him in the third but not the second. Given that he has a wide range of outcomes but also a monster ceiling, if I can have two established, less risky propositions anchoring my squad, I'll deal with the elevated risk in the third round.
  6. No matter how you slice it, Hill is back at the top of the WR1 conversation. For me, he's WR3 overall, behind only Hopkins and Adams. He's a scintilla over Julio and Thomas, but ahead of OBJ in my book.
  7. I completely agree with this. He's in an ideal offense for his skill set with a coach that loves him. The personnel groupings, particularly at WR, are Kingsbury specials. Murray will put enormous pressure on the defense every play, both with his arm and legs. My biggest concern is injury because the line play is questionable, but I love the talent and scheme. The Cardinals will have high play volume and a rapid offensive tempo- very hard to defend. Right now he is my QB7, but may bump him higher.
  8. In my partial keeper/auction league, I have him for $44 of a $165 budget. Think I'm going to let him go back in the pool. In my league FWIW, an elite WR 1 could cost $50, but generally goes for about 25% of total cap.
  9. Would if there were any. Guys are holding.
  10. I would take Evans first. To start, I believe TB will lead the league in pass attempts. Woeful defense and pass heavy game scripts await. Second, Bruce Arians knows how to lead a flourishing passing attack. Third, Winston is set up for prolific numbers. Fourth, Evans is due for some positive TD regression based on volume metrics. I'm trying to buy wherever I can.
  11. Agreed. But where? Going to take a significant injury. Given that the Chargers will want a decent return on investment, Gordon wants a fully loaded new deal, and teams, barring injury have already completed roster construction via draft and FA- not many points jump off the page. Hypothetically, if I'm drafting today, I don't see how I can take him early.
  12. One of my worst predictions (of which there are many).
  13. Then you and I will agree to disagree.
  14. I'll make it as simple as I can: Unemployment is at historic lows. (Sub 4%) For African-American and Hispanic Americans it has never been lower. If people are working, they are earning. You choose not give Trump any credit. That's your choice. I choose to give him some credit. No amount of links that I post will change you mind, which is fine.