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  1. So, let’s see. After 6 games, the team is already lost. Players openly saying the staff- 1. Is unprepared 2. Doesn’t teach 3. Doesn’t adjust but somehow- he’s the right guy for the job? Breathtakingly detached from reality. The Cowboys don’t win because they are run so poorly. It is really that simple.
  2. I generally agree with this. DJ not durable enough, and CP is a special athlete.
  3. From founding to 1995- top five. From 1995-2020- bottom third. Cowboys have been living on legacy for 25 years and are remarkable for a chronic level of underachieving. As a lifelong fan who can go back to the tail end of the 70s, the contrast is stark and ghastly. A cornerstone franchise has deteriorated into a punch line.
  4. No Not at all. Hoping they can finish 2-14 and perhaps get close enough to make a play for Trevor Lawrence. Likely a pipe dream, but not wholly inconceivable. Even without the injuries, this team was clearly trending towards 8 wins as a max- horrific defense, a marginal head coach, and overrated QB.
  5. Dallas is NOT a good organization. Have not been for 25 years. One of a handful of teams with no conference championship game appearances in recent memory, and what, two playoff wins in 15 or so years? Jerry hires Jimmy. Jimmy built a dynasty and won titles. The post Jimmy record is clear as day (and please spare me the Barry Switzer won a title nonsense- that was ALL Jimmy. Jerry, on his own, might be close to the Elgin Baylor of the NFL.
  6. It all circles back to Jerry. He is an abysmal owner. What a disgrace this team is.
  7. I hope he recovers completely and quickly. I’ve been as critical as any on this board, but he’s a class act and a good person.
  8. I’ve always been a fan and have targeted him in my leagues, thinking he could be a rock solid WR 2. The data set is now big enough and the periodic dings are enough to say that he’s really a back end WR 3, and perhaps a WR 4.
  9. We thought Garrett was the problem. Clearly, in this case, the failure to perform is not a coaching issue. Or, McCarthy is as bad as Garrett.
  10. Romo was a paper champion. Fun to watch, great for fantasy, but folded in the big spot. I like Dak and am rooting for him. I’m simply unsure as to whether he is the long term answer. He’s a class act and a leader, easy to relate to and a real good person, as we saw with his brother’s terrible struggle with depression. I still feel that he could be great but isn’t there yet. McCarthy looks the same as Garrett and the defense is atrocious. Unfortunately, think we are staring 8-8 in the face again.
  11. Race has nothing to do with this and insinuating that is does undercuts the foundation of your argument. Dak is not alone in sharing the responsibility for the team’s underwhelming results- injuries and bad coaching play prominently into the equation, as does a horrific defense. Dak is a good QB, but not great. Romo was a good QB, but not great. Fantasy football and real football are two different things and many often equate greatness in one as equivalent as greatness in the other.
  12. You have to actually win before you can claim to be a winner. Dak can win but he’s 9-10 over his last 19 games. He’s played very well at times but has also struggled. I do think he can lead this team to good results, but that really hasn’t happened yet.
  13. Same guy. Stat compilers. Good against poor and mediocre competition in early and mid season games. Always fade late against good teams. Both Romo and Dak have great stats and are fantasy football all stars, but somewhat overrated as actual NFL players. Again, it’s not completely their fault, but stand by the overrated tag for both.