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  1. What is this. If you believe, as I do, that the Oline being garbage and Rice was dealing with a relatively undisclosed injury led to the down year, a Rice rebound is hardly "unlikely" I think Rices ability to rebound will still depend largely on what Baltimore can do with that poor blocking O-Line. His injury didnt help, but I dont know how many times he was given the ball and there were no holes to run through. I dont know what else to say. I know the RB takes all the heat or all the credit, but the bottom line is that O-Line is what really makes things happen more often than not.
  2. I think you're being a little hard on the guy. I'm not by any means a freeman fan, but even before his first start in Minny, I saw how long he had been with the team and was shocked that the coach would put him into that position so soon after his arrival. I knew it was gonna be a stinker of a game because he was not familiar with the offense. I dont know what you expect from a guy who probably knows 25% of the plays (and only if he studied hard) but I assure you, there are only so many things you can do as an offense, and minimal adjustments can be made. The decision to start him was a poor one and the team did him a disservice in starting him at that time. That being said, I've seen the guy look great, and I've seen him look bad prior to his arrival in Minny. I think we'd be dumb to discount that he could still get it done if he gets his head in the game and sort out his off field issues. (which may or may not have been resolved prior to his arrival in Minny) either way, my point: You can blame him for any poor performance you want Except the one in Minny. I put that one on the coach's shoulders as he should never have been on the field except in a relief role. He needed at least one and maybe two more games to learn the offense.
  3. I also agree that Palmer is underrated. I am not protecting him in my keeper league this year. Not because I dont like him, but because of the team he plays for. Arizona has had the worst O-line in the league over the last 3 years or so. I see an improvement coming this year, but they honestly needed more than one or two starters replaced. In Oakland the Defense was bad and they would fall behind early and palmer would have lots of garbage time numbers to pad those stats. In Arizona, he has better receivers, but the line is still bad. The problem in Arizona is the Defense will keep the team in games, so there will not be as much garbage time to pad the stats. Defenses Just wont let up when the score is 14-9 so that will be lost to Palmer. I think Palmer will throw for a couple more TD's as he will have a short field to work with more often than he did in Oakland, but his yardage will likely decline some for the same reason and due to the loss of garbage time at the end of games. I predict 3800-3900 yards passing along with 25 TD's and 18 INTs.
  4. Disagree. Neither is near NFL Starter Accuracy at the moment, and accuracy is probably a toss up between the two. But Pryor's got a stronger arm. His motion is a million times smoother, and Tebow takes about a second longer the get rid of the ball. As a QB, Pryor's got a better chance of succeeding as an NFL QB over the long term than Tebow does... of course that's not saying a whole lot. Nuff said.
  5. good to hear. thanks.That usually means very little. especially with a 4th quarter usually takes an hour or two for the muscle to tighten up after pulling it. of course he'll walk with barely a limp. the limp comes an hour or two after the game when things tighten up.Either way, I'm hoping it's not serious either. I need 2 more good weeks out of him. then he can get injured all he wants.
  6. At least he is throwing into tiny windows. Plus, the last game he threw more for over 20 yards than Smith had all season. It's not so much Kaep is the next superstar in the making; it's more so how he can stretch the field and make use of the weapons. Randy Moss can run deep patterns all game long, and Smith won't look his way. Kaep will. That could be more to Harbaugh trusting him to throw deep more than Smith. I see a problem in Smith in that he is too afraid to make a mistake. Kaep got Smith beat in a lot of area's of QB skill set. I think it's better to let Kaep make mistakes than have Smith just play it safe. There is no guarantee they can go to the Super Bowl with Smith or Kaep starting this season. But the passing offense needs to improve, and one indicator where it was lacking despite Smith's numbers was the lack of Vernon Davis. Hey man, I get it.And if He can fit it into the tiny windows all the time, he will be a superstar. I honestly havnt seen enough of the kid to say if this is the norm or not. obviously if he's not normally that accurate then he will become an interception machine. If he is, then you have yourself a Damn good player.
  7. Guys, I'm impressed with Kaep, but there were a couple of throws that I thought should have been picked. probably ill advised tosses, but it was in that tiny window that allowed it to be completed. I see a boom or bust prospect here. either he is that good that he can fit the ball in the smallest of windows, and he will either be a superstar, or he got lucky for a game and made some completions that never should have been thrown in the first place. Honestly there are only a couple of QB's in the NFL who are good enough to do this at will, and I worry about this a bit. I can think of two throws that if they were off target by 6 inches, they are picked or incomplete. one I actually thought was a pick, but it somehow made it through a couple of defenders into the hands of the receiver. Not trying to blow you guy's hype train or anything, but this is something to be concerned about. Until I see a couple more games I am reserving judgement. Like I say, either he is truly something special, or he got lucky for a game. not sure which at this point.
  8. I wouldnt avoid entirely. grab him in case he is able to do something, but dont start him immediately unless situation dictates that you need to.hes a guy you stick on your bench, and if he had a couple of good games, you can unload him. He's not really a fantasy starter, he is a bye week or injury fill-in. Not without value, but also not the saviour of your team.
  9. if it is the same injury, then yes. Out for the year. if it actually is an ankle injury, I expect he will return.
  10. you know the rule with McFadden. The minute you bench him is when he goes off for a big day.
  11. totally agree.but when your QB keeps getting hurt or fumbling the ball when he runs, that's gonna force you to change things up. This to me was the beginning of the end for Vicks Career. Now he's on the verge of losing his job. I expect if Vick keeps his job, he will try to go back to his old running ways, and it may work for a while.I guess we will have to see what happens.
  12. Well I am dubbing him Preseason Prince Foles from now on.well, teams defend vick the way they were before he went to jail.They Keep him in the pocket and force him to throw the ball. Eventually this day had to come. Vick is hitting that age where he cant run the ball with reckless abandon because he's starting to get hurt. His accuracy was never one of the stronger points of his game(I acknowledge it is a lot better since he has been to Philly)The only way for him to get better is to get back to working on his fundamentals and to make his correct reads. I dont know how bad he's been on reading the field. I have found in years past he has relied on his super strong arm to sing throws in there where maybe he shouldnt, and he has got away with it because the throw had lots of zip on it and the CB's are more likely to tip the ball than to catch it.I havnt seen a ton of Vick this year, but from what I have seen, age is starting to catch up with him a bit so he has to play smarter. Can he do this? I dont know.
  13. Yep. he looked like he had some hands. there were even a couple where the defender was all over him, but the pass was on the money and he made the catch.
  14. Yeah, but too bad Wilson still can't block. Oh let me guess, you didn't see the blocks Bradshaw put up tonight.I didn't say anything bad about Bradshaw's blocking. he ran poorly though and a big play threat like Wilson will get his share of yards eventually, poor blocking won't keep them from getting the ball in the hands of their best players all year long It will if he can't block AND can't hang on to the football. He ran poorly tonight? Jesus Christ himself wouldn't have been able to run through the #### the OL put out tonight in the 1st half. Just another reason why blocking from the RB spot will be crucial this year. Which of these two things do you think the Giants didn't know when they picked him in the first round?Yeah, I'm sure they're surprised that he doesn't have Bradshaw's blocking prowess in week 1 of his rookie season. And I'm betting they thought his fumbles in college were just bad luck and are shocked at what happened. I'm pretty sure they knew what they were getting and believe they can correct his shortcomings or they wouldn't have taken him that high. I totally agree.I figured when they drafted him they'd let him be the backup for a year while working on those issues. If Bradshaw got hurt, he'd get thrown in early. That was my thinking all along and I still think that is the long term plan.
  15. LMFAO at just a guy. Bradshaw runs hard, can catch the ball out of the backfield, is the best blocking back in the league, and plays through injuries. Dude is tough as nails. He has 2 Super Bowl rings and is only 26 yrs old. Only way Wilson takes over is through injury. You people need to get realistic here. I live in NY and there is NOBODY here that thinks Wilson will overtake Bradshaw anytime soon. EVERYONE knows who the man in NY is.I agree that Bradshaw is a fine player. But you are kidding yourself if you don't think Wilson will start taking a substantial number of plays from him. It was obvious at the start of the game since they were splitting plays about 50/50. And that is quite significant especially with Coughlin's history with rookies. Had Wilson not fumbled we'd probably be talking about how Bradshaw is now in a full blown RBBC. And it is only a matter of time before Bradshaw is sidelined with some sort of lower leg/foot injury.Lucky for Bradshaw, Wilson fumbled.I'm not sure Luck had a lot to do with it.In exhibition I was impressed with his running like you are, but there were times where he had the ball far from his body (usually while avoiding a defender) and you may be able to get away with that in college, but in the NFL that is a recipe for disaster.That play where he fumbled the ball, the defender wasnt trying to tackle, I thought he was clearly going for the ball and he got it.I dont think luck had anything to do with that one.At the end of the day this isnt the end of his career, but they will have to work with him and the way he holds the ball. it will take at least a half season until the old habits are gone. This may be to his long term benefit, as it will allow him to learn the playbook and there will not be as much pressure to perform early in his career.I think this guy will be money next year (or the year after if his ball security issues take longer than a year to resolve)While I think they used a first rounder on him for a reason, I also think they wont replace Bradshaw until they are sure this guy will be the man.once the ball control issues are resolved, we are likely looking at 6-8 games where it is a RBBC before they decide to give Wilson the nod and make him the starter.I could be wrong, but Coughlin's track record leads me to believe this is what is likely to happen.