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  1. Tom would have been 67 today (20th). RIP.
  2. I never had heard of Burger Chef until Mad Men I don't recall them in So Cal at all and I think I'm the same age as Binky
  3. LOL... I put Cooper in for Hogan at the last sec
  4. LOL at all the experts that have been to a place once and declare they are experts. So here's the thing about In N Out..... After you have it many, many times, you come to appreciate that it's made with the freshest ingredients, and to perfection every single time. I get that if you've been their once, you can see it as over rated, but when you've had this excellent product over and over again at a price that's very reasonable, you develop a loyal following to it. There's nothing like a double-double just off the grill. The piping hot burger, contrasted by the ice cold lettuce, with pickles and tomatoes is a taste sensation like having a fine wine compliment a meal. I personally like the french fries. They are cut fresh right in front of you. No cancer causing chemicals added! You need to eat them right away, which is why we always dine in. They aren't the greatest if you take them home, but all fries get soggy to some degree when you wait to eat them. And then after you've been a zillion times, you learn the cool history of the place and the fact they pay all their employees well over minimum wage, even starting out. I grew up in So Cal and moved away 7 years ago. It's the only thing I miss and the first thing I'll hit in Vegas to tomorrow.
  5. I thought FatBurger would be at the top of your list for sure.
  6. Live blog is in order here. GL, we are all counting on you. ETA: Bolts at BJ's Thursday night I watched hockey with my son the day he was born
  7. Grandy was in the on deck circle. Peterson made out #2. And they left Yu into hit with the bases loaded and 2 out and he walked and got an rbi
  8. OMG... Perron scores in ot for Vegas.. They pan the crowd and someone is wearing a Vegas #4 Clayton Stoner jersey
  9. Before our draft, I read that he had the 3rd or 4th most Def points in the last 30 games last year.
  10. He was Coyle like tonight