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  1. Hide in your shell, 'cause the world is out to bleed you for a ride
  2. In the meantime hush your face
  3. I use to laugh at Ron's analysis of guys like A.Soriano and Vlad because they swang at pitches a foot outside and he'd always forecast them for major declines. It use to really piss him off. He's a great guy and someone that probably did as well as anyone ever did in the industry. I wasn't one of the major companies, but I did ok. ETA: We had a great time at Game 7 NYY vs AZ when it got moved a week back because of 9/11, and Ron had his yearly event out there.
  4. Rudy's on a train to nowhere, halfway down the line
  5. Kesler drops Carter to his knees in fight.
  6. I see this is serious, so... 32 years playing, 30 years in the industry, 6 years in LABR
  7. when they haunt me and they taunt me in my cage.
  8. I'm just as sane as anyone.
  9. its one word.