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  1. Just got caught up. LOL at the Flopsberg dive. LOL at the goal off the D man. Preds only got about 4 or 5 of those go there way last series.
  2. Super proud of my 20 year old son and the summer he has lined up. Tomorrow he will finish a four day camp in Glendale, California, for young adults that grew up with heart issues. He had three surgeries when he was one. Part of the camp is spent on how to manage this the rest of their lives and one day on instruction for being a camp counselor for the ages 7 to 17 kids that go to heart camp every summer on Catalina Island. Then he's driving to Phoenix where he will start an Engineering internship that starts on June 1 and lasts seven weeks. And them he will fly and meet us in Salt Lake City as we fly to Prague for an 18 day river cruise to Amsterdam. He has been working on his German since we decided to go a few months ago. He has grown leaps and bounds the past year and he'll probably double that in the next ten weeks.
  3. you need a vacation.
  4. Need the win for my Vegas trip Tuesday.
  5. one of the better weeks
  6. The last 45 I ever bought. ####### love this song.
  7. Pulled up my live version from 2013. Great concert.