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  1. The inventor of jif peanut butter has just changed the pronunciation to gif.
  2. Most are really good. Seems like 1 in 40 of them is very anal and has to do everything by the book and more. These guys won't appraise well when the market is rising.
  3. there's actually a lot of work and research after they visit the home. I get calls all the time from appraisers asking me questions about homes I've recently had buyers purchase that they are now using as a comp. They want to get the comps as accurate as possible.
  4. Searching my dads sock drawer for the latest playboy.
  5. Online for me. GL. I have 9 and 12.
  6. No. They only report if its after the grace. I pay on the 12th all the time.
  7. Investment property is usually about 1 percent higher.
  8. Oh that thing. I left it on in case he needed to return because he had a shrek sized head.
  9. yes, we only put 25% down. I would never buy one with an HOA or a lot of hotels in the area. Communities are slapping restrictions on these all the time. We booked an ABB on Oahu 12/14-12/22. We were just told an ordinance was passed on Oahu (maybe all of hawaii) that an ABB/VRBO owner can only have one booking in a 30-day period. This was passed after we booked. We were lucky to not lose our booking.
  10. didn't put enough down. Repairs... they have to be done the second they happen. That sometimes comes at a higher cost then normal. Had a minor water leak yesterday. From others doing it.... best way... pay all cash. have a mgmt company do everything (cleaning, laundry, etc) for 22%. Make an amazing return they way without any of the headache. We have new cleaners that do a solid job, but we catch them not doing an item or restocking often. Can hurt your ratings..