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  1. @Nathan R. Jessep for wooing/hugging
  2. Except for Chick Hearn of the Lakers.
  3. I doubt he was calling your support soft.
  4. I think him smoking dope is the problem here with his memory
  5. Not a good idea to change rules Week 4, when several other players could not be on IR in the weeks before and were waived. This is really a bad idea.
  6. Did Trump die is hair?
  7. All the Marlins are wearing #16 tonight and then they are going to retire his number.
  8. what drinking games are we playing tonight?
  9. My statistic is Hillary sucks as a candidate. It can never be her fault she doesn't win and she should have won this with Reagan type results.
  10. I'm confused. It says right in your link why they moved him back... He was pushed back because he threw a season high 111 pitches the game before, yet it still left him to pitch the last game of the season if they pulled off a miracle. This happens all the time in baseball. This is a sad thing that's not on anyone.