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  1. Standings After Uruk-Hai correctly ranked Men's BB Coaches - 1 --AAABatteries--126. 2 --jwb--111 3 --higgins--111 4 --Gally--110 5 --otb_lifer--108 6 --Zow--107 7 --Ilov80s--105 8 --wikkidpissah--102 9 --joffer--101 10 -Jagov--100 11 -tuffnutt--99 12 -Getzlaf15--98 13 -timschochet--97 14 -Long Ball Larry--92 15 -Kal El--85 16 -DougB--80
  2. Standings after Getzlaf15 ranked MLB OF'ers. 1 --AAABatteries--111 2 --jwb--110 3 --Gally--104 4 --higgins--99 5 --wikkidpissah--99 6 --Jagov--98 7 --Ilov80s--97 8 --otb_lifer--95 9 --Zow--93 10 -joffer--90 11 -tuffnutt--89 12 -timschochet--88 13 -Long Ball Larry--85 14 -Getzlaf15--82 15 -Kal El--81 16 -DougB--75
  3. 6 PTS - Roberto Clemente. 37.57 pts. Very similar to Yaz in WAR and OPS+ and the same five Top10 WAR seasons. Did slightly better than Yaz on MVP balloting and MVP shares. 7 PTS - Rickey Henderson. 39.73 pts. Had 16 more WAR that Clemente and 7 more TOP10 WAR seasons that Yax and Clemnets. That made up for a general lack of AS games and awards compared to the rest of the field. 8 PTS - Reggie Jackson. 40.53 pts. OPS+ 12 points higher than Henderson. WAR was less, but not enough to offset that. Looks like the Mr October bump helped him out here. 9 PTS - Mel Ott. 42.51 pts. 155 OPS+ to Reggie's 139. His WAR was a lot higher than Reggie's, but no award or post season bump here for Ott almost cost him this spot. He did have second highest Top10 WAR seasons on the list with 16. 10 PTS - Oscar Charleston. 45 pts. That's what I give him. LOL. I'm comfortable ranking him ahead of those mentioned already on this list. Just not with the rest of the list. His seasons were much shorter, depth on teams and pitching much weaker. He's a stud, but so are the rest on the list. 11 PTS - Frank Robinson. 48.82 pts. He's in a group of four guys here that had 107-111 WAR for career. First on list with 2 MVP's. Also in a group of four at 154-157 OPS+. had 154. Used two Internet ranking lists. Very, very small weight, and Frank was first to do well on both. 12 PTS - Tris Speaker. 51.15 pts. WAR was 3rd highest, and had list leading 18 Top 10 WAR seasons. OPS+157. Had only 1 MVP. 13 PTS - Joe Di Maggio. 54.57 pts. 16 AS games and 3 MVP. Lost three prime years due to WW II and I did give hum an extra two seasons of Top10 WAR for that. Have to. Like Gwynn, rarely struck out. Won the World Series NINE times in 10 years. 155 OPS+ 14 PTS - Mickey Mantle. 57.00 pts. 172 OPS+. 110.2WAR. Had 14 Top 10 WAR seasons despite nagging injuries. 20 AS games and 3 MVP. (yes, I know they played two most years). Great post season stats. 18 WS HR. 15 PTS - Willie Mays. 59.66 pts. 24AS games and 2 MVP. 156.2 WAR. Had 15 Top10 WAR seasons. Post seasons not as good as Mantle. 156 OPS+. 124 more HR than Mick. 16 PTS - Barry Bonds. 69.41 pts. 14AS games and 7 MVP. 182 OPS+. 162.8 WAR. 14 Top 10 WAR seasons. #1 MLB ever in MVP shares by a huge amount.
  4. NBA F rankings were fine for me except for one player. Havlicek. I grew up watching him and just can't give him more than four points on that list. He was a complimentary player like Pippen, and Pippen is a better player IMO.
  5. Standings after Dungeon Master ranked NBA Forwards - 1 --jwb--97 2 --higgins--97 3 --AAABatteries--95 4 --Gally--95 5 --otb_lifer--94 6 --Ilov80s--94 7 --Jagov--87 8 --wikkidpissah--85 9 --timschochet--84 10 -joffer--84 11 -tuffnutt--82 12 -Zow--81 13 -Long Ball Larry--75 14 -Getzlaf15--74 15 -DougB--70 16 -Kal El--66
  6. MLB Greatest Outfielder Rankings- Notes: I used 8 different sets of criteria, relatively weighted appropriately. It was interesting as some of these guys are in the Greatest Player cat. Possibly missing - Vlad, L. Walker, Sheffield Oscar Charleston - Read several great articles on him. Had read a lot about him during the 1990's also. I placed him where I felt he belonged on this list. He played in leagues with much less talent and pitching. He's a great player for sure, but I listed him only above those that I didn't have any doubts about. I'm a solid fan of WAR and OPS+. Those were weighted nicely. Awards, Post Season, and a couple other cats received much lower weights. # of Top 10 seasons in Off WAR was a cat. I'm a little pressed for time, so write-ups won't be lengthy. 1 PT - Kirby Puckett. 23.37 pts. Should not be on the list. Arguably does not make Top 10 of his decade. 2 PTS - Ichiro Suzuki. 24.38 pts. Lowest OPS+ on list. Credit for entering majors late kept him from last. 3 PTS - Joe Medwick. 28.56 pts. 2nd lowest WAR on list. Did have 4 more OFF top 10 OPS seasons than prior two to give him the nod here. 4 PTS - Tony Gwynn. 29.15 pts. WAR was +15 over Medwick. And that bumped him up just enough. 5 PTS - Carl Yastrzemski. 32.89 pts. WAS +27 over Gwynn. Again the main difference. Out of time. Back later.
  7. I appreciate this! This is my first draft ever, so not 100% sure on what to expect. The draft itself was very challenging. Judging has been a new set of challenges, and so far, I'm happy i've found some kind of method, while not perfect, that makes some kind of sense. It's been cool to go through the process of a category and get to the point where you feel comfortable about the final results and a much deeper appreciation for that cat. MLB OF is next on my list. Now off to find a way to rank Oscar Charleston without getting crucified for consulting Bill James.
  8. Standings after Jagov's rankings of Women's Swimmimg jwb--94 AAABatteries--90 Gally--84 higgins--84 otb_lifer--82 Ilov80s--80 wikkidpissah--79 Jagov--77 timschochet--77 Long Ball Larry--73 tuffnutt--73 joffer--69 DougB--66 Getzlaf15--66 Zow--65 Kal El--65
  9. Standings After Jayrod's rankings of NBA Centers jwb--87 Ilov80s--79 AAABatteries--78 otb_lifer--77 Gally--75 wikkidpissah--73 Jagov--73 higgins--70 timschochet--67 joffer--66 Zow--63 Long Ball Larry--58 tuffnutt--57 Kal El--57 DougB--55 Getzlaf15--53
  10. Standings after Getzlaf15's rankings of NFL Offensive Linemen 1 --jwb--81 2 --otb_lifer--73 3 --AAABatteries--70 4 --Ilov80s--66 5 --Gally--63 6 --Zow--60 7 --wikkidpissah--59 8 --timschochet--58 9 --Jagov--58 10 -Long Ball Larry--57 11 -joffer--55 12 -higgins--54 13 -tuffnutt--52 14 -Getzlaf15--51 15 -DougB--48 16 -Kal El--47