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  1. Just to #### with him, I'd take my phone out and set the two minute timer and flash the numbers counting down every hand and then call clock every ####### time. And just smile the entire time and never talk to him.
  2. That really sucks. I hate that ####.
  3. Just the one scene....
  4. So I finally had a chance to watch all of that. Kassouf didn't do anything wrong. So over blown IMO. Slight chance Benger might have done that on purpose to get him to go all in. If I had AA against Kassouf, that might be something I try at that point to have him ship his chips.
  5. Ducks got 2016 #1 (Sam Steel 20 pts in 10 games this year for Regina Pats ) and 2017 #2 for Anderson.
  6. Because all we ever see is the Yankees and Red Sox on national games.
  7. LOL at the Yahoo Schtick every week Biggest Blowout Week 7 Results Matchup Recap  RonaldSilk's Panties John 118.56 vs. Timmy's Titans 70.94 +47.62
  8. My QB, K and Def were all on bye this week.
  9. another close one... RonaldSilk's Panties John 4-2-0 | 6th 118.56 Points 70.94 111.65 Orig Proj 98.53 118.56 Live Proj 70.94 Timmy's Titans 3-3-0 | 11th