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  1. The 2020 NHL Entry Draft will be the 58th NHL Entry Draft. The draft is scheduled for October 6–7, 2020 and will be held virtually.
  2. Congrats to TB. Great Defensive game to win the Cup. Well done
  3. Idaho and two other states had preexisting laws before Obama Care. It's not an Obama care thing.
  4. It's not odd at all. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Ideal? From what I saw at her speech, those seven kids looked ideal to me.
  5. Sept 13-18 14.074 tests on 2,438 players. Zero positive cases again. The mysterious Week 3 virus up thread will be here soon though. It was a run.
  6. Thanks for doing this. Enjoying the reliving of sophomore year of HS.
  7. We want YC's to be plus 10 points like penalty minutes in hockey are a positive. This way we can finish in the Top 3.