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  1. brun

    Going paycheck to paycheck.......

    Can't be sure if this is a serious question but, just in case. Someone I know filed for bankruptcy a couple years ago. I posted a question in here about it and got some responses. I can't recall any. You may want to do a search. Your "friend" my want to duckduckgo for more info. Then see a lawyer who specializes in this. A means test will be required. My friend was fully and consistently employed and making decent money. She never missed a payment on anything. She was just overwhelmed by debt and recognized that she would not be able to keep shuffling her debt around. Good luck.
  2. brun

    What are your Hobbies?

    Watching local pro sports teams Fantasy football Poker As I reduce my obesity I hope to golf & hike this summer.
  3. brun

    What novels should everybody read?

    I grew up catholic. I read this when I was young and it really had an impact on how I thought about religion and tolerance.
  4. brun

    Switzerland, anyone?

    Been once years ago to ski. Didn't do much sight seeing, but did get to Montreaux and thought it was great. Say hi to Freddie if you're there. Other than that, I'd say the chocolate and cheese is superior to what we typically get in the states.
  5. Maybe, or maybe just someone who doesn't understand golf and figures finders-keepers. Many years ago I loaned my clubs to a friend who was going out with a group. Probably his 1st or 2nd time ever on a course. I was missing the 8 iron and my friend found one that someone left just off one of the greens. He thought I would appreciate the addition to my set. I let him that I understood the thought but clubs get separation anxiety and don't perform well if they're no longer part of their set. I returned the club the next day. Luckily it was only about a 40 minute drive.
  6. brun

    Late night visitor

    Just wanted to say I think this is prudent advice. I just assume if she knocks on the front door and you answer. She'll give the confused, looking for friend, excuse. If there's no response, she then then goes to the back to break in because there's a chance nobody's home. Glad you're safe. Edit Just saw your post about the car. Don't know what to make of that.
  7. brun

    AFC Wild Card - Chargers @ Ravens

    I'm so underwhelmed I'm overwhelmed.
  8. Yesterday my son told me he saw a chart for a 55 yo man with a BMI of 85. I feel like an Adonis now.
  9. brun

    I'm officially an adult now

    How high up do you wear your pants? How good are you at dad jokes?
  10. Perhaps your study skills didn't need to be developed. This might mean that, when you help him study, you aren't as effective as you would like to be. He has a reading tutor. Is it possible he needs someone else to tutor him in how to study?
  11. Subgum Fried Rice Szechuan Dumplings Hunan Crispy Beef
  12. Congrats! Not good for me this year. In $1000 / out $750
  13. I think for most, not getting caught also means not learning any lesson. So, they repeat the mistake until something bad happens. When you do get caught, the consequence should be life changing, but not life ruining. I'm OK with a 1 year suspended licence on your 1st conviction, but also think a "drive to work only" provision can be acceptable. I also think that consequences can be different for different people depending on their situation. I mentioned my thoughts on financial impact in an earlier post. I'd be OK with an age/experience consideration as well. In my world, 45 year old who has been driving for 25+ years would be held to a higher standard than a 25 year old.
  14. Only 30 days? State/municipality makes a difference, but I can't imagine anyplace today where a DUI conviction would carry such a short suspension. While I don't know what the best deterent would be, I do think it might be beneficial to allow consideration for an offender's specific economic situation. A $1000 in fines is very different for a guy making $25k a year than someone making $200k.