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  1. A new factor to consider. Local card room. See a quarter on the floor in a stall in the men's room. Pick it up?
  2. Can't really think of any. Do enjoy hearing everyone else's stories though. Please keep them coming. The more details the better.
  3. I think one of the reasons for doing MM rather than PB was the $1 v $2 per entry. Now that MM is also $2, it doesn't matter. PB jackpot odds are slightly better than MM. I assume that also means MM jackpots are more likely to grow bigger and less likely to be shared. That doesn't make a difference to me. It may to others (assuming my logic is valid). I don't know how much the odds change with quick picks v numbers that are carried over from period to period. I suspect that the difference is small enough to not really matter during our lifetimes. Of course, if we win MM during the current draw period, none of this matters much.
  4. Picked Average. Because "Smarter that the Average Bear" wasn't an option.
  5. Personally, I don't care that much what the numbers are. Nor do I care which contest. I'm content to follow the crowd. Maybe others feel strongly one way or another? I guess we would need to commit to a minimum number of picks each period (typically we get 14-15 each period). So, 14 would probably be safe. If we're short a member one period we could replace that contribution from slush. I wouldn't mind going back to a 20 draw period, but that may be more commitment than some like. I'm assuming any change would happen in the next period. So I made the regular MM buy this time.
  6. FWIW - I always get the same numbers for the tickets I buy for myself. I just reuse the slip when I buy. It's not a big deal. However, our lotto group may not always be getting the same number of picks each period because the membership can fluctuate. Not an impossible thing, just a consideration.
  7. I was surprised when I got the notice from PP. I didn't realize we were starting a new period already. Will get tix on the way home tonight. Good luck us!
  8. For a short period of time my son was selling Medicare advantage plans. He felt like much of his job was to lie to, or take advantage of the confusion of, old people. He hated it and felt bad whether he made a sale or didn't make a sale. He now does medical coding and makes much less money but feels better about his job.
  9. I said a quarter but I don't remember the last time I actually saw one on the ground.
  10. Did you meet Ted Danson? Glad you made it. Did this result in any changes? For example, can you still workout the same?
  11. Aja album was just so cool and polished. One of the best of all time. I appreciate its entirety as much now as I did then. But, got introduced to Steely Dan with Can't Buy a Thrill. Brings me back to a great time when my friends and I were just getting our licenses; driving around, smoking and listening to awesome music. Loved Do it Again, but went with Reeling in the Years for the guitar work. My favorite song as far as lyrics/vocals go, one that I think deserves consideration; Dont Take Me Alive
  12. Any consideration given to having "office only" shoes that you leave at the office?