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  1. Great to hear. Congrats! Don't know the answer. It just doesn't seem right that catastrophic health issues are sometimes the cause of catastrophic financial issues.
  2. True. Though I think of them more like having Oddjob in your lineup.
  3. I still have a wallet that I received as a gift when I was a kid. It's about 60 years old. Brown leather, zippered with a raised image of 2 horses on one side. Pretty sure it's got a couple silver dollars in the change pocket. Never really used it. At the time, I didn't like it because it locked like a kid's wallet instead of an adult's wallet.
  4. Maybe some of us just enjoy having younger, smarter people do our work for us while we spend more time managing our fantasy football teams.
  5. When Ex#2 was going to school to become a nurse anesthetist they were introduced to alternatives in pain management. IIRC, both acupuncture and hypnosis have been used successfully for pain management as well as during surgery instead of drugs. Ex#1 found relief from menopause via acupuncture. I tried it for my back and got no relief. Did it for probably 8 sessions and started with just the needles, then added light therapy and eventually connected needles with electrodes to introduce electrical current. I probably wouldn't have stuck with it for so long, except the acupuncturist looked almost exactly like Evangeline Lilly (from Lost).
  6. Maybe not. I still get work anniversary notices for a couple guys who have been dead for 5-6 years.
  7. Every time this happens to me, this is what I do. If I think there's a chance that I'm being watched, I don't walk to my car. I walk somewhere where I can catch a cab to someplace else. Call a friend and have them meet me so I can give them the keys to my car and let them pick up my car a day or 2 later. Get another bag. Transfer the money into the new bag. Toss the old bag (river, dumpster, doesn't matter). Over the course of the next month or so, launder the money through a few casinos. Max fund my 401k, Roth IRAs. Deposit $1000 or so per week into each bank account. Gift my son $5k cash a couple of times over the next year (birthday, holidays). This is why I spend my free time siting alone on a park bench.
  8. My team's scores have gone down each week. Stop that! Maybe I need to send my players an Eric Thomas you tube link.
  9. While not in front of the camera or up on the stage. The one providing the most entertainment for me is Walt Disney.
  10. Week 5 Wil Lutz 14.9 points 51 longest @Hot Sauce Guy Just curious. Do you have any restaurant accounts in the Boston area? I go out to breakfast every weekend and always use hot sauce on eggs and potatoes. Local places have the typical hot sauce offerings. I have about 4 different flavors of Lucky Dog at home, but don't want bring my own as I don't think that respectful to the business.
  11. Was just starting to think about dropping him for a speculative pick up. Gonna hang on a little longer. Glad to see him count in some of my best ball teams this week.
  12. Got it. Will pick up tix with 15 winning numbers tonight.
  13. A couple weeks old. A birthday gift. Has a couple dedicated slots including one on the outside with a pull tab where I keep my 2 main credit cards.
  14. Where I have the same decision to make I've been going with Ross. Mostly this is a hot hand thing for me.
  15. I'd say no. Sutton's higher on his team's pecking order and can be started with a higher floor. If it's best ball, you might take a shot at Dorsett as he might have a couple good games.