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  1. IMO you're more likely to be 60 years old and wish you did have kids than 60 years old and wish you didn't.
  2. Eating beans by the campfire. Blazing Saddles
  3. "May I go to the bathroom first?" Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
  4. I realize you're just joking, but I would really like to see jousting.
  5. Just to be clear. I didn't mean to suggest answering with the bolded (though I can see it being interpreted that way). I meant that's one more reason for you to use something along the lines of Lambskin's suggestion. Using what I typed could be perceived as you're more concerned about your needs than theirs. Until they decide to make an offer, pretty much everything you say should be about what you can do for them. Of course, others may disagree.
  6. I wouldn't have mentioned the possible promotion. Just like the new job you're interviewing for, it doesn't exist until you actually get it. As far as telling them what you want. It can be difficult to dodge that question. I like Lambskin's suggestion about waiting until you both agree you're a good fit to discuss salary. Also, salary is only one component of the compensation package and you'd really prefer to consider the whole package. I doubt you're out of the running, but it sounds like they're keeping you on a string as plan B. If the promotion is offered just take it. If the new job offer comes the next day, then evaluate the offer and make a decision. You don't owe your current company anything just because they gave you a promotion.
  7. My 1st thought was this was probably the result of someone fat-fingering on a mobile device, not realizing that putting someone in the pre-draft list meant they would be auto drafted, or a dare or bet was involved.
  8. A.K.A. Draft Expert or Draft Master. After the draft there is no roster management. Each week the system sets your optimal lineup for you after the games are played.
  9. I always eat that when I come here.
  10. I'm guessing that situation is giving you a headache? FWIW - someone in one of my drafts just took Ladarius Green about 20 minutes ago in the 12th round. I'm fairly used to the FFPC interface, but really feel more comfortable with MFL site as well.
  11. Just about to start my last MFL10. Besides me 3 others have pre-drafted 1st round picks. Hopefully a good sign. Most of my drafts have gone smoothly, but a couple have been kinda slow. Anyway, I plan to report in around every 4/5 weeks. Hopefully everyone else has some good results to share. Good luck all! BroadwayG - Right now it looks like we're in a FFPC 35 DE that's moving kinda slow. You had the 1.01 and took Brown. My son is actually drafting that one for me. I think he took Hopkins with the 4th or 5th pick. Good luck in that one.
  12. I have no problem with nuts not being processed completely in my smoothies (Vitamix). FWIW, cleanup when making nut butters is not as easy as when making most other stuff. So, I always make some kind of smoothie after making a nut butter.
  13. I asked my Dad to take her for a test ride before I made my decision.
  14. Didn't notice the high beams were on.
  15. I'm going to top out at 40 of these and with about 5 more to sign up for, it's starting to feel stale. I'm truly impressed by anyone who does 100+! I just couldn't see myself anywhere near that. I really appreciate your posts and wish you luck in the coming season and especially for the upcoming family addition!