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  1. Much has been lost by many. If you'd like to help is a good organization helping out in the area.
  2. Just sharing in case this applies to anyone else. PenFed awards 3% on grocery store purchases. 5% gas at the pump & 1% on everything else. I had always assumed the the 3% was for groceries only, not other stuff that might also be purchased at the grocery store. I just noticed that's not so. My company is collecting donations for the folks in the Merrimack valley area who lost so much in the gas explosions and fires. So, I bought some Mastercard gift cards at the grocery store to contribute to the collection. I looked at my PenFed rewards and could see that the 3% was applied to my entire grocery store purchase, including the gift cards. I think I will start buying gift cards at the grocery store for use for things I normally only get a 1% reward.
  3. Good luck. You might want to check out this organization.
  4. Yes, that's true. However, your thread title is Rules Named for Players and your OP seems to ask for rules named for players who were the reason for the creation of the rule.
  5. The rule existed before that game. Actually it existed a year before Brady was even in the league.
  6. You've been looking at my 5 Guys receipts?
  7. bacon eggplant sun-dried tomato
  8. Sorry, either my question wasn't clear enough or I'm just not seeing what you're referring to . I only see the ability to change the weighting of the consensus projections for the offensive positions as a group, not the weighting for specific offensive positions. For example, if you had significantly more faith in Dodds' TE projections, you could change the setting for TE consensus projections to 70% Dodds, 15% each Bloom & Tremblay. At the same time, you could could also apply a different weighting for each of the other skill positions, QB, WR & RB.
  9. Great job! It takes a little time, but I'm getting used to it. One thing that would be nice, is a further refinement to the weighting of the staff in the consensus projections, at least as it applies to the specific offensive positions (QB, RB, WR, TE). For example, if you had significantly more faith in Dodds' TE projections, you could change the setting for TE consensus projections to 70% Dodds, 15% each Bloom & Tremblay.
  10. In the US I would probably do a national parks tour. I think is a thread for something along those lines somewhere in here. Internationally, I would probably get a euro rail pass and see what happens.
  11. Got him in 3 FPC leagues for 27% - 37% (my bids dependent on my need) Got him in 1 RTsports Fantasy Championship league for 27% (this was my lowest bid for leagues in this contest, winning bids in other leagues were ~55%) Unfortunately I didn't get him in the league I needed him the most (really liked this team after the draft in June; Bell, D Freeman, McCoy, Greg Olsen)
  12. Around the same age I gashed my thumb from the base to tip when I slipped with the screwdriver trying to pry open a paint can.
  13. Got drunk. Punched a wall and broke 2 metacarpals in my left hand. Sometime later (not sure how many days), thought it was a good idea to see if I could get my casted hand into my hockey glove and get out onto the ice. Couldn't really handle the puck, but could still run into people. By then the cast had loosened because the swelling had gone down. The bones became unset and now I have a bump where the bones eventually healed and my ring finger on that hand goes off in a different angle than normal. It's always good to follow up one dumb decision with another.
  14. It could be that it's a different time, different municipality too. My experience was 30+ years ago. Because of the bat, we had our cats put down though. I discovered the bat because one of the cats was playing with it (bat was already dead). After talking to the vet, I brought the bat to the state office (what department, I don't remember). I got a call shortly after, letting me know that the bat was rabid. After a discussion with the vet, we made our decision on the cats. Luckily I had worn gloves when handling the bat, as well as the cats that morning.
  15. They were forced? Many years ago I had a bat in my house that was rabid. We were not forced to get shots. I'm not saying it's not a safe and prudent thing to do, just surprised they could be forced.