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  1. I'm not sure it's a fake. The sticker on the big one looks like it's the right size. I find the regular sized ones to be too big anyway.
  2. Probably 0 - 1 The 1 would be if I could take 1 while the keeper's eyes are all teared up from laughing hysterically.
  3. Get one of these
  4. When my son was around 4-5, daycare/kindergarten was doing a pretty good job teaching the kids about the evils of smoking. We were at a small family gathering at my mom's (smoked all her adult life). He says to my mom in a serious voice, "If you smoke, you're going to die." Pauses briefly, then in a much more cheerful voice, "But that's OK, cause you're pretty old anyway."
  5. The metric system. Opened up this thread for the 1st time. Didn't realize what I was missing. Wanted to contribute, but all I could think of was this lame reference.
  6. Years ago I started reading Atlas Shrugged. Quickly decided I might be better off with a audio version on CDs. That was definitely the right decision.
  7. We didn't use toothpicks. We just used twigs. Never actually won or lost anything, probably just said hooray or something similar. Played a lot of marbles where we won or lost marbles. Baseball cards were traded, kept and admired, or clipped on our bikes to make noise in the spokes.
  8. Agree with your assessment. However, I just don't have much confidence that your RBs will come thru. Nice value on Cam IMO. Not a fan of your WRs after Cooper, but at rounds 10 or later they might have value. Like the TEs and I was high on Gathers early, but not so much anymore.
  9. 2 TEs in the first 4 rounds made it tough on other positions, but with the premium and flex spots, these are starters for you.I' not high on Kupp, but I really like Enunwa and Cole. Not sure about your RBs after Collins. I'm assuming NO D is available to drop in the early WW if you see someone you like in a skill position?
  10. So these 3 teams were drafted in May (weird, bookends and the middle). I think this is it for this contest, but might do some of the TFC on RT Sports (similar, but no TE premium) and would feedback would be helpful for that and I appreciate it. In the 1st team I posted, Edelman’s situation is an unwanted surprise and weakens my WR corp which I thought was just serviceable to start. Perhaps training camp will reveal a gem I can pick up in the early WW. This next team, pick 12, also has Edelman. I got Gronk and Brady and thought this crew would provide some level of guaranteed scoring for most of the season. If Miller keeps his starting role on the Texans, while my RB depth is suspect, I’m OK with this crew. My WR situation is pretty much the same as with my 1st team. Happy with Gronk if he’s healthy and like the potential with the others. Another WR instead of a D at 13/14 might have been a better decision. 7/8 - Tom Brady (NE) 11/12 - Drew Brees (NO) 5/6 - Lamar Miller (HOU) 19/20 - Frank Gore (MIA) 13/14 - Darren Sproles (PHI) 1/2 - Melvin Gordon (LAC) 3/4 - Kenyan Drake (MIA) 11/12 - Calvin Ridley (ATL) 5/6 - Julian Edelman (NE) 3/4 - Demaryius Thomas (DEN) 19/20 - J.J. Nelson (ARI) 7/8 - Emmanuel Sanders (DEN) 15/16 - Quincy Enunwa (NYJ) 9/10 - Allen Hurns (DAL) 15/16 - Vernon Davis (WAS) 9/10 - Eric Ebron (IND) 1/2 - Rob Gronkowski (NE) 17/18 - Tyler Kroft (CIN) 17/18 - Matt Bryant (ATL) 13/14 - LAC Team Defense (LAC) Pick 1. This might be my only team in any format with McCaffrey. Curious to see how he produces this year., I think this is a risky RB group. While not remarkable, I’m OK with the WR and TE groups. Better value at D than the previous team. 12/13 - Philip Rivers (LAC) 10/11 - Ben Roethlisberger (PIT) 14/15 - Darren Sproles (PHI) 6/7 - Chris Thompson (WAS) 10/11 - Giovani Bernard (CIN) 1 - Todd Gurley (LA) 2/3 - Christian McCaffrey (CAR) 4/5 - Larry Fitzgerald (ARI) 18/19 - J.J. Nelson (ARI) 16/17 - John Brown (BAL) 8/9 - DeVante Parker (MIA) 6/7 - Devin Funchess (CAR) 8/9 - Randall Cobb (GB) 4/5 - Demaryius Thomas (DEN) 14/15 - Vernon Davis (WAS) 12/13 - Charles Clay (BUF) 20 - Tyler Kroft (CIN) 2/3 - Zach Ertz (PHI) 18/19 - Mason Crosby (GB) 16/17 - MIN Team Defense (MIN)
  11. Down again?
  12. Sometimes I'll put peanut butter on a hot dog. When I order a sweet potato at a restaurant they always want to put cinnamon and stuff on it, but all I want is olive oil.
  13. I had a minibike kinda like that (not nearly as nice) when I was 13-14. When I was in the 8th grade I got suspended for smoking on school grounds. My mom grounded me for (I can't remember, 2 weeks at the most). All I did was ride that thing around the apartment complex the entire time. I wonder how the neighbors felt about that?