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  1. I'm az5. I think we're H2H week 1. I like your team and think the starters are especially strong. I rather be playing you in week 4 or 9. Good luck! Edit: So, it's a good thing I took Theo. Otherwise you might have ended up with the entire Detroit backfield. ?
  2. Heck. I bet even Captain Parmenter would have done it. Yeah, I know, some of you are wondering who Captain Parmenter is.
  3. Hey were you just in a draft with the team name Zeke's team10? If so, I think you got a steal with David Johnson at 1.11.
  4. If it were a single event that came about because of some situation like a girls trip to Vegas or similar. I wouldn't have any problem forgiving and forgetting, assuming we could make sure those situations were understood and avoided or could simply be experienced without the whoring because she's matured. However, it sounds like she's actually had affairs that were more than one night stands and she's even indicated, in the email you found, that her preferences lie elsewhere. While some here suggest staying for the kids, I suspect that that is what she was doing before you even knew there was a problem. It's one thing for one person to pretend for the kids. It's probably harder for both of you to successfully and consistently put on a show (by show, I mean an example of a loving husband and wife relationship, for the kids to base their future relationships upon) that lasts any length of time. It's not to say it's impossible. Time can heal. I just think you need a no-#### discussion about this (probably aided by the counselor). Divorces can be messy and painful for the kids too. Parents ruining their kids lives as they blindly strike out against their ex's happens. Chances are she's a selfish person and may care more about herself than the kids, whether you stay together or not. I'd definitely talk to a couple of lawyers to get a better feel for the consequences of divorce, financially, custody-wise, etc. I have a couple ex-wives. Each one is different. I wish you well.
  5. Binge watched it Saturday night. Felt like a cross between ET and Hannah.
  6. Rod Stewart once said he would never get married again. Instead he would just find a woman he didn't like and give her a house.
  7. If she says something and you don't remember it, it's because you don't care enough. If you say something and she doesn't remember it, it's because it never happened.
  8. Naz did it. Gonna have a Primal Fear ending.
  9. I understand that roads and bridges have to be paid for somehow. I also have an EZ Pass. However, aside from the Amish, we don't use horses for transportation anymore. It seems to me that we could pay for roads and bridges via taxes on things like gas and tires, already being taxed anyway. That might be more efficient and safer than a toll system that requires employees and structures and choke points on the roads.
  10. DJ isn't the #1 in any ADP list I've seen so far this year, nor is he #1 in any of the drafts I've been in. He's been around 7th all day, every day. By week 1 he could move up or down a spot or 2. I don't see how you can think he'll be the consensus #1 this year. I would want to see how this season goes before predicting the following season. FWIW, i like him alot and own him in about 20% of my MFL10s. I don't have him in any FPC leagues yet, but that's only because I haven't been in the right spot to draft him.
  11. Random Thoughts Ivory Coast Emma Stone Scabies Flintlock Wheel Straight PPR TB12
  12. Sorry to hear about your son. Kids can be mean. He doesn't deserve it. He has a medical issue. He received physical therapy. When he "graduated" from PT did you get any suggestions on what to do next? If not, perhaps you could follow up with the therapist? Some good suggestions for physical things he could try (e.g. golf, swimming, martial arts) have been made. Yoga could be very effective and non threatening. A rock climbing gym with good coaching could be very safe and boost confidence with goals tailored specifically for him. Probably a lot of other appropriate activities that could help him physically and confidence-wise. Are there other options for camp? Drama camp, computer camp, porn star camp etc.? Does he show an interest in anything in particular? Most kids get picked on to some extent. Some get over it, some carry it with them forever. If you're really worried he can't handle it, maybe see a professional. Maybe just knowing that you have his back is enough to get him through it. I hope things better. If nothing else, he may grow more as a person than the bullies because he has more incentive.
  13. I value Duke similarly to Woodhead and Bernard. All 3 seem to go in the 5-6th rounds. My sample size in FPC leagues is limited, but I've done a fair number of MFL10's and this holds true there as well. I see no reason that Duke can't match or better his receptions from last year (60+). Crowell wasn't really that effective last year (well, not as effective as I thought he would be), I could see Crowell with fewer rushes and Duke getting more rushes than last year (100+) and maybe a couple of TD's. Of course, I have no crystal ball. The QB could hurt his production, but I don't see the QB situation being any worse than last year. If he doesn't get any TD's then he won't be helping my teams very much. JMO.
  14. Like this team. Very jealous that you got Duke Johnson in the 7th. I think you got nice value on the QB's. Not a big fan of Ben Watson, but hard to discount his recent production at NO.
  15. I felt lucky to have Charles come to me at 2.10. Perhaps I value him higher than most. The order in which the players appear in my post is just how they appear in the roster query on the site which is what I used to copy and paste into this thread. The time saved with a quick copy and paste could then be used later to explain the random order and lack of round taken info.