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  1. None of her business. Can't really answer the poll. Not being rich, I budget up to 5% of my income for vacations. However that gets spread out isn't as important as staying within budget overall.
  2. brun

    Bragging, venting, crowing, grieving...

    Played Brady over Roethlisberger. Unless there's a stat correction, I lose 141.50 to 141.55.
  3. Don't think his team's record should make a difference, nor his employment status. Personally, I would actively recruit replacements for any owners who haven't paid by the due date. However it sounds like your league is very loose on requiring payment. So I don't think that reasoning can be applied either. So, it's just because the commissioner thinks it's awkward? Yes, a #### move that makes it more awkward. Commissioner is weird.
  4. brun

    Week 9 Questions For Bloom

    Good morning, 1 ppr need 3 of the following John Brown v HOU Funchess v TB Cobb @ NE Taylor Gabriel @ BUF David Moore v LAC Coutee @ CHI D Thomas @ DEN Thanks!
  5. Seems like everyone won. Kids got more candy from your house than they expected. You didn't have to answer the door and got to go trick or treating with your family. You also didn't end up eating a bunch of candy that was left over because not enough kids came to your house.
  6. brun

    Week 9 Waiver Wire Targets/Pickups

    My guess is they're not owned in some best ball leagues that were drafted very early. Would have been nice to have a crystal ball back in May.
  7. Not his signature role by any stretch, but Taking Chance is a very interesting movie.
  8. On the fence. Depends on cost and privacy.
  9. It's supposed to be like that in NH, but the NH person who won > $500mil this past year won her case to remain anonymous. If I won, or our group won, I would plan on calling the lawyer that handled her case right after putting the ticket in a safe deposit box.
  10. Actually this gives me an idea. I wonder if a same day volunteer kiosk would work. Just like the same day theater ticket places. It would be a place that local organizations could consolidate their, focus on short term, volunteer opportunities. You could call or stop by just because you felt like doing something good for a day or just a couple hours. Pick an assignment and go.
  11. Maybe he'll call Michonne on the phone and keep the lawns mowed?
  12. I drive a couple year old Altima. I'd probably spring for a vanity plate.
  13. D Jackson letting go of the ball before the endzone & Westbrook's subsequent TD helping me win my matchup.