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  1. I wish you and your wife well. I don't always understand why some people seem to be so against others doing nice things for them. However, in this case I think your friend was presumptuous to arrange for a service that would entail a stranger coming into your home no matter how much they trust the person. You could say thanks, but no thanks, as a stranger in your home would add stress to an already stressful situation and the love and kind gestures you've received is all you need.
  2. This is how I feel too. Unfortunately, it's not always easy to predict how someone will react when you make reference to a group. If, while you mean no offense, they're offended. Just apologize and move on. If they can't seem to get over it. There's not much you can do. Some of us are quirky. I don't care for the idea that it's ok to call people you don't know by pet names like chief or champ. However, if someone says things like "hey man" or "thanks dude", I'm ok with it.
  3. Awesome! Just curious. How many typically don't end up paying?
  4. Well, at least he didn't say you can be whatever you want as long as you put your mind to it. Below are my thoughts, based on my limited ability to understand what smart people say. I'm ok with #1 #2 is a lot easier when you're the boss. People will be more inclined to follow your dance. #3 just can't be achieved with some people. Their expectations are simply unrealistic. #4 isn't so easy for non-rich people.
  5. An even number. Nice! Will pick up tonight. I think PB is still up there, so will get 5 numbers for Wednesday (slush).
  6. Sent PM. Did a couple last year. Think I did this one. Not sure due to age related CRS.
  7. I saw something on PornHub that reminded me of my 2nd wife. I don't think it was a sign of God's existence.
  8. I have a card like that. When I started using cards with better rewards, I just set up auto-payments with the old card for a couple of things (e.g. Netflix) as well as an auto-payment of the card monthly balance via the bank. The card stays active for credit rating purposes and I don't think about how or when to use it.
  9. Sad. He's been on my TV more often than anyone else I can think of.
  10. Unless there's some real medical issue, I'd just keep doing what you've been doing.
  11. Maybe a 0.1 BAT tax on each forum post?
  12. Just finished Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee. It's not a small book, but it's really a series of related stories and not something that needs to be read in a continuous start to finish mode. A North American version of bad things that people have done to other people throughout history.
  13. Read much of this thread. At 1st I was firmly in the "I'd move for a parent child situation, but maybe not in an adult adult situation" camp. However, some adults, my 1st wife for example, are extremely anxious while flying and allowing them to sit next to someone familiar who can effectively comfort them during take offs and landings could be a good thing. Once I had someone offer to change seats unsolicited. As the plane was still boarding a woman in the window seat asked "Would your daughter like to sit in the window seat?" I smiled and let her know that my wife and I would be fine in the middle and aisle seats. Then the woman reached up inside her shirt, removed her bra and put it in her bag. Weird.
  14. Just in case anyone finds themselves in a like situation. As I posted before. I submitted my taxe return via turbotax, requesting direct deposit, just a few days before my bank account was hacked, requiring me to close the account my deposit would have been gone to. My return was accepted by the irs and I understood there wasn't really anything I could do except wait for the deposit to be rejected and eventually receive a paper check. The deposit was attempted and rejected on 2/21. I received my paper check on 2/28. Not bad at all. This all went through one of the banks that turbotax uses because I was paying turbotax from my refund. They did hit me with an additional $20 fee for the deposit reversal.
  15. You're not out of the woods yet. 15 years ago I gave away a queen size mattress and a few weeks ago my bank account got hacked. Bastards are patient.