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  1. You may want to check out this tour operation. While the word "free" is part of the name for some (?) of the walking tours, they really expect you to give something if you feel you received something of value. The Freedom Trail is good on your own, that's how I've done it, but I would imagine a guided tour would be even better. Lexington & Concord may also be interesting if they like Revolutionary War stuff. Plimoth Plantation, and/or Old Sturbridge Village Never been to Six Flags. Probably fun for kids, like most amusement parks. Just don't lose your head. Never been whale watching. If you go, you might want to ensure nobody will get motion sickness. If allowed, you could bring some bread for the girls to throw at the seagulls. Are the girls into sports? If you can spare some extra time, in the drive from Niagara to Boston you could stop at the Baseball or Basketball Halls of Fame.
  2. This leaves me sad and confused and angry. Thoughts and prayers to all affected.
  3. IMO you shouldn't hit someone, man or woman, just because they called you a name.
  4. That would be undesirable. It's been a long time (for ref. my static line jump cost $80). IIRC the static line was about 15 ft long, so as someone else said, probably a fall of about 4 seconds. Once the chute deployed. Grab the toggles and steer. Static line jumps are typically low altitude. I know mine was < 3000 ft, I think the military is usually around 1000 ft. Personally, I didn't enjoy it and never did it again.
  5. Here's a couple of articles. You can find more with Google. Also, the MFL10 thread, as @Borden said, should be helpful. Good luck!
  6. I'm not comfortable with heights, but still did it once (static line, not tandem). Also, it was my first time ever up in a plane. No diaper needed. IMO your wife will be fine with or without a diaper.
  7. 1.5 million 61, no dependents
  8. Really great episode, even without Mike. I thought they were going to plant a phone on Chuck and then call him at the appropriate point in his testimony. The battery worked out pretty much the same way, but a phone might have been funnier.
  9. While experience might help, I think it has more to do with maturity, I'm not sure the legal age makes a difference here. Most kids start college around 18 and most of them are drinking before then. Being an old fart, I probably don't relate to college kids much. However, by 18 I had a fair amount of drinking experience and that didn't stop me from doing stupid things while under the influence. The kids I hung out with did a lot of drinking, and dangerous stuff in general, without the influence of college life. Young people test boundaries and some end up as cautionary tales.
  10. Just received my 3900. One nice touch was receiving an email with a link to the latest drivers with the suggestion to download ahead of time so that when the unit arrived I would be all ready to plug-n-play. Sure,I could have done this on my own, but I wouldn't have thought of it.
  11. That's interesting. I looked back at a few of my winning teams last year and early draft position seemed to be a non-factor. Instead it was more related to selecting David Johnson or Leveon Bell in the middle late 1st round and having a solid collection of WR's. JMO, but despite the statistics, I believe the real impact-full part of the draft starts after round 2.
  12. Short flight for you to Bermuda. I haven't been there in a while. As I recall, not a lot of run down or poverty areas so we felt safe everywhere.
  13. For me, throwing objects at players or other fans should be criminal offense. Using unacceptable language (as determined by???) should get you tossed out.
  14. I used to do this back when I thought I was a golfer. It was a good way to try clubs for a while too. I would then resell the clubs that I didn't care for. One eBay store I bought from a few times and liked was dallasgolf, but I don't know if they're still around.
  15. I'm sure it is state dependent, fwiw, I was able to collect once when I quit because my employer's checks started bouncing.