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  1. Did you put beans in the chilli? If so, it was bad from the start.
  2. Usually Pandora or You Tube via home theater.
  3. I voted before reading the thread. Now that I know he's 16 & not 6, I don't care that you withheld the white spaghetti. I'm pretty sure if that happened when I was that age I would have just gone out to eat with my friends.
  4. Chances are that it won't matter if you make an offer today or tomorrow. They will wait until seeing all the offers from the weekend. Then they will probably contact those with the higher offers for one last chance to make their best offer and then take the highest.
  5. 16% is awesome. Hopefully that holds up or even improves for you guys. After 5 weeks I have 5 of 44 teams in 1st. Was hoping for for that as a minimum by season end. Have 17 other teams with a 150+ weekly average. So, hopefully that continues. It's nice to at least feel like I'm in contention. Lowest scoring 1st place team is at 768. Highest scoring non-1st place team is at 830. I'm smart, I own a lot of: Theo Riddick I'm dumb, I own a lot of: Duke Johnson
  6. The next QB picked after Brady went to Washington. Assuming he goes there, by the time Spurrier was done, Brady would have committed suicide.
  7. A useless question that mostly serves to help one person feel superior to another.
  8. My casual observation is that Thursday night games are less likely to be good for passing and receiving points. Right now I have him ahead of Edelman, Fuller & Sanu. I not sure that I won't change my mind though.
  9. Bid about 40-45% in my FPC leagues. Missed on one where the winning bid was >50%. Where I won, the typical next highest bid was around 30%. I got him in one league for 456 and next highest bid was 455. I figured he has starter potential and there's a lot of teams with RB problems, so right or wrong I felt OK with the price.
  10. Vicks Vapor Rub will soften it up, but won't make it go away. A podiatrist can give you a prescription that should take care of it. I don't remember how long it takes, but at least 6 months.
  11. Another vote for AP & Cooks.
  12. With standard, and how strong I think your WR's already are, I think Crowell will have more value for you.
  13. I would probably go with TY as Baltimore's RB situation is too uncertain for me,
  14. I need 2 from this group. RB's and WR's get 1ppr. Don't think there's a bad choice in the bunch, but having trouble making a decision. All input is appreciated. Duke Johnson vs BAL - High expectations when I drafted him. Week 1 didn't go so well. Believe new QB will help but not sure how long before it makes a difference. T.Y. Hilton at DEN - Still looking like #1 and Luck looked good. Just don't like the match up. Allen Hurns at SD - Can't think of any reason not to like this. Will Fuller vs KC - Looked great week 1. But that's just 1 week and I'm not crazy about the match up.
  15. I have a post-it over the camera. Serves a dual purpose. All my passwords are written on it.