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  1. Of course they can get the wheel off. If the wheel has been on there for a long time, it just might take some extra effort and they don't care. You might want to avoid that shop in the future.
  2. Other than a couple of slow best ball leagues still going on, I'm probably done drafting. 3 teams in this contest. The team below I think has the most promise. June 8th draft, from the 1. Highlighted guys are the guys I'll probably look at 1st when setting my weekly line up. Wilson, Russell SEA, Winston, Jameis TB Barber, Peyton TB, Barkley, Saquon NYG, Blue, Alfred JAC, Ingram, Mark BAL, Jones, Aaron GB, Lindsay, Phillip DEN Enunwa, Quincy NYJ, Funchess, Devin IND, Gallup, Michael DAL, Hilton, T.Y. IND, Jones, Marvin DET, Stills, Kenny MIA, Sutton, Courtland DEN Hooper, Austin ATL, Walker, Delanie TEN, Davis, Vernon WAS Team Defense, MIN MIN, Gostkowski, Stephen NE Notable rounds: Hilton & A Jones at the 2/3 turn Ingram & Lindsay 4/5 Hooper & Walker 6/7 Sutton & M Jones 8/9 Barber & Wilson 10/11 Gallup & Winston 12/13 Funchess & Stills 14/15 Given Fournette's unpredictability, I think Blue may have some value at some point. I have him almost everywhere. Even with the challenge from RoJo, I like Barber's potential, especially getting him 10-12th rounds..
  3. When my son tells me about pop culture references that makes, that people younger than him don't get.
  4. Praying for Jack to receive a miracle and relief from this disease.
  5. Doesn't seem like anyone in that story made a good decision. Hope the kids are ok.
  6. Tragic. I feel sad for the family. Not saying this wasn't just a horrible accident, but struggling to believe an adult wouldn't notice the window was open. As we get older, I think sometimes we do dumb things that could be overcome if we still had the reflexes, strength etc., that we had when we were much younger.
  7. Maybe some of the voices, but not all.
  8. JFK elected president. I was too young to care normally, but my parents had talked about it quite a bit. My mom was pregnant and they had agreed to name the baby after who won. Good thing he turned out to be a boy.
  9. Impressive tournament for the team. ⚽ Generally I'm in favor of doing what you want as long as it doesn't negatively impact others. I don't care if members of championship pro teams choose not to go to the white house. However, if you're on a team that represents the country and choose not to go. That just seems weird.
  10. My number 1 out of the US choice is Belize for cost of living, climate and and language. If I felt comfortable with Spanish. I'd probably go for Medellín Columbia. Awesome climate and world class city with low cost of living.
  11. 2-5 Might've done more, but after Epcot I realized there was no need.
  12. Backpack / a Northface that I've had for at least 15 years. Also use it for all air travel. Drive to work but did use public transportation when I was working in Boston a few years ago.
  13. Aside from grocery shopping, I mostly go into stores for something I don't want to wait a couple days to get. I have worked retail as a temporary fill in job and agree there's a lot not to like about it. Thoughts & Prayers In doing my part to keep the checkout process moving along. When there's a line behind me at checkout and I want to challenge a price. I just complete the transaction and go to the service desk to get it fixed. Am I alone in this?
  14. Nice! That reminds me. I'm one of the few who has never seen It's a Wonderful Life.