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  1. Thought I had the depth to make a run, but guys who were carrying me in the first few weeks couldn't get it done. Unless there's some scoring change, at 140.1 I'm done. GL all
  2. After hearing the explanation I think the call is consistent with the rules. As a Pats fan I am biased but most of the posters here are as well and I doubt many will be swayed from their views. I did think Butler was dangerously close to an ejection though. I blame the Jets. If not for Vinnie's helmet touchdown, there might not have been a review at all.
  3. It's obvious he lost control, but then his body obscured the vision of the ref/camera. So I think the issue is that they didn't believe that there was indisputable evidence that he did regain control before.
  4. This! Purple Label - makes a statement, but should be palatable to most.
  5. It's hard to completely avoid people who constantly stand at a football game. The puncher was a d-bag, but the other guy might not have had realistic expectations going in. The big screens help, but that can depend on where you're sitting. I prefer my living room or a bar. Living room 1st though, cause I don't have to bother wearing pants. The Panthers statement was good and I hope the puncher is prosecuted fully.
  6. When I was in 9th grade, I remember a friend of mine got detention for violating the dress code by wearing jeans. The next year I was a a different high school where the dress code had been recently abolished. Hotpants! I seem to recall we had a class called computer lab and the kids wore lab coats while in that class. We had an open campus and the Hare Krishna people would try to recruit kids right off the school grounds. A couple of times a fire alarm would go off and there would be someone outside shouting things about Vietnam. The kids I hung out with didn't really care that much. We would have been much more excited if Bobby Orr made an appearance.
  7. I'm conflicted. On one hand, I feel everyone should be responsible to manage their own team within the agreed upon rules. If I was the other owner, I might have beaten myself up for making such a move, but I never would have asked the commish to bail me out. On the other hand, I don't care for it when people try to take advantage of certain kinds of mistakes that others make. This would be one of those kinds of mistakes. For me it feels similar to something all QB's do, but A Rodgers seems better known for. That's getting the ball hiked as some D player is 1 or 2 strides from making off the field so a too many men penalty is called. Yeah, it's per the rules, but I wouldn't feel good about myself for taking advantage of it. Having a cooling off period after a trade, something like 1 - 3 hours, where one party could change their mind, could take away the need for the owner to be saved from himself and we could go back to the "no collusion, no trade reversal" stance. Lastly, I don't recall seeing anything about the other guy's roster. Could it be this trade wasn't so bad, with or without OBJ. Forgot to mention. I think it's awesome that your league has cake!
  8. 5 weeks in. Looks like I was pretty much wrong on everything. 3 1st's right now. Just hoping that a couple guys turn things around and I manage to break even.
  9. To answer the question. No, I don't think there's need to drink enough to put you over the legal limit. However, if your not doing something that puts others in danger, like driving, I don't care how much you drink. If it were up to me. I would raise the limit for driving while impaired. .08 seems way too low. However, the BAC by itself wouldn't be enough to be charged. You would also have to demonstrate some level of impairment (I'm not smart enough to know what that would be, though the field sobriety test seems a pretty good start). If you did fail for BAC and impairment. I would make the penalties stiffer. Also, here's where my logic really differs from most, I wouldn't make such a big distinction between 2 people equally drunk but one was luckier/unluckier than the other in that they did/didn't have anything get in their way. At least for 1st time offenders, I would have a provision that allows them to drive to and from work (I think some states may have something like this).
  10. Don't remember my first beer. Around 13, I was drinking Schlitz and Rolling Rock pretty regularly though.
  11. Pretty sure the price per number/draw goes up to $2 on the 28th. So we would have 6 draws at $1 and 4 draws at $2 for the next 10 draws. Do we know how we want to handle this next purchase?
  12. Hi Sig, FFPC scoring Ebron or B Watson at TE? The non-starter TE over James White at flex? Thanks!
  13. Born to Wander Peter Rivera autobiography. Been a Rare Earth fan and like his voice specifically. It feels like he's just sharing stories with the reader, but some of the stories are probably pretty similar to those of other rock stars. Easy, quick read.