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  1. 😎 - Babylon Berlin So far I like s2 better than s1. Probably finish by the end of the week. While I recommend this show. Just thought I'd mention that there are some vice activities depicted that people may want to be aware of before allowing their kids to watch.
  2. I assume dubbed is available but I stuck with subtitles. FWIW the subtitles keep up with the show pretty well.
  3. Watched S1 of Babylon Berlin. At first I wasn't sure but got into it after a couple episodes. Will continue with seasons 2 and 3.
  4. Liked S3 E1. Nice visuals and tech in the real world. Nazi World was a surprise but I guess it could be a viable fantasy for those who want to be cruel or heroic.
  5. Yeah. Thought of something like that right after I posted. Hope everyone is going to be ok.
  6. It's the one that is out for the next 2 weeks. Just rethought that. Chances are they will close that facility. So, still won't know for sure unless there's only been 1 person out in the last few days.
  7. Leaving work now. No instructions to the contrary, so quick picks it is.
  8. I prefer to keep work and home separate. Just found out a couple of our sites now require everyone to wear surgical masks everywhere, not just clean rooms. Got an email saying that once the supplies are secured, this will be required in all of our facilities. WFH now looking more attractive.
  9. Posted this in another thread, but probably applies here. I believe the social distancing will only be effective if enforced by the government e.g what they're doing in San Francisco. However, I'd prefer it be coordinated nationally and make it a month. Otherwise I think it will be like whack-a-mole.
  10. Hopeful - significant actions taking place. I believe the social distancing will only be effective if enforced by the government e.g what they're doing in San Francisco. However, I'd prefer it be coordinated nationally and make it a month. Otherwise I think it will be like whack-a-mole.
  11. FWIW - I'll be buying tix on my way home from work Wednesday. So, whatever we're doing should be established by 4:30p on Wednesday. At least the grocery store won't run out of Powerball tickets.
  12. What were your expectations for Disney? YTD about 148 down to about 95. Disney does issue dividends and is a big entertainment-content provider besides the park and cruise business. Doesn't seem outlandish to me.
  13. Haven't studied this but IMO - Since each draw is an independent event, trying to determine hot or due number combinations probably isn't worth spending a lot of energy on, though you're all welcome to do so. Sometimes the fun factor makes it worth it. Slot machine players seem to like this a lot. However, since many people use birthdays as part of their number selection method, having some numbers above 31 probably make it less likely that a winning number will be shared. I'm pretty confident this is true.
  14. Won't cure covid-19 but waiving interest, for the moment at least, on federal student loans is good news for many.
  15. Not sure if he went to MB or Hannaford. He was actually supposed to go out to dinner with his mom, but she cancelled due to virus concerns. I'm probably still playing cards at Boston Billiards tonight. I'll try not to put my fingers in my eyes, mouth, nose etc., without proper cleaning/washing. End of the world parties would probably be good promos at clubs right now.
  16. My son stopped in a grocery store on the way home from work. Said it was a madhouse. I stopped in Whole Foods. A little more crowded than usual but was still in and out in maybe 10 minutes. Both stores in Nashua.
  17. Even though I believe the facts may shift over time. I thought this was a really good podcast.
  18. I don't actually own a thermometer. However, we will start monitoring at work next week which will be announced this afternoon in a company meeting. Those with elevated temps will need to follow a protocol.
  19. 8th grade in a really, really small elementary school in the pine barrens of NJ. Our basketball team played against other elementary schools and junior high schools. In our 1st game of the season I scored all of the points for our team. We lost 64-3. As the season went on we did improve and actually won a game (against the only school smaller than ours).
  20. If you like The Mission, you might also like Black Robe.
  21. Prefer about 20 minutes. Short enough, yet also allows some buffer between work and home. Did have a crappy commute years ago that I was able to improve tremendously (the afternoon portion anyway). Southern NH to West Newton MA, back when rt 3 was just 2 lanes each way. I got in the habit of stopping in the Concord-Lexington area on the way home and doing the historic walking trails (e.g. Battle Road) for 60-90 minutes. By then traffic cleared up. Even though total time was 2-2.5 hours, my afternoon commute did not feel burdensome at all. Mornings still sucked though.
  22. I would feel better if this was reported as: The Council on Foreign Relations is leading by example. They are holding a roundtable called “Doing Business Under Coronavirus” via video conference scheduled for Friday.