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  1. Tweet This might be my 2nd tweet ever. Don't have a public folder to share stuff. Thought I'd give this a try.
  2. Among other things, I plan on upgrading my kitchen this year. I'm curious if anyone might have thoughts on a floor discoloration / stain issue that I have. I bought the house 25+ years ago. There was a rug in the kitchen that we didn't look under until after taking possession. Here we found a tan/brownish, perfectly rectangular discoloration that extended out about 3 feet from the dishwasher (about 2-3 feet wider than the dishwasher). The stain really is more of a 3 inch wide framing of the rectangle than than a filling in of the rectangle. A couple years later we had new linoleum installed and the contractor was to replace whatever it was that caused the stain. The stain gradually returned. It came back the same size and shape. Before this next project. Anyone have any thoughts on how I approach this with the contractor to ensure this is truly fixed?
  3. I also remember my 1st mortgage, IIRC in 1983, being 13.5%.
  4. I remember wearing my platform shoes with my suit to go clubbing. Travolta had nothing on me. Speaking of shoes. Anyone recall desert boots & earth shoes? I worked with a guy who bought a bunch of earth shoes in case they stopped making them. Also Jox from Thom McCann were the 1st really lightweight sneaker I recall being mass produced.
  5. And the air pump at the gas station.
  6. Getting stuff with S&H Green Stamps you got at the gas station Only owning white underwear Installing 8 track player in you car. Able to hear more than one track at the same time. Smoking everywhere Using a triptik from AAA
  7. FWIW - my favorite book on the subject Manhunt: The Twelve-Day Chase for Lincoln's Killer - James L. Swanson
  8. It's easy to understand why you would want to be rid of it. I think I would too. It's a reminder for 5 months of how you feel you were mistreated. Probably better to just cut ties. Someone here, without any emotional ties, might be interested in buying it. What would you sell it for? Do you have link to the league? Payout structure? Etc? FWIW - not me. Not interested in leagues on that site. Edit. Another thought. Just let someone else take it over for a chop. You don't need to think about it anymore. If they win anything, you just split it.
  9. A couple that first come to my mind, but I don't see mentioned. The Graduate American Graffiti The Wizard of Oz
  10. You have good trade material. Unless it's one of those leagues where nobody wants a trade unless it's 90-10 in their favor, you can make moves to overcome your RB issues. Just some possibilities off the top of my head. Sounds like a league that is not so experienced. I bet someone will pay a premium RB for Mahomes. You'll still have a legit starting QB. One of your top 3 WRs should get you a starting RB. Henderson and Brown to the Gurley owner might upgrade your WR depth. After that... injuries, sleepers etc., and you could be a contender. Edit - they're your son's friends. I wouldn't plan on any revenge things other than doing my best to win.
  11. Other Plenty of time getting high and drunk, but wouldn't consider myself a stoner. Mostly hockey, basketball and baseball, not on school teams. Good enough to have fun, but not a jock. Grades were OK until junior year. Then studying was needed to keep up and that wasn't something I cared for. Not a nerd or geek. Some activities that included test driving other people's cars, redistributing possessions for profit, but not a real criminal (not a poll option). Not popular. A couple groups of friends. No longer in contact with any of them which is probably for the best in most cases. Not good with the girls.
  12. Cash out or not. You should always shop around for the best deals when doing a refi. The balance on the old mortgage will simply be paid off with proceeds from the new.
  13. I am so sorry. My sincere condolences to you and your family. Peace be with you.
  14. Pallino Kissers Dead Balls
  15. FWIW - My work email is not tied to my linked in account. This particular recruiter is not familiar to me. Chances are they got my email from a mutual business contact. It was addressed specifically to me and the opportunity would be considered related to my current function. I believe there is the possibility, at my company, of emails getting flagged if they contain certain words. This is really ITAR related, but I'm not altogether certain that this can't happen for other reasons. I don't care to test this.
  16. Recieved an email, addressed to me at my work email, from a recruiter regarding a job opportunity. I responded by saying that I don't discount the possibility that a new opportunity could be attractive, but such communication via my work email is unacceptable and for him to please take me off his contact list. I'm assuming it was just a mistake and not intentional. Still, IMO, not cool.
  17. 4, maybe more. Most memorable: A couple metacarpals in my left hand when punching a wall while drunk. My ankles at the gym.
  18. Stay strong! Continued prayers. We're going to make a no alcohol August in my house for Jack.
  19. It's a hell of a thing, deleting a post. You take away all its got and all its ever gonna have.
  20. Deleted my comment. Decided it wasn't that funny.