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  1. Just quickly jumping in this thread to say how awsome the nickname T-Mobile is...carry on.
  2. His combine weight was higher than Bernard and Ellington. Not that it really matters. If Ameer has the type of rookie season I expect, he will be a top 10 dynasty RB at this time next year. Then you can decide what to do with him. Personally, I think he's a better prospect than any of the guys you named. Much better than Ellington and Freeman. Drafted a lot higher too. Think he's going to be quite a nice get for PPR redrafters this year. Perfect for the Lions offense. Great blend of rushing & receiving ability. But how do you view him in standard? Same?
  3. The problem with the NBA is the same problem that MLB is having. Its not nearly as entertaining as the NFL. Period. The NBA has done a decent job of cleaning up its image IMO, far far better than the NFL. And ctsu is pointing out, IMO, that stereotyping is exactly the problem. The general public stereotypes so that we can all fit each other into one group or another, including the "thug" group. Corn rows and weed make people want to put individuals into a group and then judge the group as a whole. Its natural human reaction even if it is sad, absurd, unfair, and borderline racist. People judge what they see, I think that's what cstu is getting at.
  4. You would think the team would announce something like that.I think its more likely we hear nothing at all.
  5. How long should we wait for news before we can reasonably assume he won his appeal and a suspension isn't coming. Training camp? Preseason? 2015?
  6. Is anyone getting suspicious yet that there is still no official suspension? No news has to be good news at this point, no?
  7. Goodell bases at least a some of his suspension lengths on how badly it tarnishes the shield...the NFL brand. Nothing would make the shield look worse than giving Gordon a year long suspension and Ray Rice and Daryl Washington get a few games each. If thats how it goes, people (NFL and non NFL fans alike) should get pretty angry about it. Just my two cents
  8. Pats? Upgrade over Thompkins as the #2 perhaps? Should at least get a workout.
  9. Yes, he's underrated. A 13-18 qb that could rocket into 5-10 qb territory. BUT... He's also not underrated when you consider who you would have to move below him in order to get him into the top 10. Romo? Rg3? Wilson? Kap? I just can't see him beating any of those guys in pure ff points.
  10. Yes, the simpllest explanation is almost always the true explanation, err unless it isn't.Signed, the flat earth theory that was the easiest explanation for milleniums and is still believed by some who accept the easiest explanation is almost always the true explanation.. Sorry to derail the thread... No one ever really believed the earth was flat. That's a myth. Look out onto the ocean at a ship coming to shore on the horizon. You see the top if the sail before the rest of the boat. That's all it takes to know the earth is round. Carry on.
  11. You are more than welcome to drop into any thread, this isn't an exclusive club.The Browns and Washington had standing offers on the table. Heckertt was ill and didn't make it to the Combine after missing the Senior Bowl, he was in the hospital but the club publically said it would not comment on his illness or condition but rumor mill chured out a severe heart condition which would make sense considering the time line and how serious it was for an NFL GM to miss both the Senior Bowl and the Combine. Mike was gravely ill. Washington did INCREASE their offer to add in the extra pick and when St. Louis put in the stipulation that they had set an arbitrary deadline which would obviously help out JEFFY'S buddy Mike Shanahan when everyone knew Heckertt was ill. Why make that timeline stipulation weeks before the draft when he had TWO TEAMS fighting to move up? Especially when one GM was ill and very reasonably would want or need time just to recuperate and get his best offer on the table. And why in the heck would Holmgren be soo angry and come out with the fact that the Browns made a counter off and the Rams reply was, too bad too late? Too late weeks before the draft? When the competing GM who had already made an offer and was interested and was responsible for getting that counter offer in was obviously ill and bed ridden? Holmgren made his accusation and everyone did say it was sour grapes and let JEFFY off the hook. Oh and the Browns not only were making offers to move-up with the Rams they also offered their first round pick, fourth overall, for QB Sam Bradford so the Rams could have come away from last year's draft with both QB RG III AND RB Trent Richardson and quite frankly the rams probably would have gotten the Browns other first round pick from last year, 22nd to really come away with a bounty. JEFFY got props for the deal he made but no one has really grilled him for the deals he thumbed his nose at but now he decides to rip into Bernie Kosar who has had blood drained from his brain and who suffers from slurred speech and who does go off the handle and is heavy handed in his comments. Words VS. truly stupid GM moves. Words VS. RG III AND T-Rich and ??? I don't give JEFFY any room to rip into Bernie Kosar. You got your QB, good for you but don't try to sway me that JEFFY had to get his answer in at some arbirtrary time-line and that the Browns never made a counter that surpassed what he got from Washington. We'll disagree on that one but you're more than welcome anytime to drop in an add your two cents but I've had my say on that one. Occam's razor: the simplest explanation is almost always the true explanation.Either Fischer and Shanny conspired against the browns and Washington coordinated its underhanded attack to take advantage of Heckert's being in the hospital, with the 'behind closed door wink wink handshake' approval of Fischer that Washington would get the pick no matter how good the Browns offer was (which would be to the absolute detriment of the team he works for)... Or the Browns simply couldn't get their act together in a timely enough fashion for the Rams, and Holmgren got all cry baby whiny pants about it. Which explanation is more likely? Yours (and apparently BK's.. I didn't see the commentary) theory is interesting and ripe with intrigue and drama, but it's more than likely B. S.
  12. If it turns out that his friends or acquaintances did this without his knowledge then he certainly won't get suspended. If it turns out that he had knowledge of it or aided and abetted the criminals in any way at all (even in a minor way) he will most certainly get suspended. It's that simple.
  13. What position do you guys think the Packers and Lions and Falcons need over running back? I can see the lions drafting a corner and the packers taking a Dtackle and Atlanta taking a linebacker for sure. But after that I'd say all those teams are heavily slanted towards drafting a running back in the first round. Assuming they don't make a splash in free agency with a Reggie Bush or Sjax of course.
  14. .........not many guys would do that. Guys gonna be a winner for years to come.I am a little concerned about burnout. Not just him but also his teammates who don't have that level of discipline or dedication. Let's face it, very, very few of even the elite players have that level. I hope part of his learnings in the NFL consist of how to avoid burning out himself or the others.Guys like Brady/Manning are the types of players with this type of personality and they only make their teammates better. People don't want to be screw ups in front of them. Burnout of his teammates is a potential risk but a pretty small one IMO.Brady was notorious early in his career as being first to arrive at the facility, last to leave. His preparation an training was relentless and it rubbed off on the rest of the team. But eventually he sort of "mastered" the offense and reached a peak in his ability (not to mention marrying a supermodel and having kids). It became less about proving something to the team and preparation and more about maintaining a certain level. This can eventually happen to Wilson as well. Can't speak for Manning but I assume its similar.