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  1. The ear cut was a fluky thing, but Fury's win was legitimate. Both of those things can be true.
  2. Agreed. I don't think Fury wins 10 times out of 10. He might not even win 7 times out of 10. Anytime you suffer some sort of bad cut (Fury), concussion (AJ against Ruiz, Parker against Whyte), broken bone (Inoue vs Donaire) or loss of equilibrium, you're going to be x% of your normal self. Fury was at about 75-80% after he got cut by Wallin, IMO. Wilder was at about 20% of his normal self after Wilder hit him with the right early in the third round. That said, because of his limited skillset, Wilder's a much less adaptive fighter than Fury, Joshua, or Usyk. How he's going to deal with being bossed inside by a larger man is a very open question.
  3. Here's his Spinks walk in. Moving quickly, no robe, weird-### instrumental music:
  4. Only 210 when he fought Ali. 250 at the end of his career. Guess it depends which Holmes. 😕
  5. I don't know if Fury would beat any of those guys, but they were all smallish HW's that would struggle with Fury's size. It wasn't a technically proficient performance by Fury, it was a very old-school fight where he punched, smothered, leaned, repeat. And it worked, his strategy was note-perfect. He reacted to that point being deducted as if it were the cost of doing business. Wilder's fundamental understanding of boxing is pretty poor. Mark Breland, the trainer who's now under fire for throwing the towel (and GOLD ####### MEDALIST), once said that Wilder's at the same level as a boxer that he was when he was 8. But, his power is real. And people watch boxing, at the broadest level, to watch people get knocked the #### out. Failing that, an ###-kicking will suffice. Which is what we got Saturday. The bar I was in seemed entertained and satisfied, overall. For as much as you can #### on Wilder (and I do), his fights are always tense.
  6. Also initial clonk came in the third, fight was stopped in the seventh in each. Mildly spooky.
  7. I'm not a medical professional, but he looked like #### after Fury hit him with a right to his left ear 30 seconds into the third round. From that point on he was unsteady, defended himself terribly, and didn't hit Fury with any meaningful punches that I can recall. But that's no an excuse, Fury caused it with his punch, and Wilder got hit by that punch because he put himself in woeful defensive position backing up.
  8. Wilder looked like absolute #### after the first knockdown, if that's when the ear thing happened (Deas says it's a cut inside the ear). No zip on his punches, looked off-balance and listless. You see a lot of "equillibrium shots" where a boxer gets hit on the side of the head, goes down, but is usually fine afterwards. Whatever this was way worse, he never shook it.
  9. No. Injury was caused by a punch. So if Wilder quits because of said injury, he loses. NC is an inadvertent injury (usually a headbutt) before four rounds are completed. If four or more rounds are completed, it goes to a technical decision. TL;DR -- Wilder was screwed as soon as whatever happend to his ear happened.
  10. Only took Wilder 1-3. But gun to head, I'd take Wilder. Odds a bit too long now.