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  1. I bet Wacha. Also not doing great today.
  2. Pretty good dissection of the Cavs' offseason on espn:
  3. I agree that 154 lbs. is a savvy move, for sure. Not only that, I believe that both fighters are prohibited from using horsehair gloves. Arum's said that Floyd doesn't like to fight lefties because his defensive style is geared towards righties, buuuuuuut, name a lefty who he's struggled against? Judah clipped him pretty good, but May otherwise dominated. Pacquiao obviously didn't get very far. He fought a journeyman way back in his 2nd fight, Reggie Sanders, who was a fairly tough assignment for his 2nd fight, but he scored a unanimous decision. I dunno, I think his two closest fights since he moved to 147/154 were De La Hoya and Maidana I, both righties. I think physical pressure fighters have the best chance, and McGregor isn't a pressure fighter. I also completely reject the notion that Floyd needs to be inch-perfect or risk getting starched. One-punch KO's don't happen that often in boxing, and far, far less to really good fighters. Especially really good defensive fighters. I don't know how to convert MMA power to boxing power, certainly there are some MMA guys who can bang, but I am skeptical that McGregor is up there in the Stevenson/Kudryashov/Lemieux/Bailey class of boxers who are able to just zap someone and stop a fight. I'd also point out that the absolute hardest hitters in boxing history only got so far if they didn't have the boxing ability to go with it, e.g. Shavers, Julian Jackson. It's not impossible, but I think Mayweather's chances of losing by ko are greatly overstated.
  4. Marlins -105 is right on the borderline for me today, but I'm gonna rock with it.
  5. My numbers say avoid the Rockies tomorroww, fwiw.
  6. I don't give McGregor any edge, mentally, in this fight. Mayweather's going to be completely comfortable in there. He's a smart enough boxer to know when he's in easy. If I had to set a line against any sort of combat sports sharp for significant money, I'd make it -4000 Floyd/+1500 McGregor.
  7. All this GM #### happening DURING the draft and what i would consider a significant free agency period to boot.
  8. PLENTY of time left. Mike Fiers might get ink poisoning from that FIERS tattoo on his arm.
  9. Like det, pit, cws, ana, and atl i guess. Dog city.