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  1. They briefly showed Kira's other tattoo for a split second. It read:
  2. So have a lot of other people, it's apparently getting relatively expensive.
  3. What part of Northern CA?
  4. No. Only adult Vader made a cameo in the Solo movie.
  5. The one where teen Vader has a rat tail is still the only good one.
  6. Thor's having a not-great day out there.
  7. Expert goonery by Ramos. Dude knows what he is doing.
  8. Which definition of integrity are you using?
  9. I think he's a huckster. But there are hucksters on the left as well. That he happens to be appealing to some young white males isn't the problem, it's that he's (in my opinion) peddling flim-flam. His so-called commitment to free speech kind of rings hollow when he's tried to have various university classes that he considered too leftist to be blackballed.
  10. Where do you come down on enforced monogamy?
  11. The duet with Lanegan should win every Grammy.
  12. Pretty ####### good.