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  1. I also wonder if he has any, ahem, female admirers.
  2. Maybe more? Is that even possible?
  3. Yeah, Green's becoming an issue. And maybe he becomes less integral with Durant now, but my guess is that GS is going to take a full season to try and work on him and get him under control. If it's still a problem, the most logical solution seems to be some sort of swap to replace him with Millsap. Every time I feel any sort of twinge of guilt for how good GS appears to be, I think back to any of those doormat teams from the last 20 years and it goes away immediately.
  4. Yep. This is a potential disaster all-around for the GOP. The WH is already all but lost, but Congress, governors, local officials, etc. could all get dragged down.
  5. Upton supposedly on the block.
  6. BTW, MLB thread was fine, FINE! And then it gets over here into open water and there's rape threats and taco disparaging everywhere.
  7. He loves attention and he has a ton of ####### money. That's the long and short of it.
  8. Low key one of the wildest parts of this election is McMullin having a real shot at taking Utah.
  9. There is no higher calling in this world than making a great taco.
  10. Westgate opens Cubs -175 / Tribe +155.
  11. The two biggest FA's the Cubs have this off-season are Travis Wood and Trevor Cahill.
  12. He literally is not paying any attention to the 9th inning of a potential series-clinching game.
  13. Marlins Man has 36 tweets (including Rt's) during the first 8 innings. What in the ####.
  14. Steph Curry is 6'3". So basically you get Steph Curry, plus an extra 60 lbs. And Tebow's more into Jesus than Steph. Steph's married, sure, but Steph still ####s. Tebow does not ####. And if you don't ####, that means you don't #### around. (Deuteronomy 4:11)