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  1. Think it was a good game for them to shake the rust off coming off the break. Clips had them in trouble at the half, and it was obviously pretty chippy. Nice to get pushed a little. Obligatory: #### the Clips.
  2. It's hilarious that they "took him out" by just re-posting an interview he did with some crummy podcast from last year.
  3. Pacquiao's back strictly for the money. He apparently burns through a ton, and even after the Mayweather haul he still wasn't set set. It's pretty clear that his MO isn't necessarily to unify a division, or the glory of fighting the best at the division, he's collecting paychecks and staying out of the way of any real trouble. Bradley, Vargas, Horn/Khan, nobody there really has much chance to stretch him. Pac/Khan doesn't make much sense for us as American fight fans. It makes a helluva lot of sense for Khan, who's really only there to trade on his name/"brand" to make big fights and gets to fight in the Middle East, and for Pac, who's just looking for the highest money:risk ratio. I think it's going to end up being Khan this time around (and to be honest, in an Arab country, and with Pacquiao's power a thing of the past, you can't rule out a Khan screw-job decision). And then he's going to look to either rematch Khan in the second half of the year in the UK, or make a fight with Broner. ####, I think all of the top fighters at 147 are going to be calling Broner.
  4. Pac looks like he's ready to back out of his fight with Horn to fight in the UAE instead, presumably for an absurd amount of money, presumably against Khan. This could be the apex (or nadir) of boxing's upside-down economics. I mean, besides the Irish guy who isn't actually a boxer, making his debut and likely landing the second-biggest purse of the year, behind the guy he's fighting.
  5. #butgamblingtho
  6. It should be noted that the Warriors tanked their balls off in 2011-12 to keep the pick that became Barnes. The details of the trade that led to said tank-job are not suitable for a family website such as
  7. I know Jeannie claims she stays on the business side of things, but if she's let her brother rock for this long, and THEN replaces him with -- well, these Tweets -- she's gotta shoulder some of the blame for some of this mess, right?
  8. You guys know that you can typically just buy a pick in the 25-30 range, right?
  9. Magic seems like he's going to be awful, and maybe their only bit of business is going to be moving Williams for a pick, but man this is really bad timing to be changing up your whole front office 2 days before the deadline.
  10. I'm glad that I'm older and I can appreciate how incredible something like this is. And adolescent GS fan doesn't have that same perspective. Irrespective of how good GS is, I wish nothing but misfortune and misery on both the Lakers and the Clippers. And I don't really dislike any other NBA team. I'm sympathetic towards Kings fans, but nowhere near the point of feeling sympathy towards the Lakers fanbase, or what's left of it.
  11. I'm saying its a very popular sport.