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  1. Now -140. I really should start watching more obscure Ukranian boxers on Youtube. The fight that's headlining the same card, Estrada/Rungvasai, should be great. Maybe worth a little on u 10.5 +220, but they're both tough mofos. Rungvasai punched a guy so hard once that he puked in the ring.
  2. You can throw a rock on the internet and not hit a "sweaty Sean Miller" joke, so I did my best.
  3. Dying over here b/c there's a video game team named after the soccer team Schalke 04. Also kind of surprised that Schalke hasn't been embraced by the #MAGA crowd, given their history.
  4. What did you think of the last episode?
  5. This is a Kemba-in-2011 level run of posts.
  6. It's truly amazing that the NCAA created itself to fix a problem that it invented, and very clearly doesn't have the tools (e.g. subpoenas, wiretaps) to legitimately address/quell that problem. It's an incredible hustle.
  7. So is the general scheme that the agency/agents loan players the money, with the hopes that they sign with them when they turn pro. If they go pro and don't sign with them, they try to get the "loan" back. If they do sign with them, they don't have to pay? And most of this circumvents the college teams/coaches? Just releasing one document seems weird. I mean I guess it's the best Forde could do, but it seems misleading in terms of the scope of what's going on.
  8. Chino living his best mother####ing life.
  9. Guess we're just done with the language filter here.
  10. Is there a log of his plays posted anywhere?
  11. Hector...I knew it.