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  1. This is 100% horse####. Scientists have studied it, and know quite a bit about it, and have passed on information on how we non-scientist dum-dums can deal with it. See! It's that easy!
  2. If someone is concerned about being criticized for being a billionaire, and in return he sells off all of his houses because of his criticism, but he's still a billionaire...that doesn't make any sense. If it really bothers you that much, start giving meaningfully to charity, e.g. Jack Dorsey. Not having a permanent place to live is just causing headaches for yourself. It's just an incoherent way of thinking, nobody's going to knock the guy for having one house. Elon Musk himself, or the number of houses he has, aren't the causes of wealth inequality (which is a real issue), they're symptoms.
  3. How is being questioned/pushed on one's beliefs/assertions unsafe? Re: Murph's point about giving his subjects enough rope to hang themselves with, I get that, but I don't think that's what he's doing. And as an example, there are some subjects where I don't really have the knowledge or understanding to be able to spot the BS. I realize it's difficult to know something about everything (unless you're an FBG, of course), but surely he has a staff that does research? I'll give an example, I listened to the most recent interview with Elon Musk out of morbid curiosity. I didn't get very far, but he talked about how he was selling all of his homes, because it'd become an "attack vector" for the public who hold the sentiment that billionaires are bad, but then went on to explain that people who had ideas and hustled and started companies should be able to reap the rewards. It was patently ####### crazy. Firstly, because he wasn't giving away his wealth, he was just giving away his houses. I have a house, and I'm not super-wealthy, the pitchforks aren't out for me. And, if the issue he's being "attacked on" is the wealthy having too much wealth (as an aside, I do believe that we're far too economically imbalanced, but that's neither here nor there)...why not give it away?
  4. Great question! Sometimes he'll have a guest on that I'm interested in hearing (e.g. Tyson Fury), and I'll listen then. Sometimes he'll do an interview that makes the news, and it comes across my transom that way (e.g. Elon Musk). Other times I admit I listen out of sheer, morbid curiosity. He's part of a trend that worries me where, to borrow a sarcastic phrase from a podcast I do listen to regularly, "facts don't matter." It's pretty unnerving when someone with his platform has patently bull#### ideas about COVID-19, for example. It just makes me sad.
  5. Feel like such a ##### for chopping last night. But I was also tired. Like a #####.
  6. I hear what you're saying, I find Alex Jones to be hilarious and very clearly full of ####. But there are a lot of other people he has on who are peddling much better disguised bull####, and on his show it all gets through.
  7. I'm not even saying ask a tough question. I am saying when somebody makes a statement that's supported by flimsy logic, or just patently untrue, inquire further. I get that it's supposed to be more of a "conversation", but if I'm talking to a group of my friends and one of them starts talking about aliens visiting Earth, I don't just take them at their word.
  8. Completely vexed by by people who think Rogan's a good interviewer. He has zero ability/interest in pushing back on people's BS.
  9. Saving this for my walk tonight with some real headphones. Cannot wait.
  10. That first guy he shoots in the jeep, pretty sure a single tap would've done the trick.
  11. Gonna disagree with you here, I actually think centering the show (or *a* show) around a gender-nonconforming super-genius who enters the world of finance is pretty interesting. At least you can then have some progression/evolution/movement in the show. Axe vs Rhoades has just been 4.25 seasons of Tom and Jerry. The wild thing about Billions is that all of the leads are all good actors.