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  1. Be sure to account for your ball traveling further at elevation.
  2. Scared of the big stage. Zero interest in playing for a winner.
  3. Thurman would get wiped out by Crawford or Spence, but at this point he could lose (probably not ko) to Porter. Josesito had him in real deep waters, it could happen again. And if that happens to a B-level guy like Ugas, it's probably curtains for his career. Any fight can be made, but I'm not holding my breath for Al to cross the street.
  4. Manny is pretty incredible. And yeah, he can't hang with Bud or Spence, but he's a very solid #3 in that division.
  5. Killed a guy with his car? C'mon you're not even trying. But also not in the Nation of Islam.
  6. Muslims shouldn't take positions on what happens in the Middle East? I thought about this, and if a hypothetical white guy said "You know, I don't think white people can really get along with other types of people", and then decided to reconfigure his life so he had as little contact with other people of other races as possible, I don't really have a problem with it. I saw someone on Twitter joke the other day that "we had our own water fountains and movie theatres and then this (guy) MLK came along." And Killer Mike noted in his Netflix show that during segregation, money stayed within the black community much longer. Black people spent their money at black-owned businesses, not outside ones. And, from a black person's perspective, when they look at the unbroken chain of awful behavior towards their people from whites for centuries, not ending in 1865 whatsoever, I get where it's coming from. Maybe the hypothetical "chill white separatist" feels the same way. The issue with separatism is, of course, when one group wants to "cleanse" or "clear out" the other races or people, which is kind of where 99% of white people who want separation between the races end up. The NOI has a lot of issues. They're not great people. And Ali was an extremely flaVVed person as well. But he also worked closely with (and greatly trusted) Bob Arum, who's Jewish. So I dunno. Maybe if someone would write a book or produce a documentary about the guy we could know more.