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  1. Apparently a doctor told Brook that another round with GGG could've left him blind, and that was in the back of his mind. Granted, this is England, where Dr. Nick's a respected physician. Really, what does Brook owe anyone? His eye, his fight, his win/loss, his career.
  2. Hulk-hands. And matuski is the ref.
  3. Skimmed this post and at first I thought it was about your mom.
  4. Peak Ali (pre-draft) vs. Conor McGregor, who wins?
  5. Olajuwon is 54 years old, my guess is that he wouldn't do great.
  6. GS would roll them. Cleveland would roll them. Just like the best nba team in 20 years would roll this year's cavs or warriors.
  7. Ive been cut after betting like a total of 200 and being slightly doen. Bookies are cowards, but sometimes they arent completely dumb. Although ive always thought itd be easier to just set halfway decent lines than play sharp account whack a mole idk.
  8. Kell Brook, more like Kell Broke-n Eye Socket Again. That bet looked good at the halfway mark, but man Spence hurt his left eye in the 7th, dropped him in the 10th, and then Brook took a knee in the 11th when his eye got too ####ed up. Another really strong fight though, and always good to see an American go across the pond and get a strap.
  9. Brook's left eye socket was broken in the 7th (not the same one he broke last year), and Spence ####ed it up worse in the 11th. I dunno, I'm just a guy on a laptop, it wasn't me facing 5 minutes of that monster coming at me with vision in only one eye. Really impressive work by Spence tonight to come back (from points) and get Brook out of there. I think Haymon didn't do any Spence any favors in how he brought him along, it's a big leap from Algieri/Bundu to Brook. I think with Thurman on the mend, Spence should try and take another tough-ish fight before he takes on Thurman. I think Pacquiao's gonna basically keep his hostage and just collect checks. I had Spence up 95-94, but there were some really close rounds to call. Depends on what you liked.
  10. Is there racin' and punch-kicky tonight, @hooter311 ?
  11. I suck. Per the contract with my subscribers, I'm obligated to offer you the following two plays for free: Martinez -125 Gallardo +162
  12. [whispers]...unless it's a Nazi.[/whispers]