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  1. Lotta boxing references in the new Chappelle specials. Apparently he trains with Roach occasionally.
  2. Got lucky. Great stuff overall tonight.
  3. Golden Boy boxing! Weeknight fighting on TV! Quigley's young and supposedly a prospect, I thought he looked like ####. Kept his hands too low, sloppy footwork, big looping punches. I'd be in no hurry to get him in against good middleweights, he'll get eaten by anyone decent right now. Also judging by the Quigley/Tapia cards, any B-side with actual designs on winning should plan to knock their opponent clear out of the ring. Agree with @tdoss on Canelo. Also 0% surprised.
  4. My strategy for this pool of completely falling asleep at the wheel on Saturday and not getting my picks in is probably one I won't repeat next year.
  5. Id go Zona. Then prob leave that side alone. I dunno, mich seems risky. Would try to play it safe and not get too cute.
  6. Pretty sure he didnt come up with the podcast idea of just interviewing someone for an hour. Or the interview!
  7. Think uconn/cincy met in the 2nd round in 2011?
  8. Dar Adal, more like Rawr Adal amirite.
  9. Broke the swag/rudeness meter with that 3. Cupcake shtick is pretty great imo.
  10. I watched the UK feed (:oldunsure:) think they had Jacobs by 3. Think two of the guys at Bad Left Hook had GGG, both guys on the Boxing Rant podcast had GGG. Still need to go back and watch it again. Nolan at Deadspin said that, sitting ringside, it was clear that GGG was landing more/cleaner punches.
  11. Kansas (-5) vs. Purdue Michigan (-1/-1.5) vs. Oregon Gonzaga (-3) vs. WVU Arizona (-7.5) vs. Xavier Florida (-2) vs. Wisconsin Baylor (-3/-3.5) vs. South Carolina UCLA vs. Kentucky (seeing -1, +1, and pk here) North Carolina (-7/-7.5) vs. Butler For the that think the NCAA is constantly trying to screw UK, this draw doesn't do anything to allay those concerns imo.
  12. Guy needs to calm down imo. Long way to go.
  13. You're letting the mask drop a bit here, Hucksy.