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  1. Next NBA All-Star Dunk Contest sponsored by Sprite, you come out in a cape and a Skip Bayless mask, and you hammer it down wearing oven mitts. And when you come down (after the backflip) and the ball is bouncing in front of you, you kick that ####### ball right out of the arena and into a nearby bubbling volcano. And before they can give you the car you just won, you walk right out of the arena past everyone, never to be seen again, off to wander the Earth like Kane.
  2. That story about helping his friends move and the cops busting in on them with guns drawn...Christ.
  3. You're the Yellow King.
  4. There have been conscientious objectors to every major military conflict in US history, probably most of the minor ones too. As for being tried in the Supreme Court, Ali also wasn't the first, not even the first for Vietnam.
  5. That technicality wasn't a mis-numbering of pages, it was pretty significant. And we're also putting aside that curiosity of a 25 year-old getting drafted shortly after he started speaking out against the war at hand, or that the FBI was illegally wiretapping Ali (among many others) at the time. What do you think one should have to do, if anything, to prove that they are legitimately a conscientious objector? Should Christians who stick hard and fast to the whole "thou shalt not kill" commandment be allowed to conscientiously object?
  6. His sentence was overturned in US Supreme Court. Do you mean to say that you disagree with Clay vs. United States? Or with the concept of a conscientious objector at all? Some of the earliest Christians refused to fight in the HRE's wars on moral grounds, do you think they should have been punished?
  7. What did you think of Ali's refusal to serve in Vietnam in 1967?
  8. Yeah I just don't think we're gonna see eye-to-eye on this.
  9. It'd also be interesting to time-warp the FFA back to 1967 when Ali got drafted.
  10. Ultimately I dont think this is going to weigh too heavily as far as what happens with his professional career. If Aaron Rodgers did this, it'd have no bearing on his football career. If he gets cut, it has to be at least 90%+ that he just isn't very good at football anymore, for whatever reason.
  12. Heard a piping hot live take at the park today: Kaepernick has never served in the military, and thus has no right to not stand for the Anthem. Good stuff.
  13. What's a few dead bodies here and there!