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  1. His solo record is a whole different bag than Avail fwiw, he's mostly been an acoustic guitar-only guy, although these songs have more piano/drums, etc. From everything I've heard, none of what he sings about is shtick. Dude really gets out there and rides the rails.
  2. Yes. She doesn't seem plausible in this role, or the character doesn't, I can't imagine a high-powered CEO talking in weird, whispery metaphors that much. Also I know this isn't woke, but it's clear she's talking over some dentures, which is why she now sounds like Stan's sister from South Park.
  3. He alluded to that possibly being the case, but he wasn't explicit about it. Naomi is a dark horse.
  4. $5mm is a nightmare. Been saying that for years.
  5. Perfect:
  6. It seems like they're reporting the actions of the various parties, but staying objective and treating it like news. Dunno if Le Batard or any other subjective/editorial guys have touched it.
  7. Tried to listen to the new Menzingers and the new Sturgill Simpson, and didn't make it through two full songs for either.
  8. Crack streams dot com is usually a reliable out. Think this GGG fight is gonna be competitive tonight.
  9. I gotta punch out this year, sorry broski's.