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  1. Cotton!
  2. "MOP arrested at local marina for yelling at boats" or something to that effect.
  3. The Grantland piece that they draw from is incredible.
  4. I had to change it. MOP being gauche and oblivious about human tragedy makes jokes about MOP being gauche and oblivious about human tragedy way less funny. #### is ####### terrible. Skip the FFA thread and read this instead imo:
  5. Sucks.
  6. Klitschko/Fury 2 off, again, due to Fury being unfit to fight b/c of depression. Joshua might take Fury's place. Which would be good for boxing fans, given that even an old/possibly shot Klitschko would be Joshua's first real test, and Fury/Klitschko 1 wasn't exactly Hagler/Hearns in terms of excitement. Depression's a #####.
  7. I dunno.
  8. Canelo broke his thumb and is out for the year, possibly robbing us of a scintillating Alvarez/Willie Monroe Jr showdown this December. How can we go on. BTW the Glowacki/Usyk fight is on YouTube from this weekend, it wasn't shown in the US. Usyk can go. Love that they're fast-tracking some of these experienced Eastern European fighters like Lomachenko and Usyk, I mean why mess around too much and waste their prime years. Also Jo Jo Diaz looked very solid on the Canelo undercard.
  9. Did some back-of-the-envelope math: I think DLH offered K2 something like a 45mm/15mm guaranteed split. I think they're estimating around 1.5mm ppv buys, and a 60mm purse. I think GGG is probably worthy of something like a 60/40 split, that seems more fair, given that Canelo's gonna need GGG to do real numbers at this point.
  10. Guessing 300-350k. Khan did 4, I don't think this topped Khan, given the backlash. I think he's going to be mired at these type of numbers until he does GGG. And HBO must be pressuring him somewhat to do it as well. I don't even think what de la hoya is pulling is smart from a pure business sense. If Canelo fights his ### off, it's not going to hurt his stock. I think that's true of all boxers who are considered the underdog in a fight they lose. Honestly, I think Smith's stock rose this weekend. As long as Canelo isn't like literally murdered in the ring, he'll come out of it ok from a boxing perspective.
  11. Smith really hasnt fought anyone decent until tonight.
  12. is a good resource btw.
  13. Brook's eye was starting to give him issues in the 5th, and ggg was having his way with him at that point. Its an interesting what-if had kb not had his orbital broken, but his trainer did the right thing. You dont want your guy to lose an eye, and imo, he had no chance of winning that fight at that point. Also worth noting that brook was in major trouble in the 1st. Brook boxed him very well, but golovkins power covered for a pretty mediocre effort by ggg standards.
  14. Pinch hit, more like pinch his ####.
  15. Who's fired up for Glowacki/Usyk next weekend?