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  1. I saw the Heyward thing on Twitter and bet the Clips for +3.5, for whopping -1.5 points of CLV. I consider myself fairly adept at betting NBA props, and yet I'm completely confounded/dumb in regards to betting full game lines/totals.
  3. Slight lean on Miami, but really like SD tmrw with Julie Chacin.
  4. Still trash.
  5. Well for the love of God and Tot Jesus, please keep us appraised of any further developments in this regard.
  6. Got the right guy, but man those were some crooked-### scorecards.
  7. This is some FOTY type #### right here, Round 10 will be a contender for ROTY.
  8. Valdez in tough here against Marriaga. Both guys throwing with very bad intentions.
  9. Stevenson looked pretty good, man he is literally just a kid still. They matched him with a fairly tough but completely unskilled guy, who wasn't really interested in just taking his L and going home, he dirtied it up a little. Did a good job switching levels, he's quick of course, didn't seem too bothered terribly getting clinched/wrestled. Shook his hand a bit at one point, but he's scheduled to be on the Crawford/Diaz undercard next month. Caught bits and pieces of Berto/Porter. Berto needs to hang it up.
  10. Jessie Magdaleno blows out some Brazilian jobber in two. Would love to see Magdaleno fight Rigo, but, you know...
  11. Shakur Stevenson pro debut coming up. Love this PPV as a stream, not so much as a PPV....
  12. If you're a winning bettor, parlays/round-robins actually increase your win-rate. If you're not, you lose faster. Parlays are an accelerant, essentially.