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  1. That homer tho:
  3. How great would it be if Ichiro got number 3,000 while MOP was in the bowels of the stadium getting worked over by the security guards.
  4. A lot of people there don't really care about music. It's wallpaper to them. If you really enjoy listening to music and you just stop at one of those things and look around, it's kind of appalling. I went a couple years ago and saw Spoon, on the main stage, and about 5-6% of the people who were standing/sitting near the stage really seemed to be actively paying attention/caring. And I get if that band isn't your thing, but a lot of people were there, they just weren't there. I think a lot of bands bite the bullet and do it for the money. But I'd far rather just pay $50 for a band I really like and be there with other people who are into it. And inside, preferably. I guess if you get real close it doesn't matter. But it'd take a lot to get me out to one of those things again, especially what with having to shoo these ####### kids off my lawn and all.
  5. I love Radiohead, and I don't know if Northern California's any different from anywhere else, but that festival is utterly miserable.
  6. If he keeps developing his pitch selection, god help us all. ETA: His power's still there against lefties, but his walk/strikeout rate is way worse, and his average along with it.
  7. They'll start Prince Fielder's girdle instead.
  8. McBride's been playing pretty much the same dude since Foot Fist Way. And I'm OK with that.
  9. Amare Stoudamire and Brit's dick both retired in the same week!
  10. I realize they're not spending much on him, but giving up a decent prospect for a 4th OF seems a little strange.
  11. Smoak isn't lighting the world on fire, maybe they play EE at 1B more, and DH Bautista to keep him fresh? A girl can dream.