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  1. I think Europe tried this in the mid-30's.
  3. The dainty "no, hear me out" hand he extends is hilarious.
  4. "10-9 round for the Nazi." -Adelaide Byrd
  5. I was absolutely 100% wrong about how that mayweather fight would be received. People seemed to really enjoy it or feel like it was worth their time or money. I didnt find it compelling, but i'll take it for not being a complete debacle.
  6. NEXT WEEK: September 23, Roma over Udinese.
  7. I didn't specify that this was for today vs. Benevento and not Wed. against Lazio, but we all assumed that it was, right?
  8. Good idea let's watch two MAGA-bros in singlets 69 each other for 5 minutes.
  9. Reasonable prople scored that fight betw 116-112 for G and a draw. If you replace Byrd (or at least have an impartial Byrd), G possibly wins a MD. Possibly. He still might draw, but you get to that result the right way.
  10. Mayweather was razor-sharp in that fight.
  11. De La Hoya backtracks from rematch possibility. Here we go again: Honestly man, I think GGG should kick the #### out of Saunders, unify 160, and then ride off into the sunset. Part of me doesn't want him to give Canelo the satisfaction (or $$$) of a rematch.
  12. He said "This is my era, the era of Canelo" during his press conference. FOH.
  13. He has a bigger following in terms of raw numbers, sure, and his potential fanbase is enormous. But he hasn't done himself any favors the last couple years. And there are a lot of Mexicans and Mexican-Americans who don't respect him, or think he's been carried by Televisa coming up, and protected by Golden Boy since he's been in the US. This fight also isn't going to help. I grew up with a couple of Mexican-American dudes from my neighborhood, both follow boxing, both are pretty grossed out by tonight.