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  1. When was it ever 17? Holy mamma, nice pick. kudos.
  2. not here much but love reading thoughts from those here who have a pretty good handle on stocks & the overall market. just wondering whether bad form to post the number of shares I bought. I don't want to be ---hey LOOK at me. Thanks.
  3. bought 138 shares of AAPL today. Been wanting a piece & today looks as good as any as it's a long term hold for me. probably could have bought lower but no crystal ball here.
  4. One guy out of about 6 that predicted the housing crash in 2008 had Aspergers. Doctor or something like that. He made billions. One of the few that actually read the paperwork on home loan stock funds.
  5. I would say yes, but I'm no expert.
  6. pretty cool we are talking about the heavyweight division. been a long time.
  7. agree. Wilder is an outside fighter & it has served him well. Problem is Fury is an outside fighter & has a longer reach. Wilder has to get inside that reach & stay on his chest. Problem is---he is not that type of fighter. I respect Wilder as a man who ducks no one & wants to fight. he can't beat Fury though. IMHO the entrance to the ring by both fighters was gross. show some class; this is not wrestling.
  8. yep, he could barely stand after that. that sort of punch to the top or side of the head for some people is the end. Floyd Patterson was like that.
  9. because that is how the Dems did try to rationally explain how Trump won against Hilliary. "deplorable's" . to disparage 60 million people as stupid is not a good plan. IMO
  10. yea, they are really special. [slump] agree with everything you post regarding this killer. 97 pages of preventable deaths & maiming. a grizzly bear is docile also most of the time. how anyone can defend owning a pit bull is beyond me.
  11. I'm a window guy too for the same reasons.
  12. except you still have government running it; which their efficiency rate is 50% less(at least) in anything lower than any private company. If you want a public option bid it out. These yahoos in Washington are great at passing a bill, patting themselves on the backs, & putting some dimwads that donated to their campaigns in charge. That will not work. IMO Post office=sell it. you know why they don't? too many ingrained government employees. They can't get fired unless you go through the courts or they go postal. sad state of affairs.