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  1. why is it that most of the states hardest hit as far as looting, destruction, and beating & killing of individuals are controlled by Dem's? I really want to know.
  2. so why didn't all these Dem stronghold States not call in some troops. why did Dem leadership in Mpls abandon a police station to let it burn down?
  3. cool, so governors can call in the National Guard, correct?
  4. it's amazing & depressing that this looting & rioting is being blamed on Trump. just a small example: Dem leadership in Mnpls allowed a police station to be BURNED down. a police station. think about that.
  5. yes, unless you have some solution you aren't telling us about. it has to stop. period. the looting & destruction of property. period again.
  6. we are in a sorry sad state when the police are told to stand down while rioters are allowed to burn down your store or business. as if covid wasn't enough now it's lawlessness allowed by certain mayors & governors in certain states. good grief, what next?
  7. well Mnpls leadership did abandon a police station so it could be burned down.
  8. he didn't run because he needed a job, power, or money. he ran & was elected because he was tired of the same old song & dance of people elected that wanted to further their career instead of the good of the country. These mealy mouth politicians have more desire to get re-elected than to do the right thing. they do the poll thing to see if what they say will be accepted, regardless of what they believe or know what is right. Trump is different. he actually cares & he does. He took on China head on in the trade deal. the guy has balls & he did it for us. %That is it in a nut shell
  9. whites, blacks, Hispanic could care less about your preconceived notions about race. last I looked they want to work & contribute instead of blaming something or someone that isn't there to the degree it was. It's almost like you wish it was to explain things. sorry man, Hillary lost & she was white, rich, & privileged.
  10. unlike most who enter the political theater Trump did it for our Country and for us. he did not need this job for power or ego like most. he did not bow or apologize for America. It's the greatest country in the world & he aims to keep it that way. IMO
  11. this is totally bogus, although you probably believe the opinionated results. that is why you have no clue why Trump won over Hillary. this so called poll, which you agree with is petty & demeaning to a huge number of people and not even CLOSE to the reason Trump won. This so called "poll" is a product of preconceived bias to arrive at a preconceived conclusion. It is a way to explain why Hillary lost an election and still feel good about themselves. It's the same tired old racism label that some Dems throw around every time they lose or are on the short side of an argument. It sickens me & most of Trump supporters, & the superior air exhibited by those that exploit it is all so pathetic...........but so predictable. over & out.