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  1. to tuff to call although I like ALL your choices.
  2. so you got my move for him & conveyed the same?


  3. so my opponent did D4.  I'm doing D5.  Is that correcto as I want my pawn fronting his pawn>  Just wondering about the numbers as I had White against you so it was easy.

    still can't believe you are this helpful.  new appreciation.


  4. P-Q4.

    still working on the new terms as far as how to convey your opponent your to is it now G4 vrs. P-Q4??

    I'm open to suggestions & need some help.


    yes that is my real first name.

  5. Used to play chess in college.   Just linked in to Lichess & have been doing their puzzels & openings.  Middle level stuff.   I do okay and then it's like minus 17.   I like when you say your pretty good unless I have a few.

    Would like to play you sometime but don't actually know how lichess works.  Lets work something out.  I'll smoke something & you can do whatever.

    Tim in ND

    1. John Bender

      John Bender

      Hey bud - whats your handle on lichess?  I'll add you on the site and we can play.

    2. shadrap


      shadrap is my handle.  It's actually a fishing plug that catches a lot of fish.   No pun intended.   Going to Canada for a individual golf tourney next week in Clear Lake Manitoba.  2 day tourney, individual.  Trying to put all my energy into this thing as I'm 62 years old.  6 handi. & it's my last chance to maybe post two good scores in the 70's.

      Thanks for the response dude.   We can get together &* play some chess.