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  1. That last bit was specifically for essential business
  2. Are you “essential”? I haven’t yet seen the states official list. As a health insurance agent, at a time like this, I’m going to consider myself essential. Yes, no school for months. If you’re a senior in high school, what does that mean? Will you actually have earned a diploma by the time you start college in the late summer/early fall?
  3. If anyone is interested, hearing rumors of the health insurance industry granting extended grace period for premium payments. Some carriers have already extended the typical 30/31 day grace period to 60/62 days, but there may be a federal override for even longer. Honestly, if this gets bad, and without federal money, carriers might not be able to allow folks to float premiums for longer than that.
  4. Well, I didn’t say either of those things, but whatever. (I did initially use the term lockdown, immediately changed it to “shelter in place”). If you were able to get things from impacted stores over the weekend before this affects them, good on you.
  5. Why wouldn’t I? On Friday night I posted that the state of Virginia would be going to a shelter in place circumstance soon. The Governor comes out midday Monday with the order. You’re welcome for the heads up.
  6. Virginia going into shelter in place / non essential business, whatever it’s called. Governor talking now. @GoBirds @Uruk-Hai
  7. 10 team half ppr Amari cooper for AJ Brown and Kareem Hunt
  8. Infuriating, not baffling. Americans are generally selfish and self centered. And they are using any and every excuse to go out right now, especially those who are most vulnerable. And then you have all the “you can’t tell me what to do” crowd on top of that.
  9. Ok, haven’t seen any updates since early this morning. The numbers are staggering regardless.
  10. Anyone got a link with legit daily numbers for New York? May have been posted, but thread is moving fast
  11. And that’s assuming people actually social distance for that length of time, which I’m extremely doubtful of. So we’ll overwhelm the healthcare system, still have all the deaths of a “worst case scenario” simulation, and destroy the economy.
  12. The 200 days for the X axis is what concerns me the most here.....
  13. One if the hardest parts about all this is the 10-15 seconds when you first wake up in the morning and think about what you want to do that day, or where to go. Then you remember all this, and that it’s still going on, and likely will be for a while. Stay strong everyone, and we will get through this
  14. New Jersey governor- BREAKING: I just signed an Executive Order directing nearly all residents to STAY AT HOME. ALL gatherings are canceled. ALL non-essential retail businesses must indefinitely close their physical stores to the public effective 9:00 p.m. tonight.
  15. NJ governor giving presser now outlining their “shelter in place” order. Trying to find a link to include here, breaking now. one link
  16. Around here and where @Uruk-Hailives they tend to be the older and more run down looking grocers, so my wife and I refer to them as ####y kittys
  17. If it’s 1% and everyone in US gets it, that’s over 3M deaths.
  18. Local gun shop said Monday was their single biggest day ever, by a good amount.
  19. Worst case was from CDC, so I trusted it. This virus is the worst thing we’ve seen in 100+ years. I’m not so worried about the “far more threatening viruses in the future.”