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  1. Likely is in here somewhere, but we're at 227 pages at this point.... Once you come in contact with the virus, how fast are you yourself contagious? I hear actual symptoms don't arrive for 4-5 days, is this true?
  2. heard a stat last night that 38% of nurses have children in schools. With no schools, what do they all do, and what strain will that have on the healthcare side of things?
  3. I thought it would be a county by county decision - but the entire state will close?
  4. Episcopal Diocese of Virginia have canceled all services in churches for the next two weeks.
  5. Of course, that I get. But they likely didn't price product with any anticipation of large scale, extended quarantines of a large chunk of the workforce.
  6. Here is a sample certificate booklet for a group's short term disability contract. The group seems to be University of Mass. medical school, but the section I'll bring your attention to would likely be identical with any group policy with this carrier. On page 48 of the PDF... Quarantine Benefit Rider We pay a benefit if you are not disabled; and are quarantined due to an Infectious and Contagious disease. If this gets bad, and thousands or perhaps millions are under quarantine, these insurance companies could go under pretty quickly.
  7. Reading the actual certificate booklet of one of my STD groups (covered by a very large and well known insurance company). There is a section about a "quarantine benefit rider". "We pay a benefit if you" are not disabled; and are quarantined due to an infections and contagious disease." You have to be suspected of having the disease or having been exposed to it by a doctor, you must be ordered by a doctor to serve under quarantine, and provide proof. Also talks about being "placed in enforded isolation as ordered by either the US Secretary of Health and Human Services or the CDC.
  8. Was thinking the same. Last year I was isolated at home this very month after the snip - but I got to watch NCAA games for four days straight which made it bearable. If I'm stuck at home and there are no sports at all on, this will really suck.
  9. Very much doubt it will come to that. Wife going to Bahamas next month and we're not worried at this point about restrictions - now if she'll still want to go is a different question.
  10. Doesn't apply to US citizens or their family. Only applies to EU countries. Starts tomorrow.
  11. 95%. They will still be flying in/out of the Caribbean. How many people will be on your flight is a different question.
  12. I'm actually going through a short term disability claim now, for a woman who just gave birth on the 10th. She was put on bed-rest on the 2nd, though, upon doctor's orders. So her waiting/elimination period started on the 2nd (when she was unable to go to work, based on Dr's orders). If a doctor tells you to quarantine at home, how's that different? I understand that most carriers deem pregnancy to be an "illness" for claim purposes (as opposed to accident), but CV (or the threat of it) would much more fit that definition than a pregnancy would, wouldn't it?
  13. I don't think folks are questioning your covid numbers (mortality around 1% if we were to count EVERYONE who actually would test positive). I think people are questioning your statement of the mortality rate of the regular flu being "close to 1%". Where are you getting that from? It's "close to .1%". The death rate from seasonal flu is typically around 0.1% in the U.S. seasonal flu, which typically kills 0.1 percent of patients. 18,000 US related deaths in US this season, 32M cases. Death rate calculated here, with 2019-2020 numbers actually .056%. If that's the case, CV is ~18x as deadly.
  14. What this mean? Was the kid like "yeah, I got that ####", and the school system shut down?
  15. I'm getting lots of these questions myself. Would short term disability kick in if employees are quarantined and can't go to work, no matter if sick or not?
  17. University of Virginia (currently on Spring break) has moved all classes to online until at least April 5. Students at home or on break strongly encouraged to go to or stay at home - and students still on grounds encouraged to go home.
  18. I just copied and pasted this to a friend as a text. They wrote back, "don't know, who was it?" I feel like I'm in an Abbott and Costello skit.
  19. She'd been wanting a full suspension purple bike for about a year, and I couldn't find one that would properly work with the kinda stuff we ride (or that was in my price range). But my local shop tipped me off to the 2020 Treks, and I was one of the first orders made in the country for that bike.
  20. Yes, purple bikes are the coolest and definitely the fastest. Here's the one I got my wife for X-mas this past year (so she now has a full squish for the single track stuff we do a lot of). We're definitely not a "do it all bike" kinda family, much more N+1 when it comes to bikes. She's got 3, I'm now at 4. We each have a fully suspension, a hard tail (the first MTBs each of us got, and I still love my Trek Stache which is the most "do it all" bike that I have), and a gravel/cross bike. And then I have a true road bike that currently is just used on the smart trainer, but will become my gravel grinder this Spring/Summer (Trek Domane which can take up to a 35c which point I may need to get rid of my Salsa, which I do love). Anyway, in about a month I'm doing a ride down in south west Virginia on gravel. 35 miles, a bit over 3,400 ft of climbing. I opted for the short course so I could get back and start drinking early. My wife and some of her friends opted for the 65 mile distance with 6,700 of climbing - including a monster at mile 45. We're both all geeked up about gearing options at the moment. Her gravel bike is a 1x11, but she's considering taking the safe route and just riding it on her hardtail (2x10). Both my Salsa and my Domane are 2x10, but I'm pretty limited on how big of a cassette I can install on each.