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  1. you can still do it if you turn it on. I turned mine back on. Doing a little research, they turned it off after a minor stink on twitter a while back but it was for a different part of the site. But they didn't really give much info on it disappearing apparently or how to turn it on. It's easy to do but you have to go find it in your privacy settings.
  2. A couple weeks from now I'm going to help pace a friend doing her first Marathon. She signed up to do the Monumental this year and is still going to run a marathon that day. No way I can do the whole thing with her but she has mapped out her path up and down the Monon to have people run in "shifts" with her. I'm going to do that for a section or 2 and then also am about to sign up for a winter XC series of 5ks that I've done with a couple friends the last couple of winters. That will give me something to keep myself moving at least.
  3. I hurt today. Legs and arms. It's amazing how tired my arms were Saturday and how much they ache today. My thighs and calves totally make sense and I know why my arms hurt but still weird.
  4. By the way, it wasn't until yesterday that I learned that flyby's are turned off in strava unless you explicitly turn them on in options. That totally sucks. One of the most fun parts of strava is viewing the flyby of a big event and seeing all the people running near you. I re-enabled mine but there's only a handful of people on it. Such a bummer!
  5. I'll try to keep this brief but that's a tall order, imo. PREFACE: I'm sure some of you have noticed that I kind of fell off the face of the earth a bit. Cancelled races and a number of other bad excuses led me to run less and less since my last official race in March. The FBG challenges kept me going some but not enough and I've lost a ton in that time (as well as gained back about 15 pounds ). Well about 6 weeks ago a friend of mine asked me if I would do the Tecumseh Trail Challenge HM with him. His daughter had bailed and he was probably not going to do it if I didn't. I jumped at the chance to have something to motivate me to get going again. Well, it took a couple weeks to really get me motivated so about a month ago I finally started running more than 1 time a month! I got about 70 miles in since Sept 21st so even that wasn't a ton of work but it's better than the 40 miles total I had run between June 1st and Sept 21st. THE RACE: To help with social distancing they spread out the start times - 50k 9 am, 6.5 miles 9:30 am, Marathon 10 am, HM 10:15 am. While this helped keep people stretched out, it kind of sucked from a traffic standpoint. Quite a bit of the race was on single lane trails with little room to pass - especially if you came to a conga line of folks in doing the marathon at a hike but this was only a problem during the first 6.5 miles or so as you will see later below. Part 1 - About the first 2.5 miles +/- were actually all smooth sailing other than it was almost all single lane track and we were already running into some of the Marathon people (same trail X2) and the 50K people - they had about 6 miles on the short loop and about an 75 minute head start so there was a little congestion here and there but not too bad. It was a little up and down but the only real issue was a lot of tree roots and rocks in the first mile. All was dandy and I was feeling good about the day. Part 2 - The first hill... The family and I had previously hiked this trail a couple times up to this point but we usually go straight/turn left and follow the lake trail. This took a hard right and went straight freaking uphill and we continued going straight freaking uphill for the next 2.5 miles, luckily the steep (for me) part of it was only about a 3/8ths of mile long +/-. This was my first (but not last) hill I walked. Once that steep part mellowed out a bit, I got back to a decent pace the rest of the way up the hill. Part of this was also a horse trail and a bit muddy. I'm still doing pretty good but know it is going to be a long, long day. Part 3 - At about the 5 mile buzz on my watch, we took a hard left off the wide trail and back into the woods for single lane hiking trail that went down rather quickly with a lot of twists and turns. Not much of a chance to enjoy the view here as it was quite technical. Once down at the bottom for a little bit of flat ground and a chance to relax a little, that was followed by a solid uphill with a few more twists and turns and, at one point, a rather lengthy conga line of people. After the uphill came another fairly steep downhill with some twists and turns but then opened up to the road and around the south end of the lake/damn, up through a parking lot/road and across the main road into the park. We are a little over 7 miles in and the trip up the road is the beginning of hell! Part 4 - After crossing the main road that goes through the park/forestry, you are on a winding path that felt like it went uphill for the rest of the way. That isn't quite true but it might as well have been! Most of the downhill sections were either twisty paths, full of rocks and roots or both. With thighs and calves that were starting to scream a bit, every step after about mile 8 was starting to be a chore. I originally had dreams of trying to be somewhere around 2:15 or maybe a little less if I was lucky. Every hill I hit on the back section set that goal further and further back. Mile 11 had a big ol' hill that I hoped would be the last one. Mile 12 was downhill and about as slow as climbing up. Mile 13 had what was really the last hill and a huge PITA. Mile 13 was a 16+ minute mile. Somewhere in there my calves tried to cramp up a bit but I was able to fend that off. 13 ended with a downhill, the sound of people and the finish being "close". It also came back down to flat ground on a nice smooth, wide path. I picked up the pace a bit, passed several people but kept waiting on it to end. It finally did much later than I wanted! Official time: 2:45:12, 52 of 144 overall, 7 of 19 in my AG. Fun note - watch registered 1683 feet of elevation change. A drop in the bucket for the @Zasada's and @SFBayDuck's of the world but a crapton for me. In March I ran right at 100 miles total, including several trail training runs and a trail HM+. For that entire month I only did about 2100 feet of elevation gain. Definitely a chore to finish but fun times. Now to just keep my butt moving and get back into shape before I have to go find my fat clothes from last year or so!
  6. This thing pretty much kicked my butt! Combo of not nearly enough running lately, absolutely zero trail or hill work, a decent amount of mud, rocks and roots, and a lot of single lane track and I was working way too hard! Finished the HM in about 2:45. Will give more info later. Definitely was fun and glad I did it but really let me know how far I've fallen over the last 6 months +/-.
  7. Running the HM in this tomorrow: Will be more of a long run than a 'race' but should be fun. Supposed to start storming about 2pm today with rain likely continuing through the rest of the day/night. Weather will be great for race time but the trails will likely be pretty muddy - especially since they are doing staggered starts and the HM starts last. Will probably mean I get a sloppy course by the time I get started but should be fun.
  8. I did mine this morning too. I've got a lot of work to do. I started out nice and easy and then tried to pick it up a little more each mile. First mile in 9:47. 6th mile 8:24. Paused my watch at 6.22 miles and 55:55 for the 10k. Then restarted it for the slow jog home. After that: Bank Meijer - shoelaces for my umpire shoes Home to start some laundry and a few other around the house things Lunch at local burger joint Home Depot Garden Center Grocery Store Back home for some more work. About to take the dog to get a bath then home for a fire in the fire pit, hot dogs and a couple beers. Have a good weekend.
  9. In. All. Damn. Day. I need this thread and you people back in my life...
  10. ok... and what exactly are we doing? cause I'll be in. Anything that remotely might help keep me moving. here's my current motivation, which is working so far: fairly certain it will happen, it's Oct 24th. Haven't even really set a goal other than to finish and to make a quality effort.
  11. thanks for the bump. haven't been in the thread much in a while cause I'm a lazy slacker. glad to get a chance to participate/donate.
  12. 2 days in a row! Doing a trail HM in about a month. Hopefully this is the restart I need and it keeps going. Plan is to just run as many slow miles as is comfortable between now and then and just do the best I can come race day. No expectations cause I've totally been a slacker.
  13. I'm about as healthy as I get. Just have to find a way to get motivated and run consistently. Actually I've been consistently running... about once per week. Need to get out there daily again and just move. Thanks for checking in. Actually signed up for a HM trail run at the end of October that will almost certainly run (fairly small event) so I better get out there so I can do more than crawl across the finish line!