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  1. At one point I really did have myself convinced that "once is possibly enough" and that I'd go back to "just" running HM's. I do still look forward to the next HM and thinking about what time I want to try to achieve, but I also find myself thinking about another full. I keep catching myself re-running this one one in my head and thinking about what I would/could/will do differently next time. It's more just a matter of figuring out what I want the next year to look like running wise... You bunch of pushers...
  2. You are on quite the run lately... is your house built on top of an old cemetery or something?
  3. Fixed. Hey, it's on strava now! It might be a manual entry but it's linked to official documentation so it happened!
  4. FYI... still waiting for them to post the results for the "indython" - They add your time from the HM I did in October to the Monumental and list all the standings for people that did both - they actually list "standings" for those that did anything from 5k + 5k up to the "ultrathon" of 13.1 + 26.2. Curious to see where I place with my combined time of 5:24:45...
  5. not sure why that is schtick... seems like a great goal, IMO!
  6. For the record, having him showered, changed into street clothes, and back out there to cheer on my finish did put things in a bit of perspective.
  7. Once I start recording more activities, the chance of getting it back goes way, way down. The new data will overwrite the old and the file will be gone - actually that possibility already exists since it is always recording HR, steps, etc.
  8. Every country in the world seems a bit much. I'll probably start with branching out to run some events in other states first! I've met a few people that are out to run a marathon or half marathon in every state. That seems pretty cool to me.
  9. There's 2 ways you can lose an activity - accidentally deleting it after saving it - that's fairly easy to fix as the .fit file stays there but is just "hidden". Pretty easy to connect to a PC, copy the .fit file over and then import it into Garmin and all is well. The other is to never actually click the save button. The data is there on the disk but not actually in a file. That's proving to be impossible. Yeah. Kind of 2 fold issue here that keeps me digging a little - one is, of course, just wanting the run for the running sake. The other is that I'm in IT guy. I've spent most of my career in a combination of doing development as well as a lot of fixing crap that has gone wrong. It is kind of fun for me to try to do this. At this point, it is a little frustrating to be :thisclose: but not be able to put the last couple pieces together. I found enough stuff out there that I :think: others have been able to fix this but they haven't documented one of the steps very well, that I can find, and I can't figure it out. I keep finding one more thing that gives me a glimmer of hope and keep playing with it... I'll give up soon, IMO, but it is kind of fun to try to crack the case.
  10. I don't have any of the info - like best I could do is guess at the mile times but I have done that already. I can roughly piece together the info off the timing splits. If I hunted enough, I could probably find someone that was in the pace group with me and get pretty good info for Miles 1 to 20ish. But I wasn't consistently with any person in from that point to the finish. The best I have is my memory and a couple of key times that I noted in my RR. If I could find a way to mount a portable device as a mass storage device, I could probably get it. I was tracking a couple of other possible leads this afternoon instead of getting work done and thought for just a moment I still had a chance but still no dice.
  11. Not sure what you mean. I was able to create my own manual activity just to log the time and distance for yearly tracking info and such, but what I really want are the mile splits and HR info, the gps route, to pull up the "fly by" stuff, all that fancy jazz.
  12. @SFBayDuck - no answers until the race report is posted!