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  1. Always telling me to go slower, telling Z to go faster... make up your mind!
  2. We seem to be on similar paths, I think. Both of us are trying to find out what our actual potential is. When you are setting goals and smashing them, it means you don't really know what your limits are. That's not a bad thing - shows how much more you can try to find/read. In Houston you did something I haven't yet - you found your limit. You did that by pushing at an incredible rate. It felt good and you went with it until you couldn't. But then you still showed your full BMF potential by finishing and beating the goal anyway. So, now that you know your limit, it should give you a hugely different perspective for this next outting. You want to push to the edge but not go over it. Knowing where the edge is is huge, IMO. Pushing a little over the goal is fine - monitor your HR, your gut, the feel but know what you can do and what you can't. If your goal is 4 hours but no walking, you can pace that yourself, IMO. There's a big difference in turning a mile or 2 at 8:45 or 8:50 and turning a half dozen at 8:20.
  3. And that answers that. I can totally see how that can happen too. Especially recently with some of my runs. I find myself settling into a pace and just going. Yesterday I knew I was running faster than intended and my HR even told me so, but it felt so good I just kept going.
  4. This was going to be my question. With the technology out there, you can have your own pacer right on your wrist. May be that a physical presence might be easier to stick to the plan, but if you have a plan and a watch and the self-discipline, you can be paced to whatever your goal will be regardless of what options there are in the race. The Houston race "issue" was mostly about you not really following the plan. IIRC, you went out A LOT faster than intended and it eventually caught up with you. I believe your goal then was sub 4 hours, which is a 9:07/mile pace (you have to do your own conversion! ), and, if my memory is close to right, you ran the first 1/2 of the race at something like an 8:15 or 8:20 pace +/-. That's not banking a little time here and there. 45 seconds per mile is a lot. And even with the issues at the end, you still hit the goal, just not as gracefully as you would like.
  5. Who knew I was joining the cool kids club when I set my strava photo? I set it back in January after the flooded, cold 5k I did. It's me "flying" across a creek in my red shirt!
  6. By the way, having taken about a week off to get my hip better, I just want to race almost every run right now. My legs feel so good that I go out for an easy/long run and, especially when I have my dog with me, I'll look down at my watch as it buzzes 1, 2, 3 miles in and they are done at about race pace. And then I'll check the HR and it will definitely be elevated more than intended. Kind of fun having fresh legs after just missing a few days. As for the hip, still not completely perfect and will talk to me a little now and then but getting better with the focused stretching and exercises for it. We will see how the next couple of weeks go but back to thinking I will have to shoot for breaking 1:40 and see how it goes. Still feels pretty ambitious but I have to where my limits are... Plus, I have this race and a 5k shortly after and then I'm not sure when my next actual race will happen. Really pretty pumped to see how it goes!
  7. @gruecd This is so very true. I get being bummed you didn't hit the goals you had but I hope at some point you can appreciate the accomplishments for what they are. Pretty amazing stuff out there. Totally understand it wasn't what you wanted, and that's great - shows the fire and motivation you have. But you can't let that define you. Sulk a bit for now but realize what you actually accomplished while you are at it and keep your chin up!
  8. There was a dime in the parking lot next to my car when I got out to run downtown today. I picked it up without thinking twice, better believe I'd take a 20 if I found it. Most I ever found on a run was a fiver laying in the road. If there was any reasonable way to find the owner, I'd return it but if it's just laying out in the open, it's going in my pocket!
  9. Used to be a huge fan of sock liners when hiking too. Had some of those that were more or less compression-esque and loved them under my wool socks. Will have to look at some running socks.
  10. Considering how much I love running in my compression shorts and tights, you'd think I'd have a pair or 3 of socks too but currently don't have any. That said, I have a couple different compression shirts that I've messed around with but I'm not as big of fan of them as I am the shorts/tights.
  11. Guy at work and I were looking at this and talking about it... Here's the full course map: Here's the starting area and start times: Wave 1 starts at 7:33 am. Wave 5 doesn't start until 8:10 am. Considering there are 5 corrals in wave 5 and presuming that corral Z will likely have people walking the event, it will be after 8:30 am by they time all of the Wave 5 people are turning off of White River Parkway onto Michigan. That means the top 100 or so finishers will be pass those just getting started in that little section that is a shared course at the 12 mile marker. That's kind of funny to me.
  12. Lol. I had nothing other than choking on a couple swigs of water and one attempt at a drink of Gatorade.
  13. Week days I run either in the afternoon or evening. If in the afternoon, then it is usually before lunch. I might have a light snack beforehand but not much. If in the evening, I either do it before eating dinner or I have something like a cliff bar or small peanut butter and jelly sandwich a little before running. Weekends I usually run earlier in the morning. I usually eat a banana and/or cliff bar before going out. If it is a long run, I might have both.