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  1. How dare you minimize my pain and suffering? You don't even know what kind of damage may or may not have been done. I could look like Mel Gibson in the man without a face for all you know!
  2. have only skimmed this thread a few times and have no strong opinion one way or another on pits - I have met a number of them over the years that have been nice enough but they still kind of freak me out a bit even though I love dogs. that said, can we get chihuahuas added to the list too? I have facial scars from when my grandmother's attacked me when I was about 2 years old and I had to have like a 150 stitches or something. those little rat bastages are devil dogs, IMO. they still make me twitch a bit, and I've never met one them that seemed like anything other than satan spawn.
  3. Spent a half-hour with the massage therapist here at work just before having lunch. A gloriously painful half hour. Need to go back there a little more often I think. The work she did on my hips and legs was something else...
  4. this, imo. although I don't like the first option much at all.
  5. 3 of the 4 all seem to easily fit depending on how you think of the words flashlight/recharge - battery/heal : maybe not a true analogy, but easy to see how someone might look at them individually and go battery>flashlight/heal>recharge and pick it. berating/compliment - taking battery a violent act, then battery to heal and berating to compliment is kind of a disturbing analogy but mostly valid caffeine/alert - probably the best fit, IMO. battery provides life/healing, caffeine provides energy/alertness. automobile/push seems a bit out of place, IMO.
  6. winning times for the state meet in Indiana are pretty comparable now to then. I wouldn't expect them to get much faster - they don't run it at the same place now Actually was just scanning times for sectionals and such... I don't exactly remember where I finished there but I was thinking it was top 15 to 20ish or something - which looks to be reasonable looking at times of runners. I remember having a dream that I might go out faster than ever and squeeze into regionals as an individual qualifier but that didn't happen. Looks like that would take something like at least a 17:30 or better depending on the day and other competitors. So only missed it by :thatmuch:...
  7. I was just looking at the online results from the time I was in high school - looking up guys I knew that did well, etc. State champ typically ran in the 15:00 to 15:30 range in the late 80's/early 90's.
  8. I actually didn't run until my junior year. I started the year as our #3 runner, finished it clearly #2 but was very average. Our #1 guy went to state and ran for the University of Louisville for 4 years. I think he still holds the school record for the 5K. My senior year I was still average but all excited about being our #1 runner... for like 3 races. We had a freshman come in and it took him about that long to realize he was really, really good. My best time ever then, however, was only 18:01. Good enough to be "slightly better than average" but not much more than that.
  9. out of curiosity, what were your times like in HS?
  10. Rumor has it that the whole thing was staged as a publicity stunt.
  11. and for the record, just for you guys, I extended my lunch a bit and did 7 miles today instead of 5 or 6... ETA - also they felt really good for having done 20 on Saturday. Nice comfortable pace of just over 9 min/mile. HR was a little higher than I wish but it was 80+ with 80% humidity so no to bad - up to about 150 by the end but never felt taxed or anything.
  12. You will appreciate this @gruecd... Guy I know that is a Vikings fan posted a thing on Facebook about the intimidation factor of the NFC north mascots - mighty bear, ferocious lion, maniacal looking viking and a guy taping up a box. I posted saying "I'm not a fan of any of them but can you remind me how many championships each of those teams have?" Sometimes people are silly, IMO.
  13. I turn 49 2 days after the HM I'm doing in October.
  14. I did enjoy a couple of DogFish Flesh and Blood IPAs Saturday evening with my burger and bacon wrapped stuffed jalapenos. Nothing like a couple of 7.5% beers to wash away the pain of "failure".