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  1. Oh what a relief... have my PT appointment in the morning but tried a little easy run tonight and it went well. Will see what they say in the morning but feel pretty good about getting back to normal sooner rather than later. Was on the indoor track to stay nice and warm and figured I would just see how things felt. 5 miles never felt so sweet.
  2. You'll crush it, imo! For reference, when I started this journey, I was doing a half marathon. I had a similar time frame (actually a little shorter) and was able to do it in 130 minutes and change - which is your 10 min/mile pace. It wasn't exactly easy but it wasn't terribly difficult either - and I was starting out way, way out of shape! About 6' 235 to start the process not a whole lot lighter on race day.
  3. Here in Indiana they relatively recently passed a law that you can get a ticket if you are in the left (fast/passing) lane on an Interstate and you are causing traffic to back up behind you - even if you are doing the speed limit or a little faster.
  4. Seems like every flight I am on any more is filled to capacity. I'm not flying every week but do fly semi-regularly and I couldn't tell you the last flight I was on that had more than the occasional empty seat available - way more likely they are offering someone something to catch a later flight because it is overbooked than for there to be a free seat next to me.
  5. I like an occasional Arby's sandwich still. It's decent.
  6. The interwebs is filled with a lot toughguys, don't you know!
  7. I have never actually done one but when I googled for races/runs near my cabin, I found that there are a couple of weekly runs a short drive from it that run through there. Haven't done it yet but have considered it - they are probably 30/45 minute drives so I usually just go out and run the roads near the cabin instead.
  8. Back in the 80s, I could put down some Tombstone! My parents would be gone a lot of weekends during the summer and that was often my dinner. Could eat a whole one without thinking twice and loved every minute of it.
  9. Intellectually, I know this and keep telling myself that, but it's still killing me.
  10. really stressing a little these days... my appointment with the PT was pushed until Wednesday. Have ridden the bike some, took my dog on a long hike yesterday. Leg is starting to feel better and kind of want to go test it but really have little room for error here. Have a 5k in 2 weeks I was mega excited about - pretty much have written it off to be an easy run at this point because 2 weeks after that is the trail run that I must be ready to participate in - don't feel compelled to race it but will be at least hiking it, which would totally suck, IMO. Had a good chat with a friend of mine that stressed that caution is the best answer for hamstring problems but, man, it really sucks after such a strong start to the year.
  11. At a minimum - one trip to the italian bar, one to the mexican bar, one for dessert. It's a good thing these don't still exist anymore, imo. I don't have the metabolism I once did!
  12. Little Caesars will ALWAYS have a special place in my heart! Where I grew up, there was a place along the river that a ton of people would "cruise". As a late teen, my buddy and I used to go to Little Caesers for the "pizza pizza" deal - you always got 2 pizzas and the price was pretty cheap. We'd eat a couple pieces on the way down there then find a good place to park, sit on the tailgate of the truck with the rest of the pizza and sell/trade the rest of the pizza - we generally got our money back and stocked up on some beers for the night!
  13. I also imagine the food would not be as tasty now as then but that thing was perfect for a hungry teenager with a little bit of cash in his pocket!
  14. IMO, it's a combo of nostalgia and developing/evolving tastes. There's a lot of things from my younger days that seemed to taste better than they do now. Chef Boyardee is the example I usually use when this comes up - when I was a kid, this stuff was heaven. I even kind of enjoyed this some when my kids were little. At this point, it tastes nasty. I don't think they've changed their product all that much - I've just come to appreciate much better fare.
  15. After having kids, kids rarely bother me in hardly any scenario. Parents on the other hand...