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  1. picked up an arm sleeve today - seems like it should do the trick to stabilize stuff and make things be ok. will try it out on a run tomorrow and doing yard work. also, a couple days of rest has helped, but I keep tweaking the stupid thing if I make sudden movements or any kind of jarring motion - I don't think the tricep is injured enough to need a doctor, but definitely kind of messed up right now.
  2. it's probably going to be a minute before I get to make an attempt at a mile. currently have 2 problems: 1) I left my charger for my watch at the cabin. I have 2 of them - the other one is locked up at the office and I can't get in for awhile. The cabin is about a 4 hour drive 1 way. A third charger is now on the way from garmin. I'd run carrying my phone in my hand if I had too but... 2) The more serious one - I spent the weekend in a kayak - like several hours both Saturday and Sunday. I did something to my left tricep! I can walk, pick things up, move around as normal. But certain sudden movements sends a jolt of pain down my arm like you wouldn't believe! At times it almost feels like an electric shock going through my arm, and then it hurts - sometimes a lot! Doesn't seem like a tear or anything majorly serious, but it's a problem. Running gives a jolting feeling that isn't pleasant - like at all.
  3. I appreciate the thoughts. It's one of those things that had been a long time coming but I don't think you are ever really ready for it. Sucky part was not being able to visit the last couple of months. Weird part was having the absolute most lucid conversation with her in forever on mother's day. She sounded better then than in forever.
  4. Hokey smokes! Been a crazy week for me. It's quite the "pick me up" to basically skip to the end and see @gianmarco putting down a 5:40 mile! In the last week, my youngest graduated high school in a modified scenario and turned 18. At the same time, my chronically ill mom, took a turn for the worst and passed away. I haven't run in a week. But my sister and I previously had a long weekend planned so we kept it. Have spent the last 2 days floating around in kayaks, drinking beer and remembering these good old days. Come Tuesday it will be time to lace the shoes back up and get serious!
  5. At the cabin for the weekend and spent the last couple of days playing around in kayaks on the lake. Today I made a concerted effort to row 500 meters at pace in open water. It's a kayak rather than a skull, and it's just a recreational version rather than something meant for speed, but that was a crap-ton (technical term) more work than rowing on a rowing machine!
  6. I'm thinking about doing some kind of attempt in the next couple of days just to see where I'm at. Not necessarily a full out effort but something to give me an idea of what it's realistic to target.
  7. you trying to convince us or yourself?
  8. not sure which is funnier... watching someone monkey around with the formatting to make it look better or seeing someone monkey with the time estimates to change who is "predicted" to win.
  9. just have to convince the rules committee chairman now...
  10. just plugged in all the estimated times to the spreadsheet. sandbagging estimates have #teamgrue at 6:12 average, team juxt at 6:16 average.
  11. hopefully the @Otis thread folks don't stop in anytime soon or they'll be making fun of us again for how much we muck up a fun competition.
  12. 2000'? Put me down for about 2 months.
  13. In this case, it's strava stock you should have bought.