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  1. But keep in mind that they are completely separated form the football operations.
  2. I don't think people are comparing deflategate. I think the similarities are with Spygate 1. Using technology to know what the pitch is ahead of time or to know what the playcall is ahead of time. And adjust accordingly. Do you think BB is a genius for calling the perfect offense or defense for most of the plays the opponent was running. I think his genius was in his preparation which included going over the line. I think the punishment for deflategate was because the NFL screwed up badly with the slap on the wrist for Spygate.
  3. And you think the Patriots shut down their spygate operation during any of the Superbowls?
  4. If the MLB's penalty was light, would would you call the NFL's penalty for Spygate?
  5. It looks like the NFL could learn a thing or two from the MLB in how to deal with cheaters. If you want the guilty party to stop, you need to hand down a just punishment. I applaud the MLB.
  6. Number 2 on a list of 2. There are a lot more QB's that I would take for the next couple years before Jackson.
  7. I was so worried he was going to injure an O-Linemen with the amount of times he runs into their backs.
  8. He does every week. They are so bad outside of Wilson. They would be lucky to win 3 or 4 games with a qb that put up an average passer rating (88).
  9. Tough to say. The official yard marker is on the other side of the field. Not sure which is correct.
  10. Did you watch both games? It wasn't close. One QB played well and one didn't (outside of fantasy football).
  11. The yellow yard marker had to be off. From the angle from the right side of the field his helmet hits the ground at the yard marker. The ball is at his chest in all the other reviews. The only thing I can thing was that they didn't trust the yard marker.
  12. I think yesterday's game was an anomaly. Everything went wrong for Baltimore and right for Tennessee. But I also think this was Baltimore's best chance to win it running that offense. The rest of the NFL will scheme better next year and force Lamar to throw the ball more. There's also a reason most franchises don't want their QB running that much. It puts too much risk on your franchise player. Most teams want to minimize this risk. From an analytics perspective, there is probably a stat that shows a QB getting dinged up every 50 hits and outright injured every 100. If so, Lamar is on borrowed time. Seahawks fans used to get so frustrated that Wilson wouldn't start running the ball until the 4th quarter with the game on the line. This is probably done intentionally to minimize risk. Lamar will eventually get a gimpy injury where he's not at 100% and he won't be able to run like he can. We will see if he can stay in the pocket and beat teams from there. I think if he works on this, he could be a great QB. If he doesn't then he won't.
  13. I'm a Seahawks fan and I thought it was a little dirty. As someone mentioned, Clowney had a free shot at a QB, and he took it. If the helmets had not made contact, and only the shoulder, we probably wouldn't be talking about it. And it may have had the same outcome.