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  1. I would normally agree, but if its ever going to happen... Texas also has a huge early vote right now (75% of the total 2016 vote). Democrats have historically voted 2 to 1 over Republicans in early voting for the US. If the early vote data holds along historical lines, then this race is tight.
  2. I really think Biden at +235 is a great bet for Texas. I think he is only a slight underdog right now and I can see them being within 1% of each other. I understand that Trump is the favorite, but that is a good return on your bet.
  3. The Yahoo board is going nuts with stock bashers. I know these guys work for firms and get paid per post, but I have never seen it like this. It has to be more than just guys taking short positions paying for these bashers. Not sure what exactly is going on, but someone wants the stock really low.
  4. A little. Clinton got taken through the ringer but still got reelected. Obama was clean. Everyone knew about Trump before the election, but he still won. I don't think the US is overly concerned anymore.
  5. And to think. All Trump needed to do was to pretend he was concerned about Covid, somewhat listen to the science, encourage wearing a mask and social distancing. He wouldn't even need to go to all the meetings. He could have just feigned concern. It is unbelievable that this was set up on a tee for him and all he had to do was put the ball in play. Instead he swung and missed 3 times.
  6. I think Trump has made everyone numb to sexual indiscretions.
  7. So there's no real party of fiscal responsibility anymore? When was the last time the government didn't run a defecit?
  8. Sorry. I thought the Republicans were the party of fiscal responsibility. Every single election one party claims that everyone will be making way less under the other party. I do believe the wealthy will make less under Biden though.
  9. It's funny how the GOP manages to make the Uber wealthy rich while also making the middle class more rich. In these great times, can you tell me how much Trump paid down the debt and decreased the deficit by (before Covid hit). You don't get the chance to pay down the debt during lean times, so I am sure he took full advantage.
  10. We live in Canada. We have one set of friends that are big Trump supporters and a little anti-covid. They don't deny it as much as they think we are over-reacting. The rest of the group are Canadian Conservatives, but definitely anti-Trump. They have had us over a couple times, but everything has gone great. We really don't get much into politics, and everyone in the group knows better than to bring it up. I think it is a respect thing from both the host and the guests.
  11. Huh? You crapped all over CYDY and you touted HGEN. You then come in here and say 'i told you so'. The Jets/Giants analogy is perfect.
  12. So now Wikipedia is part of the fake news. Can I ask if anything outside of Fox or Brietbart is not fake news?
  13. FDA is looking really bad on REM approval. Mexico had said they won't be following the US lead on this and now the WHO comes out with the statement below. I think there will be an investigation one day into how this ever got approved.