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  1. Who would you start? PPR Tight Ends get 1.5 points per reception. Vance McDonald @ Cinn (No JuJu Smith-Schuster) or Jared Cook vs Carolina
  2. I had to drop R. Gould last week because of injury. Picked up a garbage kicker from Chicago, Pineiro. Dropping him This is the last week my league allows waiver pickups up. I was thinking of grabbing 2 Kickers for the stretch run. Please rate in order. Available: Gould(SF), J Elliott(PHI), Koo(ATL), Badgley(LAC), Seibert(CLE), Nick Folk (NE)
  3. Like him or not, you'll regret not starting Beckham this week. This has all the signs of him having a monster game. I reserve the right to be wrong. Thanks for answering mine also.
  4. PPR 1.5(TE's) 1 Point (RB's,etc) Which two would you start out of the three? K Drake(sharing with D. Johnson) @ TB JD McKissic (sharing with 2 others, looked better than the others) @ Chicago Vance McDonald vs LAR (Might be a good checkdown and possible TD. Extra half point for receptions.)
  5. PPR 1.5 per rec Who do I start? Jared Cook vs Atlanta (1st Game back from injury) Jack Doyle vs Miami (No Hilton or Campbell) Vance McDonald vs LAR (Has done alright with Rudolph. Only Jalen Samuels at RB. Could get a lot of passes.)
  6. Here are the only kickers available this week. Incremental scoring 33 yard FG equals 3.3 points and 1 point for XP. Eddie Pineiro (CHI) vs Det Austin Seibert (CLE) vs Buf Aldrick Rosas (NYG) @ Jets Ryan Succop(TEN) vs KC Younghoe Koo(ATL) @ NO Please give me the top 3 just in case someone else picks up who I want. Thanks
  7. There is no one else. This is a 20 player roster. Out of my 20, 10 are injured, especially my rbs. I could pickup Gus Edward, our use DeAndre Washington, our McKissic. No one else available. I hate injuries
  8. I have rbs on bye or injured. I am starting Josh Jacobs. My second rb is Conner. Drake is my really only other option except the backup for the Raiders DeAndre Washington or McKissic. Do I take a Chance that Conner will play our just start Drake? I need to win this week.
  9. AJ Brown vs TB M Sanu vs Cle Demaryius Thomas @ Jac Tyrell Williams @ Houston (Questionable) Kenyan Drake @ Pitt(Might need to start him if Josh Jacobs or James Conner doesn't play because of injuries)
  10. PPR full point, no trading. I have Josh Jacobs, should I pickup DeAndre Washington. I would have to drop Gus Edwards for him Here are my RB's; Josh Jacobs, James Conner, Kenyan Drake, Chris Thompson, JD McKissic and Edwards. What do you think?
  11. PPR: My only options to drop are one of my RB's Here are my RB's: James Conner, J. Jacobs, C. Thompson, K. Drake, Ito Smith and Gus Edwards. I was thinking either Smith or Edwards, just don't know for sure which one. There is no trading in this league.
  12. Taylor Gabriel (Fully practiced today) Duke Williams Demaryius Thomas Albert Wilson (could be a PPR outlet) I now plan on dropping Conley Here are my receivers: Beckham, Edelman, Chark, Sanu, Tyrell Williams, AJ Brown and Chris Conley.
  13. PPR: Tyrell Williams has plantar fasciitis and coach gruden says that it's not getting better. Not sure how long he will be out, but it doesn't sound good. What should I do with him? Here are my receivers. Beckham, Edelman, Chark, Sanu, Tyrell Williams, AJ Brown and Chris Conley. Should I drop Williams or hold on to him. I have bye weeks coming up and want to sure up my lineup. I could also drop Chris Conley instead, who has done nothing for a few weeks Here is who is available: Duke Williams, Taylor Gabriel, Jaron Brown, Demaryius Thomas, Zay Jones, Albert Wilson. Are any of the WR's worth a waiver and drop either Conley or Tyrell Williams.
  14. Chris Thompson @ Miami Kenyan Drake vs Wash Mohamed Sanu @ Ari I'm leaning against starting Thompson because I'm a little afraid the new coach will feed Peterson all day. Which two should I start?
  15. Vance McDonald @ Chargers or Jared Cook @ Jacksonville I have no idea which one to go with.