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    Which TE to start week 13 Kmet or Conklin? PPR1.5

    PPR 1.5 per reception. who to start, Cole Kmet vs GB or Tyler Conklin @ Minn?
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    Need kicker help on who to pickup. Bye week

    I need a kicker this week Who should I pick up, Brett Maher at GB or Robbie Gould at home. I might keep one of them after this week. I have Justin Tucker on bye and I’m dropping a player I don’t need.
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    Need Help for Waiver Wire. PPR. Having Problems with my RB's after my 2 starters!

    PPR: Would you pick up Dontrell Hilliard. I would have to drop Jameson Williams. My WR's are Tyreek Hill , Pittman, Olave, Curtis Samuel , Tyquan Thorton and Donovon People Jones. My starting RB's are Ekeler & Stevenson . This is a 12 team league with 20 roster slots, so no other good players...
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    Need Advice with my Tight Ends and Greg Dulcich!

    PPR TE Premium: Who would you drop for Greg Dulcich or would you keep these players? Cole Kmet or Will Dissly? I have Daniel Bellinger and he is now my starter, but, as you can see, my backups aren't great.
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    Need help on Waiver List: Is it time to drop Allen Robinson & Christian Watson? PPR

    I have injuries problems coming up with Chris Olave who most likely won't play, and Tyreek Hill might play. This is a 20 roster spot, so not a lot to pick up This is my roster: QB's: Jalen Hurts/Derek Carr : RB's Austin Ekeler, AJ Dillon Rhamondre Stevenson , Gus Edwards and Darrell Henderson...
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    Need help with a lineup problem PPR

    I have a problem with my lineup tomorrow because of the 9:30AM game. I have rb and flex problems. For my 2 RB's Ekeler and Rhamondre Stephenson For my 2 WR Pittman and Tyreek Hill. Hill might not play. I would have to use one of my flex at WR instead of Hill, which means I would have to play...
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    Who to start at TE? Dissly, Kmet or Bellinger?

    Who would you start at TE. 1.5 points per reception Kmet @ NYG (most sites have Kmet first, but he hasn't done well and Chicago doesn't throw much Bellinger vs Chi (Bellinger has looked good his first two games of his career. He did win the college Championship with Georgia and was good...
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    Waiver help TE Reshuffling

    Need to reshape my TE’s PPR Premium. I have right now Cole Kmet, K Granson, Harrison Bryant and Albert O. I want to get rid of Bryant, Albert O and Granson and only have Kmet and pickup will Dissly and Daniel Bellinger. Would these changes help me?
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    Need Tight End help!. Who to pickup?

    I agree about Juwuan Johnson. I actually like him and Kylen Granson of the Colts. He looks to be the receiver ahead of Moe Allie Cox. One of the reporters that follow the colts thinks Granson is going to have a break out year
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    Need Tight End help!. Who to pickup?

    Need help at TE(Premium) FFPC FBG. I have Cole Kmet and Albert O and Cameron Brate. Want to drop Brate, but the pickings are bad. Was sick the day of draft, messed up on picks. Available are Jonnu Smith, Will Dissly, Tayson Hill, Kylen Granson , Moe Allie Cox, Juwan Johnson and OJ Howard. Slim...
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    Which 2 to start; Full PPR

    Full PPR: which 2 to start? Miles Sanders, Devonte Freeman, D’Ernest Johnson or  Ty Johnson?
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    Need Replacement for Derrick Henry; Full Point PPR;

    Full Point PPR: I 'm dropping Derrick Henry: First. I have had injuries now to my top 3 RB's (Henry, K Hunt and Miles Sanders) I have picked up a few scrubs but not great. I have Devonta Freeman, Ty Johnson, Samaje Perine and Sony Michel. I was going to use matchups on who to start.  Need more...
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    Need QB for this Week, Lost Russell and Cousins on bye!

     I have on my roster as my 3rd, Teddy Bridgewater. But I'm worried he is hurt and might not play, or even benched for Lock. I have until tonight by 10PM to drop Teddy and pickup someone else. Tua and Carson Wentz are available. Should I drop Teddy for one of these QB's?
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    PPR:Would you drop Kmet for Allie-Cox

    PPR Trying to be proactive. Need for week 7 a tight end to start. I have one on IR and the other will be on bye week. Not sure Kmet will do well. Should I drop him for Moe Allie-Cox?  Cox plays SF and Kmet plays Tampa
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    Start one PPR; Javonte Williams, Nyheim Hines or Samaje Perine?

    FULL POINT PPR: Who do I start at second RB; Javonte Williams, Nyheim Hines or Samaje Perine? Lost Montgomery.