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  1. I thought the test was just a swab to the throat now?
  2. Yes still anti-cruise. That one COVID cruise ship from March is still docked in Oakland and I'd flip it off every time I drove by it on the freeway.
  3. I just moved to Portland and people here are pretty nuts about the Timbers. Was thinking of following along, but like you, the British terminology for everything is awful especially when I hear Americans use them. I'll be turned off if I hear things like pitch or sides or equalizer.
  4. Hating on boat owners is an odd take. I'd never do it because of the cost and time involved, but the idea of being able to go drive my boat around sounds cool as hell.
  5. You know America is in bad shape when you realize you do have to think for a minute or two about whether or not Kanye would be an upgrade.
  6. Wife and I recently moved to Portland, OR while getting to keep our SF Bay Area salaries. No kids, will be paying off what little debt we do have from the sale of our tiny condo in the bay area and then be able to put down a ton on a 3/2 here in Portland. I'm already thinking about the "toys" I'll be wanting to get, but most of our "fun" budget goes into travel and will continue to do so, pending COVID obviously. Most if not all of our friends have kids and we see so much of their money going into schooling (I mean WTF pre-schools are in the thousands of dollar range now??) and saving for future schooling. It's great for them because their kids are their lives and they are happy, but that seems to be a huge money sink to me.
  7. No kids sucking away at my life savings certainly helps.
  8. Yeah. Stadium bathrooms are a cesspool of filth when there isn’t a pandemic. And they’re indoors.
  9. It is the broadway production. It was flawless except for the king of England drooling during his big number.
  10. I don’t think it matters if they wear it out on the way in or out. If one of them has it, and this is indoor dining, they are saturating the air with droplets in the hour or so they are sitting at the table eating. Wearing the mask on the way out won’t matter because everyone else breathing the same air for the last hour probably has it by then.
  11. You’re assuming the old, at-risk people have more sensibility than their younger offspring.
  12. Except if all the careless young people who have represented the reason for the recent spikes visit their older relatives, shouldn’t we soon see a similar spike in older people cases and then later deaths down the road?
  13. I can't understand a word of what anyone is saying, but I 100% am on the side of the woman wearing the mask. The other people seem to personify everything that is wrong with this country right now.
  14. Fair enough. I really don't disagree much with what you are saying here. The only reason I would argue is that actually sitting at a restaurant is completely unnecessary to enjoy a good restaurant meal these days. It's like a whole bunch of added risk for no reason at all, IMO.
  15. The problem I see with dining out is being in one position next to others for a prolonged period of time. Even if it's outdoors it makes me a bit nervous. If they are eating, they are not wearing masks. Lots of places use umbrellas or tents outside and consider them "outdoors" but who knows how these things can enable the spread of the virus. Yes, every situation is different but people who measure the risk based on their own health are essentially ignoring how they can be asymptomatic and spreading it to others. I mean, if I were an at-risk person and to get to the grocery store I had to walk down a street with a bunch of unmasked, outdoor diners sitting around on the sidewalk, I might be a bit pissed. Plenty of things for people who are stir crazy to do outside. Sitting in a restaurant with others is completely unnecessary.
  16. Yeah it’s pretty good but not as good as Morrowind or Oblivion were back in the day.
  17. I agree but to an extent. Going out to a restaurant is completely unnecessary with the number of restaurants doing takeout these days. And I’m someone who loves going out to eat.
  18. I’m not. People here are smarter than the average person IMO. That means realizing that just because stuff opens doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to go. Obviously depends on location too. Some places are probably perfectly fine to eat out. Most places? Hell no.
  19. It's not just re-opening. It's what people do after things are re-opened and how they act. Like continuing to wear masks and social distance. People here seemed to think that re-opening things meant back to normal. It seems like people in Europe and elsewhere are smarter than that.
  20. They don't have idiots who think the government is taking away their rights by telling people to do something sensible line wearing a ####### mask. Only we have that because gosh darnit, this is 'Merica
  21. So the town I live in is home to the largest antique fair/flea market in the country. It's usually held monthly. ####### idiots are re-opening it this weekend. Our town has been very good with COVID so far, with only about 70 total cases to date in a population of about 100K. This is going to open the floodgates as the idiots stream in on Sunday. I've been to this thing. There is no real way to social distance. It's like Disneyland when it's crowded.
  22. No. Absolutely not. And we eat out a lot. Just because they are re-opening things doesn't mean it makes sense to go. Anyone with a brain can look at the numbers and see this, at least in my area. Let the Darwin award nominees be the guinea pigs. I imagine this is highly dependent on where people live though.
  23. Thanks for the Shameless recommendations. Made it through Season 4 in a little over a week. This show is great and was exactly what I was looking for.