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  1. Hankmoody

    Ito Smith, RB, ATL

    He's not all that great in IDP. I see a lot of "IDP" leagues where teams only start 1 at each meta, or 3 IDP total, or something totally small like that. Donald isn't all that surprising to be on the wire in those leagues and he's not really rosterable in medium sized leagues either. He's DL49 in one of mine for example and is typically in the late teens/20's at DL.
  2. Hankmoody

    Index to Offensive Player and Team threads

    How does this guy not have a link yet haha. Now just need player page.
  3. Hankmoody


    Flex positions killed trading in redraft leagues. There's very little reason to trade AJ Green for Mixon when you aren't improving your starting spot and people are now gun shy about making a mistake and trading the wrong guy. Years ago my homer league would have 15-20 trades every year as people traded a TE for a WR one week then a RB for a TE the next. Covering byes is now trivial, there are 10 guys that all score the same and it doesn't matter if it's a RB, WR, or TE spot to fill, just pick up Marvin Jones and plug him in. Primary reason I gravitated toward dynasty, now you have contract, salary cap, age, all kinds of reasons why trading Kenny Golloday for Mark Ingram might make sense. Our one trade of the season was Pat Mahomes for James Conner.
  4. As a top 10 WR his 5th year should be around $13M I think. It wouldn't be shocking to see them not retain him.
  5. Hankmoody

    Official Joe Mixon - Bengals RB

    If I were you I would ask for some advice.
  6. Hankmoody

    Dynasty: Rashaad Penny, Seattle Seahawks

    People crack me up dismissing players after 5 games. Mixon got fat last year too and started slow. If they had a talent like Carson around he may not have gotten out of the doghouse either. Penny may never amount to anything, but walking around like a peacock after 5 games is laughable. Now pardon me while I go look to buy Penny at heavily reduced prices while I still can.
  7. Hankmoody

    Dynasty: Rashaad Penny, Seattle Seahawks

    So it's a ploy?
  8. Some soulfly-level trolling going on in here methinks.
  9. Can I borrow your hair-splitter this weekend? That bad boy is razor sharp and I have a conversation scheduled with the ex about getting some stuff back.
  10. Hankmoody

    Eagles Backfield Now? - Jay Ajayi to IR

    Abandon ship
  11. Hankmoody

    Le'Veon Bell

    pfft this is nothing, go check out the Aaron Jones thread.
  12. Hankmoody

    Trubisky vs Rosen

    KCC got stale last year under Reid, it was when Nagy took over the playcalling that things got revved back up. Regardless, it's not surprising that it takes more than 4 games for a young QB, new HC, and new OC to get things synched up. Perhaps they never do, but this is way, way too early to be giving up on it. The payout is too big if it hits. Regarding the original topic, I prefer Rosen's talent but would take Trubisky if I had to choose between the two. One of my dynasty rules is to get young QB with offensive minded HC's. Those guys, if successful, will never lose their (real) OC and never had to learn a new system. Look at the big boys - Rodgers, Brees, Manning, and Brady being the exception where his OC has been around forever. The problem with stud QB's under defensive HC is that if their OC does really well, he gets a new job and the QB is likely going to have to learn a new system. This is why I am banking guys like Wentz, Carr, and Trubisky, there's a lot more potential long term continuity there.
  13. Hankmoody

    Trubisky vs Rosen

    You convinced me, I'm throwing in the towel after 4 games.
  14. Hankmoody

    Why Doesn't Tom Brady Hold Out?

    Because Kraft would pimp-slap him with his 10x wallet $6.6B - that's a B
  15. Hankmoody

    O. J Howard TE Alabama

    I didn't say I would trade him straight up for them, and that wasn't what you asked. You asked who I liked better long term and those are who I prefer long term straight up - I think (thought at the time?) all will be more productive/valuable long term. I make my transactions based on economics, however, and I recognize Howard has more market value than most of them, and if I had Howard (I don't) I'd make sure to get something additional in trade if I moved him.