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  1. Depends if it’s 1QB or SF or 2QB. Obviously a ton more if it’s the latter. If it’s 1QB, I would definitely not overpay for any QB outside of the top four or five guys.
  2. I offered my 2021 1st in a 16 man league. I'm loaded and have won the last two years so good chance it's a last-4 pick so it feels a lot more like giving up an early 2nd. I'd happily give any 2nd round pick for him. He looked the part and his QB should be better. They brought no one in to take reps.
  3. Ok well to start off with there's a WORLD of difference between Miles Sanders and Singletary. I'm not looking to move EZE at all but I would probably do it for Sanders + a couple firsts depending on the 100% absolute randomness that predicting future 1st rounders is. I wouldn't consider Singletary plus two 1sts unless this year's was 1.01 - 1.04 and even that's unlikely.
  4. Wait you aren't asking if Sanders is too much for EZE are you? Or if Singletary and a 1 are too much?
  6. Stunned and ecstatic to get him 2.01 in 16 man league. DE isn't a very premium position in this league and as a result I haven't put many resources into it but this one was easy.
  7. Gallup isn't gone next year, he's a $1.1M cap hit. Cooper is far more likely to be gone next year.
  8. I am stashing him for when he signs with HOU next year. QB has been a big part of his problem and system has been another. He'll have neither problem there.
  9. No, it won't. Because the donkeys that load up on non-ideal OLB because they are donkeys get a significant advantage from being donkeys. I literally sold my draft picks rather than draft dead weight guys. So now a team that should be packed up with terrible 9.5 PPG LB options suddenly get much stronger EDGE options on their roster and they got them cheaper/later because the savvy owners were avoiding them altogether. Not sure why you're debating this you've been doing IDP long enough to understand this and are knowledgeable enough to have avoided such dead weight.
  10. What is he supposed to say? "Glad you asked Chris. I think we'll be lucky to get 13 games from Rivers, he's pretty damn old but we figured what the hell $25M for 13 games is like paying $32 for 16 games and that's what Russell Wilson gets." "Matthew Pittman? Yeah he's ok. We had him ranked WR7 and got him as the 8th guy off the board so we're pretty stoked. The guy we were really hoping for though was Tee Higgins and we got our hearts ripped out when he went a pick ahead of us. We'll make it work with Pittston though".
  11. Seems obvious that because without this knowledge we've all avoided those OLB like the plague they (were). Completely changes the landscape. Don't get me wrong, I'd welcome the change, but only if we knew in advance and got a chance to plan and adjust for it.
  12. Wait what? MFL comes of Fantasy Sharks, does fleaflicker also use that as a basis?