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  1. Ah ok. I think they are trying to avoid it getting ugly. He's not going anywhere, they are likely trying to find someone he'll reason with and surrender peacefully first.
  2. Until there was an arrest warrant no, they can't enter his house. The shenanigans yesterday involved them wanting to question him on what happened, and a citizen can refuse that. But the warrant gives them the right to go get him now, willing or not.
  3. Nothing I love more than rebuilding. All my leagues are cap-based leagues, where we have 100 years to assign (no actual salaries) and every year each player's contract is reduced so there is a ton of decay built in which helps keep the league competitive. That makes is a lot more viable to trade mid-top tier guys if they are on expiring/short contracts. Give me a 1-3 start and I'm out. I also play in <$100 leagues so it's a lot easier to stomach. I get way more bang for my buck on these leagues than I get anywhere else other than maybe when I was playing WOW/SWTOR hardcore.
  4. Yes, as was Nashville. The only issue is the crowd/time. If you weren't on Broadway by 5:00 on Thursday you weren't getting anywhere near the stage, but that's a big ol' bottleneck area, not sure what is will look like in Vegas. Not that it mattered, they had/will have a bajillion big screens and it doesn't really matter where you are if you aren't in the VIP area anyway.
  5. I'm coming with some buddies. They aren't Raiders fans but we all went to the draft last year and got some golf in and hit some kickass food. I'm expecting we'll come in on Monday and I will work the early week from the condo and then bust out on Thursday and the weekend. And under favorite team, that link reads Oakland Raiders ^_^
  6. It's too early to put most names out there, lots will change after the combine and pre-draft process plays out. Heck a ton changes just from getting full film analysis on guys. A year ago Jachai Polite was a stud and now he's what, out of the league? Tons of WR in this draft, I wouldn't mind waiting on one. Heck we could have our pick of an elite one at 19. I say just go BPA all over the place. Simmons is a stud and Mayock loves "football players" like him. Is he a LB? S? He's just a playmaker. No-brainer if he's there which isn't guaranteed. Again, I say BPA. If we're sold on Tua, take him. If it's a CB of which there are a few, great. Delpit could be a smaller version of Simmons, guy is all over the field.
  7. I was going to guess JJSS was below 500 yards receiving? Didn't look it up though.
  8. Sure may as well. When he's suspended he costs 0 and when he's not he's worth every penny. We do need a full-time reliable answer at some point but with the holes we still have we need every chance to patch it up to be undertaken.
  9. Ridiculous? When guys like Ekeler, Carson, Lindsey, and others come out and FORCE their way onto the field? When a JAG like Malcolm Brown plays more? You're really going to hang that much on what he looked like in one game? Jonas Gray would like a word with you. If a guy is that good he ends up playing, especially when there isn't someone else on the roster holding him back - and say what you want about Gurley but he's clearly not the same guy now. I get you might have a different opinion but calling it ridiculous is, well, ridiculous. But hey, carry on.
  10. Yeah today I agree. Let's see if I (we) do in 12 months.
  11. Wow it seems like I'm coming after you today, but I'm really not I swear I disagree here - he didn't look much the part at all, and in a loaded draft class I think I'd be happy to re-invest in something else. The guppy move is holding on to a guy you paid a 1st for when "all you're getting" is a 2nd. That's sunk cost fallacy at work. Think back to the 2019 draft, people were dying to give away picks for 2020 picks, and now being offered that chance you're saying you wouldn't take it? I own just one share and would flip him instantly for the 2020 #19 or #20 I paid for him.
  12. I think he's hanging to the word should, as in a guy like OBJ should be worth the 1.01++ but because he's in Cleveland and had a train-wreck year he's not right this moment. And I agree with you and the others, no way I'm giving up 1.01 right now for him, but I would bet even money that within the next 18 months I'm kicking myself for not having the guts to.
  13. I agree they won't, but the contract isn't much risk. NYG at all the dead money and all of the guaranteed money is done too - only a couple million of his 2020 salary is left. So as all those next gen guys hit the $18M per year mark, OJB is a relative bargain at ~$14M per year each of the next 4. I just think Cleveland is gong to want to keep OBJ with Mayfield. He's an elite WR when he's right and you don't get many chances at that. He's not nearly as bat-#### crazy as AB is (yet?) and he's really not even being any kind of negative - it's more the media looking for stuff to stir the pot with. He's been peachy.