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  1. He's a D II player, it's very conceivable he's under the radar.
  2. Tebow should still be available.
  3. Shocked to see Butt so low. What criteria did you use here?
  4. Bet a random guy on an internet board about a hypothetical trade that can't be proven? Sure, how about pink slips, my partially completed Death Star for your slightly used USS Enterprise? Anyway, staying on track with the thread: Team A gets 1.02 Team B gets Rob Gronkowski, 2018 4th, 2018 4th Team A gets Tyreek Hill, 1.12 Team B gets Allen Robinson .5 PPR, no return yards. Contract league, Robinson has 2 years Tyreek is unassigned.
  5. According to whom? How often have you ever seen someone lead with their chin on an initial offer? I know a snap-accept offer when I see one, and I'll certainly just click accept when those come in, but this isn't one of them. You may be willing to give 1.06, 1.07, and 2.01 for 1.01 but that doesn't make it clearly getting the better value, that just makes it your opinion. In my opinion it's not, and menobrown declined it too (giving up 6, 8, 9). And even if you do believe that, it doesn't mean the other owner does. The fact that he's the one that made the offer strongly suggests he doesn't because how many people lead with an offer they think they are getting crushed on? Maybe he'd really do it just for the 1.06 and 1.07 but feels like he'll start high. And if so, a counter of 2.01 for 2018 1st could be that middle ground. I have literally never had someone rescind an offer and close the conversation because I suggested a counter-offer.
  6. Perhaps not, but it doesn't hurt to ask. He said he was offered that though, which means the 1.01 owner has some level of interest in the extra picks, so that would be my initial counter. Rubber hits the road, would I do it if I felt like it was the best and final? I doubt it right now.
  7. Kelce without the pick. Love the free 1.11
  8. I'm hoping that's Cook, as in Dalvin. If so it's a just a huge win for OBJ side rather than a train wreck. People really need to realize we aren't mind readers and put full names in. Fitz could mean multiple guys here too.
  9. 1.01 would have me thinking, that's a much bigger comfort factor than 1.03. I too have 1.06, 1.07, and 2.01 in one league, and if someone wanted all three for 1.01 I would counter with their 2018 first and I bet they would accept.
  10. I agree with this, and have a couple of teams like this, but would rather trade those later picks for 2018 than overpay like this. Future picks are like little value batteries, they never lose their charge and who knows, maybe you get a top 5 pick out of it. Not a big enough tier jump from 1.08 to 1.03 for me.
  11. Have you tried CTRL + mouse scroll or CTRL + the plus and minus keys (+ and -) yet? You don't need to use shift with + button to zoom so technically it's CTRL =
  12. This is my alma mater, very cool to follow this. Hard to tell just how beastly he is with Division II competition but would love to see him make it. AU has another guy, Jamie Meder, playing for the Browns and he had the blocked FG that was to try to tie, in the one game the Browns eventually won.
  13. FTR I would actually agree with you if they weren't already in dire need of cap space. They have been kicking the can down the road for years now, it's not sustainable, and they just had to do it again with Frederick and Smith. At least those guys are young and healthy enough that they will never become harbinger contracts like Romo's is. Dallas hit paydirt with getting an elite RB and franchise QB both on rookie deals. It's time to take advantage of that and pay the debt of Romo's contract and get the money off the books.
  14. Fair enough, but that was a reply to "Mike Evans for a kicker". If we must discuss my league's rules, let's do it elsewhere and not clutter up the best thread on this forum.