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  1. Hankmoody

    Antonio Brown WR - PIT

    I don't understand this at all. Why would there be any concern an elite WR brings any QB down?
  2. Hankmoody

    BSTs 2019 IDP catch-all.

    Leonard 9, I'll have what he's smoking.
  3. As a raging OSU homer I figured I'd share what I think about this year's OSU entries. Dwayne Haskins - stud stud stud. I'm probably slightly over-reacting to the contrast between him and how horrible JT Barrett was, but this guy can sling it. Top strength - lightning fast release. Again, huge contrast to Barrett, but this guy sees an opening and BAM the ball is gone. Top weakness - footwork. He's very inconsistent and gets lazy at times. His quick release works against him here - he sees an opening and BAM the ball is gone, but many times it didn't need to be gone. He could have set his feet and gotten better mechanics out of it. Secondary strength - Accuracy, in particular because of the previously mentioned traits. When I went back to look at his film it was stunning how many throws he made in a hurry off his back foot, or sidearm, or when he had time to set but didn't - and then they all connect. It's amazing. The only reason I don't call it his primary strength is I don't know how it will translate to the NFL. He had a ton of wide-open WR in that offense and he's not going to get those windows very often at the next level - can he still get it done that way? If he improves his feet and the throwing mechanics follow there's no limit here. Fantasy outlook - elite QB. Where I'll take him - slightly reaching for QB ADP. Top 10 in 16 man, mid 2nd in 12 man. I don't normally draft QB's like that, I typically ride the cheap old QB train, but I'm getting Haskins everywhere. Mike Weber - flash talent. He's got enough talent to be a low-end RB1 in fantasy, his challenge will be getting the touches to do it. He's not an elite talent, and he's not going to stand out from the crowd. He's a lot like Alfred Morris to me - if you give him 25 carries he'll pay out huge, but he's also the kind of guy, like Morris, that teams are always looking to upgrade. If he ends up in a cherry spot I'll have a lot of interest, and I'll even take a flier if he ends up in a nice handcuff situation (MIN, if Murray leaves or LAR) - but regardless, I'm moving him the moment he flashes. Remember Karlos Williams a couple of years ago? I saw a guy trade two future firsts for him when he showed that flash behind Shady. That's what I want from Weber - a quick flip opportunity to realize ROI. Fantasy outlook - flash in the pan RB success. Where I'll take him - all depends on his landing spot. No one foresaw Hunt as a top 8 draft pick in April 2017 but by May 5th he was entrenched. I tend to hunt RB's though so he'll be on a lot of my teams when I miss out on those tier 2 guys like Snell and Sanders that go early. Paris Campbell - I have the same words here as I did last year - this guy is a thoroughbred with very little route-running prowess. I don't know how much he'll be able to improve that though, so he's going to have to end up in a situation they are able to use him properly. We've heard that a lot about a lot of pure athletes and it doesn't happen often. He's either Tavon Austin or Tyreek Hill (which are actually the same guys that ended up on opposite ends of the use spectrum). Except he's big. 210, HS RB experience, he runs pretty tough for a WR. . Fantasy outlook - complete dart throw with elite potential but bottomless pit of despair downside. Where I'll take him - I probably won't. He's not the kind of guy I end up with often, I'm usually hunting RB's or IDP around the time these guys get drafted, but I'll be keeping a close eye on him in a couple of leagues where I have multiple picks Terry McLaurin - I knew he was a strong route-runner, but with 4 years of Barrett tossing snowballs he didn't really get to make that shine. What I didn't realize was how fast he was (again, Barrett) but there was talk at the Senior Bowl of him running in the 4.3 neighborhood. He's a 5th year guy so there will be plenty of concerns about why he stayed so long and why he didn't stand out more and his age, but he never really had a season that would make him look ready for the NFL and we saw how bad Jalin Marshall bombed - that had to scare him. So why not stay at a factory like OSU and have a ton of fun and win a ton of games and get a couple more pairs of gold pants? Where I'll take him - one of my favorite deep fliers. I'll gladly take him in the late 3rd of all leagues. Guys like him tend to overproduce their ADP. IDP version of this thread to follow in those forums.
  4. Hankmoody

    [Dynasty] Todd Gurley

    I'm not worried about % of snaps. That just means they are using their WR like Kupp as an extension of the running game. If CJA or some other RB picks up more carries I expect it to be at the expense of Goff's passing, not Gurley's touches. He also "only" had 17 rushing TD and 21 total. That's nice efficiency, but it's not historical or anything unsustainable. Even giving him his average of 1.2 TD per game would put him at 19.4 TD - not even top 10 in NFL history. But let's say he does regress. That's fine, he led all RB by over 2.4 PPG. That's 38.4 points over 16 games, or 6.5 TD's. He can afford to drop off a little bit while still maintaining elite value.
  5. Hankmoody

    [Dynasty] Todd Gurley

    Gurley only averaged 18.3 carries per game and 22.5 total touches per game. That balance was already happening. No concern for me at all, and I am actively after him in all leagues at panic prices.
  6. Hankmoody

    Impact of Hunt on Chubb?

    I'm guessing the Browns expect KHunt to have a very big impact on Chubb. I think they hope he stands at attention more, expands his role, really gets the blood flowing. Khunt should be good motivation to get into top shape and maintain it - you don't want to get soft and lumpy around Khunt. I think Chubb will follow KHunt all over the place, always be poking around, never missing a change to learn - I know I do when presented similar opportunities. Mistakes will happen and sure things might get heated but making up will be the best part. He'll probably take a week or so off per month just to make sure things don't get too messy though. I think the only thing they'll worry about is if he overdoes it - I'd guess they call in the doctor if he's still going full speed after the game's over - 4 hours is a long time for a player like that.
  7. Hankmoody

    Antonio Brown WR - PIT

    I don't think he's looking for more money, he's just looking for the current money to be guaranteed. A team that's serious about bringing him on probably won't hesitate to do at least 2019. He's too much of a bargain cap to not roll those dice at least once. I would love the Raiders to bring him in. Guarantee 2019 and roll guarantees on February 1st each subsequent year. If he's not a clown he keeps getting the next season guaranteed. If he's a problem and they aren't making the playoffs they can snip him.