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  1. Marshawn Lynch? Or Lynch the backup QB?
  2. So you weren't in this thread asking why in the world we would ever bench the guy the week he scored 5 points, you only make it over here to chide us when he goes for 35.
  3. Yeah we aren't going to require QB starters next year either
  4. Well crap, no one was budging on him last week and I was hoping for another down week to shake him loose. Pretty much no chance now.
  5. I would laugh at a Green for ARob and a 1st offer. I would mildly chuckle at Golladay, ARob, and a 1st. I think it was a mild overpay, but now is the only time you'll get him for that. First time he pops for 100 and a TD he's untouchable.
  6. I take it now is the time for me to start sending out offers for Henry?
  7. People need to be more specific with player names.
  8. Benched for Maclin, but I'll survive it.
  9. No, but he's still worth a stash.
  10. Fournette Mixon Cook McCaffrey Elliott Gurley Richardson Peterson
  11. Probably no combine data available.