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  1. He can disagree all he wants, he's wrong. A 5 PPG delta in a start-20 league isn't winning it.
  2. Can't solve all the issues at once. Only so many draft picks and we aren't yet a FA destination. If they keep hitting on what they get I'm happy with that. What we need to do now is be able to scheme/coach around the deficiencies. That's why BB is GOAT - he gets far more out of his talent than anyone else does. Not expecting that level of course, but a DC that's creative and figures out a way to not let crap talent crap the ball down your throat would be super.
  3. Pre-injury though, that's what it would have taken for him.
  4. OOPS Holy carp is this guy good. Like next generational Ultraman good, we sure got robbed of something special losing his prime years to addiction. I don't regret my take, 99.9% of the time it's right, but wow this guy is unbelievable what I'm seeing. I did end up snagging him in two leagues but that's 3 too few. To rub some salt in the wound, he's a cheat code getting LB snaps/stats at DE designation. Man you thought getting a LB in a S wrapper was nice. One IDP isn't league winning, but this guy is as close as you're gonna see. 22 from a DL is nuts.
  5. Whoa that's a nasty injury, how does that happen on a football field?
  6. Interesting. I feel the exact opposite with WR. Give me the LB studs and I'll take my chances at WR later. WR are too much of a crapshoot in tier 3. For every Allen Robinson there are half a dozen Christian Kirk upsiders that never pan out. I've always said I'd rather pay top dollar for a WR knowing what I'm getting than spending $5 on a dozen unknowns. This doesn't preclude taking those filler LB's, you can still accumulate them and flip for equity, or trade 2-for-1 for a better one, or my personal favorite is using them as throw-ins on bigger deals. Nothing better than using Eric Wilson to be the closer in a deal for DK Metcalf. This year was a bit more difficult because I really liked in particular Higgins, Aiyuk, and Edwards at their ADP's but I'm going LB at equal ADP levels. My most difficult draft decisions are always when there's a stud LB vs. a 2nd tier RB. This year was great because after the 5 studs I had a huge gap until the next one (Vaughn at 25) so it was a lot easier for me.
  7. No reason to sell right now. You're not going to get better than RB2 prices and he's worth just putting in your lineup as any regular RB2 would be. He'll get his 7-12 points and maybe they get a goal line where they actually give it to him or he snaps one off.
  8. Nice contain pass rush, you can't get upfield on Cam, he'll blaze right by you.
  9. I'll agree with this too. Many people have no symptoms at all - my best friend's cousin is one I know of. But positive she was and she (probably) exposed 4 other people before she realized it - and then only because her husband showed symptoms so she went and got tested. She never missed a beat.
  10. You don't know you don't know anyone who has gotten it. I've had three people I know have it where I didn't find out until much later. Their medical records are not my business so unless they've been in close proximity to me they have no reason to let me know right away.
  11. So you'd prefer they don't change their commentary when the landscape changes? How many points do you want them to project for Barkley this week? I think 15.6 would be perfect.
  12. Well I think you don't play IDP leagues, so you're probably not used to it, but IDP get a TON of stat changes every week. One guy gets credited for a tackle and it has to come from someone else so there's the double-whammy effect. Now law of averages usually plays out so if you get a couple guys getting a couple more points, your opponent likely does too. Or you'll get a couple guys lose a few points and a couple of your other guys gain a few and you end up even. It's generally less than 5 points per week, but when you see a close one like that you learn to check first thing Thursday morning haha. I'd say in each of my leagues we get 1-2 games per season that change results.
  13. I don't agree with that at all. Engram was never valuable because of scarcity, he was valuable because he had reset the market type upside. He still does. Very few TE are capable of being regulars in the 20 point club, and with Barkley out Engram's got an even better chance. I've turned the corner on my Engram addiction but I'd still be acquiring him if people are offering him at isn't-worth-anything level pricing.
  14. I've seen multiple stat changes change the outcome - one of my leagues had the League Championship change due to one, and I won that same league a few years later by .85 as of the Monday Night final and I was sweating it big time.