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  1. They cut Williams a couple of weeks ago.
  2. I didn't say he was a bad deep passer, rather that he's not the kind to chuck to ball up and let the receiver go get it. I suppose this is partly because he's never had that kind of go-to guy he trusted, but he's always been a precision passer that likes to see guys break open or run timing routes to an open spot. He doesn't try to fit it into tight spaces and he doesn't toss it up there for his guy to go get. It doesn't seem like a good fit with Treadwell at all.
  3. If you don't have what he's worth just throw out any old offer. Maybe 8.10 upgraded to 8.05 will get you a counter.
  4. Agreed. Cousins has little to no rapport with any of those guys except Reed. Quick could easily become his favorite outside target. I picked him up as a speculative add late in the season and I'm pretty pleased. He was never going to be handed a WR1 opportunity anyway, at least this one doesn't have an established WR1 in front of him.
  5. I'm really glad the world wasn't this small when I was a teenager.
  6. He finished WR9 in that format last year. There's some risk of repeatability, especially the rushing totals/efficiency, but I'll gamble an expanded workload can offset that. I'd happily give up 1.07 for him and possibly up to 1.05. Top 5 in that format would include McCaffrey for me so I think that's my cutoff. Cook, Mixon, Davis, McCaffrey, Fournette. Given Fournette's virtual certainty to go top 3 means I'm holding up to 1.05 but after that gimmie Tyreek.
  7. I don't think PPR is a huge impact for him, I think the return yards are the key. I'd say late 1st early 2nd is about right if there's no return yards. In theory they'll try to get him more touches and more short passes may be one way for that but I don't know if he'll get the receiving yards and TD's needed to move to solid WR2 status.
  8. I'd guess the general consensus is something like "Tyreek and 1.05 for Hopkins". I love me some Tyreek in return yard leagues though and is probably very much a flavor pick. I'd snap up an offer even close to that and gun to my head I'd take Hill straight up in that format. The floor that the return yards brings is massive - 2.5 PPG for Hill in that format. Hill 12.2 PPG in 2016. Hopkins 2015 wasn't nearly so beastly in non-PPR (he had 111 that year, nearly 7 points per game!) at 13.6 PPG and was a huge outlier as a result of his targets.
  9. Yep, but not sure how that's relevant. If you're citing it as a bad decision, then it's equally bad to force the ball to the JAG you just paid $20M in order to justify both his salary and the Bradford trade. I think it's just the opposite, and ironically it's exactly because they now have Bradford as their QB. They recognize things have changed. When they drafted Treadwell they expected to have a more downfield QB like TBW and Treadwell's ability to get downfield and win jump balls meshed better with TBW's skill set.. With Bradford (and this crappy OL), there's more emphasis on being able to get quick separation at the line. They found a guy that fits what Bradford's looking for (he pounded him with targets for a reason) and have adapted the succession plan. Treadwell's going to have to get Bradford to trust him, it's pretty clear Bradford isn't going to adapt his game and just start chucking it up for Treadwell to go win. Bradford's never been that kind of QB and he's not going to start now.
  10. They just gave him $20M. $11M guaranteed.
  11. Regardless of how deep IDP drafts are nothing in the 3rd/4th rounds makes up for that dropoff. That's pretty bad. Huge tier drop after about 10 or so and an outside chance to get a stud that fades like Corey Davis might.
  12. Even so, he's a FS. Very few of those are viable in the leagues I'm in. Thomas really isn't. He's probably DB30 on a regular basis. I'm more active than most on the wire for DB's and frequently end up with 3-4 top 20 so a guy like that just doesn't carry a lot of value.
  13. The real question is how do you even offer that? How is the game fun when you win like that?
  14. I'd likely tell him to take a hike. He probably got a bunch of grief from owners over it and that's the only reason he's asking for reversal. Screw that, let him suffer. Then reverse the trade before week 1.
  15. And people wonder why some guys throw out idiotic first offers.