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  1. 71 catches last year - all he's gotta do is improve the efficiency and he's a breakout candidate big-time.
  2. You could, but few are in the perfect storm of opportunity he is - a QB that's currently maligned but might just be a whole lot better this year than last and no real competition for targets in the most wide-open WR corp in the league. And while his physical profile took a bit of a hit after his pro-day it's still more impressive than most UDFA. If Keelan Doss goes out and does those kinds of things the response will likely be "meh, AB is there, his ceiling is capped" or if Stanley Morgan does it'll be "well, he's pretty ordinary, and it's Dalton, and there's AJG and Boyd there". Preston Williams has none of those things in front of him aside from mistrust of Rosen's future. Personally I think Rosen got hosed in ARI and still has a better than average chance to turn out to be a very good QB and he doesn't scare me one bit. So if HE goes out and looks good, bringing Preston Williams along with him, that's got a chance to skyrocket both their values. That's what I'm looking at. In a 12 man he's a lot harder to roster, I do get that, and I did specify I held him only in 16 man leagues. He was actually drafted in my 12 man leagues, and way early for my taste.
  3. Now you're moving the goalposts. He has no first DV violation under the policy to trigger an indefinite ban for a 2nd offense. Yes, his legal past can be held against him but this policy was written after his plea agreement (which has had a whole lot of wtf shone on it lately anyway) and there's no way the NFLPA would let that be a significant aggravating circumstance.
  4. What you guys seems to dismiss is that we don't need his consensus price to reach a 1st - just one guy in the league to believe. Zyphros has long been a supporter and I have seen others talking him up here too. I've already been offered a conditional 2nd for him so it's not a large stretch to get from there to 1st rounder territory and I even saw him added via post-draft waivers for $10 - that's not far from 1st round value at all. If he gets good press, Rosen looks good, he surpasses Parker on the depth chart, he goes out and catches a 70 yarder in week 1 - tons of things can happen to generate a price swing.
  5. Except he hasn't had a first offense for DV under the NFL policy.
  6. That carries a lot less weight now since they can roll all unused money forward. Cutting him creates future extra dollars that can be spent on someone else.
  7. I'm pretty sure that's incorrect. The rule being cited reads "A player shall not receive an Accrued Season for any League Year in which the player is under contract to a Club and in which he failed to report to such Club at least thirty days prior to the first regular season game of that season, or in which the player thereafter failed to perform his contract services" but this is from Article 8 Section 1 of the CBA, which only applies to players with fewer than three accrued seasons - of which EZE is not one. That wording doesn't appear anywhere else in the CBA. Either way he may not need the accrued year since Dallas has already exercised the 5th option year so he won't be a Free Agent of any kind next year. edit: well I looked closer at it and it's just clunkily written and almost certainly doesn't only apply to players with fewer than three accrued seasons but to all players. It's still moot since he's not gonna be a Free Agent next year.
  8. F5'ing the page after a submission can do that as can inadvertently multi-clicking the submit button before the page advances.
  9. Can't really make these generalizations. I'm an active repeat champ in the league where I have Tyreek and refused to sell for a 1st, 2nd, or devy. He was worth way too much to me to panic like that. I never thought he'd never play again, and it never smelled right to me for some reason. This feels like a weird defense mechanism to me. "I can't feel bad about my moves because I just fell victim to being an active owner! Ahh the pitfalls of being too GOOD at this!" lol Absolutely agree. I didn't even consider selling him cheap. Even if he missed the entire 2019 season it's a dynasty league and when he gets back he's a game-changer. It would have taken a 95% value offer to get me to bite on the risk and that was never gonna happen. The one offer I did make was to a rebuilding owner for Bell straight up, which today wouldn't even be that bad a value given that Hill does still pose some moderate long-term risk.
  10. And the quote you cite in the CBS article you are hanging your argument on is from April.
  11. There, it's even spelled out in the link for you.
  12. You aren't even trying to be impartial are you? You haven't even looked at the facts. He was cleared of breaking the child's arm as was Espinal. The future investigations they are performing, and the injuries being references, are the bruising and welts thought to be caused by excessive discipline, and they cannot determine who was involved in that.
  13. He was cleared of the broken arm almost immediately, the act you specified you don't believe he didn't do.