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  1. Well if you fully believe in him sure, that's not a bad stance. My point though was that in those leagues there's a better chance he slips to 1.05 than in full PPR or return yard leagues. I have 1.05 in a full PPR + return yards league and a few weeks ago he was the target. Kiss that goodbye now, and I'm trying to move up to 1.02 as a result.
  2. Depends on league scoring and others. I play in a lot of scaled PPR leagues where RB are .5 and WR are .75 with TE premium at 1.0 or 1.25. CMc isn't as attractive in those leagues so 1.05 is still in play, but not much lower. And forget about it in return yard leagues, he's top 2 there with Mixon for me. Balanced PPR leagues it's a toss-up if he's there or not.
  3. Where, in terms of rookie pick(s), do you put Gronkowski? How much does a startable TE coming back (Brate, Doyle, Rudolph) matter?
  4. Rudolph played 16 games each of the last two years. More importantly, he's not coming off his second major back surgery. I also didn't say I was hoping to get someone as good as Gronkowski with the picks, my exact words were "take a shot at his successor", a TE I can trust to start. I suppose one could extrapolate "successor" to mean "next elite TE" but that isn't really the expectation, although Engram has that potential in my eyes. So maybe I would restate it with "and take a shot at finding a long-term starter at TE". I do like this thought process, but at what point does that potential advantage from Gronkowski get outweighed by the return?
  5. Because it's still cash they must put into escrow when the deals are signed. Every 2 mil they drop unnecessarily means another 2 mil they have to scrape together for Carr and Mack. And that's going to be a lot of 2 mil's.
  6. Ha I'll take a swing with Hill for this price.
  7. I don't agree with that at all, ask Josh Gordon about how automatic reinstatement is, we don't know one of them won't end up on just as good an offense, and no WR in this draft has the risk of being suspended as Bryant does. No way I give up 1.06, I wouldn't give up any top 12 pick for him.
  8. Who cares why? Fact is he's in it. And now his risk window goes way, way up. Before all he had to do was be smart enough not to toke up for about 3 weeks a year before the publicly known testing window and he could pot up the other 94% of the year. Now he has to stay clean year round. Let alone now we get to ask why he drank so much water. Maybe he was sick and dehydrated, but maybe he was just trying to actually hide something. Fact is if he's clean he's clean and this would never been a worry. But we all know a large % of NFL players aren't clean, they are just smart enough to hold off during the test window. And now Foster loses that luxury. Now he's randomly tested year round, so if he IS in that large % he's going to have to develop an entirely new discipline to put the pipe down. The vast majority of NFL players don't have to learn that. Now we have to pray Foster can.
  9. They wouldn't be paying to move up for the QB, they would be paying to move up for the QB while also keeping the pass rusher. The analytics could very well determine it's worth it to have both.
  10. The Raiders are cash poor, thus the critical need for a stadium and the revenue it brings. The NFL requires all guaranteed monies to be placed into escrow. So yes, tossing a few million around frivolously will impact them. It's why I don't think they will extend Carr until next year and Mack the year after that. They need to spread out their cash outlay as much as possible. I wish they could, they would be able to spread the hits out a little bit better, but this is one of the nuances of financial management.
  11. I don't know why you keep pounding this drum. We all know that some trades work the way you expect and some don't. You're still not trading the 1.03 for the 1.10 and pocket change.
  12. Bottom right corner of the picture at the top of the article.
  13. His mother, his brother, his entire family. None of them signed up for this. Even his fiance has known him since childhood.
  14. EXACTLY what I was looking for! Is it going to be a 4-3, similar to that? Maybe single high safety, that type of thing? “We are a single high defense. The system you could say, it originated in Seattle. I was there from the get go. Three teams currently, Seattle, Atlanta, Jacksonville, if you’re looking at tape, all of them have their nuances and how they operate. This will be a very, I don’t want to say it will be a very different scheme, but there are going to be differences and there will be nuances within this scheme that makes it unique to us.” A lot of people talk about it, it’s a 4-3 with 3-4 personnel. Is that sort of how you view it? “I do.
  15. And I sympathized for Lloyd's family too. Sad you must pull out the strawman to try to justify your behavior, I have never once supported Hernandez or what he did, only those many victims in this story. And you are not worth my time. 62 posts to ignore, that's a record even for me. Congrats on that.