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  1. Three reasons I might move a top 10 asset: If rebuilding and that top 10 asset's window does fit me. AB, Julio, AJG, perhaps Le'Veon or David Johnson if the team needs more than a couple of years of TLC. That Ajayi trade above would be a snap accept for me in a rebuild and I would immediately flip Ajayi for something else because he has more long-term risk than others in his range might. I think I'm getting getting out at maximum price or before a decline. DJ's price is never going to be higher. If I can get the moon for him I'd take it. That was an outlier type season he just had. I think I saw a trade recently with Zeke + for DJ. That's hard to pass up. I was deep in negotiations to get Michael Thomas, 1.05 (OTC, Cook was target) and a 2018 1st for AB and wouldn't have hesitated had he said yes. He kept trying to turn Thomas into Watkins and that was a non-starter for me. I'm getting a bargain on the centerpiece coming back. I remain pretty high on Gurley, for example, so if someone's putting Gurley in that above trade instead of Ajayi, David Johnson flies off the shelf. I'll do the work myself of moving the picks for some immediate return. There's going to be someone in the Dez/Jordy/Hilton range that can be gotten for two 1sts and two 2nd or less. Worst case I grab Larry Fitz and bank the 1sts. As was said above, the reality is that few owners actually have the capital to afford to pay the prices these premium assets need, and even fewer have the balls to do it. So much about trading today is "winning" the trade or "not regretting" what the outcome would be. I had one owner point blank tell me "I don't trade because I don't want to be the guy that someone else wins the league because of". When I asked "but what about the chance you're the guy making the league winning trade?" he just replied "I'd rather not risk it". It makes no sense to me
  2. But MFL doesn't make changes midseason, do they? Preseason week 3.
  3. If Emmanuel can't hold up at SAM they could move Ingram back. Roto goes with what they see on the field, and they do updates all through the preseason. If Ingram is playing SAM in week 3 he'll be changed back to LB. Attaochu has little chance of that.
  4. You're buying high on everyone at 7. There's no "value' unless one of the big boys slides. I'll take the shot on the upside of Evans or Green here.
  5. Presumably, but not exactly etched in stone. Ingram was a 1st rounder in 2012, Attaochu a 2nd in 2014. Ingram has played more and had more success thus far, but it could be argued that's because he adapted better to playing the new scheme. Both were 4-3 guys that played with their hand in the dirt in college. Again, this might actually hurt Ingram (at least his fantasy designation) with as well as he's played in coverage.
  6. Most likely yes. But Ingram was a very good cover guy and if they aren't happy about whoever plays SAM (Emmanuel?) he may shift back, especially if Attaochu plays well. Attaochu was a more natural DE in college and never really looked like he fit at LB so I don't think he moves back. If I could only have one give me Ingram but I'd happily roster them both and wait it out.
  7. You should offer him and a 4th for Allen Robinson.
  8. Well it took a couple days longer than I thought it might but nice to see they stick mostly to their pattern.
  9. Teams usually don't sign veteran players before camp. They are much more expensive cap hits than undrafted rookies, and all veterans do in camp is take away snaps from young guys the team needs to evaluate. With limited practice times teams would rather let the young guys show what they have and then if there's still a need they can sign the vet later, since they will need a lot less time to get up to speed than a rookie might.
  10. AJ Green tore his hamstring last year.
  11. How Clemson called plays doesn't concern me at all.
  12. I'm very high on Barkley but no way is he top 5 right now. We don't even know where he'll end up, or if he avoids injury, let alone worth waiting at least a year on the return.
  13. League is not public.
  14. Wow, just wow. Freeman? Gordon? Michael Thomas? For a 38 year old QB in a 1 QB league? Even without rookie 1sts on top those are equally bad as the original offer was. Go check out some dynasty startup draft. Those guys are 1st and 2nd round picks. Brees is a 6th at best, I got him in the 9th recently. Hell those guys are well ahead of him in redrafts. The first offer was indeed awful, but that's expected when talking about a guy in a position of strength. He has Cam, he's "fine" at QB. You have to remember you aren't offering him Brees, you are offering him the upgrade from Cam to Brees. That's not overly significant. Offer him Brees for Cam. He gets a free upgrade at the cost of some longevity, you get a lot of longevity in exchange for short term PPG that don't help you. Montgomery would be a good option too if PPR. He's his 4th RB and he's got a chance to become very valuable and Palmer is a throw-in for him. Speaking of throw-ins, Dixon won't mean much to him at all, so keep him in mind as a way to tip the scales in your favor. Bottom line it's really hard to get value out of any QB in a 1 QB league, you're going to "lose the trade" any way you do it. Just do it in a way that's productive for your team. The only way to do that is with patience. Don't take a crappy offer now. It's July. You can hold him until October. Someone will get off to a better start and think they have a chance, someone will lose a QB to injury, someone will see their bet on Cousins/Mariotta/Winston/Carr fail to pay off. At least one guy in your league will be interested in ponying up at some point, wait for it.
  15. Oglebay, WV. Cabin for the weekend, much golf, gaming, and grilling to be had.