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  1. Hill is averaging 9.15 yards per opportunity (targets + carries) so 10 and 4 would be 118.95 per game.
  2. HIll is averaging 1.933 points per opportunity (targets + carries) in PPR + return yard leagues. Kelce is averaging 1.922
  3. Unless AB is dead or imprisoned he's not going to be in my top 25.
  4. Jackson is DB4 in one of my return yard leagues. 2 of the 3 ahead of him were from waivers, and 7 of the top 13 were from waivers. #19 and #20 are free agents right now. it's like that every year. Jackson is at 14.0 PPG, DB19 is 11.8, and DB50 is at 10.4. That's without "stretch" players like Bradley McDougald or Sendejo you can pick up and get strong stretch performances out of during injury opportunities and the rookie CB rules. Go check out the DB Glenn from the Bears last year. He was AWESOME until he got cut. Heck I don't even remember his name now yet he was a top 5 DB for a while there. Deshawn Shead too. If Jackson were a SS type I might agree with you, but CB has inherent risks that his return and offensive snaps may not overcome. I'd need to see a lot more history before burning draft capital like a 2nd.
  5. And https://www.silverandblackpride.com/2017/11/19/16677900/jack-del-rio-admits-starting-obi-melifonwu-cornerback-desperation-move-raiders-could-have-avoided
  6. With those options I don't know why you would risk it.
  7. No of course not it was an absurd suggestion.
  8. Looked more like it's because he rounded that route off so bad the DB would probably have been running the route ahead of him.
  9. I would make that bet all day long. He's had 8 touches in each game on 17 and 13 snaps. All it takes is one injury, one positive matchup, or one "go with the hot hand" decision for that. I think the usage is simply a function of being brand new to the system. He doesn't know all of the assignments so they can't change protections so when he's in they can't change the play. If I were a coach and I had two options that were baseline effective+ and brought more flexibility to Wentz then I'd sure as heck stick with those guys too. But as he gets more reps and begins to understand the system better he'll get more snaps, and as he gets more snaps the touches will come.
  10. 12 team PPR Team A got Julio Jones and Dez Bryant Team B got Mike Evans and Duke Johnson
  11. Those guys are on dynasty waiver wires?
  12. I took Hyde and Enron both over OBJ. Drafted Freeman in the 2nd, sold "high" for a future 1st which became 1.05 = Devante Parker.
  13. Can't fire a first year OC. Not fair, and you'll never get good candidates in the future. You gotta give him more time. If they flush him with a full regime change so be it, but you can't keep the HC and fire the OC this early. KNJ was overdue. Hopefully Pagano has changes ready.
  14. No way to tell. It's all about what Brees wants at this point because he has all the leverage. I'm sure he'll get the "no franchise tag" provision in every contract now, so it's all about how fun it is winning and healthy for him. If they were 3-7 I'd say he's a risk to go elsewhere but with their record he's probably pretty content there. They will pay him whatever he decides to ask for, that's clear now.
  15. See I don't take these into account in Tier 0. Those guys transcend bad situations. If they can't, by definition they aren't T0. This isn't my draft list, that's different - that does take into account those things. Rankings for me are about physical talent and results on the field. I believe that Barkley is probably the best prospect right now, but I also believe Guice, Harris, and Ridley will succeed in any circumstance. So in my rankings there's no real value in being "better" than another guy that's also elite. I don't pick those nits until it's time to put together a draft list. Tier 0 for me the last few years have been Evans in '14, Gurley and Cooper in '15, EZE in '16, and Cook, Mixon, Fournette, and Davis in '17.