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  1. In a heartbeat. I'm not sure I wouldn't take Allen straight up in redraft, but giving me the extra 3 years is a no-brainer.
  2. While he's unlikely to have a workload similar to 2016, when he carried the ball 260 times and finished fourth in the NFL in rushing, the Eagles clearly plan on putting the 25-year-old Ajayi out in front. So what does that mean?
  3. They aren't paying Davis $7M a year to be a backup plan. I agree they want the other to be Anzalone but I see it as the plan is to have Klein as the fallback.
  4. What do you base this on? Can you provide any concrete information saying that what they ban does in no way enhance an athlete's performance?
  5. Exactly right and the main reason they should have fired him already. He showed last year he didn't trust them to not fire him when they committed to him and he went all in trying to win games at the expense of handling Kizer correctly and he'll do it again. Plus he's a moran.
  6. Oh yay this is still going on.
  7. You are going to call the cops on people that have in the past called the cops on black people?
  8. If only there were a thread already in existence to discuss offers that are bad but not the worst you ever had.
  9. Well I made it 5 weeks, but not to a new page =/
  10. This can happen a lot because these are just fillers from the prior season. Current/recent projections, in particular IDP, are tough to find and nigh impossible this early. I like to use Rotowold depth charts as they are the closest thing to current. They are updated pretty frequently and are much closer to reality as they use what they see on the field during OTA's, minicamps, and training camp. They also happen to be the official position determinant for MFL, so if a guy is listed at a certain position on Roto it will eventually hit MFL. This is a highly watched/discussed topic in these forums and I suggest you keep up to date on that one, you'll get some bargains and steals that way.
  11. Agreed no way I give up a shot at Anthony Miller or Kirk for Hogan. Late 2nd maybe.
  12. @Soulfly3 @Bazinga! @BassNBrew Take the clown show somewhere else, lord knows you've stunk up enough threads with it. This is a staffer's thread trying to have a quality discussion.
  13. https://www.chatsports.com/washington-redskins/a/redskins-2018-depth-chart-projections-53-man-roster-39135 https://riggosrag.com/2018/06/11/washington-redskins-backup-safety-battle-dont-count-fish-smithson/ https://www.redskins.com/news/practice-notes-2018-minicamp-day-1 On the second team unit, Greg Stroman got some play on the outside opposite Fabian Moreau with Deshazor Everett and Troy Apke taking charge at safety. Wouldn't that make him Nicholson's backup? I'm not sure why we're even talking about a 195 lb 2nd stringer when there's a 22 year old starter ahead of him - that's the guy I want on my dynasty team.
  14. In terms of pure backup, Jaylen Samuels is my top target. I try to target guys that will be free next year and get their shot ala McKinnon but in Samuels' case it's the opposite - there may be a cavernous opening ahead of him at this time next year.
  15. 35% I think health will have a much bigger part in determining which 1.66 of the 5 don't get the 200 touches. I'd say as of today it's "likely" they all do.