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  1. Yep Sutton should probably be added too
  2. I know a lot of people have IDP trades but don't post them here because they are harder for those that don't play in the format to assess, so I created an IDP-centric version of this thread in the IDP forum: https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/765071-2018-offseason-idp-trades-completed-trades-only-please/
  3. I see a lot of trades I don't want to put into the other thread because they have at least a moderate IDP component and people may or may not feel like they can comment on them, so thought I would start this up so we can capture those. I like these threads because it's worth a lot of information to see what actual trades are happening for guys. PLEASE POST ONLY COMPLETED TRADES HERE. This isn't a thread for you to ask if you should do a particular trade or what you should offer for a guy - there are other resources for that. Post as much info as is relevant to affect the value of the trade. If it's a dev league 1.01 is going to have a ton less value than one where Barkley is in the player pool, for example. First one is a minor one: Team A gave up Davis, Demario NYJ LB; Year 2018 Draft Pick 4.15 Team, B gave up Year 2018 Draft Pick 2.03
  4. Not offered to me, but: Team A gave up Year 2018 Draft Pick 1.14;Year 2018 Draft Pick 2.14 Team B gave up Year 2018 Draft Pick 1.01 Oh yeah, and Team B accepted it too. Didn't wanna crap up the actual Dynasty Trades thread with this bogus crap since it's not anywhere near reflective, just needed a place to go WOW.
  5. Team A got Sammy Watkins, 3.12 Team B got Alex Collins, 2.01
  6. Back to some completed trades: Team A gets Adam Thielen Team B gets 2.09, 2019 1st (random)
  7. I took you at the words you wrote. You want me to start assuming you mean something other than what you wrote? Yeah that's going to get good results on the Internet. But sure, I'll do that. I'll start by assuming you meant I would brag about something worth bragging about rather than the format of my leagues - my salary perhaps? It's quite generous after all. And again, the leagues I am in are quite serious. Not sure why or with what authority you find id necessary to dismiss taxi-style leagues, they are quite popular. You could have made your point just as well without being condescending about it.
  8. Correct, so by 2025 he should make it.
  9. Your words were "If Barkley hits no one in any real league". I assure you my leagues are quite real. I'm sure there are a whole lot of posters here that play in similar leagues that would probably agree their leagues are real. I'll let him answer whether his league is similar or not, but from where I sit you're the one making the ridiculous point.
  10. Just about all stud college players get 200-300 touches per year. He also spread those out over an extra calendar year, so he's not going to be high mileage for a guy his age.
  11. All of my leauges have contract year limits and taxi squads. It's entirely possible to stash Barkley on DTS for his first year or two until the team is competitive. Starting that contract clock ticking before you have to is risky at best and disastrous at worst.
  12. You missed my point. If most rankings have a particular guy high, then likely most owners feel the same. I'm looking for owners that are "down" on a guy that I'm not. Hilton, Robby Anderson, whatever, the name was just an example. Another possibility is rankings are all over the place on a guy - that means owners probably are too. The Hilton owner in one league might love him while the other might be ready to wash his hands of him. We use rankings to get a feel for the "groupthink" and then go after likely targets of opportunity.
  13. Not even I could put Guice 1st yet.
  14. That's not what consensus means. What you created was a majority opinion result, not a consensus one. Not belittling your effort, just clarifying the verbiage. Consensus means a general agreement, as in "Saquon Barkley is the consensus 1.01 in fantasy mocks". If we had that with all dynasty rankings that would be boring. And if we had consensus amongst all owners trades would be rare indeed. This is exactly where the value of rankings comes from. If I see multiple rankings with TY Hilton at WR30, I might rush out to my leagues and find out who has Hilton and start making offers. If people are putting Barkley at RB5 already (and paying an appropriate price) I'm going to be selling my 1.01 rookie picks everywhere. I want to know who I should be selling and who I should be shopping for.
  15. 2018 NFL schedule (with byes) will be released in mid-April