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  1. The draft will really scramble it. Look at what happened to Hollywood when he went to BAL (and how bad an overreaction that might have been). Wanna see Taylor and Jeudys' values tank? Watch what happens when they go to SFO and New Orleans respectively.
  2. A poll in the superflex forum shows most players play mostly in superflex. Who'dda thunk it?????
  3. Whether it's born of desperation or not, you still lost the deal. Badly. Tragically if dynasty.
  4. Todd Gurley. RB15. Let that sink in for a moment.
  5. Plus Daenerys would roast you if you didn't bend the need so that's added logic
  6. How do they prepare for him to not play? Do they skip preparing for a great QB throwing strikes to any really fast guys and focus on stopping the tackle-eligible and fumblerooski? Or do they have to come up with a strategy to make sure he's not scoring TD's in street clothes?
  7. I think that's the Rams covering up the knee - you know, it's a "burning pain" so using wildfires totally covers for that.
  8. Maybe we didn't, and I'd be thrilled to add him too. But Zones for this price is absolutely worth taking the shot for. If we had given Grant and a 5th for Sanu I think everyone would love that move, and I think we can get at least Sanu level performance out of Zones.
  9. Watch them draft Jeudy with their early 1st and render McLaurin a career WR2.
  10. He's only 2020 1.01 if he goes to KCC. Because whoever goes to KCC is 2020 1.01.
  11. It's a low cost move in a position of drastic need. No, he's not a WR1, but those don't come with a 5th round price tag. I'd be happier with AJ Green obviously. But Zones is a warm body where we have none while Tyrell is out, and only have one once he's back. If he turns out to be Sanu that's a huge improvement over what we have.
  12. Nope, but @GroveDiesel did
  13. Zones! Love the acquisition, Diggs lite (hopefully not helium lite).