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  1. Anyone else think this could be a breakout week for Davis? Giants O has been coming in strong and Barkley is going to carve them up, very likely. But Giants D hasn’t been great against the pass and Davis is a superior talent that cannot be covered without similar elite talent on the outside. Giants just don’t have anyone like that. If Titans are forced to pass, and I think they might be, this could very well be a big day for Davis. (prediction: 10 targets, 7 receptions, 96 yards, 2 TDs)
  2. There were off-setting penalties so it would have been a replayed down.
  3. No with a source, it isn't. There's a huge different between all of us fans speculating in a football thread and posting a Tweet from a local sports radio host as if they are anymore informed unless they quote a source.
  4. Without a source, this is just reckless speculation.
  5. Jackson has no competition behind him. It's his backfield alone. Williams has a couple guys who could potentially get a hot hand and then we're all pissed at Andy Reid tomorrow for not doing what we expected.
  6. Wasn't there a report that KC didn't put the other Williams kid (the rookie) on their practice squad because they valued him so highly they didn't want others teams to have a shot at swiping him? Been wondering if that means he could be given a shot to take over the backfield now.
  7. I can live with that. What I can't live with is Hill exploding on my bench and looking back at the championship I could have had if I'd not benched one of my top-3 players.
  8. Golladay has become a legit WR2 in most formats since taking over the lead role in Detroit. That's all people are looking for from guys who take over as the number one. They're unlikely to skyrocket into WR1 territory but you don't need them to, if you've held Golladay or Sutton then you likely already have a WR1 and are looking for a reliable every-week WR2. Golladay has become that. Sutton can too. Opportunity > Skill in FF.
  9. Can't imagine Benjamin will know the playbook for at least a couple weeks. Conley knows the system and has experience catching balls from Mahomes.
  10. My feeling is it's going to be the Lindsay show with quite a bit Sutton mixed in. Probably going to face a lot of stacked boxes so they'll be dared to throw the ball. Sutton is their best option by far.
  11. Sherman doesn't shadow. He stays on his side of the field. Broncos are now going to force the ball to Sutton. He's their best playmaker through the air by FAAAAAR. They'll be moving him all over the field now.
  12. Don't you think they're going to face stacked boxes now? Teams are going to dare Denver to beat them through the air. It'll be terrible for the team's success in real life but should be GREAT for Sutton, imo (especially in PPR).
  13. This is a terrible matchup for him. He'll be shadowed by Jalen Ramsey and his performances against him in the past have been horrendous.
  14. I saw at least 3 that I would call drops. Weren't easy catches but he should have come down with them. One was egregious, the other two were iffy but imo were catchable balls, especially Tyreek's athleticism.
  15. He's also a very skilled pass-catcher. Something the league seems to be valuing faaaaar more in their RBs that in the past.