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  1. Anyone know what time they leave tomorrow? What time should we expect to know?
  2. Pick 2: Marvin Jones, Landry, or Pascal?
  3. Based on what? Pretty sure I read somewhere that he was ready to go last week but the team decided to give him another week to play it safe. Presumably that would mean he's a full-go this week.
  4. Pascal the Rascal time.
  5. I hardly think spending a year in the wilderness by yourself would help with fantasy football roster decisions.
  6. Just glad it’s a hammy. Hopefully a couple weeks of rest and he’s back to being a nice flex even if DJ is healthy.
  7. Is AJ Brown even in the game? Why was Sharpe lined up out wide instead of AJB?
  8. Zenner is the one that will play special teams too. Morris never has and certainly wouldn’t start now.
  9. Something tells me Allen is going for 100+ on the ground today.
  10. You don’t sign the best FA available to replace a 3rd stringer.
  11. Well there’s one reason... the fact that DJ is clearly injured.
  12. Playing him over Edmonds and MJJ this week (I think).
  13. I did exactly this. Dropped Demarcus Robinson for Chase Edmunds and then dropped Darrel Williams for Darrel Henderson. And I’m bullish on DWill2. I just think Henderson is a better talent than Brown.
  14. Yea Conner just got a safer floor but Samuels benefits more. He’s getting more touches AND the potential for passing TDs. Kind of infuriating as a Conner owner.
  15. Needed 47 points on MNF from Conner and Steelers D to win. Got 45.5 I’m sick to my stomach right now.