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  1. I’ve heard MetLife is the best open air stadium to protect against wind and is almost like a dome. Just what I’ve heard.
  2. Does Slay travel into the slot? Because it seems Godwin is mostly a slot receiver, correct? If so, that would mean Slay likely shadows Perriman.
  3. I dropped him too. Feels weird as he’s been my mvp but I needed to pickup a couple QBs as options (Fitz this week and Lock for next week).
  4. Anyone see this guy having a good game? Chiefs have been pretty damn good on defense lately and their defensive line is one of the best right now. Could be a rough day for Lock.
  5. Hadn’t seen that. Certainly sounds less optimistic than some other reports. He definitely still has a fractured shoulder and as far as I know there’s always a risk of further injuring a fracture, so I really don’t see the logic in continuing to play him and risk his health for next year.
  6. Is it a committee when Conner is there though? Didn’t they just lose Samuels too? So Conner should get all the passing work too.
  7. Just seems like an irresponsible, dumb move by the front office to allow him to play. There’s always risk of re-injury or further injury so it baffles me they’re even considering this. Then again, maybe they’re not and it’s just theatrics to satisfy their fans.
  8. How do we feel about the defense’s chances against the Bills this week? Ravens took it to them and the Steelers are a better D but it’s hard to imagine the Bills flopping two weeks in a row.
  9. Would you start him over Singletary or Snell?
  10. Whoops! I meant Miami. He did poorly against Jags and Dolphins, two pretty easy matchups for QBs. I just don’t know how anyone can trust him after ####ting the bed against Miami.
  11. Can anyone explain why he was so terrible against the Bengals a few weeks ago? What has changed? Why does everyone seem to expect him to continue this hot streak?
  12. I thought he looked spectacular. More than a few times he was blown up in the backfield and turned the play into positive yards. You just don’t see that a lot and certainly not multiple times in a game against a top defense. The Packers just seem to forget who they are some weeks. From coaching to Rodgers to the team. Good news is they didn’t design plays for Jones and they lost. Me thinks Lafleur will learn from this. If they’d won, there’d be no incentive to change.
  13. Can Snell what the Pitt is cookin’?!
  14. Pick 2 in full PPR: Marvin Jones, Courtland Sutton, Devin Singletary