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  1. Preach. Trubisky seems to completely ignore the progressions, going directly to a check down every single time. When his 1st target manages to get open, he misses them often. Sure, the OL isn't doing the offense any favors, but this is on Trubisky and his lack of progress in what should be his break out year.
  2. They have a top 3 WR in Beckham, arguably the best slot receiver in the league with Landry, and a solid RB in Chubb who can catch the ball. The offense needs to be quicker shots to get these guys in space. The little I've seen from this offense has been longer reads, shots downfield and Mayfield getting clobbered.
  3. If the line doesn't gel up, Mayfield is gonna be broken like David Carr did in Texas. That cat STILL has PSTD to this day!
  4. This offense is showing the tell tale signs of a coach trying to fit players into his scheme, not tailoring a scheme to fit the talent around you. Mayfield isn't this terrible, but the playcalling sure doesn't fit his talent set.
  5. Is Mixon a buy low candidate after a decent game at Buffalo?
  6. NFL offensive schemes have waffled back and forth between RB driven success and QB driven success throughout the years. The argument that they have very limited effect on W/L record is a product of watching NFL offenses in recent years. You're correct in that RIGHT NOW offenses are QB driven, but there was a time (and that time will very likely come again) when RBs dominate the touches and perceived value of a team.
  7. is Fournette a buy low now that Foles is out for an extended amount of time?