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  1. Just got an offer of CEH for Hopkins in a half ppr league. Tempted because my other RBs are Montgomery, Gurley, and Conner and I'm stacked at WR.
  2. Looks like the schedule eases up a bit for KC in 3 of the remaining 5 weeks. What's the likelyhood he gets closer to 20 touches per game with that in mind?
  3. Corey Davis has absolutely burned/disappointed so many FFL GMs by now that most don't consider him at all. I've been guilty of that this entire season.
  4. Value on DeAndre Hopkins moving forward? ARZ has an absolutely brutal schedule down the stretch, has been trending toward the running game, and Hopkins is 28.
  5. Low 2021 first in my 12 team league. I'm making a run for the title this season and this puts my WR corps over the top.
  6. Excellent analysis, except I expect the Jets to clean house after this season. New GM, New HC, all of that. Jones would be in interesting guy to bring in to build on. That said, they have much, much more pressing needs.