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  1. I would do it....he becomes a weekly starter for you immediately a plug and play guy every week....not much drop off for you at TE and you can snag a FA TE to hedge.....I'd jump on it....Floyd getting targets....yards and TD's should follow....just imo and I'm a chiefs fan...
  2. i feel that each week we not only need to look at improving our teams but we need to play the "keep away" game throughout the season......if you have somebody you know will never play for you and probably not for anybody else.....dump him and pick up a third or fourth TE or whatever that might actually start for our opponents..... some guys may have gone all in on guys like Green.....and then we allow them to be bailed out by not scooping up the jesse james and pittas when we have an open roster spot (so to speak)....opponent gronk owners, etc. getting some love by being able to snag versions of james, pitta, etc..... little #### like this each week can help in the long run...... always look to make your team better AND other teams weaker....don't just be satisfied with a healthy starting lineup....
  3. anybody with any questions at all at TE should be all over Pitta.... and quite honestly if Pitta keeps getting these type of targets, he might be a better play as a flex than some of the WR's mentioned.... even if you don't need a TE, if you have a roster spot that is being wasted, snag Pitta so it keeps him out of our opponents lineups....
  4. we are about ready to make an epic run.....get your popcorn ready
  5. I have no problem with them trying to clean things up, but I have already seen so much inconsistency it's crazy.
  6. oh yeah forgot about thursday
  7. winston 10: 6,3,6 11:11 12: 2,1,4,7 or 11.10 was Christine Michael.....would that fly if anybody hooked us up with Winston..?
  8. I know quite a few of you guys own Winston as your QB2......we would like to sniff what that might cost.....
  9. dumped ajayi.....sorry
  10. I'm rolling with what I got.
  11. Your WR's suck...calling Evans=beast is trying to talk yourself into some ####...
  12. I took Gould over him just cause I think Gould is on speed dial right now for about half the league..... my understanding is that with FA it is in the teams best interest to wait until week 1 is over before signing a guy.....something about the $$$$$ and them being on the roster/not on the roster before game 1..... I expect guys like Gould/Hillman/Colquitt (DEN punter who is a stud) to be signed very quickly next week....
  13. if Dak counts then yeah....otherwise....Virgil Green or Higbee
  14. am I crazy for thinking about sitting Cam tonight at Den for Prescott vs NYG....?
  15. feel there will be quite a bit of turnover this year with PK.....guys start missing extra points and PK street walkers will find jobs sooner than later.....I'm not overly concerned about PK2 as I think you can roll the dice on some of the guys currently w/o jobs and up with a PK2 after a few weeks....