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  1. it will be interesting to see how well this group can hit the deuce......
  2. Rene you should probably step in and take over till he makes it back....I'd be happy to step in and finish for him the rest of the way till we figure out what's up.....just need his password
  3. Has anybody been impressed with Prescott...?....I have....and now Romo out half the season, I think he is worth a sniff in this format if you have picks left....
  4. don'y sleep on Virgil Green or Higbee....
  5. I prefer this one and you maybe should have done a little more of this.....FLEX POSITION
  6. Anarchy 2 The League of Champions draft had already teed it up, so now it was time slum it up with the common folk. First thing I noticed was I was snuggled up in the middle next to Bass, so knew if nothing else I could try to jack with him. That really didn’t turn out to be as much fun as I thought it would be so I decided to go ahead and try and win this mofo. Stinkin Ref: 9.08 Chiefs, Kansas City KCC TMQB21 10.09 Broncos, Denver DEN TMQB26 With 20 TMQB’s off the board and it being the middle of the 9th thought I should probably take a look here. Probably pretty fortunate to still have KC around. They should at least battle for a wild card, and probably have a decent shot at winning the division, so could get an extra game or so. Alex Smith runs more than you would think but probably gonna get what I paid for here as KC finished the regular season as exactly QB21 but bumped up to QB17 with the extra playoff games. DEN could be a complete #### show this year but the DST should at least give them decent field position to work with throughout the year. DT/Sanders etc. have some talent but will be a lot of running there. Not even sure why I really made this pick, I must have been drinking heavily at the time. I hate the Broncos. ####. 4.09 Rawls, Thomas SEA RB15 5.08 Woodhead, Danny SDC RB19 7.08 Jones, Matt WAS RB26 17.08 Zenner, Zach DET RB65 Rawls injury is freaking some people out, but he will be back and ready to go. Not sure how Woodhead does it but he still manages to end up in the top 15 even in non PPR leagues. Don’t feel like I necessarily got any value with either of these guys although Rawls making the leap into the top 5 or so would make it some value. Cmike needs to check himself. Jones seemed like a great option at RB3 considering he is a bell cow, could be worse I guess at RB3. Zenner is a guy I just started warming too at the time of that pick, and now Ridley is gone, so things are looking up. Zenner, like Woodhead, just seems to be a really good all-around football player, and coaches end up putting those guys on the field. Sometimes just being a good all-around football player is half the battle, cause fantasy is about talent and opportunity and if the coach puts you on the field for other little things, blocking, catching, etc. it increases your opportunity to get the rock. Rambling but you know what I mean. Feel I could have 4 top 30 guys here when all is said and done. 1.08 Robinson, Allen JAC WR5 3.08 Hilton, T.Y. IND WR16 6.09 Jones, Marvin DET WR38 8.09 Snead, Willie NOS WR49 16.09 Woods, Robert BUF WR76 Think I blew out my shoulder patting myself on the back here. Like this group a lot. 2.09 Fleener, Coby NOS TE5 11.08 Higbee, Tyler RAM TE27 13.08 Green, Virgil DEN TE31 Plan going in was to use flex here just like Anarchy 2, and also just like Anarchy 2 the plan was for TE3 to be Virgil Green. People already have Fleener breaking single season TE records so that pick was really easy in this format. Right??? Waited about as long as I could for TE2 and was targeting Higbee and wasn’t sure he would last any longer. Knew I could get Green later so locked em down. I pimped Green enough in the other thread, but I think between these 3 I should gain some ground on the field at the TE/flex position. Fleener should be big, and I have a feeling the fantasy world is going to see an up and coming stud in Higbee. 12.09 McManus, Brandon DEN PK9 14.09 Myers, Jason JAC PK19 15.08 Jets, New York NYJ Def16 18.09 Chargers, San Diego SDC Def29 Waited on PK a little too long in Anarchy 2 so went for McManus early. Think he will capitalize on DEN drives stalling out. Myers finished PK16 last year and they may be even better. Punted DST pretty much across the board in Anarchy’s this year so kind of glad to see the Jets hanging around in the 15th. SD was like the one crappy gift you get to open on Christmas Eve, set your predraft list and then open it up later and see what you ended up with. Maybe Bosa signs and becomes the next LT. Acting like he is already. Overall: I’ll be playing catchup at QB, but could be ok everywhere else. I know RB looks like a concern now, but I think things will shake out there. Matt Jones is kind of a wild card for me and Higbee. Snead a little as well with Thomas and Fleener around. I don’t have a ton of post season potential so I need my boys to bring the pain in the regular season and then just hope I can hold on to maybe a top 5 finish or at least above Bass. Good luck.
  7. is anybody else having trouble with the half dark blue half blue banner at the top of this page covering up the drop down options when you try to click on one of the other tabs...? its the "browse/ activity" line and the blue line below that..... or is it just me... sorry this isn't fantasy related but its just annoying....can't navigate easily to other forums, etc....maybe I need to change something on my end....
  8. bennett adp has been increasing quickly across all of fantasy
  9. These leagues are so dang tough to win. IMO finishing in top 3 is quite an accomplishment. What is cool though is all the different strategies that can used. The 2 PPR for TE is the gorilla in the room and often changes the top of the draft. Seen guys win these leagues by blowouts and seen it come down to the Super Bowl. Often it does come down to what the FBG’s are calling “planting your flag” on certain players/situations. And other times, it can come down to things like Freeman last year, things nobody really saw coming. Team Ref: 3.05 Colts, Indianapolis IND TMQB5 11.05 Jets, New York NYJ TMQB20 I’m high on all things IND passing game this year, think they chuck it everywhere as I don’t see much of a running game and Luck is the strength of that team. When in doubt, they will go with their strength. Some playoff potential with Luck back so felt ok going QB early to secure a top score here. Team Fitzpatrick finished top 10 in this format last year and should continue to throw and be towards the top of league in pass attempts. Not much has really changed there other than things maybe even looking better for the passing game with Forte, maybe a healthy Amaro, and that funny named kid if he is the real deal, so felt some value getting them as QB20. 2.12 Miller, Lamar HOU RB6 8.12 Jennings, Rashad NYG RB32 9.05 Powell, Bilal NYJ RB34 13.05 Ware, Spencer KCC RB53 Would take Miller on every one of my teams this year if I could and the price was right. Good anchor for the RB crew. Jennings is just going off as ridiculous value is every league/format I have seen this year. Was encouraged by his finish last year and the sentiment heading into this year that he will indeed be the bell cow in a pretty high octane offense. He should shatter RB32. After doing almost nothing for the first 2/3 of the year Powell asserted himself down the stretch as a pretty good option in the passing game. I expect him to be a weekly contributor to the game plan, and although Forte catches the ball much better than Ivory, I am looking at that as a wash and hope Powell still gets his. Ware is a target for me in every league I am in as a KC fan IMO he is the better of the two backs and will receive the primary workload behind Charles and be the guy if Charles goes down. KC’s early signings of West and Ware indicate to me that they are looking at limiting Charles workload this year. KC is a good team as shown by them winning 11 straight last year without Charles, including a playoff game. I could easily see Ware getting a ton of work in the second half if KC has the lead. Seems like it has taken the fantasy world a little bit of time to swap West/Ware. Most will probably struggle in the RB3/4 battle, and those that hit will gain a little ground on the field. This is where the situations like the Freeman’s of the world last year can help you win. Late round “dart throws” are important in these bad boys, and IMO, there really isn’t such a thing, every roster spot is valuable. 1.05 Jones, Julio ATL WR3 4.12 Lockett, Tyler SEA WR31 7.05 Dorsett, Phillip IND WR45 10.12 Hogan, Chris NEP WR63 17.05 Stills, Kenny MIA WR81 No way I thought I’d see Julio at the 5th pick so that was easy. My biggest fear about Julio is that ATL schedule looks absolutely brutal to me. But dude is a beast and will still get force fed the ball as Matty Ice knows Julio will win most of the time if he just chucks it up. Kinda all in on Lockett and willing to pay a little higher than I need to too get him in these formats where you can't move around the draft and there are 16 teams. Although as WR31 don’t feel like I paid too much as I see him in top 20. Dorsett is also a target of mine as I mentioned I’m all in on all things IND. 3 wide sets means he sees the field a ton and should be able to bust some big plays as others draw coverage. I was wondering how the fantasy world would value Hogan when he moved, seems like a match made in heaven to me. I like his game. Stills was a tough pick between him and a couple of other guys left. Went with Stills as the WR3 in an offense that should throw a bunch. Preseason has looked promising. 5.05 Bennett, Martellus NEP TE13 6.12 Ebron, Eric DET TE18 12.12 Green, Virgil DEN TE33 Plan from the get go was to use flex here, as even a marginal TE puts up better numbers than most RB/TE’s at some point. Big fan of Bennett this year, could be large. Ebron falling in most leagues a little too far because of the ankle injury IMO. Going on record as calling Green a potential SOD in these leagues. People made a mistake not trying to nail down who would be the TE in DEN/Kubs offense. Don’t think it’s Hauerman. Green is as physically gifted as they come and is already a favorite target if you watch DEN preseason. 14.12 Succop, Ryan TEN PK25 15.05 Folk, Nick NYJ PK26 16.12 Bills, Buffalo BUF Def20 18.12 Bears, Chicago CHI Def32 Went late here across the board hoping not to lose too much ground to the field. Overall: I didn’t focus this year too much on the extra love for playoff games. I might get a little. Committing to 3 TE’s makes me a little weak at RB/WR. I need to get production worthy of the extra TE and try to avoid total goose eggs. Feel I have some guys who should outperform their positional ranking and a couple who could blow the doors off it. We’ll see. Good luck.
  10. James white should be a target right now