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  1. he told me he has commish access and can see people's pre draft picks.....pretty much the only way he gets through these things.....
  2. was going to text @by_the_sea_wannabebut the phone number on his page pops up as Old Mil in my contacts.....
  3. Sara Evans (country singer): we went to high school together in a very small town (my class had 37 people in it)....I get a lot of the OP's bonus points here btw.... John Elway: we were both playing golf at Inverness in CO long time ago.....he was in there with Elam and a few other guys.....we were in the bar...I happened to be wearing a Chiefs hat that day and thought I'd give it a shot and that it would be cool and unique to have Elway's signature on a Chiefs hat.....he didn't agree....basically in a nice but really not so nice way told me to "FO I ain't signing that ####".....I apologized for asking....think he couldn't believe I had the stones to ask so he signed a napkin as he kind of grunted/laughed at me....
  4. Rob knew Sandra would be there. Sandra knew Rob would be there. They both knew Amber would be there. All 3 knew Rob and Sandra would be on opposite tribes initially (editing... of course they aren't going to put them on the same tribe initially). Which means Sandra would be on Amber's tribe. Sandra lies and says Rob lied to her about being on the show and acts like she is pissed. Taking some heat off her on her tribe (that Rob guy is the bad guy) and a focus to get Amber out which was going to happen anyway at some point, so part of the plan. Amber was going to be the "early" sacrificial lamb the whole time. Now Rob gets to act pissed that "OMG Sandra got Amber voted out, so now I'm pissed at her and IT's ON"....taking some heat off of Rob on his tribe (Sandra is the bad guy) So now, both Rob and Sandra have both taken some early heat off of them by deflecting the focus of both of their tribes to somebody on the other tribe....and they start sucking people in "cause they are pissed" and want to take out the "bad guy". Hoping other players buy in and feel the need to keep both of them around in order to eventually get rid of the other "bad guy". Meanwhile they coast along pulling all the strings until they get to the merge. Where they will team up (although acting like they aren't) and cruise to the end. As far as the game goes Rob and Amber have agreed to use Amber however best they can knowing she won't win.....the whole "I want to beat my husband thing" means absolutely nothing. Anything Rob and Sandra get out of Amber being around, on Extinction, back in the game, tokens, whatever, is just gravy. This is all being set up as another "lesson" from Rob and Sandra about how stupid all of your were for not getting rid of us IMMEDIATELY. Did you really think Sandra and I weren't going to talk about how to work together and win this thing when we spent 39 days together? Plus it's 2 mil and we can agree to split or something. Hopefully some of the other players figure out what is going on and call Rob and Sandra out on it. But the "Rob being pissed at Sandra" and "Sandra being pissed at Rob" is being played to perfection by both of them as it is taking some of that initial "biggest threats in the game" heat off of them. (plus they are both just really ####### good).
  5. fair enough....was just thinking if you did join the party to spend some time with isn't a bad time...
  6. now wouldn't be a bad time to join the the final 4 is pretty uhhhhhhhhh.......strong.....( I have to give him that)....and we are approaching some one on one opportunities if you know what I mean....just sayin.....
  7. Peter: so dull/lame....basically felt it was his mission to just use every Bach personality....oh wait....sorry I forgot. HE’S A bad.....this guy makes that foreign soccer player (was it Pablo?).....look like Kevin Hart....‘tis ok” Kelly: Peter is looking at those hips and weight gain over the course of this journey and there was no way he was going home to meet mom and see what was in his future......not trying to be mean, but she really has just been having fun and obviously enjoying the benefits of free food and booze in great much extra do they have to pay you to start playing the “I am better than everyone else” card when they and you both know you are leaving soon....her best days in the rear can’t handle the truth!! Madison: cute small town hottie.....good athlete .....but the lord and family have a hold that won’t let go enough for her to run with the big dogs....she will make a great wife/mother for some religious guy that has a good job and hates sex....will never be freaky enough for the 4 times in a lighthouse guy...already a hint that Peter beds at least one of these before the finals and she threw out the “if he slept with one of these other girls, I’m out card” least they lead us to think its her that said that.... Hannah Ann: yeah she’s young but I think she has enough daddy issues for Peter to mold her 50 shades of grey style....she has potential for final two and to win it all Victoria: one of those people that rarely looks you in the eye and will always look away when talking.....drama 24/7....but as mentioned above....Peter is going full honey badger here and he don’t give a ####....he takes what he wants....and no way she wasn’t making it to a fantasy suite or at least somewhere where he gets to see that bod....she tried to get him to send her home and he still didn't......once he realized he was competing for someone that was hot enough to date a popular country singer, he knew he had no shot long term (because Peter is the captain of the boring team)....and so his whole focus was on that body.....and you can’t really blame him.....once this chick knew she was hot enough to be the pick out of numerous groupie hotties by a rich country singer....she basically entered a rent district that very few can afford... Kelsey: think I overreacted to her bat ### crazy at the beginning and the whole champagne thing, but I think this lady has the perfect concoction for Peter.... good soccer mom in public but lady in the street freak in the bed smoke show, great body, crazy, daddy issues, not smarter than him...she makes the final two with Hannah and I think she wins....if there really is such a thing as a winner
  8. pacing himself as there will probably be a few more before he is done....
  9. IMO....he takes a massive pay cut and is their WR2 next year.....
  10. Good god....really...? we have to go down this road with absolutely everything anybody says anymore....
  11. Nick Foles.....Case Keenum......Ryan Tannehill.....what do they have in common.... long time average....journeyman backup types.....who have a nice little stretch...and somebody overpays....and then they don't live up to it.....and that team that felt they needed them to begin with has wasted time and is right back to where they started looking for another guy..... Tannehill came in and did exactly what he was supposed to do......and even a little better.....but do you really want to make a pricey long term commitment to this guy....or would you like to see if he can keep it up.....and see if he can do it another year on the cheap before signing him to a big deal.....I know what JAC and DEN would tell you....
  12. even though Kittle has to go out of his way to stick his hand behind him "to only get a basketball feel" and create the contact/hand fighting and opportunity to get "grabbed and hooked" (those are your words, I would not call it grabbing and hooking)......that doesn't matter.....since he is "only getting a basketball feel"..... that doesn't count for Kittle literally creates the initial contact by sticking his arm into Sorensons gut, then Sorenson puts his arm on top of Kitttles backwards outstretched arm that is in his gut to kind of knock it off of him.....they separate and then Kittle goes back in for seconds/leftovers and pushes off on the shoulder which ultimately draws the flag.... Kittle created the contact both times on that play.....and had to go out of his way (backwards) to do can't even really argue that.....
  13. if you want to call the initial contact "hand fighting" that you see on every play...ok maybe.....but don't then call it more "egregious" on the defender when Kittle is the one sticking it back there and initiating it "to get a feel".....the second push off was the big one anyway....and its a no brainer to be honest.....he would have been better off just slowing down and letting Sorenson run into him as the ball is arriving....