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  1. If Carr breaks out of the initial guy "holding him up" and throws a completed pass....he makes Sportscenter top 10.....
  2. So it's ok for the runner to lead with the crown of helmet and even in some cases "deliver the blow" with the crown of the helmet when contact is immment......but if the defense does it...its a penalty....? if the runner ducks his head and leads with crown.....should that be a penalty....? they see contact coming just like a defender does....almost better sometimes....
  3. I'm still baffled by the fact that the NFL expects defenders to aim for the midsection and anticipate the lower head drop of a offensive player in a split second ......yet a RB with the ball can lead with the crown of his helmet when contact is imminent and that is ok....? offense can "lead" with crown but defense can't...?....that makes sense
  4. So one team has to suffer because the refs think its getting out of control...?
  5. Defenders get PAID to dislodge the ball,...NFL making a joke of playing defense....
  6. That's football...they do that intentionally...always have always will....we see it all the time... Plus....if you watch...Peters was going low at the kill shot intended....just finishing the tackle...
  7. The Peters late hit was BS
  8. The offensive pass interference call being "picked up"....where an another official saw enough to actually throw his flag right in front of the covering official who obviously brain a joke....all that stuff will be forgotten because of the way the game ended....but a total hose show.....
  9. Bailey is ####### money and if they start stalling more with no zeke down the road......could be nice....and that's what Ref would do.... so that means you should go Walsh....
  10. this....outside of getting Manning to come Denver (which really had a lot to do with Fox as well)...and the other free agents that came here because of Manning....Elway is probably an average to below average GM.....he has swung and missed on two highly drafted QB's and has needed a 7th rounder to bail him out to keep this team an average team....when he decided to give Von the money that the QB usually gets....he needed to be right on either Brock or Lynch.....he misread the market on Brock and should have offered him a contract earlier (before Mannings last season was over)....then tried to jump back in upping his offer but by that time Brock was already pissed.....he then also misread the market on CJA and ended up having to pay more for him as well.....Thomas and Sanders getting paid some serious cash but not justifying it....he has also missed on several olineman in the draft....and sat back at the beginning of free agency and watched anything that was worth their salt at oline (except for Leary) sign elsewhere.....they really needed tackles not guards like Leary....he actually thought guys like Stevenson would suffice...another swing and miss (and a healthy sctratch last night)......problem is, there isn't a QB on the roster to take this team (with a Super Bowl window type defense) very far.....and Elway not going to be able to solve it through free agency by bringing in another big name....cause Von is getting that cash....he hired Joseph to be his yes man and tried to force Paxtun into the starting role, they wanted him so badly to win the job, but he just isn't good enough....
  11. Did a denn lb just run into the block instead of going after the Rb
  12. Im good with giving you any one of my 3 qb's....lets do it
  13. Apperntly we can use the WW as trade option...
  14. I'll take a look, but I echo your statement about people checking....I may miss something....I ain't the sharpest tool in the shed....especially if it falls behind by a week or so....I may try to log in as commish and update by owners names from here on out, but sometimes it sucks with the new log in protocol, etc....
  15. weeks 4 and 5 updated above....