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  1. I believe Hill was able to explain the context of the comment as not a "physical threat" ....but in the heat of the moment comment about how she should be scared of him too because he has dirt/bad information on her.....if that was the context, it really changes that part of the narrative.....if people don't acknowledge that the context could be different then of course the comment sounds really bad... Hill has publicly denied ever abusing his he also did in the recorded conversation.... this was a pretty big deal....and the NFL knew they would get some pushback for zero what that tells me is that after weighing the evidence/details, they must have REALLY felt strongly about him not doing anything would have been easy to give him a few games.....not giving him any games seems to mean that they felt really strongly he was innocent of any wrong doing or violation of the conduct policy....
  2. IIRC...the "victim" in the Zeke case met with the NFL several times....Espinol declined all requests...I realize the investigators recommended no suspension in Zeke's case but Rog suspended anyway....he maybe saw something directly from Zeke's victim that he personally did not like....don't know for sure...
  3. 100% on board with this line of thinking..... many drafters/experts make a lot of their projections/basis on what other people have or have not done in the past...”Mahomes can’t possibly throw for 50 again because its never been done, has to be regression ”....
  4. I’m not sure if the news on Hill changes this 7/10/19 post....and/but they also added one of the most explosive players in the draft After all that...if you think Williams will be the RB1 in KC....I’m not sure how you can say he will disappoint....he showed (for a good chunk of time, not just a couple weeks).....what he can do in this offense....IMO...he may be seriously undervalued right now....I’m not sure people are really factoring in how good this offense/QB/coaching staff are....WILLAMS IS GOING TO BE IN THE RED ZONE A LOT...he has shown what he can do....I have no problem with him anchoring my RB squad....he is is going to trip himself into double digit TD’s and a ton of big chunk running plays with teams backing off... I for one will be one of those guys hoping to capitalize on all the “Mahomes regression” ....they can’t be that good again noise....give me every piece of the KC pie I can get....
  5. This team added possibly the most explosive player in the draft....not necessarily the “best all around WR” or #### like that, but a true “houser”....and now with Hill for 16...they didn’t even really need to do it.....but they did... Hill....Watkins....Kelce....Hardman (just on the field threat/speed)....D. Williams pass catching ability.....
  6. Great post....seriously great post..... if your first or seconded rounder goes down at any position you are behind the 8 ball...”possibly” a little less at RB/WR where you can maybe hit on somebody else/sleeper that keeps you afloat....there aren't as many options at TE....
  7. I guess I’m just saying if a second DV offense could result in a perma ban....the player and his reps/agents would want it to be pretty clear if he is in fact labeled as having a first DV offense.
  8. Do we know this to actually be the case? That they consider him to have a first DV offense? I would think if the NFL considers him to have a first offense that would be pretty well known. The player wold have wanted to know if that was the case. I know the NFL can consider it an aggravating circumstance, but not sure an actual “first DV offense”.
  9. Is somebody forcing yo to continue to come into this thread?
  10. The fantasy football side of it doesn’t really matter that much to was always the other bs....
  11. It’s one thing to make fake football decisions based on what little or no information you have. Kinda like in poker. It’s another thing to adamantly judge and convict a dude based on what little or no information you have. Both of those things happened in here. Hill was called a monster and a child abuser in here because of what they thought happened recently. He HAD to be guilty. I was called names and had my character and integrity called into question simply for wanting to see how things played out. The Chiefs organization was called classless, etc. Those that threw out snap judgments and convictions maybe need to look in the mirror and and do a little self reflection. It was easy to jump to conclusions and convict him, there were a lot seats and company on that bus. That was easy to do. Mob mentality, go along with the masses, sit at the cool kids table. It was harder to sit back and wait for details. That made you a bad guy, etc. Again, its one thing to make fantasy decisions, its another to make pretty serious accusations, determinations, and judgements, and to be wrong. Some egg on some faces and some belly full of crow. Hill should be a slam dunk top five WR, and Mahomes stock and possibilities of actually following up last year with another uber elite year are increasing. They added another explosive piece to an already loaded offense. Lots of fantasy points coming.
  12. Thank you for the link. There were a couple links earlier in the thread stating the hospital determined the arm was broken due to an accident. It wasn’t that somebody “caused” the child’s injury.
  13. Where are you getting this information....I’d like to take a look.
  14. Children get removed all the time...its not always because of physical abuse....they can be temporarily removed for their mental or emotional well being if they are in a bad/dysfunctional environment....which seems to definitely be part of the case here....