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  1. 1.18 Marshall, Brandon NYJ WR 2.15 Watkins, Sammy BUF WR 3.18 Woodhead, Danny SDC RB 4.15 Jennings, Rashad NYG RB 5.18 Chiefs, Kansas City KCC TMQB 6.15 Pryor, Terrelle CLE WR 7.18 Higbee, Tyler RAM TE . 8.15 Williams, Tyrell SDC WR 9.18 Folk, Nick NYJ PK 10.15 Falcons, Atlanta ATL Def having basically lost my second and third round picks for the season.... a team that I think could have been a serious contender (considering I expect my my 6th and 8th round picks to outperform their draft position the rest of the way).....I now will struggle to avoid #32. Woodhead was going to be a beast in this format again....going in I felt he was almost the SOD at 3.18....Jennings MIA hurts as my 4th rounder as well, but at least he will be back....IMO Williams (when not playing DEN) would have been a difference maker in the 8th round and if Pryor keeps pace....I think I would have been a tough out even with Higbee doing nothing.....dang....####.....####...oh well
  2. This is a great post with very insightful thoughts before tonight's game. coming from a realistic KC fan, nice to see some realistic thoughts from a bronco fan.
  3. Rene I'd hang tight.....i don;t expect Gordon to maintain his initial pace....I expect some regression and I don't think Gordon+ Sheperd is enough of a bump to your starting lineup to cover what Zeke and whoever put up...and outside of their game against MIN I kinda like DAL schedule....
  4. this guy loves him some hurns for some reason.....he has been all over us trying to get him....
  5. mr I thanks for doing these....I was thinking about starting a booted/immunity thread with all the leagues in one place.....kind of a one stop shop kind of thing....if I do, please feel free to be primary updater if you choose...
  6. ouch
  7. i kinda take this approach with my players going against DEN....i sit em unless I have no other options....they have shut down two of the best in the if I sit Williams and he goes off against be it....I can live with that.....but if I start him and he gets shutout......I should have known better.... I will say with the way rivers likes to sling it, I'm thinking about rolling the dice, cause with bye weeks it may be between Williams and one other player, and Williams upside may be higher...
  8. wasted roster spot guarantee of playoff production..... probably having surgery..... an automatic 0 in 7 games this week not worth it to me.... guaranteed 0 for the next 8 weeks not worth it to me....even when he comes back he ain't Antonio Brown I know it sucks to dump you preseason WR1 but I say move on and use that spot to improve your team each week....... dead weight IMO...
  9. just me....but I bet we will be seeing some versions of watkins getting dumped.....doesn't look good for him and he is out for 8 weeks at least....I'd kick him to curb and keep boldin..regular season ovah by the time he gets back....roster spot might be too valuable for that long of wait....
  10. we were 2-19 heading into this first year in this bad boy I think I only lost 19 total during the entire regular season... granted during the first 3 weeks we were only averaging 99 points.....but we were like the 3rd highest PA (decimal points away from being #1) as teams were avg like 128 against would have been a tough go even if we were throwing up a decent score.....maybe with bye weeks the tide will continue to turn in our favor moving forward....hopefully overall as a team as well....all things considered, thanks to the rest of you we are still in the middle/mix.....we need the leader to come back to the pack a little....lot of season left....
  11. thought I saw they said already that he is not good for you but bad for me...cause he was a staple of many of my survivors and I needed him in one or I get booted I think
  12. I have Thomas in both of my main home money leagues and have plugged him in the last few weeks....if you watch like on Monday last week and this week Brees really likes this mofo....locked in on him on 4th down and goal when they HAD to have a completion/TD this week...I know with cooks and Snead and Fleener some mouths to feed, but Brees loves him some can see it even when Thomas ####s up....Brees talks to him on sidelines and goes right back to him....I feel when all is said and done he will be real close to being the WR to own in NO.....and long term....lookout.....if you told me I could have one of him cooks or Snead for the next 5 years....I take Thomas twice on Sunday...
  13. oops.....
  14. Heads up about the early start on Saturday for colts and Jags.....
  15. I would do it....he becomes a weekly starter for you immediately a plug and play guy every week....not much drop off for you at TE and you can snag a FA TE to hedge.....I'd jump on it....Floyd getting targets....yards and TD's should follow....just imo and I'm a chiefs fan...