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  1. love all these except for Gio....good post
  2. this is what makes these type of threads tough when people start bringing dynasty persuaded comments into a redraft thread.....(Fleener) almost makes it seem like the poster is down on Fleener cause he isn't on his roster anymore......when in actuality it's pretty easy to see that for redraft purposes, Fleener has gone to TE heaven....look no further than Ben Watson.... I love me some Fleener...but the tough thing is even the casual fantasy player is going to recognize his heaven like situation and snag him at some point.....almost a battle of reaches with him.... like Dorsett too....I'll be staying away from the BAL Te spot even though there may be fantasy points to be had there.....lots of bodies...
  3. Should help alleviate the WR craze a little and being able to start that 3rd RB or second TE helps..... Now bass and I can start CJA, Hillman, and Booker.....
  4. this is awesome and was a change that was way overdue......kudos to whoever led the charge to get this passed...
  5. ill text old mil
  6. if bass will tee it up again w/me
  7. After further....further review....I start liking this team a little more... QB: Fitz signing would give this group some juice, and 3 to chose from most weeks..... RB: Really couldn't have asked for much more the way things shook out.....Freeman should still be primary RB1...Los will be Los....Mathews primary RB1...Gore still primary RB1 and could be a steal....and Blount resigns in probably the best possible situation for him and fantasy purposes.... WR: with only drafting 6 the bye week gods were kind to Ref....should be a pretty solid top 4....and I'm liking snagging Britt more and more as late value in this survivor format... TE: still hurting here and Kelce is going to have to carry the load....anything out of Gilmore is gravy at this point.... PK/DST: kinda of nice having mostly early byes so that these positions are a full go as we enter last part of season and those nasty bye weeks.... Overall: I'll roll with this squad....some of the warts are disappearing with TE2 being the only real concern.....
  8. 1. the only time I need PK2 is when I am on the cut line.....and I need his difference in points over my PK1 to advance.... 2. the other times my PK2 outscores my PK1 don't matter.... I'm not sure how often #1 really happens....maybe more than I think....and I'm not real sure how often my extra RB or WR scores for me, but I'm guessing it might be more than #1.....
  9. cool and yeah I just listed a few guys that had impact....there may have been more.... the Jordy factor most certainly factored into the number of times Austin was used by Ruds......but Austin also finished as WR28, so he would have been a huge contributor even if Jordy was Austin was squarely in the WR2 group... and the likelihood is that one or more of your RB and WR will get injured and you are pretty lucky if you make it through a whole year with non of your RB/WR's missing time.... in an 18 roster draft....I don't necessarily agree that the odds of hitting an Austin or a Kearse are that slim.....there are usually some guys (these are two good examples) that you know are locked into their respective roles.....meaning we all knew that Kearse was basically the WR2 in SEA going into all of the drafts last year, but yet there he was late in the draft....guys took flyers elsewhere swinging for the home run instead of just taking what yuo would expect from a guy like Kearse.....Austin kind of the same his case he maybe just hit paydirt a few more times last year than people expected..... I'm not really sold on any of this noise I am making either.....but it's something I'm taking a look at....
  10. hey ninja....just curious what were you referring to with the 5 out of 16 thing.....lost me there... no doubt there may have been some times where PK2 saved somebody's bacon one week and then that team may have gone on to win it all, but I'm just starting to warm to the idea of rolling the dice that I'm not in that situation and that the Austin scenario playing out is more probable and probably has a better chance of saving my bacon more often.... if I select say PK12....somebody like say Dan Bailey....and then snag PK28...say Greg the Leg....the weekly avg (which is really more important in survivor than total points) between those guys is less than a I realize the variance of week to week can be different and big weeks here or there might help, but still over the course of the season, odds are that the weekly average plays out....and sure that one point could make a difference in advancing or not advancing.....but I still think I like the odds of a core position player helping me more often and filling in as my RB2 or WR3 each week....of course who you take instead of that PK2 is obviously a huge factor.....and maybe the type of production that Austin provided is not typical of that late of a pick....still think rolling the dice that direction might be the way to go...especially in the 18 roster leagues...
  11. Dwayne Allen is an interesting one for me.....went from 30 to 10 to the last draft set he was displaced by Graham Barnidge ASJ EE Julius Thomas hmmmmmm....... .
  12. 4th place is the 3rd loser....and wtf is Dana...? anyway....IIRC I think Rud's grabbed Freeman in like the 8th or 9th so that also obviously helped... what's so cool about survivor format is that it is so jacked up....I went out the week before Bass (week 12---4th loser) the end of the year Bass led the league averaging 144 points a week....I was next to last at 107....the first 5 guys booted averaged over 120 a week.... unfortunately....luck plays a pretty huge role in these can be minimized somewhat but probably pretty bigger part of this format than we want to admit.... the PK and DST runs that take place are also pretty interesting and I think something that will start to spread out a little more over the last half of the drafts moving forward as guys try to steal some value elsewhere in the rounds that were normally dedicated to filling those 4 roster spots....its already happening.... can also minimize luck by hitting on the Austin's and Hurns' of the world in those last few it "lucky" that Ruds took Austin in the last round instead of a second PK.....maybe...maybe not.....maybe a it lucky that he happened to take Austin instead of say Greg Jennings......maybe....maybe not....maybe a little....but either way, you can look at that one pick, his last pick, as the most crucial piece of his draft....
  13. 1. last year Aaron Rudnicki won SSL1 while drafting only one PK (Nugent) 2. he took Nugent in round 16 3. he took Dan Herron in round the tune of 21.60 points and not starting for him once 4. he only had immunity once (week 5) 5. oh and his first round pick last year...........................................Jordy Nelson 6. on Nugents bye week....Rudnicki had the second lowest score (83.9)....because his QB (Rodgers) was on a bye and his other QB (Geno Smith) wasn't playing.....Jordy was actually in his line up that week with a big fat donut just because the rest of his team sucked that week.... 7. luckily....Go Pack sucked even worse (57.5) with his QB's Manning/bye and Griffin posting zeros as well as DT and several other guys..... 8. any extra points from a PK that week really wouldn't have made a difference as both Rudnicki and Go Pack were well behind the rest of the teams that week 9. what did make a difference?......drafting Tavon Austin instead of a second round 18.... 10. Tavon Austin = 196.70 points and starting 13 out of a possible 16 weeks for him......championship! other 18th round picks besides Austin: Allen Hurns (227.10), Javorious Allen, Kearse, Riddick conclusion: there really isn't one.... as there are many ways to skin a cat.....but in an 18 roster spot league, I'll be leaning one solid PK direction from here on out and using that extra bullet somewhere else, because even though some people think they are just throwing darts at the end of these sometimes.....above is a perfect example of needing that extra bullet elsewhere to actually win the thing....if he goes PK2 with his last pick....he don't win
  14. Eli never gets much love but chucks it a bunch. As a Griffin owner in some others of these we kind of need CLE to deal McCown, I am wondering if RG3 has enough to beat out McCown straight up. I think he will be given the benefit of the doubt, even if McCown shows to be the better player in camp/preseason but McCown played ok at times last year, I'm not sure RG3 even plays "ok". Middle of pack would be great for you. I sniffed the whole Gabbert/Kapernick thing before deciding on Sanchez, but just didn't want any of that mess and they took a rookie. If not adding Sanchez but you still felt the need to add one, McCown might have been the call, but tough to go 3 deep with 18 roster spots. I will probably like this group more than others even tho I'm not a big Ingram guy. Loved the Woodhead pick, almost took him at the turn before you, can't believe he lasted that long. Stud in this format. West good dice roll as Charles probably loses some touches this year and he may be first in line. Have a feeling KC spreads the rock around between their 3 guys way more than Charles owners want to see. Avoiding Charles this year even at his perceived discount. CAP was on my radar and also surprised he didn't go with Stew injury history. Nice group here. Solid top 3, an A might be a little generous as 4-7 could have limited return. I am a Hogan fan and actually started sniffing him around the 11-12 turn, but then I started thinking about ALL of the guys NE brought in and just wondered if Hogan really had the goods to hold all of them off. Plus Bennett signing, etc and then no Brady for 4 weeks, so kept passing. Tough to gamble on Gordon in an 18 roster spot league and it could be a waste. Winning immunity in week 7 may be required as you are staring at crabtree/ginn/NE guys and no Manning in week 8. I will be watching the CAR WR group as I am interested to see how that shakes out with KB back, I feel Ginn may be getting a little too much love based on last year. Agreed Gordon changes everything, but some question marks after your top 2 so thought an A grade was a little strong. Nice duo at TE and I can't hate on the solo choices. Agreed that you have a lot riding on RG3 and Gordon....I'm sure that doesn't feel real comfy right now....and it probably sounds even worse when you say it out loud....Manning gonna have to have a nice year and stay healthy, your RB2 and TE's may need to have some nice weeks to cover your WR's if things don't pan out in NE the way you need them too...little negativity is mostly cause doubt Gordon plays which also hurts RG3...but overall there aren't a lot of holes and this team could still manage a Gordon no show...a bad week by DEN DST and Gost at the same time could cause a close boot towards the end of the year.....but right now I'd put a big ol bass on the cover of Madden 2018.