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  1. The white hat is “responsible” for the QB throughout the entirety of the play....which is fine....but unfortunately the mentality now is the defender must show the white hat reason for the white hat NOT to throw the flag instead of a reason TOO throw the flag... did i use too/to right?
  2. Lol....on a FF message board...?....where you debate things...often ahead of time,,,,making predictions....often with very diffferent opinions and people disagreeing,,,yet its “obnoxious” to come back and revisit it....not allowed to revisit accurate posts...sorry your feelings got hurt....didn’t mean to be obnoxious and offend you......the whole reason we come here is for this exact type of thing,,,,,where do we hit...where do we miss....what opinions/posts were or could have been helpful...which ones weren’t....sorry you didn draft him....good luck
  3. I have reffed hundreds of games as a white hat...albeit at the high school level.....not at the highest level and at the highest a ref, you know roughing when you see also know just a good freaking brutal football hit when you see it.....I get all the things they are trying to do....actually that’s a lie...I really don’ some point I think you need to block better, protect better, don’t put your QB in the spot to take the hit...there has to be some penalty for blocking like #### and allowing your QB to get this point it is almost advantageous to let a defensive player beat you and have a free shot at your QB....but at its core one of the things about this sport that made it different from almost every other sport except maybe boxing or something is the physical nature and making the opponent “feel you” in a bad way with bad the WR DIDNT want to go over the middle, so that if you whiffed on a block your QB DID take a big maybe you don’t throw over the middle anymore or you keep extra players in to protect your QB.....the offense should be the ones having to change their strategy....if you don’t want your defenseless receiver to be hit....DONT PUT YOUR RECEIVER IN A DEFENSLESS something the ball, with it....
  4. Look I get it....the NFL doesn’t want you to hit the QB....and I think we all kind of know the “body weight” thing when we see it....but this was crazy and although I didn’t watch the game, it sounds like it may have factored in to the outcome...but honestly in my mind, if I had to make a video and say “this is how you do need to hit the QB”....this would have been the perfect example...he wasn’t late....he didn’t go high....he didn’t go low....he didn’t lead with the helmet as a weapon....he went for the mid section and wrapped him up and tackled looked like he actually “let up” a little bit and could have delivered a bigger blow....or really could have used his body weight....I’m ok to a certain extent of taking care of the QB, but when it starts affecting the outcome, its a little different....I even hate sometimes the “low” calls when an olineman is pushing the guy down as he is contacting the QB....I’m not sure what they are supposed to got guys like Von, etc making $20 mil a year, yet its gonna start costing you games....crazy...
  5. When you call your shot (that long ago) and it pans out....hell yeah..... i’ll be sure to pull this one of yours in a few more weeks.....believe that...I’ll make sure to @The Frankman as one of those “wait and see” guys...
  6. And the thing is the Chiefs defense is sooooooo bad....he is going to have to do this every week......I’m obviously a Chiefs homer, no doubt...but I think the Mahomes pick (and moving up for him) may go down as one of the best draft picks of all time for them....the ROI is going to be pretty big....sometimes we over think things in fantasy because we have TOO much information ahead of time....if you step back and look at this it should have been pretty clear....the situation was perfect, let lone the skills....but everybody thought he ws going to led the league in interceptions or some ####... Brees will get you something in return....but if the other guy knows he is a bench player for you, the price goes down....
  7. They probably did that when they drafted him at his price and then had the balls enough to go ahead and start are right, he probably will be on many winning teams this year....Most thought the Chiefs would be 0-2 so far....if you started Mahomes both weeks so far you probbaly are 2-0 not just because of him, but because you should be loaded elsewhere as well...
  8. Name another QB you would rather have for the next 15 years and go from there....
  9. Hard to explain....especially if its to someone who hasn’t ever played sports....(not saying you) which is the case for a lot of fantasy players....but sometimes you can just tell when somebody has “it” or not...its hard to describe...even when we were kids you could often see it before the game even started...the way a guy carries themselves, could tell who the best player on the field was in warm ups...this kid has the talent AND that extra thing that guys like RG3 or somebody don’t....leadership, smarts, just serious god given gifts....pedigree with professional sports parents, family, etc,....his dad who played pro ball...wanted him to play baseball, and he would probably would have been a stud there too...Andy Reid traded up to get this guy....Andy Reid...good QB guy....weapons galore....weapons that made Alex Smith a top 5 guy....and Mahomes talent was above that....but one of the biggest things for me was something that went unnoticed by most, even though I posted here in FBG about the “meaningless” game in week 17 last year.....3 of the best defensive players in the league (Von, Talib, Harris) said the kid was the real deal, even though his “fantasy” stats didn’t draw that much attention....they could see his ball speed and confidence, etc and you could tell they really didn’t want anything to do with this kid moving forward....his play in college should have opened eyes, but many were quick to say he was a project and it wouldn’translate to the NFL...but kid has the goods, and probably went to the best situation in all off really shouldn’t have been that hard to see after KC traded Smith...
  10. The “wait and see” guys...which there were a lot of...swung and missed....and there’s no going back because you probbaly couldn’t pry this guy away from his owners with all the hookers and blow in Vegas.... those that took a stand and planted their flag in this guys camp are going to be rewarded.... LEGIT
  11. This from the same guy who said his “defense by committee” this year will be any team playing against Mahomes and company....
  12. Last bump ...I think...go Chiefs
  13. Bump...I might have underestimated