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  1. actually....the "reason" (they will tell you) they kept doing PAT after walk offs is because somewhere in tie breaker list "points" matter.....they aren't going to say "we are attempting this PAT because of betting lines"......c'mon man....
  2. not so sure......Walt Anderson literally said "game over" like 10 seconds after the way they had time to review it.....
  3. if there is dual possession it stays with whoever had sole possession prior to dual possession......offense
  4. dude is really good at football.... never really thought all the "gadget guy" descriptions were warranted in the beginning to begin with....but he has put that to rest.....he is a complete NFL WR....
  5. fair enough....but you could argue the other way that if he goes out there not 100% healthy.....showing some age and lack of explosion....plays crappy...with or without a rookie QB it would hurt his potential could go both ways.....and the chances might be higher that it doesn't go if I were Green, I would maybe lean on my past resume and old tape....he will still get paid pretty nicely based on that....
  6. This....there is really zero reason to come back at this point.....
  7. I've been holding for awhile and have been questioning that decision more and more every week as CIN keeps a bagel in the win column....I want to believe Green is a true "professional" and will be out there going balls to the wall every snap, every route, every game....buuuuuut....with the team having nothing to play for and Green a FA at the end of the season (which for CIN it already really is)....I just have to question what his motivation/desire will be to come out and play hard.....and risk injury.....Green heading into free agency doesn't need to pad his the long run, really only bad things can happen for him if he plays....not sure he would or even should care about any short term results.... smells like a bad hammy coming in about the second quarter....
  8. these type of "frustrations" are a part of fake football....always have been....always will be...nobody really cares when fake football waivers can probably find out if he is practicing with the first team just as easy as anybody else in here....hard to assess tone in posts, but you seem to be whining or complaining like you can't believe you haven't been gift wrapped the information you need to make a decision for your fake football team.....suck it up buttercup.....
  9. why did Cam Erving even get out of bed today...?....he is so bad
  10. Sounded like you didn’t have an option ready to go and you needed to pick up a QB now that he is listed as Q and may not play.... whatever I don’t really care....
  11. Anybody owning Mahomes should have been planning for all possible scenarios since the Thursday night Denver game....with other QB options ready to rock and roll....if you are playing the minute to minute “will he play or won’t he play” thing you really can’t complain about it....
  12. 12 team league.....3 divisions of 4.... the 3 division winners make the playoffs..... and the next 3 teams with the best "all play" record make it in..... about as close to perfect as you can get....
  13. my bad...I thought thru all that you were saying dropping Mahomes was a possibility for you.....disregard everything I posted above...
  14. I guess if you prescribe to the theory that "no matter what" that if a team doesn't start a PK or DST it is giving the other team an easy win....then ok....although I would be willing to bet in probably 80% of the fantasy victories across the board if you remove the PK or DST from the winning teams points....they still get the win.... and I would argue that if I go without starting a PK or DST to keep/pick up Mahomes....I am doing my best to improve my team in the long run and have a strong team all year besides one bye week....