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  1. If Cutler and Glennon start...should be solid at QB....guess I'm not as high on your RB's....Bal looking to bring somebody in at RB according to Harbaugh so RBBC very likely....Quick and Benjamin better help more than you think as you need 3 scores here a week and last 4 can disappear well as Robinson....Best case scenario Doyle resigns with Colts but word is he will test free agent market....Allen is locked up and I think they like Swoop...Doyle could still be decent elsewhere...backs are all in crowded situations or not on a team survivor this make work but don't see many immunities....good luck
  2. I think other things factor in many very rarely do you see teams in the same division trade each other....Jerry probably wouldn't trade Romo to an NFC east team even if they had a slightly better deal....
  3. I have no idea what is going on.....the timer is supposed to be on....but it is stuck on FFWisguy with a minute left....if somebody wants to go in and check it out and see if I have something set up wrong, please do....gave everybody "commish ability"...
  4. if Tony would agree to redo his contract to an acceptable level, teams would be willing to give Jerry a decent draft pick and they could all win.....this year at $14 mil is probably workable for most teams, it's the next two years that are the problem....if he would be willing to drop those next two years down he could probably still pick his destination, let's say DEN, and DEN would probably be willing to part with a decent
  5. you know, I don't know.... the doing right by Tony thing seems a little overrated to me....I mean let's be honest, DAL has already paid Tony a ton of money....and I'd probably say the ROI hasn't been real great for what they have given him.....not a lot of playoff success and missed games/often injured....I'm not sure they really "owe" him anything else or need to "do right by him".....IMO DAL/Jerry shouldn't feel guilty about trying to maximize his fact, what about this "great relationship" working the other way....if Tony and Jerry are such buds, wouldn't Tony want Jerry to get something out of this situation as well?....should he feel he may owe it to Jerry to get as much as he can for him...?... "hey Jerry, you have paid me a lot of money and you know, I probably didn't deliver as much as you me for as much as you can get".... doing right by Tony doesn't make Jerry a decent human might however make him a bad business man....
  6. saw something this morning that Romo is willing to "massage" his contract if it will help trade negotiations......hmmmm
  7. forgot to post....timer has been back on for a while now
  8. Made picks for reaper and will pick browns for mr i
  9. reaper said above he was on vacation starting today and possibly without access...might be awhile
  10. will do
  11. you otc with replacement pick

  12. looks like this league is up and running but may not be able to access league 1 yet.... will wait for Shadowfax to make replacement pick before I pick....
  13. ok guess I was thinking if he is traded that the receiving team just assumes his contract and Dal is done....guess I wasn't aware that Dal would still be on the hook for anything.... I realize Tony may be "insisting" on some things but unless he has a no trade clause....does that really matter....? I guess he could just say.... I'm not playing.... and the team backs out....but then DAL just hangs on and releases or cuts him later....but you would think they explore options...