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  1. Stinkin Ref

    Making A Murderer (Netflix) (Spoilers)

    again...he may have wiped some things down, but not everything.......he was careful enough to get rid of some of the physical evidence....but obviously not all of it... personally I'm not sure he ever wore gloves....I just think he was sloppy in destroying and getting rid of evidence....I believe he was in and out of that vehicle on several occasions....and sometimes in a pretty big hurry....
  2. Stinkin Ref

    Making A Murderer (Netflix) (Spoilers)

    do I think he did it... I know exactly of going with where the evidence leads while also keeping in mind that if he didn't do is the most epic frame job of all time....just because there isn't some other physical evidence in other places, does not mean he is innocent...there can be questions in every case...'why wasn't there evidence here, but it was there" could ask that all day....but that doesn't mean there is reasonable doubt when there is a ton of evidence that is leading you in another direction..... he got rid of some stuff....but made some mistakes and didn't get rid of it all....something I could easily see happening if someone is in the midst of doing something so horrible and trying to cover it up quickly....
  3. Stinkin Ref

    Making A Murderer (Netflix) (Spoilers)

    I think the thing is that Avery wasn't really "bleeding out" not finding his DNA in the back or "mixed" with her DNA is easily explained.....he may have been wearing gloves sometimes, but wasn't at others and got careless, thus leaving the blood smudge by the ignition when he wasn't wearing gloves.....he may have given the car a quick wipe down of some sort which got rid of fingerprints, etc. elsewhere, but he wasn't good enough/Dexter enough to get rid of all of it....nobody is calling him an expert criminal (not sure there is one) in fact he was far from it....because he was good enough to get rid of much of the physical evidence....just not all of it...
  4. Stinkin Ref

    Making A Murderer (Netflix) (Spoilers)

    if they knew the battery was would not be unusual to ask about somebody going under the hood....they get the info....they test...
  5. Stinkin Ref

    Making A Murderer (Netflix) (Spoilers)

    sometimes he was wearing gloves....sometimes he wasn't...?.... he probably moved that vehicle several times over the course of the events taking place....
  6. there are probably tons of of the first that comes to mind is that players/coaches, teams, etc make a bunch of plans for/based on their bye, mini vacations, etc....just all of a sudden telling those teams "right now is your bye week" ...on the Tuesday of "your bye week" is not really cool.....I understand the thousands of people who have had their plans impacted by this, but the NFL probably cares about the teams as well, maybe more so than the fans....because "the fans" will still show up/watch.....and their is no void in the MNF schedule...
  7. for fans of either team planning to travel there for the game this could be real bad if moved to a different week or location like LA....
  8. as a commish...kind of a fantasy nightmare if this game gets switched to their bye week (12) or something... actually now that I think about it....that might be the best of the options....give them a bye this week and they play next week...
  9. Stinkin Ref

    Making A Murderer (Netflix) (Spoilers)

    don't mean to just pick out the bolded....but this is an example of things that bug me sometimes....we have NO CLUE "when" she actually made those notes....
  10. Stinkin Ref

    Making A Murderer (Netflix) (Spoilers)

  11. Stinkin Ref

    Sammy Watkins the next Andre Johnson...

    this is a very good point....when the bye weeks hit and your second flex option supposedly starts seeing your lineup more frequently...people start freaking out if they don't get the consistent WR2 production.....the ROI really isn't that bad
  12. Stinkin Ref

    Tyreek Hill

    yes....very weak block in the back...and I'm not saying weak as a was weak....I realize there is a penalty on almost every kicking play these days but this one was super soft
  13. I think sometimes games expected to be high scoring disappoint. Maybe not the game itself, but in the amount of points scored. Having watched every second of every Chiefs game, one of the recipes to keeping it close with them is to have long sustained drives. Currently the Chiefs defense isn't really good enough to slow down a team that can pretty much move the chains at will, especially running the ball. And then if that team can score touchdown instead of field goals it could be a bad mix for them. Having said those two things, those are two things the Rams are really good at. The Chiefs are also pretty good at this. And yes, both teams can produce quick strike bunch yardage plays, but I am not sure this will be the video game/pinball machine game scoring wise that many people think.
  14. Seems like in most of the leagues I am in we are still in the caveman days of DST scoring as far as points allowed and yards allowed etc....there really is no such thing as a shutout anymore and the amount of points that do end up getting scored usually makes DST scoring a “wash” in most formats unless one team gets a DST TD....or sacks, or turnovers which really are kinda inconsistent... DST’s aren;t really scoring points on the 10 point for a shutout etc....7 for under 6 or whatever.... a meaningless FG against your DST that is dominating and basically pitching a shutout....costs you I don’t have the answer necessarily but maybe if you hold them to 7 or less it should be worth 10 or something.....keeping a team out o the end zone for a whole game is a pretty big deal these days... I also wish it would be automatic that a DST TD against “your” DST didn’t affect the points you get....meaning if I have KC DST and they win 20-7 and the 7 for the other team came on them returning a fumble or pick for a TD....that shouldn’t count against my DST and I should still get the shutout points...
  15. Stinkin Ref

    Making A Murderer (Netflix) (Spoilers)

    Correct......the jury didn’t factor in the previous case/injustice....they went off the evidence in THIS case.... and found him guilty....