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  1. according to FBG ADP PPR consensus....all of those guys are already going in front of him....TY going as WR23
  2. it's pretty much at the point where everyone is feeling pressured to "issue a statement"......MSG, etc, getting slammed for not issuing a's as if if you don't "issue some type of statement" it means you OK with what happened and the way things's a little out of hand.....feel like I need to issue some type of statement to my local media......I don't need FBG to be issuing their "statement" in my daily email......I like that to be football, thats why I signed up for it.....if FBG wants to issue their statement somehow, do it some other way on their site or to the general public and their employees or whatever....just maybe not in a mass email sent to 455,000 people who signed up for a football email....
  3. right....thats 62 yards a game and about a TD every third game.....I'd probably take a swing on a guy down the ADP list without the name recognition and shoot for upside guys behind him at current ADP who I would probably swing for instead......Diggs, Mclaurin, parker, hollywood, Chark, Deebo, Green, Edelman, Marvin, tons of rookies....
  4. it's been made pretty clear this is "your board" that applies to the emails as the past you have used this (your) platform to express your agendas and beliefs to the people that come here or view your product....if we have a problem with it, we can go elsewhere I can do it if you want....but like @Otis said above...."If the question is whether you should do it, or how it would be perceived, those are different"....personally I would prefer "stick to football" the football related emails....
  5. Been following him a little.....lots of yoga and 1000 ab crunches a day. In addition to whatever else....trying to increase flexibility and core strength in prep for the season and being in even better shape than before....
  6. Meh....if CHE blows a knee in preseason and never plays a snap ever.....KC is probably still a super bowl fav for the next 12 years or so... KC had a ton of needs elsewhere and as long as Mahomes is around...KC game plan will never really give an RB 20+ carries consistently .....CEH is the poster child for a luxury pick...
  7. why does everybody take this stuff so personal.....the very existence of this board and the threads in it.... is for stuff like's not rocket science that will save the if we end up getting it wrong one way or the will go on.....its fake football.... and we are not allowed to come back on these boards with "I told you so's" everybody can just relax.....there is some good stuff in here on both some point you will have to just plant your flag and roll with it.....until then there really is no right or wrong side that anybody can prove.....not everyone will agree and thats ok...
  8. if a movie/show has zombies or flying dragons or other things of that sort....I think you wasting your time watching them
  9. currency in any form moves the game further and further away from the core of the game......
  10. I have found that with my college age son and daughter having somewhat returned to our home for quarantine pong has upped my trash can shooting game a couple notches....
  11. I'm not a fan of the fire token thing at all....but I'm not sure this is true.....there wasn't some massive fire token event at the end, but they did play a pretty big role throughout the game players had to use them for the things that were sold to them by the players on EoE....many of those were key pieces in how the game played out on the regular island....they definitely had an impact.....Nat was able to purchase several things with them, idols and advantages.....she accumulated so many she had a huge advantage in the get back in the game challenge.....even tho she kind of wasted it.....but probably would not have won without it...... my main complaint is that I don't like them getting to buy peanut butter and whatever else....and the camp started looking like a resort with all the swings and benches and pillows and painting actually seemed like the show was intentionally not trying to show some of the benches and swings and hammocks.....those things used to be stuff you won at the reward, nobody has to go fishing or anything....which used to be huge.....I remember one season that one crazy young lady took it upon herself to bargain with Jeff that they would trade in a bunch of comforts for more rice.....stuff like that never happens anymore....the game has gotten too soft with all these extra things they have added....and its has gotten away from the social core of the its just blindsides and who gets advantages and steal a votes, and leave tribal, and 50/50 etc.....I really feel a season of "old school" survivor is in desperate need.....we give you some rice and hide a few idols and thats it.....go back to there being some benefit of catching fish, working around camp, building shelters, etc... soft city.... eta: this takes nothing away from Tony.....I am sooooo glad he won.....he played one of the best all around games I have to bottom.....never had his name written down and was dictating everything.....totally on point around every turn/corner....his anticipation and intuition and ability to take the temperature of the room was top shelf stuff......made Sara look like an idiot....
  12. yeah I'm sure there will be some nice package deals......not sure they will be great "deals" necessarily.......the high rolling FBG types will enjoy the simplicity of those I'm sure.....but I believe there will also be a TON of non high rolling weekend warriors that will be looking to get in a quick trip with the boys on the cheap to see their team.....
  13. I would kind of expect local sales to be through the roof......they will have zero trouble unloading those tickets to visiting fans at a nice profit...
  14. fair enough.....but about 37+% of his completions went to RB alone....with an 82% completion percentage to completions and on target throws should look pretty well as his bad throw percentage.....when you heavily targeting short throws to RB....his down field throws are where he struggled with int and accuracy even if the yards were there....