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  1. fair enough....from what I have seen AB, MB, and Eli were considered locks for the roster with DHB/Coates/Hunter/hamilton/etc fighting for spots....I guess my thinking as the WR3 is that Eli will be working the slot....guess I don't really see another threat to the slot on the roster and I don't know if that is a role JuJu fills or not........guess I thought JuJu was more of an outside guy....
  2. 6.05 Kirk Cousins WAS QB12 5 7.12 Tyrod Taylor BUF QB23 6 Waited awhile at QB and was happy to see a choice of Cousins or Newton still available. Cousins should still be solid with Pryor, Crowder, Reed etc. Top 5 QB last year with some expected regression so I could see him falling somewhere between QB 5-12. No serious competition, so I expect Taylor to be the starter in BUF and liked him pretty significantly over the rest of the QB’s at 7.12 so felt a little lucky there. I could see him out producing QB23. Two pretty early byes so if I make it past week 6, I’ll be fully loaded at QB as teams dwindle. 1.12 Devonta Freeman ATL RB5 5 10.05 Terrance West BAL RB41 10 11.12 Duke Johnson CLE RB50 9 14.05 Jeremy Hill CIN RB57 6 16.05 Dion Lewis NEP RB61 9 After going RB in round one, the plan was to punt the RB2 position and focus elsewhere. I might have gone a little Ray Guy with my strategy. Freeman should post a decent score most weeks and I made sure not to double up his bye week after waiting so long to fill out the position. West should get the bulk of the work for at least 4 weeks along with Woodhead. Then when Dixon returns, who knows, but I don’t think West just immediately becomes a non- factor. In kicking the tires on Duke, it doesn’t look his role will change, so still a decent play in this format. When it came to Hill, Mixon can’t handle all the work can he? Bernard coming off injury, Burkhead gone. I expect Hill to see some touches each week as the rookie is brought along. I just couldn’t let Lewis keep falling even though that backfield is a mess. In retrospect, a little buyer’s remorse with that pick and I could have lived without him, as adding a 5th steered my draft in a direction I wasn’t planning on going. I probably panicked a little and thought Lewis would somehow save this group. Who knows, maybe hoody keeps him involved somehow. Probably should have went a different direction. Need Freeman to post a decent score each week and the other 4 to give me something other than a donut. 2.05 T. Y. Hilton IND WR11 11 3.12 Tyreek Hill KCC WR21 10 4.05 Corey Davis TEN WR25 8 5.12 Julian Edelman NEP WR32 9 12.05 Cole Beasley DAL WR67 6 17.12 Eli Rogers PIT WR84 9 Hilton was a pretty easy pick at 2.05, maybe not much value, but should keep me in the mix at WR1. My love for Hill continues, although I sniffed Pryor instead. I liked the upside of Davis over any other WR at 4.05 as I am a fan of this rookie’s game. Edelman making it back to 5.12 as WR32 seemed wayyyy to good to pass up. Guess I’m not sold he loses as many touches to Cooks/Gronk as others seem to think. Think he is still PPR machine. Beasley continues to be massively overlooked in this format. I just don’t get it. He was WR33 in this format last year and nothing has really changed. Prescott likes him…..a lot. In the 17th round I wanted to add a 6th WR even though my top 5 didn’t share a bye. Rogers should fill the slot in PIT and you can’t really complain about having the WR3 in PIT as your WR6. I invested pretty heavily in this group with 4 of my first 5 picks, so they need to carry me. Got a mix of big play/speed guys and some steady PPR guys along with hopefully the top rookie WR this year who has a solid QB. I will say that in this draft I really took a look at who the QB was for each of my guys and targeted solid QB/offenses. I also gave bye weeks a little more consideration than I have in the past. And lastly, while I invested heavily I feel I still got value. Hilton finished WR4, got him at WR11. Edelman finished WR14, got him at WR32. Beasley finished WR33, got him at WR67. Even Rogers finished WR63 and got him at WR84. 8.05 O.J. Howard TBB TE17 11 9.12 Jared Cook OAK TE22 10 Waited pretty long here as well, but saw that in WSL1 there was still some meat on the bone in the mid rounds at TE. Need Howard to live up to the hype and if Cook was going to leave Rodgers, Carr is not a bad landing spot, was happy he fell all the way to 9.12 and hoping he outplays TE22. Nothing special here with this tandem, but should be ok. 15.12 Graham Gano CAR PK22 11 Lewis pick dictated going solo here. Dude was kicking on a broken foot last year, so expecting a little bit of a rebound. 13.12 Kansas City Chiefs DST6 10 18.05 Detriot Lions DST30 7 Expect KC to be top 5, finished as DST1 last year. Should still be a solid DST and hopefully Hill houses a few more this year. Will snag whatever is left in round 18. Turned out to be Detroit which actually worked pretty well as they are my only week 7 bye. Overall: Felt I got zero value anywhere but at WR. Really don’t like this area of the draft. Overall I am kinda ####ting the bed in these leagues this year. Will need to refocus for MBSL and the Anarchys. Good luck.
  3. Those of us linked to the league I dont think we can log in as commish to help.....Bass may be able to....otherwise post your pick here and maybe make a comment with your pick on the message board/comments section at the site and hopefully people will see and not pick your guy till we figure it out
  4. I get the love for Tyrell, I owned him a ton last year in home leagues.....but I'm gonna call it kind of a hangover actually reminds me a lot of the love Keenan Allen gave owners when he was a beast down the stretch a few years ago...I think it was 2013 (and albeit on not a high volume of catches) he helped many guys win championships..... and then they just couldn't let go the next year....thinking he was the next bag of chips....injury or not, he hasn't really lived up to that 6 or so game stretch that he had....and honestly I'm still a little baffled at the ADP love he gets, although the talent does seem to be there.....(he was destroying my Chiefs last year before getting hurt)....but anyway you definitely could have gotten TW at 7.11 and most likely at 8.06.....I'd venture to say I'd bet you could have gotten him at 8.06....because while I get the love.....Allen is back and Mike Williams and two pretty good TE's are in the picture.....and honestly, I was kind of impressed by the way Inman played last year as well, seemed to have something going with Rivers and I think they resigned him as well.... anyway....I kind of agree your love led you astray here from a drafting perspective....and while I think the "next Brandon Marshall" thing might be a little over the top....I think the talent may in fact be there, but not sure the situation will play along....sorry, long way of saying I think you really pooped the bed with that pick and you would have liked your team a lot better if you went QB there.....cause you still could have had your boy later.....while Bass's pick may have added a little sense of urgency to the QB run there.....I think it was still going to happen for the most part and you were still staring at the same tier of guys (probably still rolling the dice that Tanny makes it back to you)...and as you said, the guys drafting after your Taylor pick sealed your fate....which you also knew was probably coming....anyway, good stuff, good to hear/discuss some different perspectives....I know I've been on the wrong of this kind of thing before....
  5. ssl3 you otc

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  7. Shadowfax hasn't visited the draft site for 8 days.....not sure whats up but we may be here awhile...unless he has been going in as the commish
  8. You otc back to back

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  11. There are no game time decisons in fake football....suck it up
  12. Are we doing flex?
  13. I'm expecting him to be pretty solid, and don't see the year off as an issue. I think there will be times where he will dominate some games behind that line and he should get the goal line stuff. My only concern is that I like Richard/Washington and wonder if they will see some of the looks in the red zone (outside the 5) or on the plus side of the 50 where OAK may look to spread it out a little.