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  1. So ffa is a soccer draft forum....don’t you guys have your own awesome places to draft...can we do FF drafts in here too?
  2. shouldn't this draft/thread be in a Mock Draft Forum...?
  3. in again at FS with same name
  4. requiring text message alert eliminates 98% of this....and there are no excuses....if you don't want to sign up for the alert, then you don't participate... how you chose to deal with the 2% that still miss a pick is up to you....lots of options
  5. if you don't require signing up for the test alert...and you have missed picks you could do this 1st missed pick....replaced with a PK (if possible due to lineup restrictions) 2nd missed pick ....replaced with a PK (if possible due to lineup restrictions) 3rd missed pick....replaced by DST(if possible due to lineup restrictions) 4th missed pick....replaced by DST (if possible due to lineup restrictions) 5th missed replacement pick...SOL so even if it's third round and they miss a pick...they get a PK in the least they got something....
  6. bolded all in one thread....impressive but accurate...more bourbon!
  7. in for whatever leagues you need me in...think I was in some and subbed in or took over for others... FWIW...I would suggest that in order to participate you have to sign up to get the TEXT ALERT WHEN YOU ARE OTC.... thank you for doing these...ton of fun...and I will help where I can.... and I like bourbon
  8. mom knew he was a virgin it was just something they "don't really talk about much"....she knew of him having a hard time/defending himself in "locker room" stuff... and I'm not sure why everybody thinks fantasy suite automatically means can just go and hang/make out...without going all the fact I would bet that happens more often than not...
  9. instead of everybody trying to bang everybody else on the guys should focus on the quality of your stuff...everything you send that coyote dude is a piece of ####....hard to believe you guys are still in business...
  10. and besides going without TV for a day, what else does that entail...? it really them just flipping the switch and turning you back on...?...and I guess technically you would lose whatever "long time customer" street cred you earned....if that really means anything to them...I wouldn't think they would want their customers to "cancel for a day" every year and then keep loading them up with all the stuff actual real "new" customers get....doesn't the year or two year contract thing have to start coming to play at some point....
  11. I guess I've never been really good at the whole bluffing to cancel thing, because when push came to shove, the hassle of cancelling and getting another service just isn't worth it and I WANT the Ticket. Not sure what the point is, but I imagine at some point they say "well sorry that's the best we can do". I'm not going anywhere and I know it. As I said I don't mind paying a little extra here or there. Sunday Ticket is a great service. I know "new customers" get pretty sweet deals and that is frustrating as a long time customer, but as long as they keep working with me a little, I will be happy...especially if it remains as painless as it was this last time.
  12. I did not get Sunday Ticket Max....just Sunday Ticket...and I got $12.25 off a month for the 6 months I have to pay for the looks like if I wanted to upgrade to Sunday Ticket Max it would be an extra $17 dollars a month...
  13. So I had to come in here and post and give Direct TV props....I made “the call” this morning....had to mentally prepare myself as I dread it, last summer it was probbaly a total of 6 hours over the course of 3 phone calls to get it right after the bill didn’t indicate what was agreed upon, etc.....couple cups of coffee, walked around admiring my freshly cut grass.... Have gotten the Ticket a few times for free in the past and for half of the following year, etc....I don’t mind actually paying something for the Ticket as it is a pretty cool option...anyway wife was cool with paying the half price fee for 6 months and then normal fee after thats what I was working “worked” last year with the credits they gave etc...which was about $40 a month for 12 months... so called the number that was listed earlier in this thread...a guy named Teagan actually answered the phone on about 5th ring... I din’t have to be on hold, push a bunch of other numbers saying what I wanted, etc...was short and sweet with Teagan told him I knew my $40 in credits were coming off soon (next month) and I wanted to see what they can do and I also wanted to get the ticket again but wanted to keep my bill around the same as it was last year...he thanked me for being a long time customer and almost before I could stop talking he said here’s what I can do for you... $60 credit for 12 months $12.25 credit a month off of Sunday Ticket free HBO and Cinemax for 6 months in the long bill will be less each month....which is gravy...I was cool with it being the same I said thank are awesome...told Teagan how much I appreciated this not being a nightmare and how good of a job he did...asked if there was someway I could acknowledge him specifically so he could “get a raise or something”....hahahha, etc...asked if I could fill out a survey or something...he said I might get one but they are not supposed to encourage us to give them props etc....he asked if there was anything else I needed, asked him a couple questions about the Everywhere option and about if my daughter could access our service at her college location, watch our TV and the ticket...helped me with that and then said hey do you have dog and does it watch TV?...I can give you a free month of Dog TV if you want...I guess there are some dogs that actually watch TV..... what I learned?...I know people may get better deals, etc...and I’m ok with that, I’m happy with what I got....but that phone number was pretty bomb...I feel I got lucky with a good rep....and I think sometimes being polite and giving the person on the other end of the line a little sugar instead of venom and “threatening to cancel” can actually be a decent approach...I’m happy and it took about 20 minutes...
  14. actually kind of surprised it doesn't happen to Phil more....he likes to think its all about him....especially if he is in a hand....everybody else are the back up dancers....