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  1. But there should be, and seeing someone aspire to setting one is a good step forward.
  2. Some are part of it and it’s all normalized. There is a huge vacuum of moral and ethical leadership that hopefully will be addressed in future elections.
  3. No. Did she admit to saying it? Was she serious? I really have no idea. Mostly unplugged the last week on vacation. Seems like more of the same transactional politics that Trump plays daily, I’m exhausted by it and hoping for change, but can’t see it changing much if the president doesn’t show moral clarity and consistency himself. The political climate is terrible but didn’t happen by accident.
  4. He can act outraged but It’s all been normalized by Trump, his supporters and the Hannity’s of the world.
  5. Reasonable to protect the feelings of a 72 year old emotionally unstable man child.
  6. How many federal prosecutors are there? Seems like it could be a small group to begin with.
  7. Doing a FFPC draft right now. Got Gurley at 11. Have a feeling he might of even lasted a few more picks. So if Gurley is now a late 1st/early 2nd in redrafts, Henderson might even be undervalued in rookie/dynasty drafts. The Gurley panic causing him to slide can't just be about concern for this year alone.
  8. Textbook narcissist, can dish it out but can't take it. It's so exhausting to have the president of the US use the bully pulpit to project his disorder to everyone. Hope he gets help someday.
  10. the sound of a million shoulders shrugging
  11. Looking forward to the new Torche album
  12. The new season of The 100 started on the CW a few weeks ago. Like that show too. I guess kinda similar in that a bunch of teens trying to figure out how live. The Society is a bit more hard than The 100. These people party all the time. Parents keep telling me kids today don’t throw down like we did in the day. Thinking that is bad intel. Into episode 3, which started kind of slow. Still in to see where it goes. One of the better Netflix series I’ve seen in a while.
  13. That was some great TV. Hoping the other 2 episodes are equally as good. Watching people oblivious to the incredible danger all around them was intense and heartbreaking. It was powerful to watch them battle the fire; something they could see, feel and understand; unaware a greater invisible danger was killing them.
  14. CO moves to decriminalize shrooms
  15. It's oversight, and there is precedent. Letter to IRS 4.13.19.pdf