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  1. If he's looking for a meth-addled hooker, accept no substitute.
  2. Oh, and if you go to Christini's, their violinist can play something from almost any band. He even played some Slayer last time I was there.
  3. If you're going to Church St, Kres Chophouse is usually solid. Millions of bars in that area, the Courtesy is a craft cocktail joint that's hipster but has good drinks. You can walk around there and find something that appeals to you. Just go to the corner of Orange and Church and there are bars north on Orange and on all the surrounding streets. Casey's on Central is a popular happy hour spot. Just about everything is going to be relatively dead on a Wednesday though. There's a place called Schumann's Jager Haus on Church that has good German food & beer if that's to your taste. Just outside downtown in the other areas I mentioned are some of my favorite restaurants in the area. Ravenous Pig, 4 Rivers Smokehouse, Tako Cheena, and Pig Floyd Urban Barbacoa. Google them for menus. Don't know what kind of spots you prefer for libations. Closer to I Drive is Restaurant Row, lots of pricey but good options. Christini's and Eddie V's are very good but not cheap. I've heard Morimoto at Disney Springs is awesome but I've never been.
  4. I pimped this option in the Disney thread a bunch of times, but people prefer to be on property. I did this when I got married, we had the ceremony and a small reception at Championsgate and then adjourned to a house like this for all-night festivities. It was big enough for all my friends to stay there, so no one had to drive anywhere.
  5. Orlando Brewing Co has some decent offerings, but you're better off looking for good beer bars than breweries there. Nothing of interest in the area Smails is in, though. Anything I'd recommend in terms of beer or food is a 20-30 minute cab ride/Uber. He's far away from the better stuff. Everything is in the Downtown/ Thornton Park / Milk District / Winter Park area.
  6. Damn it. I Hippled it.
  7. Is Grand Mariner a cheap Grand Marnier knock-off?
  8. You may have been off on the city, but you're dead-on balls accurate about Gojira, my friend.
  9. I'd add the poisoning of the frat in the game of flip cup.
  10. 10 PRINT "BOSS OR CHIEF?" 20 INPUT A$ 30 IF A$="BOSS" GOTO 60 40 IF A$="CHIEF" GOTO 60 50 PRINT "I SAID.... BOSS OR CHIEF?!" 55 GOTO 20 60 PRINT A$ 70 GOTO 60
  11. Also, I LOVE that they're keeping the "old black man" in the bed gag going from last season. That just keeps paying off.
  12. I'm pretty sure I read that they are doing exactly that this season.
  13. Convention center area is tourist central. There's not going to be any local flavor there, it's going to be largely chain restaurants and places that cater to visitors. If you want to see the real city, you'd have to drive/Uber to downtown area. Your best bets down there are probably Charley's Steak House (good steaks) or Miller's Ale House (sports bar - decent food, very affordable.) Other than that, pick your favorite chains or go up to the handful of British/Irish pubs on the north end of I-Drive and hang out with UK vacationers.