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  1. I was the guy who drafted him at 8.11 in my PPR league and solicited groans from a few owners who were obviously eyeing him in the 9th. He's my WR4 behind Julio, Jeffery, and Crabtree but I'm hoping he'll be my WR3 starting in week 5.
  2. Also, Eli Rogers started and played the whole time Ben was in. Just saying.
  3. Starters looked fantastic. Landry Jones excellent in relief playing with the ones. Several perfect throws, no mistakes. Brown, Ben, and Bell in mid-season form already. Jesse James big improvement over this time last year. I loved what I saw. 1st team defense allowed 7 points to the Saints starters in the dome. Not bad. Hopefully Cam's ankle is minor. Hargrave is going to make some plays this year and is going to be a major contributor down the road. I liked that pick when they made it, I'm now beginning to love it.
  4. I agree, but IMO, these restructures are being done to clear a little head room under the cap. A DeCastro extension would serve the same purpose, so I think it's more likely that this is an indication that a deal ISN'T on the near horizon for DD. I think it's more likely that either : a) They're simply giving themselves some wiggle room b) They're disenchanted with what they're going into the season with at QB, TE, and CB after the injuries to Gradkowski, Green's lingering issues, and the Golson injury and they want the flexibility to sign a couple vets after final cuts are made league-wide. c) They plan to kick Antonio Brown some more $ to keep him happy until next offseason (although this would be more likely done as an advance and wouldn't necessarily require cap room.)
  5. Worked on my phone (Chrome) but not on my desktop (Firefox) - on the desktop, it appears to sync properly, but then none of the players are populated on my roster in Classic, still asks me to import manually. I might just be an idiot.
  6. This is ####ing bull####. I know we've never met, but I consider you a friend Shady. I'd like to buy you about 800 beers right now. I know all I'd do is make stupid jokes because that's what I do in these situations, but I'd hope you would know it was coming from the right place. I'm ####ing furious right now that you and your family have to go through this. I don't believe in God but if I ever meet him, he'd better be able to explain to me how this is part of his plan. None of what you did was for nothing. Lives WILL be saved based on this, I firmly believe that. I can only hope you can find a shred of solace in that, I don't know that I would be able to. I'm so sorry man. I know none of this helps but it's how I feel right now. I neither feel like doling out platitudes, nor the jokes I always use as a defense mechanism. This is just what's in my heart right now. I only hope that if and when I am ever faced with something this tragic that I am even 1/10th as strong as you are and have been. You have my undying respect and all of my best wishes, for you, your wife, and your son.
  7. I can't imagine they'll cut Green, he just may end up on PUP. I don't think they'll break the bank at either position, but they may be looking to sign 2-3 players and just needed a little wiggle room to work with.
  8. Sure, I just don't know that this move has anything to do with that. I believe that a long-term deal for DD would likely lower his immediate cap hit, not increase it. Typically, a restructure is done to clear immediate cap space, so I would think that they're doing it in order to add a player or two that isn't currently under contract. Just my guess.
  9. First round went : AB Julio ODB Johnson Gronk Gurley Hopkins AJ Green Peterson Dez Miller Bell
  10. David Johnson at 1.4 Todd Gurley at 1.6 Adrian Peterson at 1.9 Lamar Miller at 1.11
  11. I don't know that one has anything to do with the other. It may mean they feel the need to go outside for a corner, TE, or QB.
  12. He went at 1.12 in a 12-team PPR live draft I did over the weekend (right after the suspension was reduced from 4 games to 3.)
  13. We may see a lot of Rogers on 3rd downs too, especially in 4 WR sets. The guy runs sharp routes and has good hands and some wiggle to him, I think he could be a key in converting 3rd-and-medium and 3rd-and-long situations.
  14. I agree with you, and Bryant would drive me nuts sometimes. However, a few plays later, he'd make a play in the open field that only a handful of receivers in the NFL can make. You take the good with the bad. I think if Coates flashes similar playmaking potential this year, his transgressions will be forgiven more quickly as well.
  15. I suspect this means they believe this is the end of the line in Pittsburgh for Timmons.