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  1. Fair enough. I'd have certainly done the same, I just didn't expect it. Brook clearly has some world-class bollocks and went into the fight talking about how he was willing to die in the ring, etc. I figured if anything, the ref or doctor would have stopped it, but I also wrote that before he said he had double vision. If he really couldn't fight effectively any more and was just a sitting duck, continuing wouldn't have been "tough", it would have been stupid.
  2. Spence is f###ing relentless. Conditioning is really impressive too. Surprised how that ended though. I don't think that happens had Brook not ended up in surgery on his other eye after the GGG fight. He was going to "go out on his shield."
  3. Brain of J Faithfull Alive I Got Id Leash In some order. Ask me again a year from now and I'll probably have a different 5. Breakerfall would probably be in there. Or Inside Job. Or Footsteps.
  4. "Rotted Body Landslide" by Cannibal Corpse.
  5. Other guesses : Longview, Basket Case, Welcome to Paradise, 1979, Tonight Tonight, Disarm, Today, Bullet with Butterfly Wings.
  6. I would expect Jeremy, Alive, Even Flow, Better Man, Teen Spirit, Come As You Are, Lithium, Heart Shaped Box, Man In the Box, Down In a Hole, Rooster, Would?, Outshined, Black Hole Sun, Plush, and Interstate Love Song to all be in the top 40. I would have guessed Teen Spirit #1 too. Any of those #1? Probably not based on the OP.
  7. I feel like there are a lot of people in this country that need to be reminded of this. Over and over.
  8. I seriously may do just this.
  9. Black dotting this. I have my long-range assets well established but just opened a Robinhood account with a whopping $1,500 of fantasy winnings from last season and am looking to grow that into something worth while. I've been out of the brokerage game for 15 years and my current assets are all mutual funds and blue chips for retirement, so I'll be trolling here looking for more "quick buck" types of trades.....
  10. The show is going to suffer his loss.
  11. I bought a house with an inground salt pool with a large enclosure over the pool and all the surrounding deck. I wouldn't have done it any other way. They're expensive to put in (especially with a salt system) and enclose, but getting it included in the home price, it cost me next to nothing. No leaves in it, no mosquitoes at night. There's nothing more serene than going out there at night and listening to the sounds of the preserve behind my house and the waterfall feature while floating around with the light show going on beneath me. Until something breaks down, it's virtually no cost and low maintenance. I have a solar heater for it, so it stays open year-round. Once a week, I dump a couple of cups of muriatic acid mixed with pool water in there (takes 90 seconds soup-to-nuts) and maybe twice a year, I pour a bag of salt into it around the edges. Once in a blue moon, a jar of stabilizer in the filter. That's it. Less than $100 a year for chemicals. The skimmer and the in-floor cleaning jets take care of 80% of whatever detritus makes its way through the screen - I bust out the vacuum every other month or so for about an hour and get rid of anything that settles in the corners. A quick sweep every 2 weeks or so takes care of the rest. I spend maybe 10 hours a year caring for it.
  12. Yeah, it just seems like rather than jumping from person to person each episode to explain how they all ended up together for the end of the season/series, they decided to simply focus one episode on each character (or at least most of them) to get to the same point. Whether you like that or not I suppose is subjective. I think personally that I'm finding the show a little more immersive this way. I wouldn't be surprised to see more shows doing this, especially ones like Game of Thrones, with so many characters to keep track of. That show has done this in the past, but not to this extent, I wonder if it will be even more so going forward.
  13. Oh man, I'm so sorry about your brother. That's ####ing brutal. I hope things look up and soon, my friend.
  14. No problem, man... I'm not super sensitive about such things. Nor am I all broken up over this, just kind of bummed out. I hope my saliva isn't some sort of really slow-acting poison and I'm just finding out now.