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  1. I don't think I've ever been to one. I just figured that's the best way to explain to a potential buyer why you're selling it. I don't want to meet the people shopping for a used mattress on Craigslist.
  2. Sure. They're called yard sales. Or garage sales.
  3. If there's even a threat of disaster, that's when you look me up. I'm an ace cocksman from way back (pun intended.) The object is to avert disaster.
  4. I'm confident. The universe wouldn't set this up so perfectly for you only to have it all come crashing down that way.
  5. I couldn't possibly hazard a guess. Just saying, I'll be around if you need a word of advice.
  6. This is promising. Hopefully when you hit the sheets, the air will be redolent with the scent of summer wildflowers.
  7. Normally I'd agree, but you seem to have a way of creating obstacles if none exist. I'd love to try to help you avoid that. If I'm not needed, that much the better.
  8. at the D.E.N.N.I.S lines and at the rest. You couldn't have scripted this better. If you're attracted to this gal, I'm here to try to help you navigate the minefield ahead. HUGE start...
  9. He absolutely owns Eric Fisher. I think you're going to start seeing his usage tick upwards, Dupree has been inconsistent and Watt hasn't looked quite the same since he got hurt.
  10. Both lines were absolutely dominant yesterday - that's what this team needs to win consistently. I thought Hargrave was an absolute beast yesterday. I didn't hear the commentators mention it, but there were a few run plays where Hargrave absolutely caved the middle of the line into the backfield. Hunt's read was to cut it up inside, but with Hargrave destroying the middle, he was forced to try the B or C gaps where he was quickly vacuumed up by Tuitt/Heyward/Shazier/VW.
  11. I'm looking at it this way... Before the season started, for the first six games, I predicted : @CLE - W, MIN - W, @CHI - W, @BAL - L, JAX - W, @KC - L. 4-2. Instead, we've got... @CLE - W, MIN - W, @CHI - L, @BAL - W, JAX - L, @KC - W. 4-2. Not how I expected to get there, but the same record nevertheless. Frankly, a little better off considering I had 1 division and 2 conference losses and instead, we have 0 division and 1 conference loss.
  12. Did I mention he should shut the hell up?
  13. I've enjoyed all 3 episodes, but I think last night's was the best yet. Salman Rushdie was
  14. We wouldn't get #### for him given the suspension history. No leverage whatsoever. I'm not trading him for a 5th rounder if I'm Colbert and further, we don't even know if he really did ask for a trade. If he did, that's a total #### move considering they were playing Cobi ####ing Hamilton in the AFCC last year thanks to Martavis' inability to put the blunt down. He should shut the hell up and do something with the opportunities he gets, then he'll get more. He hasn't looked like the guy he was two years ago yet - he catches balls and gets tripped up almost immediately. He gets open on deep routes and the ball goes through his hands (Chicago.) Make some big plays and you'll get the ball more. Until then, shut the hell up, keep working, and be happy you have a job.