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  1. I've been going almost 30 years. I just take longer and more frequent rest breaks these days.
  2. Dio is dead. Ozzy is spelled O-Z-Z-Y
  3. I have a buddy who got tossed in here once. Coming home from an REM concert in NYC to our beach house we'd rented for the summer in LBI. He got lost looking for the Lincoln Tunnel and pulled over to ask a cop for directions. Cop smelled beer on his breath, pulled him out of the car, made him blow - .11%. Tossed him in the back of a squad car and took him away. It was a Friday night, so they couldn't get him before a judge until Monday, they bussed him to Riker's and held him there for 2 1/2 days. He wasn't in prison, just in a holding cell, but at one point he told the guards he had to take a dump so they took him to a prisoner's cell - said convict(s) were out in the yard. He took a crunch in the dude's cell and then realized there was no toilet paper. So he grabbed the guy's shirt off his bed and wiped his keister with that, then tossed the ####-soiled shirt back onto his bed. Spent the next day and a half petrified that somehow the guy would find out that he'd done it and get to him somehow.
  4. It was driving me nuts last Sunday. I checked imdb before the episode was even half over. The character is so different that I don't know that I ever would have placed it otherwise.
  5. I would think a rookie FA or maybe a vet minimum backup without a lot of miles on the odometer would be more likely. I don't see them adding any significant salary here. It's only 4 games.
  6. Nope. Bryant suspended for the entire year due also to weed.
  7. I know you are, I'm just really pissed off right now.
  8. Go puff another blunt with Snoop and spit some dope lyrics, you @#$%ing jerkoff. All I wanted to see was what this offense would look like with Ben under center, Bell in the backfield, and Brown and Bryant split wide. Could have been something really fun to watch. Steelers fans have to swallow this pill, but all NFL fans suffer as a result of these two boneheads.
  9. It's not good for the Steelers. What would be good for the Steelers would be to have Bell, Brown, and Bryant all out there with Roethlisberger. We got that for what? 14 minutes? I am f#$ing furious.
  10. Roethlisberger - Brown - Bell - Bryant Could have been something. I mean REALLY been something.
  11. Not Joe, but I'd submit Roethlisberger is as good a passer as Young. Young did more with his legs, but that doesn't really affect Brown. As far as passing #s go, they've basically played the exact same # of NFL games in their careers to this point (171 Ben, 169 Young.) The stats : Young - 2667/4149 - 64.3% - 33,124 yards - 232 TDs - 107 INT - YPA 8.0 - INT% 2.6 Ben - 3476/5423 - 64.1% - 42,995 yards - 272 TDs - 147 INT - YPA 7.9 - INT% 2.7 Roethlisberger benefits in aggregate from today's NFL being more pass-happy but on a per attempt basis, their numbers are REALLY similar.
  12. Tell your son to listen to George Carlin : " I could never understand ethnic or national pride. Because to me pride should be reserved for something you achieve or attain on your own, not something that happens by accident or birth. Being (white) isn't a skill, its a f****** genetic accident. You wouldn't say I'm proud to be 5 foot 11 inches, I'm proud to have a pre disposition for colon cancer. So why the f*** would you be proud to be (white) ?"
  13. This is all I am interested in as far as the mobile version goes. I have no issue bringing a laptop to the draft and using DD classic, but why does it run an inferior algorithm? I have noticed in recent years that I've had to override the DD suggestion at a certain pick because I felt another made more sense.
  14. You guys need to update your notebooks.
  15. Also, I agree with a lot of what you're saying about the character, but it may be that his naivete/stupidity (whatever you want to call it) is essential to telling the story the writers want to tell. It's hard to say these details are flaws when we haven't seen the finished picture yet.