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  1. I don't know. Perhaps I'll try it sometime.
  2. We went back this past December to play our annual round. I stayed in the parking lot loading coolers while Sean & Rachel went in to get the cart keys, for fear of being recognized. Ox and I were just finishing loading up the coolers when we hear the two of them riding up on carts. Sean says : "Yeah, you guys are using THIS cart. We went in there and the guy said (Ed: not Mutie McCartface, obviously): 'If you want to wait until someone comes off the course, we can give you a different cart, but right now all we have is this one. Some ***hole drove it over a concrete divider in the parking lot a while back. We don't rent it unless all the other carts are in use. It still runs, but steering is tough.....'" Ox and I used that cart all day long. Here is a photo of it : They had the entire steering mechanism held together by ropes. You had to turn the wheel about 3 complete revolutions just to get the cart to turn about 30 degrees to the left or right. We almost hit about 8 stationary targets, but we never went back to swap it out. I considered it penance. Bonsoir, all.... back into self-imposed exile.
  3. One of two updates I felt needed to be posted here. I found out today that the girl I rogered in the bathroom at Mandalay Bay was once pursued by Bradley Cooper. Seriously. They went to HS together and apparently Cooper had a major crush on her (she has "love letters" to prove it.) She made out with him once but refused to bang him. That's right, this girl TURNED DOWN Bradley Cooper, but was willing to do me in a stall in the men's room of a Las Vegas casino. You have to think she's questioning her life choices at this point. Another (funnier) update momentarily.
  4. Thanks Joe. I feel like had the current climate existed for the better part of the last 15 years, I probably would have been warned 10 times as often. Maybe that's just my perception, but I don't want to become a "problem child" here. I've seen them and I've never wanted to be that. However, I also know myself - I've gotten in trouble IRL more times than I wish to share because I can't resist trying to make people laugh, even if the forum (I mean that in the larger sense) isn't always appropriate for me to do so. I can't (or don't want to) change myself, so it's probably best I change the venue. Sorry for the hijack, everyone - this should have been its own thread or in a different thread at the very least. Please return to posting screaming deals for Christmas gifts. ✌️
  5. I also don't want to derail this thread or get into any Joe-bashing. It's his call in the end and though we may disagree on this one point, I have always liked and continue to like Joe a lot. I think he's a good man whose heart is in the right place. I just happen to think that things have reached the point of over-moderation, but my opinion isn't that important. It's Joe's board and his decisions to make and I understand his point about his name being on the marquee here. I simply feel like my time here is at an end and I think many of the other long-time denizens of this cozy nook in an otherwise caustic and hostile Internet are reaching the same conclusion. I genuinely hope there are others to fill the void when we long-timers are gone as I wish Joe and the whole FBG crew continued success and prosperity, and I mean that with all sincerity.
  6. It wasn't incest, it was pedophilia. It was actually more a shot at Chuck E. Cheese's pizza than anything else, but it did have an undertone, I acknowledge that. It's indicative of what's been going on. I've been here forever and I think people know I'm not a child pornographer or a pedophile. In fact, I love kids and do a ton of work in my private life to help abused and underprivileged children that I don't often talk about here. It was just a funny line designed to make people laugh, which it did. I don't think anyone doubted the intent behind it. Now, I get it if you don't want that on your board and if the post was deleted, que sera sera. I felt like banning me for 17 days over it was unwarranted, given my track record here and the fact that I'm a far cry from being a habitual line-stepper, but that's your call. It's also not the point. I have a certain sense of humor that always seemed to fly here. A number of people seem to find my content amusing, and that's really my raison d'etre on this board. I like to make people smile, or better still - make them laugh. Every time someone posts a smiley in response to one of my posts, I get a warm feeling inside because I know I helped make someone else's day just a touch brighter. Even if the difference was infinitesimal, it's a difference all the same. Now, I'm afraid to post much of anything humorous because I figure it will be deleted or I'll be banned again. So, when I do finally shuffle loose this particular mortal coil, it won't be out of spite or a matter of taking my ball and going home pouting. It's just because I feel like I have no place here anymore. That's entirely due to the more restrictive rules and the moral judgment/legislation that's going on. It will ultimately be the death of this forum, and I say this not as a parting shot, a threat, or anything sinister, just a warning. Not in the Biblical sense, but as one would advise a friend not to date a certain woman because she's trouble. Do with it what you will.
  7. Evilgrin was an English/Political Science double major. He's also published in two languages, both poetry and prose, and did coursework at Rutgers College, Cornell, Columbia, and Johns Hopkins. Being a drunken idiot and being a scholar/writer are not mutually exclusive. In fact, most great writers were/are drunks and/or drug abusers. Not that I put myself in that category, but it just proves that one can partake of the good life and still create art with the pen.
  8. I'm not going to link to other boards, I'm really not trying to drive traffic away from here. I truly do love this place, or at least I once did. I play a lot of WW at Pack and have recently discovered a lot of other threads there that I plan to be more active in. A lot of FFAers over there that know how to be civil, but there aren't the constraints there are here. You can even say the F word in polite company. I also have been lurking on Reddit a lot, just reading moreso than posting.
  9. I would have been interested to see how a suspension was justified for simply quoting a post without the nested quotes (and without comment) and leaving it to the reader to determine how else it could be interpreted. That could have ended up as FBG Case Law.
  10. I can probably elucidate a bit. In the past, the bannings/post deletions in this forum centered largely around trolling, personal attacks/insults, and NSFW content/language. I have both privately (to you) and publicly championed this, as I feel it really helped limit flame wars and discouraged people from posting here that existed solely to blast others and cause trouble. What remained was an intelligent, mostly well-intentioned group of posters and an environment that was unique among message boards. Lately, things have changed. While I understand the desire to keep up with the times and provide a more PC culture, it's gone overboard. The collective here is a group of mostly 40+ men with degrees, careers, families. In other words, mature, responsible adults that enjoy the community aspect of this place. There's no need to legislate intent. I've been suspended and had posts deleted that contained no "bad" language, no insults towards anyone, no personal attacks, no trolling. Simply "off color" humor. In this thread, I didn't even make a joke, I just quoted a post and left it in the mind of the reader as to how the post could be interpreted a different way without context. Deleted. Speaking only for myself, I went from making 50+ posts a day at this time last year to maybe 5 a week now. I have to re-think EVERYTHING I type. Many posts, that would have been a non-issue years ago and made people laugh, I've deleted without posting them for fear of another ban-hammer. It sucks, Joe. I can't be myself here anymore. It no longer feels like hanging out a bar with your friends, it feels like being in school or church, where you'll be chided for saying something "bad." I used to see 100 people in one thread, now there are usually 35-40 on the board, period. People are leaving, and I'm sad to say that after 15+ years posting here, I'm likely to be next. I spend 90% of my time on other boards now that I enjoy more - that are more like this place used to be. If you are/were looking to turn this into a G-rated "Disneyfied" board, you're well on your way and congratulations. If not, turn the ship around and FAST. The point of no return is approaching rapidly.
  11. Good God, my post was deleted. Amazingly, I seem to have avoided a suspension.
  12. Jabari dropped from the regular rotation. Good signing there.