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  • SSOG = Some Sort of Genius. This guy get it. Always presents well thought-out and insightful arguments in his posts--the time he must spend doing some of his write-ups is obviously significant--you'll never a half-assed effort from him--and I'd say his desire to make his point sometimes borders on insanity (and I mean that as a compliment). He just plain brings it! Pure GOLD!

    Vanishes for long period of time but is one of the best posters in the Shark Pool. Huge asset for dynasty information.

    Has potential, always liked his posts, but the errors and misrepresentations without facts, have damaged his board rep.

    Big fan of SSOG I've been reading his posts for years and he's worth listening to.

    Really enjoy SSOGs perspective of Denver Broncos info ... especially in relation to the running game !

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