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  1. First let me say, my wife and I raised our granddaughter. When she was 6 we were in a shoe store and in the check-out line, I was holding her hand and she looked up at me and said, "Pappy, you're my favorite turd". Now we all know where she got this A lady was sitting in a chair next to the check-out line trying on some shoes and when she heard this, she didn't even raise her head to look at us, she said, "Well, that will teach you". This has always stuck out as a very special moment for me. Some of the other funny things she's said when she was between 5-7 years old was, "I'm laxing", which translates to I'm relaxing. She also would say, "I am being haved", which translates to I am behaving.
  2. Interrupting anyone while they are speaking is a bad thing. They all do it however.
  3. Losers = American people. I simply cannot believe these were the best candidates they could come up with.
  4. Somehow I don't think anyone will be able to buy low on Julio Jones, even if he had just one leg.
  5. I'll believe that when I see it. My guess is that Jennings retains the starting job when healthy. What I want to see is Paul Perkins get a shot at a few carries to see what he can do.
  6. Jets claimed him off waivers. I guess he's still a hold in dynasty.......just barely.
  7. I agree
  8. Add Paul Perkins to that list in redrafts and shallow leagues with keepers, but he's already on rosters in dynasty leagues.
  9. Time for Perkins to show what he can do.
  10. Terrible news. Makes me sick. Reminds me when Olin and Crews died in a boating accident in the early 90s.
  11. Jeremy Stevens comes to mind. Lots of talent and a 10 cent head. So, has anyone dropped him in dynasty leagues yet? What will be his punishment by the league for 2 DUIs? He appears worthless and cannot get out of his own way.
  12. Yes, Artis-Payne is good RB people
  13. ....because it's JU? I'm certainly OK with it in that league because I own ADP. If he turns out to be a bust I still like my chances at at winning a grand (again) in that league. I won't lose any sleep in that trade either way. It won't be the first time I rolled the dice and lost and still won a league. Those who don't take any chances are looking up to their competition in most cases.
  14. Not until week 3 has played, thank you.
  15. Why would he be joking? It seems the Patriots are the landing spot for anyone that is available.