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  1. This sounds like a pissed off offer from an offer received earlier.
  2. What did that cost later?
  3. I never said never, but I am saying the Rams receivers probably won't have much fantasy value within the next 3 years, the time frame I mentioned earlier.
  4. I agree that Kupp could post some nice PPR numbers eventually, I'm just not sure he will ever be startable most weeks in fantasy, I could definitely be wrong however. I do think he will be very useful to the Rams.
  5. It was a typo Krupp. May have done it more than once. I know what his name is. Isn't it Crupp?
  6. My point is that I believe his ceiling is low that's all. He could turn out to be very valuable to the Rams, but I don't ever see him as someone we will start in most fantasy leagues, especially 12 team leagues.
  7. Everett could be very good and possibly sooner than I think
  8. I'm just going by this combine numbers, which were horrible. Quote -- Pre-combine, Kupp had been working his way up draft boards. His mixture of elite college production and NFL pedigree (his father and grandfather both played in the NFL) are enticing for any NFL team. However, any hopes of Cooper Kupp continuing his career as a work-horse receiver likely died in the eyes of NFL teams over the weekend. Kupp posted poor numbers in the 40-yard dash, as well as vertical and broad jump. As a result, he will likely be relegated to the slot, where his solid 4.08 second 20-yard shuttle and quality 3-cone will be more useful.
  9. Oh for crying out loud. I said Kupp wasn't athletic like Edelman, Nelson, and Decker and would never be more than a complimentary player and his ceiling will be low, thus the 500/2 max prediction. Of course I could be wrong, but that is my prediction for Krupp.
  10. TE is a frustrating position to wait on in fantasy. If Higbee shows any of his profile in preseason it will be tough for Everett to start over him year 1.
  11. I seem to remember a lot of people tripping over themselves to draft Higbee too. Everett may be better, but Higbee will probably be the starter and he too may develop into a decent option. Well, as decent as an option can be in that offense. Higbee's scouting report had him as an athletic stretch the field pass catcher. Higbee draft profile - Former wide receiver with a smooth, wide­-open gait when he hits top gear. Has big hands. Had just one drop this season and showed ability to recover the catch when he juggled a throw. Becomes a body catcher who can protect the ball in traffic. Willing to work middle of the field and take hits. Quick and slippery off line of scrimmage and into routes. Very good acceleration out of his breaks and can be a tough cover for safeties. Has the speed and toughness to work all three levels of the field. Can own the Y­-seam with his vertical speed and hands. Immediately opens and looks for expedited throws when he's over the top of inside linebackers. Has frame for more muscle mass. Extremely competitive after the catch with speed, elusiveness and decent power. Can carry body tacklers after the catch.
  12. Isn't Higbee still on that team?