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  1. I few him as a early to mid-2nd rd dynasty rookie pick.
  2. I never considered him a 2nd rounder in dynasty. Mid to late first.
  3. Here are my top 5 under the age of 31. I don't think you can put much dynasty value in the geezers. 1 - Patrick Mahomes - 23 2 - Andrew Luck - 29 3 - Russell Wilson - 30 4 - Baker Mayfield - 24 5 - DeShaun Watson - 23
  4. Another bad choice obviously.
  5. I would think adding many more years to your original sentence for stabbing someone in prison isn't a good choice.
  6. I assume stabbing someone for stealing his pudding would extend his stint. Which is worse?
  7. Obviously a very disturbed person. I'm surprised to see this from a female however.
  8. I believe Harmon will be better than Muhammad.
  9. I agree to some degree. Here's hoping he has better health than Nicks.
  10. I suppose I'll take the 1.10 and 2020 1st. Jones could be an outlier.
  11. I'm a Republican and if I didn't like the Republican choice I would vote for Amy Klobuchar. I don't believe in voting the party line under any circumstances.
  12. Yes, poor word choice, I should have said derogatory personal comment. Sorry.