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  1. I find that playing dynasty makes you a worse redraft player. Dynasty players tend to pay too much attention to rookies when they play in a redraft league and that almost always hurts them.
  2. Lions own his rights and we all know how that went for Barry Sanders. He either plays for the Lions or no one. The Lions ownership probably feel as if they can't afford to let any player dictate where they play and even if the Raiders offer a 1st rd pick they would probably decline.
  3. The attorney for D'Onta Foreman released a statement regarding Foreman's arrest on Sunday afternoon disputing charges of an unlawful firearm and stating Foreman did not possess marijuana. The attorney, Chip Lewis, claims Foreman broke no laws. "This legal handgun was recently purchased by D'Onta and registered in his name," Lewis' statement reads. "The handgun was properly secured inside his vehicle as required by Texas law. A passenger in D'Onta's vehicle was in possession of marijuana. D'Onta did not use or possess the marijuana." Lewis also said Foreman will take a urine test to prove that he wasn't smoking weed. Ok,, this sounds like he's innocent, but he still has to pass the drug test. What are the odds he's hanging around "his friends" and not partaking in some smoke? If his test comes back clean that speaks well for his character, in that it shows his head appears to be screwed on straighter than this report leads you to believe.
  4. I agree. It's a lot less harmful on your body and the rest of society than alcohol.
  5. I'll be surprised if his test comes back clean.
  6. I know, was just being silly. I used it to connect to my work from home
  7. They need to do that in the US. Maybe then I wouldn't have to slam on my breaks to avoid those idiots crossing the street with their face in their phone. Oh problem for phone adicts.....drats
  8. He went 43, 36, 38, and 35 in four of my 12 team dynasty leagues with a 4 round rookie Draft.
  9. Was offered Devante Adams and Kenny Goilladay for Moncrief and Snead. I turned it down.
  10. Maybe he was hung over after a night on the town with his entourage.
  11. 30+ man rosters 14 team dynasty leagues
  12. Not necessarily. That's why they are called highlights, not lowlights. If a player is running through holes that are six feet wide, it may not be a good indicator of how he will do against NFL competition. I like to look at yards after first contact and whether he is seeing holes correctly.
  13. I'm thinking the new GM will rock.