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  1. -Robert Johnson
  2. good dynasty stash.
  3. I think the sneaky play is to ignore the Cardinals RBs, except for absolute end of bench. In dynasty leagues I wouldn't drop anyone with future upside for Johnson.
  4. He's active, just read it. Can't bench him. Thought about it however. Watch him put up a zero.
  5. ...and Beckham stands a good chance of putting up a goose egg. Edited to add Darkwa sucks just much, if not more, than Perkins.
  6. Down 2.4 points, thinking about playing Perkins over Beckham even if he is active. Too afraid of the decoy angle, or that he aggravates it. Surely Perkins can score 2.5 pts.
  7. It seems pretty clear who the preferred RB is in Seattle.
  8. Looks like Carson is the play here.
  9. The way I know Dynasty Leagues work that would be too late should he show anything.
  10. Alex Collins was just signed to the Ravens 53 man roster. He's just RB depth, but you never know.
  11. Colts are playing to fire Pagano and get a high pick
  12. If there is an area of hope for the Colts it is their interior line and run defense.
  13. That probably wasn't smart.
  14. I was telecommuting from home. My wife yelled upstairs that a plane hit one of the towers. I figured a small plane hit one of the towers and continued working. Then she yelled upstairs and said a second plane hit the other tower. Now she got my attention. I went downstairs and started watching the coverage. It made me sick to my stomach and I quit working for the day.
  15. Cohen isn't available in any of my dynasty leagues