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  1. Team A received Kenny Golladay Team B received Sony Michel 12 team Dynasty / devy league PPR 26 man rosters..
  2. I saw a guy in one of my dynasty leagues spend 1001 BB bucks on him while he has JimmyG and Mahomes. If that isn't crazy I don't know what is.
  3. Let's not forget BB changes the game plan and use of players every week, thus the reason why I hate owning NE players, except Brady.
  4. LOL, I was trying to be politically correct, but what I said about his use of WRs and Burkhead.......well, it is what it is.
  5. It's too early to prognosticate what Michel will do. He obviously has more talent than Burkhead, but that doesn't mean he will explode on the scene right away. If BB is the genius we all think he is, then he will utilize Michel they way he should and that will mean at the expense of Burkhead eventually. ETA: By the way I think Michel will have a breakout game this weekend.
  6. I hate to say this and it will make some feel uncomfortable, but BB loves those spunky white players. Burkhead is also one of those players and he is a very good football player. Do I think Michel has more talent? Of course I do, but that doesn't matter in the BB world.
  7. Well, cheap isn't what I would say giving up Cooks, but it was necessary (see above post).
  8. Redraft Great / Dynasty Great if off the WW, not so great if you need to depend on him long term or you gave up a lot for him.
  9. I usually hate NE RBs, but I've always been high on Michel. We will see I guess. As a side note, in one dynasty league where I have zero RBs to start (Barber and Morris), and have to start two, I traded for Michel with my team strength at WR Brandon Cooks. Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and take a chance. On the surface it's lopsided, but I'm strong at WR and there are sometimes you have to sacrifice.
  10. I like Wilkins and he's great from an NFL perspective, but I also like Mack and think he's every bit as good, if not better, than Wilkins. This will hamper the value of both players fantasy wise. They seem to compliment each other very well. As I stated in a post somewhere on footballguys land, I think the Colts OL is better than it was last year and I really like Quenton Nelson and Ryan Kelly. Constanzo has been out and I think he's a little overrated, but the Colts need him. I do think he gets beat on pass protection too often when going up against top tier DL.
  11. Walton is only valuable to Mixon and Gio owners, because Gio will get almost all the carries and Walton a handful. When Mixon comes back he becomes irrelevant again.
  12. Handcuffing rbs make sense for teams with a lack of depth at rb. Otherwise I prefer to hold upside players on my bench, especially in dynasty leagues.
  13. I believe he's talking about college
  14. Owed 20 million next season