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  1. Sorry, but the 1964 civil rights act wouldn't have passed if not for the republicans. More repubicans voted for all 3 (civil acts rights of 1964, voting rights of 1965, and fair housing bill of 1968) than the democrats. If the democrats were the majority of both houses of congress none of these would have passed. Civil rights bill --- 80% house republicans to 63% democrats 82% senate republicans to 69% democrats 80% of Republicans in the House and Senate voted for the bill. Less than 70% of Democrats did. Indeed, Minority Leader Republican Everett Dirksen led the fight to end the filibuster. Meanwhile, Democrats such as Richard Russell of Georgia and Strom Thurmond of South Carolina tried as hard as they could to sustain a filibuster.
  2. Strom Thermund was the only one that went the other way, the other democrats didn't budge.
  3. The inner cities are the new plantations. The Democrats want to keep blacks in a position of poverty for votes. Give just enough gov assistance to sustain, but not enough for escape. It's the leftest way.
  4. really? You do know I'm talking about the inner city don't you?
  5. now you understand,.... I think.
  6. ....and they are in the new plantation today. Give some government money just enough to keep them in that plantation, but not enough incentive to escape it.
  7. message lost " More republicans voted for the civil rights of 1964, and the voting rights of 1965, and the fair housing bill of 1968 than democrats. If the democrats were the only party of both houses of congress none of those things would have passed. All of the opposition of these things came from the the democratic party... true or false? ......true "
  8. expand....that's what I thought.
  9. this has nothing to say with regarding my comments.
  10. When Johnson started giving gov assistance to minorities they quit their allegiance to the republican party and started voting democratic. Hell, some could say that started after the new deal.. In essence they sold their sole to the devil and left the republican party that freed them from 1965 by Abraham Lincoln. They are still in that web today, in what we call inner city hell. The left wants to keep them in this hell for votes,