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  1. I couldn't agree more. It has run its course here.
  2. really? You don't think he's suffering from anxiety over this? He knows he shouldn't have shared his beliefs at this time. The timing was bad, but I'm sure he feels horrible about the entire situation and I believe he has suffered enough over it. Move on.
  3. I believe Brees has suffered enough on this and people should back off. Piling on seems to be vogue now days. Brees is a great guy that shouldn't have said what he did at this time. His timing was horrible, but enough is enough. I don't believe the overblown coverage of Brees' statement is justified.
  4. It's very possible he outperforms both, but I still prefer Taylor and CEH over Akers. More so Taylor than CEH long term. I like Akers and believe he will be solid. He sure is cheaper than the aforementioned two also.
  5. Therein lies the problem. Most who own him took him in the top 2 or 3 of their rookie drafts, so they aren't letting him go for anything less than a 1st rd rookie pick. Your best bet is not to try and trade for him with picks, but rather in a package for players.
  6. Hard to believe this guy has 2 pages in a thread.
  7. Brees probably should just say to hell with everyone and retire. He doesn't need this. I can see him trying to redeem his reputation, but is playing going to do that?. Is it worth it?
  8. He's a good buy if you don't have to overpay. If he blows up this year you've missed your chance.
  9. Something inside of me is saying he is a sell "very high" in dynasty if you can rake. Brady isn't for long and who knows what they will do after Brady.
  10. Not to speak for Joe, but my guess is that you can't allow hiding of a post and not allow the original poster to hide the thread. I can see plenty of use cases for allowing someone to hide a post, but not the thread. If you can hide a post and prohibit hiding the thread, that should be implemented right away.
  11. I believe with the addition of all those WRs Waller's numbers will decline, but yes, I think he's very talented and undervalued. Having said that, he is a sell IMO and I usually don't use those two words together, "undervalued" and "sell".