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  1. Does he have more upside than Asiata in PPR?
  2. Black guys on this show might as well be wearing red shirts (like Star Trek).
  3. She's purty.
  4. I prefer Taco Johns or Taco Tico over Taco Bell, but those aren't everywhere like Taco Bell is.
  5. I've had plenty of bad pizza right here in the good ole usa.
  6. Best food during a drinking binge is probably white castle cheeseburgers. However, you will regret it the next day and maybe the next.
  7. Not if it is that kind that bends over and is full of grease under the cheese.
  8. I live in Minnesota and have the Skyline chili shipped to me. The rest of it is easy to do yourself.
  9. I believe there needs to be a dynasty waiver wire thread, because in a dynasty league players like Devante Adams and Corey Coleman aren't on the waiver wire and dynasty owners don't drop Jordan Matthews.
  11. Drop in dynasty as well as redraft? I just don't see much opportunity here.
  12. It has been reported that Bartman will never attend another Cubs game, but what if he did, at home? Would he get booed? Cheered? Beat up? Will all be forgiven if the Cubs win the WS? I personally think what Cubs fans (and the media) did to this young man was despicable.
  13. Hopefully not at the expense of the main group, which I think viewers still want to be the focal point of the show, not Negan.