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  1. Thus the reason I said pre-NFL draft ranking
  2. Here is to hoping they call it better in the second half.
  3. I think both of those offensive goal tending calls were wrongly called even if close. Also NC was over the back toward the end of the half and also fouled Monk earlier and U.K didn't get the calls. Not to mention the phantom foul on Willis earlier in the half.
  4. I'm surprised Calipari kept his cool and didn't get a technical with all the horrible calls against his team.
  5. Mixon is definitely a wildcard. I have him 6 at the moment but he could bump Williams in my list as well as McCaffrey.
  6. I watched this last night and I must say, however thought provoking, it was a boring movie. I like Amy Adams however. I made my wife sit and watch the whole thing, because after the first hour she wanted to retire for the evening.
  7. I've soured a little on Mike Williams and now see Corey Davis as the #1 WR and almost moved him below McCaffrey, but didn't. Yes,I can be convinced to change my mind, however stubborn I can be.
  8. Updated my pre-NFL Draft ranking in the OP.
  9. The NFL will be known as the NFFL (National Flag Football League) and the QBs will still wear dresses.
  10. I suppose you didn't move Josh Gordon in your rankings either.
  11. How in the hell can someone not root for Gonzaga? What's your beef with them, other than the east coast west coast BS, because I'm not buying that at all?