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  1. Looks like Fournette dodged a bullet
  2. Good actor and he died too young.
  3. Elliott owners should hope he starts his suspension now so you can have him back for your league playoffs should you make the playoffs without him. If he plays a few more games then gets suspended, you will not have him when you need him most.
  4. We will see I guess, but I wouldn't be surprised if Aaron Jones is your new RB in GB.
  5. Aaron Jones looks like a RB when he runs, Montgomery never did, even with some success.
  6. That wasn't very smart.
  7. There is this thing about being a decent human being. Besides, I wouldn't enjoy ill_gotten players.
  8. I don't agree with most of this regarding Luck. When Luck is ready he will play.......unless it's after week 9 and they are 2-7.. The Colts can still make the playoffs as of today. Ryan Kelley should be back this week and the Colts actually have improved their OL on the left side and at center. Yes, they need some replacements on the right side however. If Luck isn't ready by week 8 or 9 and they only have 2 or 3 wins, then perhaps they don't play him in 2017 and the Colts pack it in.
  9. Is he having surgery on his labia again?
  10. He might be a good pro someday but he doesn't deserve a nickname yet..
  11. Good posting
  12. Might be a good time to pickup Jake Butt if he's on the waiver wire.
  13. Jones looked fantastic to me on video, that's why I drafted him in so many leagues. I think you are missing the boat on Jones' dynasty potential.