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  1. ...and someone in one of my leagues dropped him to the waiver wire for Ryan Switzer. Can you say knee jerk?
  2. Well, he did regress last year when compared to the year before.
  3. GPS is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I hated looking at maps.
  4. People actually had better communication skills.
  5. Djackson10: Whatever happened to just declining without having to have a discussion? You can’t dictate to other owners what kind of trades they must make. The point to trading is to get the best possible deal for your team, not ensure every offer is roughly 50/50. If you don’t want offers there is nothing wrong with what you did in telling him not to offer you trades anymore, but it is ridiculous to think you can vote someone out of the league for making bad offers. If newbie owners are getting taken on a regular basis then veto the obvious horrible deal. You know it when you see it. Having said that, leagues shouldn’t veto trades just because they aren’t even.
  6. If he got caught again his career is over and becomes WW fodder
  7. Here's another guy dynasty owners have stashed at the end of their bench and it may have been for nothing. Edited: wrong thread. I thought this was DeAngelo Henderson RB.
  8. He looks unsure when he runs the ball.. That is plain to see. You have to admit he doesn't look like a running back when he runs. I don't think I'm alone with this thinking and if I am, please others chime in. He simply doesn't run like a running back.
  9. I did say almost
  10. He's almost dropable, even in dynasty. Coach Marvin Lewis hinted Tyler Eifert (back) may not be ready for training camp. When asked, Lewis said he simply does not know if the oft-injured Eifert will be ready. He was limited at OTAs last month but has sat out all of minicamp this week and may have suffered a setback. Anything the Bengals get from Eifert this year will have to be considered a bonus. Tyler Kroft and C.J. Uzomah are his backups.
  11. I can't get my granddaughter or her boyfriend to get their damn driver's license. What's up with that? I hear it's a common theme with young people today. Hell, I couldn't wait to get mine.
  12. I have to give you credit, you're persistent. I would have thought you would have given up on Mays by now.