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  1. Drive it like you stole it. You can handle the ticket if you “choose” to stop.
  2. Slow as dirt but they’ll dig. Can’t say I don’t like it. But man those diesel tanks get gunked up. I take my multi tool and a rag every time I use it because it’ll die out in the field. About perfected the fuel line pull and clean off after being stranded enough times
  3. I drive Toyotas for their dependability. Same with my Polaris. Bought a mid 2000’s Scrambler 500 4x4. It’s not designed to be a utility machine but I’ve plowed every blizzard with it. 15 years later, I’ve changed the spark plug, and couple batteries and patched a tire. Starts after a couple cranks every time. Farm owner where I hunt owns a Polaris Ranger.
  4. @ BB tanking for Lawrence. That dude manipulates everything including Covid to his advantage
  5. Hopefully this works. If not google San Francisco wedding virus
  6. Great haul but the success or failure of the franchise for the next 5 years falls squarely on Darnold. Given the he's tied to Gase for another year doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence
  7. Tough situation. Think for a moment about the regret you’ll have if there’s an outbreak from this and you were a supporting participant...Your expressions tell me you know what to do. Now man up and do it. Handle it as kindly and tactfully as possible without sounding self righteous. Be able to walk away from it knowing you made the right decision and did ALL you could to maintain family peace while doing it. 👍🏼
  8. Agree 💯 with the quoted. Lamb was the best and worst pick of the first round. Very good talent and great value, screwed a rival, but WR is a non premium position and they had 2 studs there already.
  9. Buy a slightly smaller grate for the charcoal that can crosshatch with the stock grate and fit inside the ring. Charcoal won’t fall through the grates as readily giving you a longer burn of your fuel. Big space between the bottom and top cooking grate. Drill a few holes midway and use inverted L brackets with another grate to increase volume. 3-2-1 method has worked great for me with ribs. Endless youtube videos to benefit from. Congrats on a great buy. 👍🏼
  10. I won’t net a Lambo or yacht but I will name the new 35’s on my truck the @chet thread tread
  11. I thought we covered this. It cures erectile dysfunction, male pattern baldness and grumpy wife syndrome
  12. Among others I dumped QDEL yesterday in a collective gain to recoup funds. Up 10% today 🤦‍♂️ Overall I was up 1.03% including BYND crapping the bed.
  13. Trent Williams suffered the dysfunctional abuse. And took a stand. Good for him. 👍🏼
  14. Does this surprise anyone? The franchise is/has been a dumpster 🔥
  15. You can’t make this up There is all kind of special in that article