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  1. It’s a good question. I think we need at least three things: 1) reliable, cheap, plentiful, accurate testing, 2) a couple reasonably effective treatments and 3) a vaccine. The first two are on the doorstep. The third looks like it’s a year away. I suspect a lull period in the summer when folks will begin to let their guards down (and Trump will push us to get back to normalcy) but next fall and winter we will be on eggshells waiting for the re-emergence. Spring 2021 is looking good, though.
  2. Bah. Good song. Great song, actually. But it won’t be in my top 10, most likely, because I am so damn sick of hearing it. I guess it could squeak into #9 or 10 for me depending on the day.
  3. I wouldn't say I was optimistic but I've been a buyer (AAPL, GILD, AMZN, BA). I'm holding or selling now and considering puts. I will probably not buy puts (they are super expensive) and instead just sell, raise cash, and buy again in late April or so.
  4. I am out and about shopping at the grocery store. And I have a hard time believing that this crisis is fully baked in to where the markets are right now. It looks like a war zone out here and this entire amount month is supposed to be filled with more infected and more deaths. I’m a seller on Monday.
  5. Buffett disclosed that he sold millions of shares
  6. Now that they are under 10%, they are free to sell what they want and not disclose it for a chunk of time. This tells me that they are going to bail on airlines.
  7. Ok, thought experiment that may become real. By the end of April, I’m expecting a significant drop in the markets so I’m selling to raise some cash. Instead of holding cash, why not buy some puts? They might be expensive but I want to “diversify” that way. The easy way is to buy a SPY put. But what about swinging for the fences? What company is going out of business? Simon malls? Cinemas? Pick your favorite dog—what do you got?
  8. Yep. Sold 2000 shares at $2.80 then put in an order to buy them back at $2.50 this afternoon. It was heading south but never got there. I feel a little naked sitting here with only 8K shares going into the weekend.
  9. I believe they are working on a portal which allows you to enter your direct deposit info. Will probably be ready around September (that's sarcasm).
  10. Not if the stock could move bigly in either direction. A big loss and, sure, you collect the premium on the sold call but now you are stuck with stock that just tanked. If it explodes higher, you're only getting $7 per share one week out, missing out on big gains. I've been using short-term covered calls a lot lately because options premiums are inflated and there are stocks that I don't mind holding long (if they do not get called away) but I also wouldn't mind selling. GILD is an example. I bought it at $70 per share a few weeks ago and I've been selling covered calls about one week out which are about 5% out of the money. So when it was $70, I'd sell a covered call for the next Friday with strike of $73 and net about a hundred bucks. It did not get called away. This week, I put in an order to sell on Friday if it hits $77 (I am watching it hover today around that price). If it hits, then I sell at $77, having already collected two premiums. If it doesn't hit, I put in a new order for next Friday with a strike of $80 or so and collect another hundred.
  11. I could say that it is such a good song that it gets a ton of radio play and so I don’t choose to listen to it when I choose to listen to Rush.
  12. Totally relaxed. Sold some at $2.40 the other day, bought back in at $2.25 within minutes. Sold more again at $2.40 and saw an opportunity to buy back in at $2.25 again. Picking up some pennies along the road, all relaxed and such. No harm in trading it as well as investing in it.
  13. My order to buy more at $2.25 didn't hit. Guess I'm happy about that?
  14. CYDY free-falling this afternoon. Down over sixty cents on good news. Go figure.
  15. Me, too. 100 shares. Guess the covered calls I sold are safe. I also think LK was my choice in the 2020 FBG stock challenge. Woops. I'll probably buy another couple hundred shares to reduce my cost basis and sit on it.
  16. Got in at 27 cents and have sold a little so I’m a “x10” thanks to Chet. Someone has got to be the tool so I’ll go there: Daddy’s got some cash in his account, Chet—what’s your next tip?
  17. Am I in the minority here thinking that 1) within months if not weeks, we will know so much more about this virus that we will be able to test for it just like we test for strep at a cheap cost and quickly, 2) there will be treatments (like Lebronlimade) so that the mortality rate will be in line with other illnesses like flu, and 3) we will be well on our way to developing vaccines if not a cure within a year to 18 months? I think those are all reasonable assumptions, if not overly conservative, and if that's the case, the service industries will be back in business and booming within 18 months. Of course, one needs to avoid investing in companies that will go bankrupt, and many will, but the survivors should pay off handsomely. People forget about stuff very quickly. There will be cheap and plentiful cruises in 2021 and the industry will be well on their way to "business as usual" by 2022.
  18. You don't know that. Maybe those 114 people getting the placebo will be better off. I certainly hope the drug is effective but there is a reason we run controlled experiments.
  19. Just saw this. I win on CYDY one day and then bam, the joy is gone in the evening. Just got steamrolled.
  20. I agree with the prior two posts. In fact I think one more up day, like on Tuesday, will inspire me to sell some of what I bought recently to generate more cash and prepare for the second wave of the bear.
  21. Vanguard says that since it is OTC, I need to call them to do the trade. The last time I did that (damn you, cobalt!) they charged me $50 for the trade.
  22. This is a relevant sentence. As the price skyrockets (as we hope), it actually does make sense to rebalance. Not only do you lock in profits, but it allows you to either hold cash to buy more on a dip or to spread it out elsewhere. I took 10% of my shares off the table, not to lock in any specific profit (although that's nice) but because it's making up almost 40% of my Roth which is too much. If anything, I'd like to spread out the shares between the Roth and my 403b but Vanguard won't let me buy it yet. If it goes mainstream and I can get it in my 403b, I'd shift some there, too. I don't like the tax implications but I also don't like having such a large slice of my Roth in only one highly speculative company. It's a great problem to have, though.
  23. That's the message I get when I make a roundtrip trade. I only do it a few times a year. Unless you do it several times within a week, you're fine. I don't want to jump through the hoops that are necessary to be classified as a day trader. Plus having a real job means that if I day-trade, I'm going to lose money. You have to be vigilant if you go that route.
  24. Stay on target...stay on target...