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  1. From Chad's Twitter handle: 19 X full season national champ. including FFPC main, NFFC primetimeX2, FFWC main, NFBC primetime, RTFFCX3, NFBC Online, WCOFB, CDM bases, golf, nascar x2
  2. The answer to the original question: Who is the best ff player that you have ever encountered? (meaning owners). There is clearly one and only one answer to this question. Chad Schroeder.
  3. Check out his vertical, though.
  4. Did I miss all of apologies to Tyreek from the social justice warriors and keyboard commandos? No? I didn't think so.
  5. Crushed college, crushed the combine, crushed the Senior Bowl, bought his own juggs machine, and has an incredible work ethic. No one has proven they can out-scout something as basic as NFL draft position, so the Butler over Isabella truthers were in trouble from day one. And it keeps sounding worse for them. When Kliff Kingsbury said "that would be amazing" about the prospect of getting Isabella in round two on draft day as part of the Rosen trade, the armchair scouts should have paused the game tape, listened and thought for a minute about what that actually meant. Isabella = Future star.
  6. Fast, but with below average height, weight, wingspan, arm length, hand size, explosiveness, and agility and now blocked by a veteran Pro Bowler in a position that is very tough to learn. Good luck with this guy clogging your roster for a few years until you find out if he is any good.
  7. Murray's actual ADP in FFPC real money leagues is QB10 in both Best Ball and Classic formats.
  8. Your points in the Darrell Henderson thread were excellent and obviously correct. Matt Waldman writes 1000 pages a year and his post-draft RSP has never beaten good ol' draft position. Thanks for the posts.

  9. Agreed. The 1000 extra rushing yards and 12 rushing TDs for Murray breaks the tie for me, too.
  10. N'Keal Harry is gonna suck because the Patriots suck at drafting WRs. It is really a shame that he wasn't drafted by a team that knows how to properly scout WRs.
  11. Taking the history of either New England and/or Baltimore over 18 prior seasons is using a sample size that is far too small to be statistically significant and predictive of future failure. How could one possibly think that a 2019 Baltimore GM Eric DeCosta WR selection is likely to be a failure based on former GM Ozzie Newsome's poor WR draft history from 1996-2018?
  12. The trade that was offered was not supposed to include Gurley. It was offered incorrectly.
  13. Here are 5 more, all FFPC in Feb. A. Jones for Godwin, 2020 2nd and 3rd A. Jones for Tevin Coleman, Ebron A. Jones, 4.04 for Mack, James Washington A. Jones, Robert Woods for Chubb, Samuel A. Jones, 2019 1st for Kittle, 2019 2nd. Is that better?
  14. Here are some actual FFPC deals, all after 2/2: Kirk, 2.07, 2.08 for Landry Kirk, Pettis, 1.09 for Allen Kirk, 1.08, 4.10 for C. Ridey, 3.07 Kirk for John Brown,Godwin, 5.03 Kirk, 1.05 for Hilton, 2.08 Kirk for Chris Carson, Randall Cobb
  15. PPR trade Aaron Jones and Clement for Kareem Hunt and Coutee