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Take a sec to feel bad for Lance Fields

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Through the first three weeks, he's put up 501.10 points and stands in 38th place overall in points. He is above the 99th percentile of all teams in total points.

Lance Fields is now 0-3 on the season.

In week 1 he had the third highest score and played the second.

In week 2 he had the second highest score and played the first.

In week 3 he had the fifth highest score and played the second.

He leads his league in total points.

Keep your chin up Lance.

As for the other end of the spectrum, the luckiest 3-0 team is Russ Lopatka's Easton 912

At 363.65 points, he has scored 137.45 fewer points than Fields's team. Overall, he is slightly below the 14th percentile in total points overall.

In week 1 Lopatka had the seventh highest score and played the ninth (interestingly enough, in this league the 11th team played the 12th and picked up the cheapest win you can have)

In week 2 Lopatka had the tenth highest score and played the 12th

In week 3 Lopatka had the ninth highest score and played the tenth.

Lopatka currently rests at 11th in total points in his league, ahead of the last team by 2.4 points.

Just like in life, it's better to be lucky than good.

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i wouldn't feel bad for him if he went 0-11 with top 100 points. he's the 2 seed in league playoffs with automatic entry to the championship round and a great story to tell.

i was just going to ask about this because i too have a team with a terrible record but am second in my league with points, i did our league playoff bracket as it states in the rules and i believe we are the fourth seed rite now. because the guy with the most points is in second because of his record as well.

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