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Structure of Playoffs - Suggested Changes (1 Viewer)


This may come across like sour grapes, but for the second time in three years, I've had the #1 seed heading into the playoffs and lost to the #4 seed. If I had played either the #2 or #3 seed, I'd have won and moved on.

The #1 seed is automatically entered into the Week 14-16 Championship round and that's a great reward. But I think #1 should also be rewarded more in the league playoffs, where the most realistic chance of earning $ is available. My suggestion is that the #1 seed should have their choice of who they play in the first round of the playoffs. If they don't make the call by the start of the Thursday game, it defaults to the #4 seed.

Another alternative would be to scrap the H2H for the playoffs and move to a two-week total points scenario. The top two teams of the four that qualify earn the league prizes. There also wouldn't be a meaningless third place game like there is now.


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I feel your pain. Chances are your 1st suggestion will never happen. I like your 2nd suggestion though.

Good luck in the championship round.

The 2nd suggestion isn't bad agree with Brun. The problem with it is the champ rd will have even more teams in it contending then there are now. The odds of a 3 or 4 seed scoring the 2nd highest total in those 2 weeks is probably a lot higher then having to win 2 games to get in. I think now it's around 30% of 3-4 seeds getting in? Could be off on that. But with your proposal I'm sure it's a lot closer to 50%. So it will make getting into the champ rds easier but also make winning IN the champ rds that much more difficult.

The first week of playoffs is an all play with the four teams and the top two teams in points advance to the championship in week 13

The one seed in one of my leagues was the 7th highest scoring team. Why reward that? He lost in round one...... As he should have.

On Wildcard weekend, the #3 seed doesn't get to pick their opponent out of the two wildcard teams. And in round 2, the #1 seed doesn't get to choose their opponents either.

The total pts over two weeks as mentioned above would likely allow too many teams into the champ rounds.

The benefit to having the 1 or 2 seed is you get into the dance. That's huge. The 3 or 4 seeds have to win 2 games against good/great teams (for the most part) to get into the dance, a major disadvantage.


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