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Longtucky Lemmings

FBG 1.5 ppr TE Mock Draft

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In honor of Training Camps starting this week I started a Mock Draft on AntSports for those of us in the FFPC and FBG 1.5 ppr for TE fantasy leagues.

Go to and look for "FBG 1.5 ppr TE Mock 12 TEAM" in their Private Mock Drafts. The league ID is 5404, signup password is "FBG".

This is a slow draft with 8 hours allotted per pick.

I've got the 11 spot!

*EDIT - the first attempt at this somehow ended up with a 14 team league. Please be sure you sign up for the correct, 12 TEAM LEAGUE listed above!

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I just looked. I'm Ok with players still being associated with their old teams but this won't work without the rookies.

Pick a scrub off the same team and note in the comments who your actual pick is.

Its pathetic that they don't have that updated yet though. I can't beleve anyone would actually pay to join any of their leagues.

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