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2015 Anarchy League 5 Thread

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League Site:

Draft set to start 8/5 at 8:00 AM EST.

Randomly selected draft order:


Binky The Doormat - MFL

Real Men Of Genius - MDF - MFL

bonesman - MFL

IndyHavoc - MDF, MFL

Snellman - MDF - MFL

Butcher Boy - MDF - MFL

Instinctive - Email


bro1ncos - MDF - MFL

Blinky The Three Eyed Fish - MDF - MFL

KellysHeroes - MFL

Firstseason1988 - MFL

Steveski - MFL

Dork Matter - MDF - MFL

Faux Bear - MDF - MFL

Ummich10 - MFL

Please log in to the league site AND post in this thread so I know everyone is alive and got the message. If everyone is willing and able, I can start the draft earlier.

Draft timer is off for now and hopefully I will not have to turn it on.

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In. So I'm drafting out of the 4-hole? If so, I'll take it! Seems I'm always drafting 11+ in this league, let's see if it makes a difference :P

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Finally Done!!


Lions, Detroit DET TMQB 5.11 Browns, Cleveland CLE TMQB 17.11

Took the Det QB early, actually it was an accidental pre-draft but I'm not mad.. I think they go balls to the wall passing this yr. Going to attempt to be Saints 2.0. I held off on my 2nd QB and let the league decide for me, it came to a decision between Buf or Cleveland, I got a little more faith in Cleveland.

Green, A.J. CIN WR 2.06 Allen, Keenan SDC WR 4.06 Jackson, Vincent TBB WR 6.06 Garcon, Pierre WAS WR 8.06 Douglas, Harry TEN WR 15.11

AJ Green at 2.06!!! sign me up everytime. I'm high on Allen, think he'll show his potential this yr, Vjax gets an upgrade in QB which should give him and uptick in stats; I have been selecting him as my WR4 everywhere. Garcon is a steal in the 8th, Douglas has been connecting with Marcus in camp, maybe not the best late round reach but one of the surest imo.

Bell, Le'Veon PIT RB 1.11 Morris, Alfred WAS RB 3.11 Vereen, Shane NYG RB 7.11 Herron, Dan IND RB 12.06

Bell would be the #1 pick if not for the suspension, but hes amazing value at #11. Yeah he'll miss 2 games but theres a chance he'll be in a playoff game or 2 so that makes up for it. Morris isn't such a great choice in this league but the backs were lite. I love Vereen in NY, if he stays healthy he'll lead them in touches. Herron earned a role on the Colts, most likely a 3rd/COP Back. When your looking for your 4th RB In the 12th your looking for anyone that touches the ball weekly.

Davis, Vernon SFO TE 9.11 Cook, Jared STL TE 10.06 Tamme, Jacob ATL TE


Pretty clear cut here, I pass on TE and took 3 in a row that I feel are undervalued. SF will be playing behind a lot so VD will get loads of targets, Cooks gets his best QB ever and Tamme well soak up that Harry Douglas role.

Bailey, Dan DAL PK 13.11 Bryant, Matt ATL PK 14.06 Chargers, San Diego SDC Def 16.06 Saints, New Orleans NOS Def 18.06

I took Kickers over Def because I think its easier to predict kickers over Team Ds, too many times have I reached for a Team D and been let done; so I went for 2 high scoring pks. I took the Chargers because I think they'll bounce back a little. You play Oak twice a yr, KC isn't a high scoring Team and Denver is Denver. Saints aren't good but again they play Tampa and Car, 2 offenses that aren't worrisome.

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Oddly enough, I looked at my team in this league from last year to gain some insight on my team from this year. Last year's team with slot taken and final rank:

TMQB: OAK (QB30 - QB28), NYJ (QB32 - QB30)

RB: Murray (RB8 - RB1), Hill (RB37 - RB9), DWilliams (RB47 - RB89), Blount (RB54 - RB24)

WR: Nelson (WR9 - WR3), White (WR20 - WR22), Wallace (WR29 - WR21), Woods (WR69 - WR46), MWilliams (WR79 - WR126)

TE: Orange Julius (TE2 - TE12), Bennett (TE12 - TE4), GGraham (TE22 - TE50)

PK: Gostkowski (PK1 - PK1), Bryant (PK13 - PK10)

DEF: SEA (DEF 1 - DEF 1), GBP (DEF13 - DEF4)

In hindsight, I picked up a lot of guys that turned into some really good value picks based on where I drafted them. But at the time, I thought this was a fairly mediocre team. I never thought that this team would do anything, yet it ended up the highest scoring team out of the 10 Anarchy leagues. Go figure. If nothing else, I proved that you can have a very high scoring team and draft TMQB with your last two picks.

This time around, I actually think I have a really good squad (which probably means it will suck). Position drafted and rank from last season:

TMQB: CIN (QB22 - QB21), WAS (QB27 - QB19)

The Bengals have been consistently in the playoffs lately and stand a decent shot of getting there again. With healthier weapons Dalton should see his numbers improve, and they should rank much higher than TMQB22. The Redskins always seem to be pretty poor as a team but usually rank in the TMQB 15-20 range. Certainly a bigger investment than last season but still nothing in the early rounds.

RB: Lynch (RB2 - RB2), Forsett (RB12 - RB7), Foster (RB28 - RB6), Hillman (RB65 - RB45)

I generally look at RBs early or late in these drafts, as guys in the middle don't really offer a lot of scoring differential vs. the players available at other positions in the middle rounds. Lynch and Forsett should be heavy usage guys on playoff teams if they staff upright. Foster is a roll of the dice, but he ranked 7th last year and missed three games. If he only misses 4 games (the latest guesstimate), he should rank way better than 28th. Hillman could be the ultimate gift that fell in my lap in the last round. He should see 8-10 touches a game on a playoff team (more if CJ gets hurt). He should far outclass RB65.

WR: LaFell (WR38 - WR16), TWilliams (WR55 - WR36), Quick (WR63 - WR92), CBrown (WR82 - WR89), Amendola (WR84 - WR81)

No one is going to ooooh and aaaah over this group of receivers, but I like them for spending on a shoestring budget. I like LaFell a lot more when I drafted him when his injury seemed minor. Williams is still one of the bigger weapons on a playoff team. Quick ranked 38th in ppg last season and should be a starter if not the lead guy in STL. From what I have seen so far, Brown is ahead of Funchess on the CAR depth chart after the Benjamin injury. He could be the guy to emerge and can be had for pennies on the dollar. Amendola finally found his groove down the stretch last year and is the only healthy WR on NE right now. I don't need any of these guys to be stars. I just need them to be middle of the road.

TE: Graham (TE2 - TE3), Witten (TE6 - TE6), Ertz (TE10 - TE14)

I'm not sure how I ended up with 3 Top 15 tight ends. I guess people were focused elsewhere. All three have decent playoff chances. I don't see Graham matching his regular season numbers from NOS, but I think he will make up the difference in playoff production. Witten is not flashy but consistent production in these leagues. Hopefully Ertz carves out a consistently role in PHI. Who the heck knows what they will do offensively this year with so many new faces.

PK: Hauschka (PK3 - PK4), Barth (PK9 - PK31)

Always good to have a reliable PK from a team that should play at least 18 games. I was all set to say that Barth was another asset to have on a team going to the playoffs . . . but then he got cut. He ranked #1 in ppg last year in this league. Hopefully he catches on somewhere so I won't have to eat a zero all season. One would think that he would be an upgrade to some of the other kickers on the bottom feeder teams. :fingerscrossed:

DEF: SEA (DEF1 - DEF1), CLE (DEF 24 - DEF20)

The Seahawks may not be the #1 defense again, but they should be close and should again have extra games to play. I liked the Browns better than some of the other remaining defenses.

Overall, if Barth gets picked up somewhere I think I will have a really competitive team.

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