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  • Why did you not include yourself in the SSL 21 draft? I was slow on noticing this. Hope that things are ok and maybe you were just too busy at work.

    hey brother...I have been trying to figure out what to do...but it is so funky now with access codes and passwords, etc....I can't find how to change stuff so you can get in....and you didn't have a team in that league last year....I change the commish email to yours, but no clue what to do next

    Thanks Bnb. It's great to be back around all the good people at FBG's. As far as the Diabetes donation I didn't really want to do anything online, my wife's always skeptical,LOL. Gotta keep the women happy huh. If you'd e-mail me the orginization's name, mailing address, who to make check out to I'll be glad to send a little donation by check if that's ok. Let me know. Thanks for the PM.

    Hey may not always be on the money - but his positions are always well thought out and supported. Valuable poster.

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