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Survivor Leagues - Week 2

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WSL 1 - Busman wins immunity with 188. BroadwayG gone with 103. Done in by Foster/Ellington/Bush

PDSL 1 - Shadow squeaks out immunity 171.40 to 171.05 thanks to TY playing. krsone21 flames out big time with 90.

PDSL 2 - Reaper blows it up with 197 and is safe next week. btsw goes home with 77.

SSL 1 - Yours truly is immune next week with 167. Bro1ncos comes up 2 pts short at 96 with Dez out.

SSL 2 - Moncrief powers Nittany to consecutive immunities by 163.95 to 163.7. Reaper sent packing by a mere point with a respectable 110.

SSL 3 - Fresh Prince takes the top spot with 182. Menobrown gone with 94.

SSL 4 - Missed last week. Old Mil 2 was immune and Khy out. Crippler gets the immunity this week, Old Mil 1 is booted.

MBSL 1 - Aaron at 179 wins a close immunity. HellToupee with a near miss goes home with 107.

MBSL 2 - Bro1ncos and his mega 193 makes him safe next week. Stinkin Ref is ejected with 101.

No immunities came into play this week.

That's a wrap for this week. Still need to load WSL 2 and 3, although I'm gone in 3.

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