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Survivor Leagues - Week 5, 6 and 7

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Helping get caught up.

Weeks 5, 6 and 7

WSL1 – Out: Bro1ncos, renesauz, sinrman. Immune: Duckboy

WSL2 – Out: catbird, krsone, FUBAR. Immune: dpeease

WSL3 – Out: BSS, ff wiseguy, Jeff P. Immune: FUBAR

PDSL1 – Out: Duckboy, Bass, Nugget. Immune: BroadwayG

PDSL2 – Out: Old Mil, Jeff P, ff wiseguy. Immune: reaper

SSL1 – Out: busman, dpeease, Go Pack. Immune: btsw

SSL2 – Out: comet, FUBAR, Shadowfax. Immune: Norseman

SSL3 – Out: Jeff P, Mr Irrelevent, Atomic Punk. Immune: Go Blue

SSL4 – Out: drunken slob, dirty jay, Maggot Brain2. Immune: Shadowfax Dummy

MBSL1 – Out: Mr Irrelevent, ARud, Bass. Immune: Ref

MBSL2 – Out: Broadway G, Bro1ncos 2, Norseman. Immune: Mr. Irrelevent

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