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*Official 2017 Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles* - Parade of Champions Down Broad Street!

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On 2/8/2018 at 2:39 PM, McGarnicle said:

NFL Network cut out for like 30 seconds, god forbid we hear a naughty word. Gotta find that uncut somewhere because that was great. :lol: 

Meanwhile during the parade we were hearing Rap where it was unedited and N Bombs were being dropped left and right. Go figure. I hate the FCC at times. 

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31 minutes ago, DJackson10 said:

Sorry for the late response but when I got back I literally cleaned my shoes and backpack from the mud took a shower and ended up sleeping for 13 hrs in and out and then went to work this morning.


* So since I live on the main line I took my friend and got on SEPTA bus used my keycard pass. I had 6 Beers all 1 Pints in my backpack and bought a portable Phone charger the day before in there. Half my street I think was on my bus. Ride there was fine and we left around 7:15 at the bus got to the art museum like at 8PM. 

*We didn't eat anything till after the parade. My buddy had a bad stomach and frankly all the lines for anything you would've waited 30-45 mins to get anything. We ended up in the Oval next to the William Penn Statue. 

* The screens at 8AM played the entire SB commercial and HT free. Everyone was still cheering and there was a lot of young people there. The oval was so muddy it felt like I was at some outdoor music festival in the infield. The game ended right at 11AM so we had something to do for 3 hrs. Some guy put up a foldable chair and people started chanting for the chair. Some guy climbed one of the Light poles and people started trying to chuck Budlight cans at him and chanted #######. 

*Once the parade started the music started playing and the party really started. The only thing I took exception too and was surprised by was some of the song choices they didn't play the clean version. The Rap songs especially and I heard a few N Bombs dropped. I was kind of surprised considering all the older crowd plus young people there didn't think that was a smart choice. Music selection overall had a 90s Rap, Euro dance feel with I think it was Meek in the mix. People were dancing and singing and they showed the parade on the proejectile screens 

* Phone online service was terrible but I did Catch Kelce's outfit on Facebook prior. They turned the volume down when they had a few of the interviews from Doug, Cox and Roles but the majority they showed the coverage from Comcast and played the music. 

* I didn't meet my cousins or my Uncle until after. but when the Convoy of Players and coaches and everyone pulled through behind us and went to the back of the art museum the crowd really went wild. Some guy flew a drone and a CLEVLAND BROWNS FAN CAME TO THE PARADE HOLDING A SIGN THAT SAID "I'm a Browns fan from Cleveland Just came to see what winning was like." It was funny but you really felt bad for the guy. I guess because we know how it feels. 

* When the speeches started I copped a piss in an empty beer can I had (No way was I running to the rest room at that point or I'd have missed everything). When Lurie came on thats when the emotions starts and I got pretty teary eyed especially when he talked about Fans and players no longer with us. The speeches were great and everyone laughed when Kelce was going on and said "And everyone doubted Lane Johnson could stay off the Juice". After awhile everyone started the whole Stone Cold What? chant after every pause he had. Probably one of the best speeches ever. I'll admit if I was one of the players I probably would've acted just like Kelce at the parade. 

* I found out from a coworker that some of the special teams guys got off the float. They told the fans to start chucking beer to the them on the top of the buses which is why everyone was chucking beer. Saw Trey Burton's interview where someone almost clocked him and Doug's one handed catch.

* My co worker who's son works for the team couldn't remember the street she was on but her son set it up to get off the bus when he found her and ran over to her and his Brother and hugged them both as well as his GF and some other fans. She showed me the video today and said she was happy I had a good time and see told me my Pop-Pop would've been proud I went. It was a touching moment for both of us losing someone so close who was also a fan. Her with her oldest son and me with my Grandfather. 

* After the speeches everyone left at once.Everyone was finding spots to take a leak and I went about twice once near a barricade with a few other guys and ran behind a car in a parking garage as well.  We ended up stopping at a vendor truck we passed on the way in and got curds which was no where close to as good as Toronto. I tried contacting my cousin who was on 19th and Callahill at the Tike and Kite. My buddy wanted to go home so we headed to 30th st but then he said if you want to go with them he'd go home alone. (Kind of surprised he said he would do that. I had some trouble figuring where I was going. I know the Art Museum but not the area around it and today looking back at my text I realized I past him on the way to 30th St Station. I just asked a few cops and some people along the parade route where I was going. Literally ran there and when I was running I felt as light as a feather. It was weird

*Got to the tavern and the guy at the door wouldn't let me in do to no Beer or running water so I called my cousin who came right at and we basically told him I was there with family not to take a leak. Dude asked if there was a spot for me and my cousin said yeah we saved it for him. He asked how long we'd be there and he said no more then 30More minutes. Got there saw my Uncle from NY, My Uncle and Moms older brother, My other cousin who was his brother (Who came down from Boston and got $20 discount on his breakfast Sun up there for being a good Eagles fan). We all embraced like there had been a terrible event and we were seeing each other for the first time in yrs. There was some crying hi fives and everything else. I'm sure a similar scene for many family members. My Uncle said he saw one of my other Cousins who is working for the TB Lightening as part as his Internship with USF for Sports management but he couldn't come with us as he was under 21 which kind of stunk. I met my Uncles buddies who he tailgates with too. We left the bar around 4:30

* We all walked toward City Hall and said our good byes as my Uncle had to get on the Norristown line home with my one cousin. My Other Uncle parked in Camden so he had to get PATCO and my other cousin just walked as he lives in Kensington. Somehow I missed the MFL and walked for a good 45 mins. I had cops and SEPTA workers telling me all different things that didn't seem correct finally I asked a good citizen of the city who said on 8th street get on across the street from here just make sure you go Westbound. I was finally on the MFL and I think I slept from 8th st all the way to 69th street. 

* At 69th I got a slice and a coke (They ran out of cheesesteaks) and waited for the bus. Met a couple maybe early 30s two kids from my area and the dad asked asked me I worked at the ACME near them and I said I did. They had some trouble getting home so I told them to follow me. 

*Got home talked to my mom for a bit went to clean off my shoes and my backpack. I then took a shower decided to lay down for a bit (Around 8 pm) woke up dazed it was 11PM and decided I was just going go back to bed under covers and everything. In and out of sleep all night. Woke up at 8AM and went to work till about 3. I was still tired so  slept from like 4:30-6PM today. I then met Jason Kielce at Carl's Cards in my township, got his autograph and gave him a huge thank you hug and told him this is from every Eagles fan World Wide. 

It was all worth it and I'd do it again in.a heartbeat. Just think my Uncles, Cousins and I will plane this better next time maybe meet all together and find a spot. The art museum was fun but I missed not being able to party like I wanted to and enjoy everything with my family. 

Man you did it right, Love it all from the Browns fan to pissing in a can and capped off with a Kelce man hug. Memories for a lifetime. :thumbup:

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On 2/8/2018 at 8:54 PM, Ty Webb said:

Lane Johnson can't lay off the juice.


Does Kelce do anything besides read articles on the internet all day?


Kelce from what my Co worker said her son told her he saves all the articles from the doubters just for a moment like yesterday. I think he was the one who put all the underdog comments around the locker room. Dude is a character for sure but one I'd love to throw back a few cold ones with. 

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23 hours ago, Deamon said:

If you remember anything he ever posted, being right was the only thing that ever matters to that guy. Told guys to kill themselves when they argued with him, bragged in every thread about his good calls, then disappeared like a ghost (even on his own team) anytime things didn't go his way. Not surprised it took a Foles MVP to have him reactivate just to tell us all he's the best talent evaluator in this thread and how right he was. 

Not sure why now is a good time to start talking smack to fans of this team who are ecstatic. This is a once in a lifetime moment right now, we should be celebrating TOGETHER, especially those of us who have been through all the UPS and downs the last couple years.  Nothing can bring down our happiness and unity, not even this dude!  

(Had to channel some of my inner kelce for the last part)

Sounds like a dude who posts or posted on my board. Dude was a clown even came on with other SN accounts just to troll. 

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35 minutes ago, GoBirds said:

Man you did it right, Love it all from the Browns fan to pissing in a can and capped off with a Kelce man hug. Memories for a lifetime. :thumbup:

My buddy caught the can piss. He texted me later and said I NEED TO CONTROL MY DRINKING? Really this is a guy that doesn't know what drunk is since he doesn't drink. Hates anything fun and tries to do everything the right way all the time. Keep trying to tell him the right way isn't always the right way. Either way yes it is a lot of memories. I grabbed my co worker who unfortunately is engaged and a huge sports fan (What a lucky fiancé she has) and took her to Kelce as he was right up the street from our job. The place was packed. My Co worker who's son Works for the team went and kind of got us in the front of the line since the guy with JK knew who she was and Kelce told her to come in. I think Kelce was still drunk from yesterday or just didn't stop. 

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