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2017 Anarchy League 4 Thread

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Here you can find the 2017 Anarchy League 4 league site. The draft is not scheduled yet, and I hope to kick things off in the upcoming week after I finishing setting up all the leagues.
Draft order:

01 - Grigs Allmoon
02 - Kam2
03 - Montana Grizzly Bears
04 - The Bronco Fan
05 - Crippler
06 - Run It Up
07 - Hail To The Victors
08 - indyram96
09 - BroncoFreak2K3
10 - jhexel
11 - ItsOnlyTheRiver
12 - Snellman
13 - Busman
14 - Arodin
15 - HellToupee
16 - ryheaps

NOTE: Minor scoring changes for this year:
1) Successful defensive returns on extra points will score 2 points to that DEF/ST.
2) Players that score TD's on special team returns will now score 6 points (I thought it was set up this way all along).

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I have predrafted on an iPad.  It's awkward but works.  The problem is, when you select a player and "add to list" the player gets added but there is no visual evidence to this effect.  If you click where the player list would be, you see a dropdown of the chosen players, but while choosing them it just looks blank.

You can move players up and down too.  Click for the dropdown list, click the player (it checkmarks your choice), then click in a blank area to close the dropdown.  If you now use the "move player up" or "move player down" buttons, they will be moved, and you can see when you reopen the dropdown.  Again no direct visual confirmation of the move.

As always, dont forget to save your choices before exiting.

I havent tried on a phone, but hopefully it is similar?

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Man, we're the quiet league.  All the other threads are pushing 2+ pages long and we have 5 posts.

Nice job flying under the radar!

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Kam2 illegal roster. James Conner PIT RB replaced with Bears DEF.
Bronco Country illegal roster. Devontae Booker DEN RB replaced with Zach Miller CHI TE.

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