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    Dynasty League Opening

    I have an opening in a dynasty league I commish. The site is hosted on mfl. The league has been together for five years. League entry fee is $125 or best offer. Take a look at the site and e-mail me if you are interested. Leauge url...
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    Which Baseline to use;hl=baseline
  3. B I did it!

    That's the way we did it in one of my keeper leagues... the non-playoff teams competing for next year's first draft pick. And the guy who won it had Larry Johnson on his roster. :cry:
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    Week 2: NY GIANTS
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    Should I veto this trade?

    Mr. Moderator, Please whack this thread before someone else spends 10 precious I'm-in-the-middle-of-a-draft-and-looking-for-info-on-Duce minutes reading it like I just did. And while you're at it, whack Bunny, too. :hot:
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    Subscriber Contest is LIVE

    :rotflmao: I'll be curious to see how many people actually send you money.
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    Subscriber Contest is LIVE

    Did Dan Fouts come out of retirement?
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    What's your favorite Fantasy Football team name

    I think my favorite is Tequilla Mockingbirds. For the last couple of years, I've used Ear Whacks, mostly because my wife thinks it's gross.
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    I ran this system in a couple of mocks at AntSports as well. After a few rounds in the first draft, I knew what position it was going to tell me to draft. The only time I was really surpised by the results were when I forgot to deduct one from the position multiplier... of course, I didn't...
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    I drafted two teams using the average draft info at AntSports and the FBG projections. Lineup reqs were 1/2/3/1. I left off kickers and defense. I only did nine rounds because AntSports only list the top 100 picks (and then there is the fact that I was at work at the time). The projected points...
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    Shouldn't the position number in Table B and Table C be the same? They are except for rounds 4 and 5.
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    Possible Footballguys Contest

    Count me in. And I wouldn't really worry about disinformation on the message boards. We've all got more class than that. Too bad about LT, Ricky Williams and Clinton Portis being out for the year, though.