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    $100 Yahoo 12 team PPR League. Leaguesafe. Drafting Sun Sept 4th at 7pm. 1 Spot Available.

    Are you full for this last spot I am interested Draft order set yet?
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    $85 Keeper League w LeagueSafe | Payouts $525, $275, $100 & highest pts they week 14 $145. Draft Sept 5

    How bad are the 2 teams? What draft picks do they have?
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    Owners needed (All or Nothing Bowl)

    You know what this sounds like a league I would want to be a part of I am in if still have openings Live in Miami Long time player.
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    Two Owners Needed for 12 Team Keeper League | Sleeper | LeagueSafe | Normal buy-in $85, but discounted to $60 for first year

    Let me know if you have spot open Looking gor one more League. Keeper sounds Great When is the Draft ? Almighty Bengals
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    12 Team Startup League PPR $60 buy in

    Bengals You removed me I mentioned I was paying today and went yo do so but link apparently deadline was the 1st very disappointed. I wrote on the message board. My intentions I believe. Best of luck to your league.
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    12 Team Startup League PPR $60 buy in

    Ok Great I can make that work. I await invite.
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    1 owner need to take over orphaned standard dynasty team.

    How bad is the team? I have been in 2 Dynasty Old leagues the eldest 25 years now So I know how to stick. Interested. Have you had your Rookie draft yet?
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    12 Team Startup League PPR $60 buy in
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    12 Team Startup League PPR $60 buy in

    Veteran FFL Player I am interested in a spot if not full yet? When is target Draft? Is this full Redraft?