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16 TEAM IDP Dynasty Keeper Playoff Team Avail Draft Sun 1:PM 9/3 (1 Viewer)


16 Team IDP Keeper Well Built Playoff Team available

Rookie Draft this Sunday 1:00 PM 9/3/23


2 QB's
4 WR
2 TE
1 Flex at RB/WR/TE


5 DL or DT
5 LB's
5 CB,S
1 Def Flex DL/LB/CB


League fee is is Just $20.00

There is no Salary Cap
No transaction fees
Established since the early 2000's
No contracts

No Team Defenses But IDP Players

Current Roster: cuts yet to me made

Brady, Tom FA QB
Burrow, Joe CIN QB (Q)
Pickett, Kenny PIT QB
Purdy, Brock SFO QB

Chandler, Ty MIN RB
Dillon, AJ GBP RB 158 6
Haskins, Hassan TEN RB (S)
Ingram, Keaontay ARI RB
Montgomery, David DET RB

Chase, Ja'Marr CIN WR
Higgins, Tee CIN WR
Moore, Elijah CLE WR
Toney, Kadarius KCC WR (Q)
Williams, Jameson DET WR (S)
Wilson, Garrett NYJ WR

Dulcich, Greg DEN TE
Okonkwo, Chigoziem TEN TE
Schultz, Dalton HOU TE

Bass, Tyler BUF PK
McPherson, Evan CIN PK

Danna, Michael KCC DE
Granderson, Carl NOS DE
Hendrickson, Trey CIN DE
Ojabo, David BAL DE (Q)
Okoronkwo, Ogbonnia CLE DE
Sample, Cameron CIN DE

Gibbens, Jack TEN LB
Luvu, Frankie CAR LB
Masterson, Luke LVR LB
Williams, Quincy NYJ LB
Wilson, Logan CIN LB

Douglas, Rasul GBP CB
Gardner, Ahmad NYJ CB
Jones, Marcus NEP CB 85
Lenoir, Deommodore SFO CB
McCreary, Roger TEN CB
Abram, Johnathan FA S
Neal, Ryan TBB S 73 5
Owens, Jonathan GBP S
Thomas II, Rodney IND S

You can reach Phillip at 305-582-4004 Call/txt If you want to take over this team
And I will put you in touch with our Comish
Same league, new team opened up.
Highlight players: Daniel Jones/Russ Wilson, Aaron Jones, Tyreek Hill, Devonta Smith, George Kittle.

Tomorrow Keepers and Trades Lock.

Serious inquiries only. Looking for mega active fanatics willing to chat/trade. Text me for the full team.

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