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    $20 season long NFL pick 'em game

    2015 NFL pick ‘em challenge rules. $20 entry fee with 100% paid out. Money held on Money will be paid out right after the NFL regular season is complete. Please note leaguesafe charges a 3% processing fee for using a credit or debit card. That .60 cent fee will be on each user...
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    3rd Year WWE Themed League = 3 Inter-connected leagues with a well tho

    KKH I'm launching a wrestler / fighter themed league that you may be interested in. Basic info is below League Overview: •All teams will be named after a boxer, wrestler, or fighter. •League Fee will be $100. Must pay for seasons 1 & 2 at start up. •Leaguesafe used. Cash prizes as well as...
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    New 16 team IDP dynasty league

    7 spots still available
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    New 16 team IDP dynasty league

    $ 150 entry fee, 100% paid out minus MFL fee. Money held at leaguesafe. 16 teams / 4 divisions. 40 roster spots 5 IR spots 5 man taxi squad 2 seperate drafts, one for rookies and the other for veteran players. If you are interested and are ok with the entry fee, email me at...
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    1 opening in a $$ keeper league

    I run a 12 team keeper league getting heading into its second season. We have 11 or 12 owners returning. The defending champ won $ 725. We had a total of 1,026 dollars in prize money and it will most likely go up in 08. Heres the basics of the league, if you interested shoot me a message and...