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    Honestly Can't Wait For Thursday For Once ***Official TNF Buffalo vs. New England Thread (+4, 44)***

    The track meet approach didn't end well last time, so maybe long drives ending in TDs might work. Their D has to stop Mahomes though, or it's all for nothing.
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    Honestly Can't Wait For Thursday For Once ***Official TNF Buffalo vs. New England Thread (+4, 44)***

    New look Bills offense is scary to be honest. They can sustain drives with Allen's legs, and the balance will keep defenses guessing.
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    RB Isiah Pacheco, KC

    Another DNP for McKinnon today. Fire him up in flex, or even #2 if injuries have taken over.
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    RB Isiah Pacheco, KC

    Oh boy, hope you didn't fall off your chair laughing at that offer.
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    RB Isiah Pacheco, KC

    McKinnon DNP today He at least got some limited time last Wed. Something to keep an eye on.
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    RB Isiah Pacheco, KC

    Cin won't stack the line against KC, so that is not a concern. I can see McKinnon used more though in a passing contest.
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    Waiver Wire Pickups - Heading into Week 13

    So is Tevin Coleman in play? I don't like the SF situation at all to be honest until we see what Shanny does.
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    WR Michael Pittman, IND

    Finished top 16 in standard scoring last season, and was a consistent producer up to about week 10. There was hope he could be better this year with Wentz gone, but Ryan is not a step up for him at all. His value remains about the same for half and full PPR, but he's dropped out of top 25 for...
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    WR Michael Pittman, IND

    Ryan can't throw deep, so Pittman is a PPR #2 or flex play only. He's been on my bench for weeks in standard leagues.
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    WR Garrett Wilson, NYJ

    Just needs a competent QB. From what I've seen so far, he is tops of this year's class in my opinion, and is a star in the making.
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    WR Christian Watson, GB

    I would possibly in a flex spot if I had him.
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    WR Christian Watson, GB

    Don't know what Love does to his current stock. Need to see more than a slant pass, which was all Watson doing the rest.
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    QB Kenny Pickett, PIT

    As long as the game script keeps the Steelers close, then he can manage. Problem for Pickett arises when he is forced to be counted upon. Still, he is young and learning. To be honest, I only ever saw him as a game manager coming out of College, and that's always what he will be in my opinion.
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    RB Jeff Wilson, MIA

    Yes it was disappointing, but these things happen in FF often. I'm sure Hill and Waddle owners expected more as well, but it was a weird game for all their weapons once that big lead was gained.
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    ***Buffalo at Detroit*** (9.5, 54.5) Happy Thanksgiving -12:30 kickoff

    Campbell coached from within his fears, and didn't give his team a proper chance to win it. So much time and momentum, and they turtled.