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    Dynasty & Redraft: Josh Adams RB, PHI

    Rock meet hard place!
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    Keeper league playoff strategy fireside chat

    I am in a 10 team 5 player keeper league. You keep a player as long as you want. I have won 2 years in a row. I have traded Luck 3 years ago for Brees and lost in the first round, David Johnson last year for Shady and this year Le'veon and Golladay for Beckham and Breida. I lost McKinnon to...
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    WR Robert Woods, TEN

    It maybe crazy but I picked him up and really thinking about playing him instead of Evans.
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    Funchess had a sore shoulder last week and played through it against Rhodes. He gets a banged up GB secondary this week. I think not playing him is getting a bit cute. 
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    Dynasty and Redraft: David Johnson RB Houston Texans

    I think it speaks more to a lost season then DJ coming back. I picked up DJ in my redraft leagues but I don't think this helps. I am hopefully very wrong though!!!
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    Pizza Bagels, Genius!

    Hopefully Bell can put a complete game in against GB. In standard he has been a big disappointment.
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    2017 RB Lotto Ticket Rankings

    Another name to keep in mind is Austin Ekeler RB Chargers. He has shown relatively well in limited touches and has surpassed Brandon Oliver in LA. for the backup role. He has pretty good athletics and a cool back story.
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    RB Chris Carson, SEA - 10.7.21 - Neck Issue

    Picked him up in 3 leagues last week and picked him instead of Cohen and Kerwynn. Feeling pretty good about myself so far.  :P
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    2017 RB Lotto Ticket Rankings

    I agree. Getting injured the first game you have a chance to perform leaves a bad taste for sure. Still, Detroit chooses to have him active on game day and they are giving him carries. There is a chance he puts it together. AA hasn't put a complete game together either and that presents...
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    2017 RB Lotto Ticket Rankings

    I know we have been down this road before but Dwayne Washington in Detroit is a dark horse for sure. AA has done nothing of note there and Riddick is strictly the passing downs back. Washington has the athletic profile to be amazing if he can put it together.
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    Tarik Cohen - RB - CHI

    I bid 17 of 100 for him. Someone put 75 and the next highest was 48.
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    RB Kareem Hunt, CLE

    Yes, yes I do!
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    Fantasy Football Sucks

    Getting to the playoffs is skill. Winning in the playoffs is luck. Buddy of mine lost Forte in the first series last week and lost his game by 4 points. If he had played me this week in the Super Bowl, he beats me and is league champion. I have the highest scoring team in the league. 13-2 record...
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    Dynasty and Redraft: David Johnson RB Houston Texans

    I need him for the SB this week and they can shut him down after that!!
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    WR Mike Evans, TB

    I think it is has more to do with defenses focusing on taking him out of the game and Winston maturing and not forcing the ball to him. It will swing back once defense change their focus from Evans. A better running game will help.